Split Screen

Split Screen

Split Screen It s a horror movie extravaganza in this companion to Brent Hartinger s Geography Club Two books in one recount the stories of best friends Min and Russel who sign up to be extras on the set of a zomb

  • Title: Split Screen
  • Author: Brent Hartinger
  • ISBN: 9780061906046
  • Page: 120
  • Format: ebook
  • It s a horror movie extravaganza in this companion to Brent Hartinger s Geography Club Two books in one recount the stories of best friends Min and Russel who sign up to be extras on the set of a zombie film then learn that there s nothing scarier than high school romance Read one story, flip the book over, and read the other In Attack of the Soul Sucking Brain ZombiesIt s a horror movie extravaganza in this companion to Brent Hartinger s Geography Club Two books in one recount the stories of best friends Min and Russel who sign up to be extras on the set of a zombie film then learn that there s nothing scarier than high school romance Read one story, flip the book over, and read the other In Attack of the Soul Sucking Brain Zombies, Russel must choose between his long distance boyfriend and a close to home ex who wants to get back together In Bride of the Soul Sucking Brain Zombies, Min struggles to accept her cheerleader girlfriend s decision to stay in the closet.Russel and Min s separate stories affect each other in surprising ways but you ll have to read both books to find out how

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    De todos os livros da série do Russel Middlebrook que eu li até agora, esse foi o meu menos favorito. Gostei muito da metade contada pela Min, da maneira como a bissexualidade é abordada e o romance dela foi O MAIS FOFO.Finalmente tivemos o conflito do Russel lidando com os pais a respeito da sua sexualidade e mais uma vez eu tivesse certeza de que O RUSSEL SOU EU. Se eu fosse mais magro e mais gracinha.Mas essa coisa de contar a mesma história com dois pontos de vista poderia ter sido melho [...]

    AudibleI'm kinda disappointed with the third book. I had noticed that an audiobook had in addition to Josh Hurley, a new, female narrator.But I didn't know that Vanessa Johansson would tell me THE SAME STORY, but from Min's POV.I am not a big fan of female narrating and even less a fan of reading or listening the same story from different points of view.Especially, when the story itself, comparing to the previous books, is less entertaining and too melodramatic for my taste.But I like Russel and [...]

    SO BEAUTIFUL! I really do understand Minabout bisexual! That people do not understand why girl or boy are bisexual, not gay or lesbian. I know that everyone said that bisexual is more like confuse but you do like girl or guyjust both than one. Yeah, I hear you, Min!WhewKevin is biggest idiotI am so glad that Russ decided to pick right choice to stay in relationship :D I really like Russ and Otto! Parents ugh >,>

    2.5 stars really - becuase I didn't completely dislike it. I just thought that it was too gimmicky - I very much disliked the "flip this book" gimmick and disliked re-reading the same story twice. A sequel to Geography Club that just didn't live up to expectations (but stood on it's own). I did appreciate however that this book is one of the few that had GLBTQ characters without it being an "issue" book. Can't wait for lots more of this type.

    good!!!! not as good as the first two books but I still love Russel w all my heart. the dual perspective was interesting and I liked learning about min. gunner is still quirky as ever. plot line was p cool. would recommend if u liked first two books

    Min's side of the story, OMG, so surprisingly good!At first I thought it was boring, even Russel's part. But this is the first book so far that has named the other situations in the other books - Kevin is Kevin again, not "that guy", and Otto is still in, and Em and everyone. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that the Geography Club is no longer relevant or even commented a lot. It is still "that club we founded" and nothing more.The surprises in Min's part made the book WAY better than [...]

    I read this book several years ago, shortly after finishing the first two "Russel Middlebrook" books. The thing I remember most about this book, the thing that made it work for me, was the dual points-of-view. It's rare (or at least it was rare at the time) to see a story for young adults told from multiple viewpoints, and while that isn't exactly the case here, it's close. Russel and Min's tales are more like two overlapping circles on a Venn diagram than a direct one-to-one parallel, but still [...]

    Years ago I read the first two books in this series, so I was happy to finally get my hands on the third installment with Russel and friends. This book did not disappoint. It is told from both Russel and Min's perspective, and readers get to choose which one to read first. I started with Russel but switched to Min because I wanted to end the book with my favorite character. I was surprised, though, because I ended up really liking Min's side of the story! She had a fresh, unique voice, and I lov [...]

    (3.5 / 5) We return to the highschool in this third "Geography Club" book - but Belinda and Ike are still missing, although Kevin comes back as a major character. We have alternating viewpoints this time around, from both Min and Russel - it is best to start with Russel's as Min's "fills in the gaps" and packs a bit of a punch as some loose ends are resolved. Some of the scenes with Russel's parents come across stilted, but they are a minor setback to an enjoyable story.

    This book was a little less entertaining. It was extremely short, and I know it was because of the split-screen with Min's story, but the only problem I had with that is, I wasn't interested reading Min's story. Russel is the character I fell in love with, and I want to know more about his story, not just a little quick blurp and then suddenly Min's story. It didn't seem to push the plot much further either. Sadly it made me less than enthusiastic about it.

    I hate it when I like a book cause it said ZOMBIES on it, then I find out it's a third to a series. DUH! It was a flip and read kind of book. The first half a boys side of the story then flip it and then it's the girls. I read the boys and didn't flip it. Interesting.

    I loved how Russel's voice continues in the same way as the two previous books. However, I also like the added voice of Min's experiences with life and love. I continue to learn about life and it's many idiosyncrasies from this series.

    The parents. Ohhh the parents. Another great installment to the Russel Middlebrook series. Picking up not long after Order of the Poison Oak, we see Russel, Min, and Gunnar volunteering to be extras on the set of Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies (I still don't know what a brain zombie is). Who else should show up but Kevin Land, hunky baseball jock and Russel's ex. As if Russel didn't need anymore confusion in his head, he's also navigating a long distance relationship with his boyfriend [...]

    Oh my goodness!! I will admit that I always hate multi narrator stories. But Brent has literally done it in the perfect way! Seeing both Russel and Min's points of view added such a wonderful element to the story! I love that Min's inner thoughts are definitely not Russels and they are distinctive of Min and the way that he's developed her. I love his discussion and thoughtfulness when it comes to not only long distance relationships, but the difference between a amazing friendship and a romanti [...]

    Brent Hartinger prosegue con la serie incentrata su Russel Middlebrook e i suoi amici del cuore Min e Gunnar. Per chi non conosce questa serie, è opportuno fare un breve riepilogo di cosa è successo fin qui.Il primo libro, Geography Club, introduce il personaggio di Russel Middlebrook. Sedici anni, esce con Trish ma in realtà è gay e ha una relazione segreta con il quarterback Kevin, il ragazzo più popolare della scuola. Kevin però fa di tutto per non far uscire allo scoperto la verità, f [...]

    A completely new format to the other books in the stories this book explores two stories and learning and romance from both Russell and his friend Min. This allows you to see the characters in a new light as you get a real background of their lives to develop them as people. It also gives makes the story more realistic in a way as some of the event match and can be seen from different perspective but you see the separate lives in the mix as well.This story explores a mix of themes and emotions f [...]

    Mixed feelings. I mostly liked Russel's side–though the religious aspect and homophobia were pretty heavy handed–but Min's fell short. She wasn't nearly as fun as Russel, or her appearances as a non-narrator had been and in fact I didn't really find her characterization or writing convincing. The Leah issue dragged on way too long, and I'm not exactly sure what the morale of the story was. I'm not sure the story even knows what the morale of the situation was, to be honest. It's okay to date [...]

    This is the third installment in the Russel Middlebrook series about a young guy going through the angst of coming out as gay. In this installment we have Russel being torn between maintaining a long distance relationship with a guy that's perfect for him or a local jock that's already broken his heart once but claims to have reformed. Unlike the earlier two books this one is told from two different perspectives. We have the story as seen from Russel's POV and as seen from Min, his bisexual best [...]

    Well, it should be said I hate the title of this book, and I kind of hate the cover. I also hated that it was a flip-it-over kind of book because the events in Russel and Min’s telling of the story overlaps quite a few places and I do not enjoy reading the exact same scene twice. Not even from different perspectives.In book 3, we finally get to meet Russel’s parents. And they are kind of awful. Well no, they love their son and all, and perhaps the dad isn’t so bad, but egads, they are ever [...]

    This book is not inherently flawed; it deals with many important issues about being a gay teenager, such as dealing with peers and coming out to parents. I read Brent Hartinger's books despite his writing. An immature writer, he sorely needs a stronger editor to cut out his cheesy lines and to force him to rework his stilted dialogue. Nevertheless, the characters and their lives are intriguing enough for me to continue with the series. Russel's coming-out to his parents is believable, as they co [...]

    I am actually really surprised to read the reviews of how people are being *so* harsh on Min's POV of her story - which, honestly, I thought was so refreshing. It's almost as if - it's so obvious - that the audience really likes Russell and are just hating on Min b/c it's from a strong female POV. Which was so fucking good! To tell you the truth, I really wasn't interested in the second half b/c of Russell's POV about his Chinese-American-Bisexual best friend but I was really just SO SICK of the [...]

    So this is the third book in the Russel Middlebrook series (not that you'd be able to tell from the covers because they're SUCH DIFFERENT STYLES). This one is split into two halves having to flip over the book for the other part, which made it feel a little childish. I felt kind of embarrassed lugging this around because it looked SO LAME! But it was only called this because they were involved in being extras in a zombie movie. Anyways, the first side is from the perspective of Russel, who was t [...]

    First half: 5Second half: 3.5 I think Russel's half of this is the best book of the series so far. There's some really great stuff in here. I wish I'd had this to read in high school. Great use of Min and Gunnar and Otto and even Kevin. Oh, and we finally hear from Kevin's parents, which I appreciated; it felt strange that we didn't hear anything about them in the first book. But once they were introduced, that all makes sense.I really liked getting to hear from Min. Her voice was definitely dis [...]

    Please leave comments on Lucky's 4 sweet pea review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index. In the first book, Russel fell in love with Kevin. Head over heels, totally enraptured by him, wanting to be with him forever kind of love. That didn’t work out when Kevin chose popularity over love.In book two, Russel and his friends went to summer camp. It was there that Russel met Otto and found new love.This time around, Otto is coming to visit, Russel’s parents ask him a shocking question, and there’s a [...]

    I loved this book like I have the other two books in the Geography Club series, but I do have one suggestion for those reading it; don't read one story first and read another second. This is one flaw I found with the way the book was pieced together.I decided to read this start with Russel's side, Chapter 1, and when I finished that chapter I would flip it over and read Min's side, Chapter 1, and so on. If you read them separately, even though the plotlines are different, there will be spoilers [...]

    Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadTooIn ATTACK OF THE SOUL-SUCKING BRAIN ZOMBIES, Russel is forced to choose between the guy right at home that he wants, and the guy 500 miles away that he loves. He's also dealing with his parents, who have found out that he's gay and are none too pleased. When you flip the book over and start reading BRIDE OF THE SOUL-SUCKING BRAIN ZOMBIES, it's Min's story that will have you rapidly flipping pages. When Min meets Leah, she has to decide if this girl, the [...]

    Unfortunately, though the second Russel Middlebrook installment was as great as the first, the third one totally nosedives into barely interesting. There are some standard gay teen lit moments: parents being cold, unfeeling homophobes, priests trying to turn gay kids straight, and a love triangle between the ex-boyfriend and the new boyfriend, but for the most part this book was just boring. I wasn’t moved, I was barely even interested. (view spoiler)[The romance between Russel and his new boy [...]

    I really liked this book, it had a good story line, not as good as the book before but still good. It was cute and sweet. Russell's story is obviously meant to be read before Min's, i also feel that his story had a little more emotion in it. Overall even though i like Min, i dont reckon shes a cool as Russell. Mr Hartinger sure tackles some issues in this book, Russell's situation suck yes, but its not so bad that it can't be overcome. I know people who have experienced harsher reaction, he is q [...]

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