Il Selvaggio

Il Selvaggio

Il Selvaggio Blue Baker sta scrivendo una storia No non una favoletta con maghi e fate a lieto fine Una storia vera di sangue e viscere e paura Perch la vita reale cos O almeno lo per Blue da quando suo padre

  • Title: Il Selvaggio
  • Author: David Almond Dave McKean I. Bariani
  • ISBN: 9788861234208
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Blue Baker sta scrivendo una storia No, non una favoletta con maghi e fate, a lieto fine Una storia vera, di sangue e viscere e paura Perch la vita reale cos O almeno lo per Blue, da quando suo padre morto e Hopper, il bullo del paese, ha iniziato a prendersela con lui e gli altri bambini Ma la storia di Blue ha anche una vita tutta sua, bizzarra e feroce e maBlue Baker sta scrivendo una storia No, non una favoletta con maghi e fate, a lieto fine Una storia vera, di sangue e viscere e paura Perch la vita reale cos O almeno lo per Blue, da quando suo padre morto e Hopper, il bullo del paese, ha iniziato a prendersela con lui e gli altri bambini Ma la storia di Blue ha anche una vita tutta sua, bizzarra e feroce e magica e oscura, di cui protagonista il selvaggio E, quando quel personaggio fa una visita notturana a Hopper, Blue inizia a chiedersi dove sia la linea di confine tra fantasia e realt.

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      270 David Almond Dave McKean I. Bariani
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    Nit vodilja "Divljaka" je neki vid coming-of-age situacije u kojoj glavni lik, dečak Blu, treba da se izbori sa činjenicom da njegovog oca više nema i da on mora da nastavi sa životom i da se nekako izbori za sebe (jer ga pri svemu tome maltretira dečak iz susedstva). U toj i takvoj situaciji on prvobitno treba da pretoči svoje emocije u reči i da piše o sebi, svom bolu i tugovanju. Međutim, iz njega će proisteći jedna druga priča Priča o Divljaku.Oni koji su čitali "Sedam minuta p [...]

    „Divljak" je grafička novela izdata u saradnji između Komika i Orfelina. Ukoliko tražite priču koja će vas pomeriti ali ne i opteretiti, našli ste je. Okosnicu priče čini susret koji je glavnom protagonisti pomogao da prihvati događaje koji su ga zadesili i da se sa njima izbori. Koncept oblikovanja ove knjige je odličan - jasno vidimo nešto starijeg dečaka Blua u odnosu na nešto mlađeg koji je u dodiru sa Divljakom. Kolorit crteža i font koji predstavlja rukopis nas na asocijat [...]

    When I was 22 my dad was killed in a car accident. He spent 2 or 3 weeks in ICU and everyday we were told something different about his condition; variations on, "he might live, he might die". At the time my youngest sibling was 10. On the day he did die, I drove my mom to pick up my sister from where she was staying. When she got in the car, she asked when our dad would be coming home and my mom got in the back of the car and told her that he wouldn't be coming home. Seeing my sister collapse o [...]

    By all logic, the melding of Dave McKean to David Almond should be a bad idea. David Almond tends to write YA novels with adult sensibilities gnawing away at their cores (and I include My Dad's A Birdman in that gross generalization). Dave McKean for his own part is a fan of creating adult centered graphic novels (The Sandman series most notably) and picture books with mature looks and feels (The Wolves in the Walls, The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, etc.). So it stands to reason that i [...]

    Blue has been told that he should write things down to help him deal with his father's death. It all seems forced and useless until he starts to write a story about The Savage, a boy who lives alone in the woods near their small town, eats animals and murders anyone who glimpses him. Blue has to deal not only with his own grief and his mother's and sister's but also with a bully named Hopper. Hopper is featured in the stories about The Savage as are others in Blue's small community. As Blue begi [...]

    Veoma slično "Sedam minuta posle ponoći" u kojoj dečak Konor komunicira sa čudovištem u vidu drveta kako bi se lakše izborio sa problemima i činjenicom da mu je majka smrtno bolesna, a u "Divljaku" je glavni lik dečak Blu Bejker koji nakon smrti svog oca počinje da piše o "divljaku", dečaku koji je nalik njemu, ali je neustrašiv i živi u pećini i koji se ne plaši da se suprostavi dečaku koji ga svakodnevno maltretira.Ilustracije su fenomalne, obožavam grafičke novele ovog tipa, [...]

    A boy deals with the grief over the death of his father and a bully at school by conjuring up a savage version of himself. When his story and real life merge, it feels cathartic to the boy.This book is very short and heavily illustrated, like a children's chapter book, but is much too violent for that age group. But I think the presentation is too young for teens. So I suppose this would be middle grade.I dislike the violence in the story and the frequent misspellings. I also don't care for the [...]

    The Savage is a graphic novel written by David Almond and illustrated by Dave McKean. McKean is best known for his collaborations with Neil Gaiman (Sandman, Coraline, The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish and The Wolves in the Walls. David Almond has written Skellig, The Fire-Eaters, and Clay among others. Both Almond and McKean are new to me.The Savage starts off a bit like any of a number of British boy coming of age novels. I was most reminded of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nig [...]

    David Almond got me years ago with Skellig and Heaven Eyes. The weirder the better, I guess! I also quite his golem story, Clay. His more overtly nostalgic stories like The Fire-Eaters, beautifully written as they are, they haven't gotten to me as much as these odder ones do. And now there is a new odd one, The Savage. It is an incredibly powerful story of coping with extreme loss and bullying. Two stories actually that intertwine with each other. The main one of Blue and the sudden loss of his [...]

    A boy loses his father to a heart attack and he and his mum and little sister are left to deal with the grief. He's also being bullied at school. He's told to write about it as it might ease his grief but instead writes a novel entitled "The Savage". But suddenly the things he writes about happen in real life and he's left to wonder if his character, the Savage, has come to life.David Almond writes an interesting novella that's obviously aimed at a different audience to me (late twenties) and mo [...]

    At first I was rather perturbed by the bad spelling of Blue's original story. The change in font was enough distinction from the first person narrative that I didn't really need the mistakes, especially that many. To me, this started the story off a little forced-feeling. I also really wanted to like the pictures but somehow I've never been able to convince myself that I like McKean's work, perhaps because like in this case it didn't completely fit the story. The rawness is certainly right on, b [...]

    I lost my father when i was young so this book is somehow a bit sentimental to me. Love the graphic, love the fonts (like really, the fonts *heart in my eyes*) and Blue. When fantasy becomes reality, it creates a wonder. I somehow feel bad for Blue. A very exciting imagination, at a point. I actually love the story very much. Ending making me all smiling. " it's time to move forward, to share the story, to let it go."

    I picked this up just because flipping through it made me wonder if it should have been cataloged for teens instead of juveniles. It really isn't my cup of tea. Strange and bizarre to say the least. I think it fits better with the teen audience. I can't imagine any elementary schooler picking it up and not being freaked out by a wild child who lives out in the forest with an axe who rides pigs around and waits for people to come by so he can kill them and eat them. Strange.

    The book "The Savage" was an AMAZING book because the story at the end had a little twist.The book is also like a mystery at the same time.I would recomend this book to a classmate because it has a lot of parts where it leaves you wanting more.If it had a series I would want more information about the book.Even though this book is short I really enjoyed it.This book was one of the best books I have read.

    Loved this book. It's for older kids, 10ish maybe, through young adult, and it is short with illustrations, but it is powerful. The story is about a boy facing the death of a parent and the advent of a cruel bully, and also how he uses writing to help him get through. So ultimately it is about healing and family. There is some fanciful magic in this book, but it is all so pleasant for the hero that you want it to be real. A quick read and worth it.

    The book the Savage by David Almond wasn't a very good book. It wasn't exactly something I would want to read if it was over 150+ pages. But luckily for me, it was around 80 pages with majority of the pages being artwork-- which I enjoyed the most. Though I do believe this would be good for people who enjoy illustrations for the art is sloppy but quite amazing. Though do be aware that there is light cursing in this book.

    The Savage, written by David Almond is a quick read, recommended by a friend, that shows a comic in a novel. This novel holds a mysterious side of the plot and the majority its pages as artwork was quite pleasing to see. Honestly, it was an "okay" book to read, but it got be to reach my AR goal, so I do recommend The Savage if one wants a fast book to read.

    An excellent book on dealing with grief and anger after the death of a loved one. Very British language, some kids might not get things like what an allotment is, but the overall theme is universal.

    This was a very moving story. It reminds me a lot of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. A brilliant, short book.

    Lovely book-making, great pictures, and a solid short story. But it did not make me think hard or feel strongly for the story or the character.

    What an unusual book, which I guess is to say it's the usual from David Almond. Blue is telling us the story of a savage boy he wrote about who lived outside the village, without language, surviving by stealing and stealth. The story becomes more urgent until finally both boys' stories intertwine in a way that leaves you wondering if it really happened, or was it all part of Blue's writing? It's a comfortable sense of confusion, which reminded me a little of Patrick Ness's A Monster Calls. If yo [...]

    I actually read it in one sitting, this book, with all its tricksy book within a book format, coupled with some of the features of a graphic novel. The whole premise starts off simply enough, but quickly complicates matters as it reaches its ending. It feels too short. I would love to have spent more time with Blue and his family, more time with the Savage and the disconnected bully of the piece, who are not the same person. There is violence, but it is measured and essential to the story. Child [...]

    I like this odd little book. It's part graphic novel and part book, and it's clever. I love how the boy in the book chose to deal with his grief by writing a story. Stories can be so powerful! I'm excited to booktalk this little gem!

    Spine-tingly. This is a near-perfect little book - a cross between a short story and a graphic novel - about grief and bullies and lads and the healing power of stories. David Almond's words and Dave Mckean's vivid illustrations go together beautifully. Highly recommended.

    انگاری واقعا این نویسنده خیلی وارده بکارش ، این چند تا کتابی که ازش خوندم کاملا مناسب برای نوجوانان است

    This was a cute book about a young boy who lost his father and was being bullied. It was wrote by the small boy as a way of coping. I loved the lessons that was taught on these subjects. Loved the artwork also. It is sketchy and protraded the characters perfectly.

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