Die Längste Zeit

Die Längste Zeit

Die L ngste Zeit Tilja has grown up in the peaceful Valley which is protected from the fearsome Empire by an enchanted forest But the forest s power has begun to fade and the Valley is in danger Tilja is the youngest

  • Title: Die Längste Zeit
  • Author: Peter Dickinson
  • ISBN: 9783551580948
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tilja has grown up in the peaceful Valley, which is protected from the fearsome Empire by an enchanted forest But the forest s power has begun to fade and the Valley is in danger Tilja is the youngest of four brave souls who venture into the Empire together to find the mysterious magician who can save the Valley And much to her amazement, Tilja gradually learns that onlTilja has grown up in the peaceful Valley, which is protected from the fearsome Empire by an enchanted forest But the forest s power has begun to fade and the Valley is in danger Tilja is the youngest of four brave souls who venture into the Empire together to find the mysterious magician who can save the Valley And much to her amazement, Tilja gradually learns that only she, an ordinary girl with no magical powers, has the ability to protect her group and their quest from the Empire s sorcerers.From the Hardcover edition.

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    Well, this book took me a long time. This was my longest read in awhile, and though that was mostly due to life getting super busy, the book was also just really slow. And so I liked it, but it just kinda dragged on and on, and I am a little relieved to be finished with it now. I am glad I revisited this one years later, because I do think that Peter Dickinson is a talented writer and is able to craft a nice story. But there were some parts I would have to read a few times just to understand wha [...]

    Tilja's home is in the Valley, protected by magic from the powerful Empire. When the magic begins to fade, Tilja must set out with three companions on a quest to renew the magic; along the way, she finds her own unusual powers. This is a really good YA fantasy, with excellent worldbuilding, interesting magic, and a heroine I liked very much (and also her crotchety grandmother). I'd only read a couple of Dickinson's other YAs, both science fiction, and didn't like them as much as this, but I'll c [...]

    I think this started off really strong and then got dragged out towards the end. I also think this suffers from really unfortunate cover art. The descriptions of magical events were really vague, sometimes confusing, and important events were over too briefly. Several times I kept thinking, "Oh, so it's over already? Those last three sentences were the whole battle? Hmm." One last problem was the lack of editing. Many of the sentences were incomplete or simply didn't make sense and weren't worde [...]

    This book sat sitting on my shelf for the longest of times. I kept telling myself that I would pick it up and read it and yet I always ended up reading something else instead. When I finally got around to reading it I was exceptionally surprised.The book itself was much better than I’d been expecting. Whilst there were some predictable moments the storyline did manage to keep me hooked from start to end, without my mind running off at different angles as I questioned whether it would do me bet [...]

    More reviews available at my blog, Beauty and the Bookworm.The Ropemaker has been one of my favorite fantasy stories for a long time, but I hadn't read it in a while, which meant that it was a perfect candidate for my reading challenge category of "A book you haven't read since high school." I knew that I hadn't read this since high school because I lent my copy to someone and they never gave it back! Don't you have when that happens? But now I have the Kindle version, so all is well--though rea [...]

    This book was a short fairytale padded and padded and padded out into a 300+ page novel. The story plodded along in a fairytale fashion--and then, and then, and then--and the magic was vague undefined fairytale magic with only the most basic vaguely-defined magic-system underlying it all. Tilja and Tahl and their grandparents meet people. They get saved. They meet more people. People tell them things. They go. They meet more people. They get told more things. They travel more. Etc.The main chara [...]

    It's a shame this book didn't live up to its promise. The world building was good, the magic interesting. But I felt no emotional connection to the story or its characters. This book was missing heart and emotion and so I couldn't really bring myself to care.

    This is a coming to age book involving magic and adventure (and a bit of romance).The first two chapters I found a bit boring, longwinded. The sentences were long and hard for me to follow. And it didn’t make much sense. Also, the chapters are really long.The first chapter is about a girl whose mother sings to the cedar trees at the first snowfall. And this year is weird. I was confused. After that, the second chapter is spent giving the backstory. There’s a village in a valley that’s part [...]

    This book has something that came as a very welcome surprise for me: it deals with the troubles of a girl traveling to the outside world to save her whole village from an evil that threatens to destroy it while having absolutely no power and no means, and in the process she NEVER, not even for a moment, has any sort of romantic plot whatsoever. In fact, it's not even mentioned any sort of involvement with anyone because why would you even put a love plot where you have to deal with surviving mag [...]

    Meet Tilja, an unremarkable girl without a lick of magic in her, cannot sing to the cedars nor hear their voices. Yet the cedars say she must take a journey to safeguard the Valley. Tilja and Meena her grandmother travel on the river with Tahl and his grandfather, Alnor. Meena can sing to the cedars to learn what must be done, and Alnor, although he is blind, directs the raft on the water by muttering to it. Along the way Tilja learns she has an ability to cloak magical items from detection and [...]

    "The Ropemaker" is a young adult fantasy novel. This fantasy world had some unique customs and interesting reasons for having them, but the author spent more time on travelogue than world-building details. The characters had some depth, but they weren't really fleshed out. Yet they were engaging enough that I wanted them to succeed. Unfortunately, I felt it lacked suspense. The few exciting scenes were over quickly. We're told they were a struggle for the characters, but the description of the s [...]

    I would like to talk about Tilja from this book. She is a girl in a family who each have powers. Her mother cam sing to the cedars, her grandma (Meena) can sing to the cedars, too, and her cousin and grandpa can listen to the words of the river. She feels of no use, but when she sets out on a perilous journey, she finds out her special power. She can channel magic and sense magic. With that newfound power, she can tell whether there is dangerous magic coming up,or whether there are Watchers or w [...]

    One of my favourite fantasy novels and it also happens to be by one of my favourite authors! Interesting premise, fairly original concept of magic (which is rare in fantasy, and the companion book, Angel Isle, is even more original in that sense and just as good a book as this one), and really interesting, human characters--in that they have normal faults as well as the good stuff. And with a strong (if young) female protagonist and several other feisty and/or powerful women, but not in an "OMG, [...]

    Honestly, I think that overall I had tried to get into this about 4 times and then finally I just really stuck to it, and I found that once I got about halfway through then I really started enjoying this book. I liked how the characters all shared things in common, but then how they were all kinda tied together. I really liked all the places that the author took the characters to. It made me feel like I was there experiencing it. overall a really good book.

    This was excellent, and I'm glad that it was a Printz honor, or I might not have ever gotten to it. The sequel is on my TBR list.

    A children's book with depth, imagination and a disturbing alternative reality. One you can read over and over again.

    Sinceramente, al haber pasado de las 100 páginas de este libro y no haber encontrado nada interesante aún, puedo afirmar que me parece un coñazo y que soy incapaz de continuar con él.

    This started a little slow, but once the journey starts the book really takes off. Interesting concept of magic and how it works, plus a strong female character.

    It was quite an interesting one, a novel filled with the world of wizards. Amazing way to show the magic present in the surrounding. A girl who felt left out as she don't feel the magic, she can't take her birth place as the place she belongs to. She felt something is wrong with her. Later on the same quality make her the most powerful person in the story. Amazing! From the beginning till the end.

    I can't remember who recommended this book to me. I wish I did because I desperately want to ask them "why???" It took me forever to get through it -- I would consistently fall asleep 2 pages into it, no matter how awake I was when I picked up the book. It's a boring disjointed story with boring undeveloped characters and a deus ex-machina solution to problems.

    The story is a good introduction into the fantasy genre for children. The story flies through each plot point so quickly that it's hard to grasp the importance of each scene. That being said, it is a quick read and a fun world.

    -loved the characters-loved the writing style-great magic system-I loved the main character-fairytale-esque

    Beautifully written and stands up to at least a couple of re-readings thus far. Tilja and her world are vivid, believable, starkly rendered.

    An engaging story of a young woman without magical abilities searching to find a place for herself in a magical world. Tilja discovers that sometimes lacking a trait can be a blessing. Looking deep within herself, Til finds a well of strength that ultimately saves everything she loves.The title of the book--The Ropemaker--can lead one to believe the story is about this particular character. It's not. Instead, the Ropemaker serves as the tie between Tilja's past and her future. Readers might be d [...]

    A little background: Many years ago, middle-school-me picked this book up at Barnes & Noble and decided to buy it, intrigued by the promise of a strong female protagonist, unique worldbuilding, and magic. The book, however, languished on my shelf for years. I tried many times to read it, only to quickly lose interest after the first few pages. In the last few months, I’ve assigned myself the project of finishing all of the unread books sitting on my bookshelf, and, as a result, I finally r [...]

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