Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas

Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas

Bitters A Spirited History of a Classic Cure All with Cocktails Recipes and Formulas Gone are the days when a lonely bottle of Angostura bitters held court behind the bar A cocktail renaissance has swept across the country inspiring in bartenders and their thirsty patrons a new fasci

  • Title: Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas
  • Author: Brad Thomas Parsons
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gone are the days when a lonely bottle of Angostura bitters held court behind the bar A cocktail renaissance has swept across the country, inspiring in bartenders and their thirsty patrons a new fascination with the ingredients, techniques, and traditions that make the American cocktail so special And few ingredients have as rich a history or serve as fundamental a roleGone are the days when a lonely bottle of Angostura bitters held court behind the bar A cocktail renaissance has swept across the country, inspiring in bartenders and their thirsty patrons a new fascination with the ingredients, techniques, and traditions that make the American cocktail so special And few ingredients have as rich a history or serve as fundamental a role in our beverage heritage as bitters Author and bitters enthusiast Brad Thomas Parsons traces the history of the world s most storied elixir, from its earliest snake oil days to its near evaporation after Prohibition to its ascension as a beloved and at times obsessed over ingredient on the contemporary bar scene Parsons writes from the front lines of the bitters boom, where he has access to the best and boldest new brands and flavors, the most innovative artisanal producers, and insider knowledge of the bitters making process Whether you re a professional looking to take your game to the next level or just a DIY type interested in homemade potables, Bitters has a dozen recipes for customized blends ranging from Apple to Coffee Pecan to Root Beer bitters as well as tips on sourcing ingredients and step by step instructions fit for amateur and seasoned food crafters alike Also featured are than seventy cocktail recipes that showcase bitters diversity and versatility classics like the Manhattan if you ever get one without bitters, send it back , old guard favorites like the Martinez, contemporary drinks from Parsons s own repertoire like the Shady Lane, plus one of a kind libations from the country s most pioneering bartenders Last but not least, there is a full chapter on cooking with bitters, with a dozen recipes for sweet and savory bitters infused dishes Part recipe book, part project guide, part barman s manifesto, Bitters is a celebration of good cocktails made well, and of the once forgotten but blessedly rediscovered virtues of bitters.

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    Ok, so on the one hand, while I love to read cookbooks and the like, I expected this book to have more history and fewer recipes; it has sections on history and lots of lovely li'l anecdotes, but it's really more of a practical guide than a history, and my head was all prepped for a history. In a good way. I mean, I love me some random history of a niche subject. Actually, there's this great book on the Mann Act . . . Ahem. Back on track.Now, on the other hand, it has recipes and advice for maki [...]

    This was a bit disappointing for me. I hoped for some in-depth history on the subject of bitters; a few cocktail recipes with bitters as a focus; such as in the magnificent Trinidad Sour; and a lot of recipes and formulas for making bitters, including a thorough discussion of the flavors, aromas, bitterness level, and other qualities of the various ingredients that go into different bitters.Instead, the book provides quite a brief history; merely a baker's dozen formulas for house-made bitters, [...]

    An absolutely wonderful book. My favorite part was the history of bitters which was enlightening and completely entertaining.Brad Thomas Parsons is my kind of person: "When I'm into something - a band, a book, a bourbon - I tend to get a bit obsessed." Clearly, a "bit" is said with loads of sarcasm as this book - which is filled with so much passion and random in-depth knowledge - is born from one of his "minor" obsessions. BTP's passion for bitters really shines through, and that is what makes [...]

    Al comprarlo pensé que el enfoque iba a estar más en la parte teórica, pero resultó ser mucho más completo, ya que la mitad del libros una compilación muy buena de recetas para hacer bitters caseros, para la realización de algunos tragos, tanto clásicos como modernos, y hasta de algunas comidas que utilizan estos ingredientes. Buenas fotografías, recetas claras, bien escrito Creo que este libro es fundamental en la biblioteca (física o virtual) de cualquier aficionado a la coctelería. [...]

    There's a lot of good info here on contemporary cocktail culture, as well as a great collection of drink (and food) recipes. It's also a beautifully designed book--it's lovely just to leaf through. This is great volume if you're looking for new things to try in your home bar or kitchen or if you're a craft cocktail fan/avid DIYer. If you are looking for the history of the usage of bitters, though, you'd be better off looking elsewhere.

    Great information and fairly entertaining, and overall, really pretty build quality. As a side note, this book is really resonant, like way more than your average book. I'm definitely going to record some samples thumping around on this book.

    A concise history of bitters that also charts the rise of the craft cocktail. Well designed and full of great recipes. Shout out to my homie BTP for including the same boilerplate text across like 30 full pages of DIY bitters recipes. Nobody can fill a book better!

    If you are like me, the thought of making your own bitters is enough to reach first for the Underberg (to relieve the heartburn), and then the Angostura (for another Manhattan). Even so, there is much to like about Mr. Parson's Bitters, which is a handsome, if superficial, introduction to bitters & cocktails.The superficiality lies in the "Spirited History" part of the title, which is entertaining but all too brief - 30some pages - and spends half of those pages retelling the current bitters [...]

    If this is a culmination of the bitters knowledge of the world, then I guess there just isn't that much to know.But that's fine. Honestly, unless there was a rousing back-story of evil chemists and immortal sex pirates, I'm not sure a long and detailed history of bitters would have been much fun to read anyway.I certainly learned all I need to know about the creation of bitters as medicinal elixirs and their fundamental importance in the genesis of the cocktail.Really, the bulk of the book turns [...]

    What a wonderful book on the use of "Bitters" with cocktails, recipes & formulas. Bitters are an aromatic flavoring agent made fro infusing spices, herbs, flowers, barks, roots & other botanicals in a high-proof alcohol or glycerin. They were long ago used for medicinal reasons: indigestion, cramps, headaches or constipation (Castoria?).Most animals & humans shy away from bitters as historically BITTER usually signaled the presence of toxins, which could very possibly lead to death.C [...]

    This is a fantastic reference for anyone interested in well-crafted cocktails with quality ingredients. There's an entire section on making your own bitters, which I can't wait to try, I've been making my own flavored liqueurs for years. There's also a section on the craft of bartending itself, essential tools and what spirits and ingredients are recommended to build up your home bar with, along with brand recommendations. The writer's experience shines through here. Trying to remember that the [...]

    To be fair, I'm not sure that bitters really merit their own book; large swaths of the book feel fairly redundant, especially given that most of the bitters and drink recipes are identical processes with different ingredients.But, the book is beautiful, and Parsons makes me wish that I had the time, opportunity, and palate to walk in his footsteps. And that's really the bittersweet truth of the matter; I'm never going to try most of the bitters that he describes, and even if I did, I'm not so su [...]

    Parsons admits he got a bit obsessive about bitters while researching this book, and we definitely benefit. Not only does he provide a well-researched background on familiar brands like Angostura and Peychaud's and a good selection of cocktails to use them in, he introduces new additions to the commercial market and plenty of straightforward recipes for making your own (although I would have liked a bit more guidance in how to use these house-made efforts). There are also recipes for syrups and [...]

    "Bitters" is an all-in-one book. It features history, travel, reviews, and recipes. Travel with author, Brad Thomas Parsons, across the US to find the best hand-crafted cocktails. Learn about the history of bitters and how the industry has changed over the last 150 years. My favorite part of the book is the instructions and recipes for making your own bitters. There are many bitters recipes offered in the book, and the author encourages experimentation with his basic bitters-making process. The [...]

    Filled with beautiful photographs and recipes for bitters and classic cocktails, Brad Thomas Parsons weaves together the history and current affairs of bitters. While boutique bitters are now practically ubiquitous, many recipes were near extinction after prohibition, with only two or three companies maintaining production. Even during this current bitters revival, Angostura is arguably the most recognizable of all bitter bottles behind the bar. If you are questioning that oversized Angostura la [...]

    Wow, so this book is serious. Seriously in depth. Seriously chock full of historical everything you need to know about Bitters. I didn't even know what bitters were when I picked it up. I must say though, if you're like me and knew nothing of bitters, nor intend to start making some, this book might be a "skim" and "look at pictures" book. More amusing than it was educating I bored of it 1/4 of the way through and began skimming at warp speed. But I'd highly recommend it to others who know about [...]

    The title is misleading. I was expecting mostly history with a dash of cocktail recipes. It turned out to be about 35 pages of history, 5 pages of current bitters manufacturers and descriptions of their products, 10 pages of descriptions of various bar gadgets and doodads and about 150 pages of cocktail recipes that there is zero probability that I will ever make. They contain such obscure ingredients that I could never be fussed to track down the ingredients let alone the multi-step preparation [...]

    Beautiful book. Very good information on the history of bitters, though I could have used more. About half the book is recipes: bitters recipes for the DIYers out there; and cocktail recipes using bitters. Well the latter are well-sourced, I don't personally need a book on the shelf that's half recipes. A fine selection for checking out of the library, but not really necessary for your home cocktail library.

    Good book to flip through if you're interested in the history of cocktails, especially as related to bitters. I got this for the recipes so that i could try making my own bitters. I haven't made any yet, but I plan to try the Meyer lemon recipe. I was disappointed there weren't more recipes (there are about 15). I was also not at all interested in the chapter on cooking with butters. Overall a solid book though, with good writing. It's not all fluff, like books like this often are.

    A beautiful book, but limited in its history of bitters. What the book lacks in history it makes up for in recipes, practical advice and geekyness. The book feels like a little in-joke between the tiny vest and suspenders wearing bartender set, with lots of name dropping and navel gazing, but I guess the world is pretty small.

    Already made orange bitters and grapefruit bitters from this book. Came out great! working on the key lime ones now. Finally read this all the way through. Really liked the brief history of bitter as well as the tips on how to stock you bar and the drink recipes. Excellent read/recipe book. Makes me want to create a craft bittered cocktail right now!

    Very interesting and chatty book on the history of bitters, with some cocktail recipes at the end showcasing how you can use some of the specialty bitters discussed in the book. Also includes instructions for making your own bitters of various types, though I think sourcing some of the ingredients would be a challenge for some folks (especially given the small quantities needed).

    A very interesting book on an unusual subject. Having looked at the yellow capped bottle of bitters in the cabinet many a time and having no clue what to do with it, I finally have the answer. The best way this book sums up bitters is that they are as indispensable to a bartender as salt and pepper are to a chef. This book is going to be added to my home collection.

    A thorough history of bitters that had many more cocktail recipes than bitters recipes, which I was fine with. If you've been bitten by the cocktail bug and have gotten into making drinks at home this is a great book to have on hand for recipes, and general light reading. Overall pleased that I got it.

    This is mostly a recipe book. I thought it would be more interesting because the first couple chapters had some good historical info about bitters. After that, it's mostly typical cocktail recipes. He advocates adding bitters to some unexpected drinks, but overall it wasn't what I was hoping for in a book that first and foremost calls itself a history.

    Interesting bits about bitters, and also interesting cocktail recipes. Even the ones that are classic cocktails you've heard of have a little bit of a tweak here and there, in ways that make me want to give them another try. Seems like if you make a batch or three of the bitters recipes, you'd get a handle on it enough to concoct your own, which is also cool.

    A must read for those interested in craft cocktails! It has great recipes for old school cocktails and everything you want to know about bitters. It even has recipes so you can concoct your own bitters! Really enjoyed it!

    Really interesting book that really makes me want to explore the fascinating, creative world of bitters. I'm going to push my husband (my in-house chef) to experiment with bitters in his cooking. I would recommend this book to anyone who is at all interested in reading about the art of imbibing.

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