The Chalk Girl

The Chalk Girl

The Chalk Girl The astonishing new Mallory novel from the New York Times bestselling author The little girl appeared in Central Park red haired blue eyed smiling perfect except for the blood on her shoulder It fe

  • Title: The Chalk Girl
  • Author: Carol O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9780399157745
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The astonishing new Mallory novel from the New York Times bestselling author The little girl appeared in Central Park red haired, blue eyed, smiling, perfect except for the blood on her shoulder It fell from the sky, she said, while she was looking for her uncle, who turned into a tree Poor child, people thought And then they found the body in the tree.For Mallory, nThe astonishing new Mallory novel from the New York Times bestselling author The little girl appeared in Central Park red haired, blue eyed, smiling, perfect except for the blood on her shoulder It fell from the sky, she said, while she was looking for her uncle, who turned into a tree Poor child, people thought And then they found the body in the tree.For Mallory, newly returned to the Special Crimes Unit after three months lost time, there is something about the girl that she understands Mallory is damaged, they say, but she can tell a kindred spirit And this one will lead her to a story of extraordinary crimes murders stretching back fifteen years, blackmail and complicity and a particular cruelty that only someone with Mallory s history could fully recognize In the next few weeks, she will deal with them all in her own way.

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    I jumped in cold to book ten of the series without a problem. If you’re in the mood for an intense psychological thriller with beautifully fleshed out characters and ultra wicked villians you just found it. It begins with Coco, a little girl found wandering alone in Central Park after discovering 3 dead bodies strung up in a tree. A little heartbreaker with Williams Syndrome, a disorder typified by elfin like features and a warm, outgoing personality. Craving human contact they will run up to [...]

    Fires on all cylinders for me: good engagement of the mind with an intriguing mystery and depth in the characters, of the heart with empathy for the investigator and victim, and of the gut with thrills and chills in the plot and roots of evil. That’s a rare combination for me in my pervasive escapist reading of mysteries and police procedurals. James Lee Burke and Michael Connelly achieve such a trifecta for me sometimes. This 2011 outing is number 10 out of 11 in the series featuring NYPD Det [...]

    O'Connell started writing the Mallory novels long before Steig Larson and his Salander character and long before Taylor Stevens and her Michael novels, though comparisons can be made. Love these books and the characters in them, Mallory herself has such an interesting back story. Good plots and interesting psychological meanderings make this series my favorite.

    The whole Mallory series is entertaining as hell. It is also ridiculous in the way of many mysteries: an incredibly clever and personally wealthy person works for the NYPD, solving clever crimes without having to do any of the tedious work. Mallory is also beautiful, and immaculately groomed at all times. Also, all the wealthy people who don't work for the NYPD are horrible, really awful people who deserve whatever they get. As income inequality increases in the US I enjoy reading about horribly [...]

    4 star characters, 3 star story. (In Newspeak: good to plusgood)A couple of yeah, right moments, but overall a good thriller. A capable and unusual female detective*, a younger character who stole every page she was on, and some unusual murders.* and not the usual grumpy, rumpled alcoholic wash-out trying to redeem themselvesRECOMMENDED if you enjoy crime/murder/thriller stories. This is "Mallory" Book #10, but you won't be lost if you haven't read earlier books. Bonus: you'll learn a bit about [...]

    I love Kathy Mallory. The depth of her character is amazing, and each book leaves me wanting more. This one is especially good, perhaps because of the long wait between books. A bit about the characters. Mallory is an incomplete story - nobody knows her well. Many fear her, others love her, and everyone keeps their distance. Well, except for her partner Riker. And Charles (who is hopelessly in love with her). And her late father's poker playing buddies, who want so much for her. Some call her ps [...]

    The Chalk Girl is an odd mystery/crime novel. I had trouble maintaining any interest in the story, and I could only read one chapter at a time before I lost interest. I made it through eventually, but I wouldn't recommend this book unless you have read some of the others in the series first. Perhaps if I had, I would have been more sympathetic toward Mallory instead of just thinking her as a rude, violent, crooked cop.Mallory has returned to her job as detective after a mysterious absence, and t [...]

    I had forgotten that I had this book until I was cleaning up and going through my books. When I came across this book I picked it up to read it. This is the first book I have read in this series but I was able to jump right into it. It helped that Kathleen Mallory was so likeable but she also had some quirks about her that made her interesting as well. In addition, she is smart. Now I have read many murder mystery stories but I have to say that the killings in this book was refreshing. What I me [...]

    This review falls a little closer to 2.5 stars than to 3.I've been reading the Mallory series for some years now, and I've become to think of it as magical realism by way of serial killer novels. The newest Mallory opens in the usual way - there are some bizarre happenings, some bizarre killings, and some excellently bizarre characters. In this case, we start every chapter with information from an Ernest Nadler about his school experiences - it isn't till at least a quarter of the way in that we [...]

    Story: B+Narration: A-A young girl found wandering in Central park is a problem but when she leads the police to the dead body of her “Uncle Red” the problems begin to multiply. The dead body isn’t Coco’s “uncle,” he’s her abductor. He also isn’t the only body to be found in the park and Coco isn’t your typical child. She has Williams syndrome, a disorder that can cause (among other traits) being overly friendly towards and trusting of strangers and an unusual star-like pattern [...]

    C2012. FWFTB: NYPD, damaged, blackmail, complicity, cruelty. When I found out that Ms O’Connell had, at last, published another Mallory novel, I pre-ordered this so long ago. Patience, patience, patience. And some more patience. 5 years worth! I have to say it was well worth the wait.The British paperback version does not yet seem to be on GR but I was very cross with the publishers for putting a comparison to Lisbeth Salander on the cover but I can imagine that this would attract some additio [...]

    I am a whole-hearted fan of Carol O'Connell's writing, and a lover of all the Mallory books. While I gave this highly-anticipated book four stars, I did so out of respect for her story telling talent and her writing craft. This book, however, left me feeling disappointed. If you have followed the series, her New York City detective, Kathleen Mallory, is in the authors word a "sociopath", emotionally/psychologically damaged by her early childhood trauma and her years spent as a child living on th [...]

    O'Connell's best yet! Kept me turning pages. I'm not a die hard "Mallory" fan but do enjoy the series. This one kept me on my toes and I didn't get bored with Mallory's infallible scams and schemes. O'Connell has a cast of misfits and psychotics from the rich and powerful to the lower minions in Mallory's own police force, a charming child that will remind you of Mallory's own childhood. The convoluted plots keep you on your toes. It's a challenge to stay abreast of our author as she twists and [...]

    If you are a fan of complex thrillers, this is the book for you. This is the first Kathleen Mallory book I've ever read, but it won't be my last. O'Connell weaves a tale that will keep the reader on their toes throughout the book. A little girl is found in the woods of Central Park. She talks to a tree who she says is her uncle. She may know who a murderer is. But Coco has Williams syndrome and has attached herself to Mallory. Mallory is bent on protecting Coco and getting her help with the biza [...]

    I could not stop reading this book and because I couldn't I finished about 400 pages in two days.The book was intense and captivating and riveting.Characters were fascinating.cially Kathy Mallory. Actually I loved her weirdness, strength and over the top behavior.Totally charmed by Charles and Cocoychologist and little lost girl.The story involves murders, cover ups, private school bullies, wealthy divas, blind lawyers, drug addicts, agoraphobic wives, nosy neighbors and so much more.This writer [...]

    It took a while, but I finally decided that it wasn't really necessary for me to read all the other Mallory novels before reading the ARC of The Chalk Girl I received as a LibraryThing Early Reviewer (thank you!). While it is good to read the books in sequence, thereby having a better idea of who Kathy Mallory is and why, I don't think it's mandatory; with these books there is a trend of "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" – while it is very much a series (and they are all very good), littl [...]

    "The Chalk Girl" was a good read and had suspense, interesting characters, intrigue, even some odd twists and turns. As the plot thickened, though, sometimes it digressed into a convoluted mess of minute incidents that could be hard to follow. And although the majority of these things had to do with the overall plot, I found that these little incidents always complicated the book almost to an insane degree. It was a minutia in the minutia of the trivia sort of deal throughout, which created a ve [...]

    First Sentence: The first outcry of the morning was lost in a Manhattan mix of distant sirens, barking dogs and loud music from a car rolling by outside the park.Coco is a young girl found wandering in Central Park. She has stars in her eyes, a desperate need to be loved, an affinity for rats, blood spatters on her clothes and claims her uncle was turned into a tree. Coco has Williams Syndrome. When a body is found suspended in a tree, Mallory claims the case and quickly, with the help of her fr [...]

    Author Carol O'Connell has been doing this series long enough that this latest volume reads like a well-oiled machine with a fast pace and a macabre sense of humor, that's somewhat balanced by main character Kathy Mallory having a heart of gold beneath her well groomed but stone cold exterior. Mallory was out in the world on her own from a very young age and it shows in the ruthless survival skills she brings to her police work. This is the first Kathy Mallory novel I've read and it was a little [...]

    I have always really liked the Mallory mysteries. Mallory is a NYPD homicide detective with a past. Rescued as a child from a feral existence on the streets of New York by a detective, she grew up looking at both sides of the criminal world and chose the more legitimate world of the NYPD - barely. Fortunately, she is surrounded by her foster-father's old friends and her alcoholic partner who love her in spite of her cold, calculating mind; and who shield her from the retaliations of her bosses i [...]

    It has been a while since I have read a mystery/thriller by Carol O'Connell and I can't thank my beautiful cousin Liz enough for recommending this book, "The Chalk Girl" It is the 10th in her Kathleen Mallory series.Wow was this ever an exciting read, I love psychological thrillers like this one, it was just so full of chills and surprises and I held my breath more than once while reading this book.Kathleen is such a complex character. I loved reading more about her and getting to know her just [...]

    A friend of mine recommended that I check this book out. It was a pretty good read and mystery. My first Carol O Connell book.

    Mon avis en françaisMy English reviewIt’s impressive when I think I read the last book many years ago. I didn’t expect a sequel after all this time… So what a surprise when I discovered that a tenth volume would be out! I was so happy and I confess I was a little anxious that the series could finish like that since I always had a lot of questions and some unaccomplished hopes about our heroine.Well it’s true it hasn’t any paranormal elements in it, but what a pleasure to follow this n [...]

    The brittle prose and unlikeable heroine are at first off-putting. Yet, the creepy memories of childhood-robbing trauma and present-day series of grisly crimes hold the reader in the grip of an awful attraction. The heroine, Kathy Mallory -- usually referred to as simply “Mallory” – could the author have conceived of a more unfeminine means of reference? – is appearing in her 10th book, so it is a bit unfair to be critical of her. This is my first encounter either with the author or her [...]

    I am a big fan of the Mallory books(I've been reading the series since the first book was released) and this book was a worthy entry.This was a fairly (for a Mallory book)straight-forward story involving multiple murders, police corruption, and school bullying. Throw in a pedophile with a penchant for young, red-haired girls, a child with a talent for identifying motor sounds and a knowledge of rats and you've got the basics of this story.This is not really a Mallory centric story (unlike Find M [...]

    I've missed Mallory in the 5+ years since Find Me. In fact, I'd more or less said good-bye to to series, since Find Me read like a series-ender to me. I still wonder if it was intended that way.But Mallory is back, and no one knows what to make of her. Even more so than usual. The events of the last book are dealt with in a satisfactory if not entirely satisfying manner.Mallory is back, and she's her old self again. If fact, this may be one of the best Mallory books. Mallory is in her element ex [...]

    The Chalk Girl by Carol O’ConnellNew York City detective Kathleen Mallory (known to everyone simply as “Mallory”) comes to the aid of Coco, an eight-year old girl who has witnessed a kidnapping and murder. Coco is revealed to have Williams Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that results in an unusually cheerful demeanor and ease with strangers, but also developmental delay. As a result, Coco is incapable of describing the killer. In the course of investigating the murder Coco witnesse [...]

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