Valley of Wild Horses

Valley of Wild Horses

Valley of Wild Horses The tall young Texan had gambled fought and killed in every town from Montana to Mexico He d been in plenty of places where there was no law but this little hellhole was the worst Jard Hardman and

  • Title: Valley of Wild Horses
  • Author: Zane Grey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The tall, young Texan had gambled, fought, and killed in every town from Montana to Mexico He d been in plenty of places where there was no law, but this little hellhole was the worst Jard Hardman and his son Dick were the law They owned the marshal and used him to rob the town blind.These were the men Panhandle Smith had come to find and destroy Pan had bluffed them oThe tall, young Texan had gambled, fought, and killed in every town from Montana to Mexico He d been in plenty of places where there was no law, but this little hellhole was the worst Jard Hardman and his son Dick were the law They owned the marshal and used him to rob the town blind.These were the men Panhandle Smith had come to find and destroy Pan had bluffed them once, but the young gunfighter knew that this time they would call him

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    This is the June selection of the American Westerns Book Club Zane Grey is the master writer of the American Western. The Valley of Wild Horses is a great story full of cowboys, horses, hombres and gun fights. Panhandle Smith, "Pan" for short, was born to a Texas farmer and raised in wide open spaces. His dad bought him his first pony when he was just a spud, and when the cattle herds came by going up the trail, he was in awe of the cowboys, their horses, boots and spurs. The story follows Pan, [...]

    Story was a bit simple and some of the themes are a bit dated. Nonetheless it was masterfully written. This was my first Zane Grey novel but will certainly not be my last!

    Great adventure, maybe a little slow moving, with terrific descriptive prose and very likable protagonist in young cowboy Panhandle Smith. Grey's descriptions of the valley with the thousands of wild horse made me feel like I was there, and sometimes made me wish that I was.

    My first American western and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Zane Grey wrote so many tales of the old west so I have to believe he romanticized the era and it sparked his imagination. In this tale his protagonist Panhandle Smith was born to be a cowboy. Grey gives a good deal of background history on his hero, and what drives him. Plenty of action and scenarios, good guys and bad guys not forgetting a couple of damsels in distress. I enjoyed his colorful descriptions, the vistas you could imagine. Wha [...]

    Rating clarification: 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this book. This was my first Zane Grey novel I have read and I wasn't disappointed. The writing is fine except for some choppy dialogue. Grey excels in describing the natural environment-- you can really sink your teeth into it and imagine you're there. Panhandle Smith is a rough yet amiable character (like any good cowboy), and you really root for him.

    With my search to expand my reading genre, I decided it Valley of the Wild Horses by Zane Grey was worth a gander as I do I do love a good Western tale - Yahoo! And this is one of the best: Even a century after publication, Mr. Grey, creates an unforgettable time in the history of the Unite States – The Old West. The main character (and he is that! All cowboy hero to boot) is Panhandle Smith. He was born to Bill and Margaret Smith out on the open prairie, under the blistering sun. Pan, as he [...]

    Well that was a powerful good read! For me, this was a first trip into cowboy pasture and I found myself enthralled and entertained. The story was great, moved along mighty fast and had plenty of cowboy lore, horses and his love of the beautiful country, all described so evocatively. There was plenty of adventure, amusing anecdotes and some romance too. But by far the best aspect of this book was the way the dialogue was written. It was just so natural, and in my head it sounded just the way (I [...]

    Really enjoyed a western novel that didn't have a lot of killing. It felt like a the eagles series by William Johnstone, but without all the killing fields. It presented reality during western days, when people was people, and how they all tried to make a living. Like in our modern day and time, there are still those who think money is the utmost power.

    Haven't read Zane Grey for years! Not bad, although the style of writing is very outdated, it had a good story line.

    Read it if you can, can't say enough good stuff about that Western romance. I'll read it again in a few years, maybe sooner.

    When you want to escape, just russle up a story like this and read by the camp fire. You won't be sorry.

    I'm still on the hunt for the perfect Zane Grey that I would recommend to friends as first time readers. The things this novel had going for it: 1.) Panhandle Smith -- quintessential cowboy (cowpuncher) 2.) New Mexico range setting 3.) The hero's plight -- Panhandle returns after years of range riding to find his family in financial run, the city overrun by corruption, and his childhood sweetheart pursued by the local villain, 4.) The side story of the saloon girl saved from her bad life. The th [...]

    This is a very good book. Not one of Grey's best nor worst, but it is PURE Zane Grey. It hits all the usual notes that are in all of his westerns and he does it well. This is a story that a legend could be built around as he tells the tale of Panhandle Smith from the day he is born to the day he puts up his spurs to homestead in the Arizona territory with the girl he loves, his family, and a couple of his best friends. Along the way there are evil doers galore, all dispatched by Panhandle, a wil [...]

    Wow, what can you say about a Zane Grey book that has not been said before. I have read these since I was a little girl and my love has not changed one little bit. The humor, romance, action and seriousness are still there. In fact as an adult, I think they are even better. If you love westerns, then these are the books for you. Eighty seven years later horses, bad guys, love and family have not changed. We still love reading about the old west and the guy gets the girl and they live happily eve [...]

    I usually don't read western books but I found this very entertaining and will probably read more of them. The story was good and the author was also great. I am not a good storyteller but I thank God for giving this talent to so many authors for all of us to enjoy. I will read more western books in the future. I love sitting down in the quiet with a good book, getting into the their characters and their lives during their time period and blocking out everything else. This story was about roundi [...]

    I won't give this stars because I could see it being enjoyable for others. For me, maybe a couple stars, but then I didn't give it a chance. Well, I gave it a quarter of the way in kind of chance. It just couldn't reach me. I don't care about the characters and the short sentences are continually tripping me up, like I was walking along railroad tracks. Didn't I already use that comparison before, somewhere else? I need to make up a phrase to describe that. This writing was too clattering short [...]

    Great novelI choose the rating because it is fine literature. I've read numerous western authors and Zane Grey is one of the finest. He doesn't attempt to include historical accuracy so the books are purely fictional. I do believe scenic descriptions are a product of his extensive travels and are quite accurate. He is probably the tops when he describes scenery. Zane Grey will still be read By many more generations. Three generations of my family have read loved him. By the time I was 18 I had r [...]

    I think I just loved the way this man viewed his life. I felt like I was in his mind. His love for his family, his mother and father, the girl of his dreams, his work ethic, and the hope and vision he had while living an imperfect life, was spun in a way that kept me interested, and turning pages (figuratively on my kindle). So happy to have discovered Zane Grey. I will be reading more of his writing.

    great story like all of Zane Grey's westerns, revolved around an honorable man defending his honor and those he loves and respects. however, this novel lacked a lot of the landscape descriptions that I have grown to love and expect from Grey. There was some beautiful prose here and there describing the valleys an open homesteads of the west, but not enough for a 4 star rating. I don't think any can beat Riders of the Purple Sage. but still well worth the read.

    Zane Grey is a favorite author of mine, and an excellent storyteller of the old west. His books can bring the west in your mind just like a movie, His story here is a classic and I enjoyed every word! A really great read!

    Having recently moved to Salinas, CA I decided to give this genre a try. I could've gone for a more mainstream offer but this one was free to my new kindle. Although thin and simple I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I have since decided to read more Gray and perhaps branch out into others of this genre. Now I need a horse.

    I was going to be away from home and needed a book to read, so downloaded this one to my kindled it reminded me again of how much I enjoy westerns, especially Zane Grey. I used to read him when I was a kid.One note: When the characters swear, they say, "____ ____ ____!" Quaint, yet refreshing.

    Classic Zane GreyOne of the best of Zane Grey's books. Love Panhandle Smith and his determination to make things right for his family, most especially his dad. Could have kept reading

    I feel I've been a limited reader since I seldom pick up a western novel. This one was actually pretty good. Zane Grey is a good writer, and I liked this book. I suspect the plot line and character development are typical of other books in this genre, but nevertheless, it was enjoyable and light.

    Excellent writer. A good story well written with suspense on nearly every page.Zane grey is an excellent writer. this is a good story well written with suspense on nearly every page. I recommend it.

    Typical Zane Grey western, it is a bit slow-moving (by present day standards, its much too slow !) Nevertheless, Zane Grey is known for his graphic descriptions of the land, as seen through the eyes of the cowboys of the wild west.

    Great!Great!A quick and entertaining read. I only wish that the story could go on for another hundred pages or so, I feel such a connection to the characters and wish I could watch them start their new homesteads.

    A must for every maleA must for every maleThis is a classic story of the Wild West, a story of reinvention, of justice, of right makes might. Every male should read it every decade or so to remember the way life should be.

    Valley of wild horsesI loved this book! I like that it has no swearing, sex or violence! It is a very clean wholesome story. It is so tiring to try to find a book that anyone in the family can read and enjoy. It is great!

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