Contact For centuries humanity has dreamed of life and intelligence beyond the Earth for decades scientists have searched for it in every corner of the sky for years Project Argus a vast sophisticated compl

  • Title: Contact
  • Author: Carl Sagan
  • ISBN: 9780671434007
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For centuries humanity has dreamed of life and intelligence beyond the Earth for decades scientists have searched for it in every corner of the sky for years Project Argus, a vast, sophisticated complex of radio telescopes, has listened for a signal indicating the existence, somewhere in the universe, of extraterrestrial intelligence.Then, one afternoon, the course of huFor centuries humanity has dreamed of life and intelligence beyond the Earth for decades scientists have searched for it in every corner of the sky for years Project Argus, a vast, sophisticated complex of radio telescopes, has listened for a signal indicating the existence, somewhere in the universe, of extraterrestrial intelligence.Then, one afternoon, the course of human history is changed, abruptly and forever The Message, awaited for so long, it s very possibility doubted by so many, arrives.Contact has been made Life, intelligence, someone, something beyond Earth, 26 light years away, in the vicinity of the star Vega, is calling, beaming across space a wholly unexpected message to say that we are not have never been alone.

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    A smart story crafted by a real space science guruWE CAN'T BE ALONEThe universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space.When I read this book, back then in 1997, I did it like a couple of months before of being able to watch the film adaptation. (And I am truly glad that I was able to get the movie in blu-ray, a few months ago in this year, 2014))This is truly great novel and it's written by one of the most respected scientist in the field about science of oute [...]

    I was quite shocked when I saw the movie version, and discovered that they had twisted the message 180 degrees. In the book, the heroine meets the aliens and is told that they have indisputable proof that the Universe was created by a Higher Power. When she returns to Earth, she has no immediate way to support her story - but she has been given enough of a clue that she knows how to find objective evidence, which she duly does. She also makes another surprising discovery.In the movie, she comes [...]

    Contact! Contact? No…To make a long story short: this is probably an excellent book, but I failed to make contact, to connect to the characters. Feeling sorry about that, I decided to read Sagan’s nonfiction instead, to give him another chance.The problem I had with the novel was similar to my experience with 2001: A Space Odyssey, but on a bigger scale. I have no doubt that Sagan’s visions and ideas on extraterrestrial lifeforms are much more erudite than other science fiction I have read [...]

    I really hate it when I lose reviews. Okay, take two.I was just reminiscing on my younger self's condemnation (or at least his valid annoyances at the plot holes and some of the straight story elements), or the fact that I was trying to compare this classic SF work with other classic SF works that I was making my way through at the time and comparing them unfavorably because I wanted a lot more of the psychedelic naked singularity stuff and aliens, not just a long-winded optimistic synthesis of [...]

    "Your god is too small." The heroine makes this comment about 2/3 of the way through this novel. She is trying to get across the idea that, if your god cannot encompass the knowlege which humans have so laboriously amassed over the millenia (which is only about two teaspoons worth in comparison to the enormity of the universe!), then there is something wrong with the god you've made for yourself. A lot of what is going on in Sagan's book, it seems to me, is the attempt to explore and express the [...]

    As far as I know Contact is Carl Sagan's only novel. This makes him almost theHarper Lee of sci-fi (though he did write boatloads of sci-fact books). Not being much of a nonfiction reader this is my first encounter with Carl Sagan's writing, I already feel like it is a shame that he only wrote the one novel; though I am sure the world is more than compensated by his other output.Contact piqued my interest immediately with a vivid portrayal of Ellie Arrowway, a two years old genius, figuring out [...]

    Sagan was a lucid and impassioned defender of rationality and clear thought. Unfortunately, his foray into fiction did little to increase the understanding of his philosophies, and much to muddy the waters of once clear thought. Inspired by Asimov and Heinlein, he decided that fiction was as good a place as any to explore his ideas on science, belief, and wonder.While we expect long, in-depth explanations from non-fiction, fiction readers want more than just a lecture from the author. They expec [...]

    J.D. Salinger (The Catcher in the Rye), Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) and Sylvia Plath (The Bell Jar) all published one novel each. Another member of the First Novel/ Last Novel club is astronomer, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Cosmos and science communicator Carl Sagan, whose foray into fiction was Contact, published in 1985. I gave the book a lot of latitude, not only for Sagan's potential shortcomings with character and dialogue, but for hopes that the novel could live up to the engag [...]

    Contact is not only one of the most religious science fiction books I’ve ever read but also one of the most religious books I’ve ever read, period. In Carl Sagan’s only work of fiction, the story is a mere backbone, a structure upon which Sagan can explore what he truly wants to explore, that is, the deepest questions of our existence.What is our purpose here?Can humans live without institutionalized religion?What are the dangers of extraterrestrial contact?How did we come to exist?Can sci [...]

    This is an excellent thought experiment by a well-known and respected scientist on how contact with extra-terrestrials could realistically unfold. I say thought experiment because as a novel the book didn’t always work so well.I understand that real science is not like it is portrayed in the movies. It takes a lot of time and hard work to make a discovery, test the hypotheses, confirm the conclusion etc etc so its not really a surprise that this book’s pacing was much slower than most sci fi [...]

    Tonight, after two days of heavy rain, I looked up and smiled at the stars dotting the night sky.I'm somewhat of a hard critic, but I had to give CONTACT five stars because it did something truly amazing~it helped me again embrace the wonder and awe I once felt for the universe as the geeky kid that adored science. This book is thought-provoking, and absolutely beautiful to read. What can I say? It made my heart and soul sing.As a child I was fascinated by the stars and universe, and even asked [...]

    I finally finished reading CONTACT and am completely shocked!First of all, the entire novel is very different from the movie (that I love) which is fine. It is still about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and a complex message is received from Vega with instructions to build a machine and take a ride, but the telling is much more scientific, technical, political and religious in nature.While some of the characters are the same, their relationships, for the most part, are surprisingl [...]

    Ovaj roman se neizbježno mora promatrati u kontekstu vremena u kojem je napisan. Dakle, doba hladnog rata, kada je strah da će netko početi s lansiranjem nuklearnog arsenala bio opravdan. Neuvjerljivo djeluje lakoća s kojom su se Rusi i Amerikanci dogovorili na suradnju i kako se kasnije cijeli svijet udružio u zajedničkom cilju. No, Sagan je to napisao tako jer je, kao i znanstvenici u romanu, sa ruskim znanstvenicima mogao komunicirati samo ograničeno i to ga je smetalo. Znao je da ta z [...]

    I was surprised by how similar the original story was to the movie, as I had heard they butchered it. Not so. The only changes of any weight were in Ellie's relationships to the other major characters, and the removal of dated material relating to the Soviet Union.Sagan's forte is definitely in non-fiction science popularization, and it is on display even in this work of fiction, where I'm sorry to say, it doesn't make for particularly good storytelling.I was not surprised by the book's greatest [...]

    I love it when an author can get me to learn at the same time as entertaining me—Carl Sagan and Michael Crichton are the best at this(Though E. L. James is right up there with them. She taught me how to debase women and make them think that it's liberating in some way)

    Sta reci sem odlicna knjiga. Vrlo pametna ali ni u jednom momentu ne pokusava da nekoga prikaze glupim. Odlican prikaz religije, filozofije kao i same nauke u slucaju susreta sa vanzemaljcima. Sve je prikazano dosta realno, pa kolko je realno ono sto knjiga opisuje.Likovi koji se pojavljuju u knjizi su fino opisani ali u sustini fokus nije na njima. Pa cak ni na Eli koja je nas glavni voditelj kroz celu pricu. jednostavno nisam dovoljno recit da posteno pohvalim ovu knjigu pa mogu samo reci da j [...]

    Contact. The first contact with a non-human intelligence, beaming information at Earth from somewhere in the vicinity of the star Vega. I was reminded strongly of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001, a Space Odyssey and also his Rendezvous with Rama. Sagan and Clarke were both very familiar with the political maneuvering that takes place in multi-institutional projects and could provide very believable back-room machinations.At first, I thought that Sagan’s main character, Ellie, was rather like Clarke [...]

    ‘He’s so perverse, Robert’, said Manny at lunch today. We’d been talking about the ending of Contact, which I’d just finished, where there is a message in Pi which proves that there is a Maker. The Maker has put a series of ones and noughts in Pi which make a circle if you care to set them out thus. Manny is quite taken with this. So, I’m like ‘Get off the grass. How could that possibly prove the existence of a Maker?’‘Yes, that’s just what Robert thinks’, said Manny. I cou [...]

    I have always wondered why people say science and faith (or a belief in God or Supreme Creator) have to be two separate things. Everything I learn about the natural world and the universe proves to me that God exists, not the opposite. This book repeats back to me truths that I have I think I have always known. And it does it in the voice of a scientist, as written by the pen of a scientist. It points out the fallacies of religion, but not faith. It points out the weaknesses of government, but n [...]

    'Contact' deserved the Locus Award it won for Best First Novel in 1986.  Unfortunately, it is the only piece of fiction Carl Sagan wrote.  It, however, is not the only book he wrote.   Sagan wrote several works of non-fiction including 'Demon Haunted World.' which is great.  As an astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and author he created many works that popularized and made science accessible to the general public.  With 'Contact,' you do not have to question whether [...]

    I'm a closet science fiction fan, although I suppose one has to be in the closet about it to be in the closetYWAY, this is one of my all-time favorite books Ever. I think I saw the movie first and despite not really liking it, my interest was piqued by the book and a big book, too. I really like long, good reads (chalk it up to my early interest in historical romance novels which for the most part - especially early Johanna Lindsey ones, none of her new crap - are long and big haha) and this is [...]

    Super-6-stars !![A 6-star rated book is the one that has been able to amaze me through more than 70% and above of its content ingredients. :) ]Review: COMING SOON

    I can’t say enough good things about the writing of the late Carl Sagan. Previously, the only works of his I had read are his non-fiction works “Cosmos” and “Dragons of Eden”. I didn’t quite know what to expect of his fictional work, though I think I had a few good clues going into it, the first being the fact I’ve seen the film adaptation about fifty times (which I discovered is vastly different than this story, aside from the general, top-level plot) and the second being Sagan’ [...]

    Inima ♥ inima ♥ inima ♥ inima ♥ inima(sunt foarte masculin, ce pot sa spun - asta e, ma entuziasmez prea usor)Restul aici:youtube/watch?v=8LNmP

    As a general rule I like Carl Sagan's writing, both fiction and reference.Resplendent with both fears of the new millenium and mid-1980s nuclear jitters, I can't help but feel that this novel borrows much the film "Red Planet Mars," where astronomers get in touch with our planetary neighbor by broadcasting the number "pi" (and receive, in response, a broadcast of the Sermon on the Mount).Though some of this tome appears quite dated from a technological aspect, and bound up in the context of the [...]

    Prvo čitanje sam smjestio negdje u 1987. obzirom da imam HR izdanje iz 1986.Izvrsno napisan roman, dobro se sjećam velikog užitka pri čitanju i zato čista petica.Roman koji je pozitivan i daje nadu čovječanstvu (a to uvijek volim).Film odličan - pogledao nekoliko puta.Preporuka svima i za knjigu i za film poslije.

    Un roman în care am regăsit acel sense of wonder care m-a atras inițial spre SF. Un roman dens, lent pe alocuri, care probabil nu va fi pe gustul tuturor, dar pe care cred că toți ar trebui să-l citim măcar o dată. E genul de carte care îți redă încrederea în omenire, care îți arată ce lucruri extraordinare am putea face dacă n-am mai fi niște cretini egocentriști și am lucra împreună, dar mai ales dacă ne-am folosi creierul. Regret că nu am citit romanul mai devreme, e m [...]

    What a truly remarkable read. This is the kind of science fiction which instead of being more speculative relies on existing theories about extraterrestrial life and details of the ongoing research to spin an enthralling tale. Carl Sagan has tried in his own unique way to merge the seemingly contradictory worlds of science and faith. A near impossible feat for a man of science, but he manages to achieve exactly this and in such a thrilling way too. He combines elements of science fiction, radio [...]

    Many people get the feeling for a good book when finished that it should be recognized, read widely enough for the spread of intellectual harmony and happiness. Like many of those, I realised the love of my life very recently. At the time of finishing the book, I felt like a civilian of a far future civilization living in a nearby star system from Earth, feeling proud of the antecedents who had humble inceptions, how interesting the people evolved in time. I felt like it's the Best Novel I've ev [...]

    4 stars for "Contact: or Celebrating All-Things Science with Feasible First-Contact Near-Term SF"1 star for "Contact: How Carl Sagan Hates Creationists, now in novel form!"Ellie's collegiate-level (while she was still in high school! when she had never picked up a religious text before! WHEE!) deconstruction of the Bible was wildly implausible. Seriously, if a modern kid picked up the Bible and started reading-- having had no exposure to ancient literature, or the "spiritual discipline" of "pray [...]

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