The Retribution

The Retribution

The Retribution The unforgettable gripping new Tony Hill and Carol Jordan novel

  • Title: The Retribution
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9780751548105
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • The unforgettable, gripping new Tony Hill and Carol Jordan novel

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    The Retribution by Val McDermid is the seventh in a series featuring detective Carol Jordan and profiler Tony Hill. In the interest of full disclosure, I won this in a first-reads GR giveaway. However, my review reflects my experience of the book and is not (I don't believe) influenced by this in any way).I have not read the rest of the series which may in some ways be a disadvantage but which I found believe increased my reading pleasure-I found the references to other stories and back stories [...]

    I was really disappointed with this book. Definitely my least favorite McDermid novel (and I've read the entire Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series and all of her standalone thrillers). As another reviewer noted, it almost seems like she wrote this book merely to punish all the readers who had become invested in Tony and Carol's relationship, which had always had an air of uncertainty about it but which, by Fever of the Bone, felt like it was finally starting to move in a positive direction. She quick [...]

    The Retribution is another murder mystery that was free on the Nook recently. It is very definitely not a cozy, however. It's the most recent in a series of books starring police detective Carol Jordan and expert profiler Tony Hill; in this book, a serial killer that Jordan and Hill put away years ago escapes prison and comes back to get his revenge.If you are a fan of the Jordan/Hill series, then I would say you can't possibly miss this book; a lot of important stuff happens, and I think if you [...]

    I discovered Val McDermid back in the early 1990s when the first of her Kate Branigan series, Dead Beat was published. I've been a fan of her work ever since and have always looked forward to reading her next book. This is the seventh book in the Tony Hill / Carol Jordan series, the first of which, The Mermaids Singing, was published in 1995. The fact that this is only the seventh book in the series demonstrates that McDermid doesn't churn them out, factory-fashion. In recent years she has inter [...]

    After reading this and thinking about it for a while, I'm still not entirely sure what I think of it. There was much to enjoy but at times I still felt like throwing the book across the room, a feeling I think would have been much worse had I not been spoiled for the end of the book. As a long time reader, I was pleased to see movement in the Carol/Tony relationship, even if it did backslide in a major way in the latter half of the book. I was also pleased to see Jacko Vance back again though I' [...]

    I'm always keen to read McDermid's Tony and Carol in torment tales, and with the added hook of the reappearance of the dastardly Jacko Vance I was anticipating a good read. However, like some of the previous reviewers I felt the story reached a point of twisted brilliance in Jacko's search for revenge but petered off from there with the ending feeling completely implausible and I mean implausible. Val was probably thinking "A-ha, they'll never see that coming" whilst rubbing her hands together i [...]

    I first discovered Val McDermid’s Tony Hill & Carol Jordan series about 7 or 8 years ago and I have been a dedicated fan ever since. The Retribution is not only the latest in the series of seven books but it also reintroduces one of the serial killers from a much earlier book The Wire in the Blood – the evil and twisted Jacko Vance. To be honest, I could barely remember a thing about that book so it wouldn’t make any difference to reading this book out of sequence if you haven’t read [...]

    Have read all of the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan books, imo the best of McDermid's work. I like the density of the Bradfield setting, the complexity and nuancing of all the different minorities and majorities and the pretty complete lack of bias against any of them. I also like the GLBT content, and the fact that people of alternate sexuality aren't either idealised or demonised. I like the fascinating up-dates on police technology. I also like the ongoing relationship between Hill and Jordan - a lar [...]

    (view spoiler)[According to the dust jacket, The Retribution is "the ideal introduction or reintroduction to the world of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan." Well bloody hell, if this had been my first outing with Tony and Carol, I don't think I'd be coming back for more. McDermid's books have always been shocking - borderline grotesque in places - but for me, the stakes were just too high here.Carol's brother murdered, Tony's beloved house razed to the ground, Chris blinded and horrifically scarred fo [...]

    I couldn't wait to read "The Retribution", but almost as soon as I began, I had this horrible feeling that something really bad was going to happen. I was convinced either Tony or Carol would end up dead by the last chapter, but I couldn't stop reading. Val McDermid has never made any secret that she hates the idea of Tony and Carol in a relationship, but she gave us all hope with the ending of "Fever of the Bone". Was her choice of title for her latest novel a dig at us poor Tony/Carol fans?Whi [...]

    Tony Hill and Carol Jordan return for what I hope is their last outing; McDermid has pushed them to extremes over the last sixteen years and there is very little that she can do with them from here. The suspense and tension in this novel are predicated on both characters being terrible at their jobs, and so it doesn't quite work.The conclusion is thematically impressive but possibly dramatically unsatisfying for the lay reader. By this time, we're entirely too familiar with the characters' quirk [...]

    The diabolical serial killer Jacko Vance after twelve years locked up in prison easily walks out of HMP Oakworth prison and just disappears. The seventh series book from author Val McDermid, "The Retribution", once again partners up DCI Carol Jordan with profiler and highly brilliant Dr. Tony Hill. Unfortunately at this point in their relationship Jordan and Hill are basically not on speaking terms. Ironic since Carol rents out a flat in the basement Of Dr. Hill's house. Carol is in the process [...]

    In her twenty-fifth novel, Val McDermid brings back Jacko Vance, introduced to readers in “The Wire in the Blood,” and to television viewers in its wonderful series adaptation. As the book opens, this truly malevolent serial killer, whose resume includes “killer of seventeen teenage girls, murderer of a serving police officer, and a man once voted the sexiest man on British TV” as well as an Olympic athlete and an outwardly charming and charismatic man, has served over 12 years in prison [...]

    I am a huge fan of the Val McDermid, Tony Hill/Carol Jordan books. I could not wait for The Retribution, it seems so long since Fever of the Bone and was anxious to see what would happen when they moved to West Mercia, into Tony's new home he inherited from his father. This relationship between Tony and Carol is 12 years in the making and I was delighted to see McDermid progress this aspect of the characters story, as it is central to the books. I know this book was going to revisit Jacko Valanc [...]

    I've read more of Val McDermids Kate Brannigan series than this series featuring Tony Hill and Carol Jordan but I have also watched a dozen episodes of Wire in The Blood which is based on the pair and it is the book of the same name that first introduces the terrifying killer who is seeking revenge in The Retribution.Jacko Vance, celebrity and hero was incarcerated for just a single murder of a teenage girl despite the police being convinced he was responsible for at least seventeen, as well as [...]

    supplied by the publisher in e-galley formatReading this seventh in the Police Profiler Tony Hill/DCI Carol Jordan series without reading the rest may not be as satisfying as reading them all in order, but I honestly think it can be done. I've only read 3 and didn't feel cheated in the least. I got enough back story to know where I stood and as for the future of the characters, if I get to read the next, so be it, but I won't mind if I don't. Perhaps this is because I am a more of a stand-alone [...]

    I received this book as a digital ARC from the publisher through Net Galley in return for an honest review.Even after watching several episodes of this TV series, this is the first book I read by Val McDermid.The plot is based on the escape of Jacko Vance which aim is to revenge his imprisonment due to a previous work of investigation performed by the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan.Entwined with Jacko's story, Tony and Carol started to investigate a serial killer who murdered street prostitutes and [...]

    This was the 7th in a series and maybe if I'd read the other six, I would have liked it better (then, again, maybe not). The main characters are a psychological profiler, Tony Hill, and a Detective Chief Instpector Carol Jordan. Fifteen years ago (and, apparently a few books back), they captured a serial killer of teenaged girls who happened to be an Olympic contender and talk show host, Jacko Vance. The book opens with Vance escaping from prison and it revolves around his "retribution" for thos [...]

    This is the seventh book in the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series. Jacko Vance is back. Ten years ago he was sentenced to prison due to the work of Tony and Carol and now he has escaped and is plotting revenge on the both of them. Tony knows that jacko will be coming after both he and Carol but miscalculates bout the method with tragic consequences. In addition to worrying about Vance, Carol is trying to track down a killer of young prostitues even as her team is being broken up due to budget cu [...]

    I am a big fan of Dr Tony Hill and the Wire in the Blood TV series, this book was great, action and interesting twists right from the start, a few murders along the way with the usual dose of psychological analysis. A good fast paced read if you like the crime thriller genre.

    Not the best in the Tony Hill series but certainly worth a read if you've been following the series. You cannot read this without reading the preceding books! I listened to this one on audio which I don't do often so not sure if some of the tension was missed due to me listening to it in the car but I just wasn't as gripped by this one as I have been by the rest of the series.

    a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveTitle: The Retribution Series: Tony Hill & Carol Jordan (#7) Author: Val McDermidFrom: Genre: Crime, ThrillerRelease Date: 1st September 2011Challenges: 2016 Prequel & Sequel Challenge (2 points)Links: - Synopsis (from ): There is one serial killer who has shaped and defined police profiler Tony Hill's life. One serial killer whose evil surpasses all others. One serial killer who has the power to chill him to the bone: Jacko Vance. And now Jacko is back i [...]

    Just when the reader's seen all the twists that McDermid could posit in her novels, a new take on an oft-told storyline makes for another must-read novel. Through a series of cost-saving measures, the MIT is about to be dismantled and its team assigned to other forces. Until then, DCI Jordan embarks on a case to discover who is behind a number of prostitute slayings in and around Bradfield. Each woman is slain in a unique way, leaving the team to wonder if there is a connection. With a similar ' [...]

    WowVal McDermid's latest book, The Retribution, was literally a non-stop read for me. Picked it up in the morning and finished late that night.Now, I don't know if you're familiar with this fantastic Scottish author, but if you love crime novels, she's an author you want to read. She has written three series, but my favourites are the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan books. A television series - Wire in the Blood - is also based on these characters.In The Retribution, Hill, a psychological profiler and Jo [...]

    Val McDermid has been writing gripping thrillers for years, but it took an early morning book and breakfast event at ALA Midwinter for me to get her on my personal radar! She is British, a gifted and prolific crime writer, and I purpose to make up for lost time reading her work from here on!The Retribution is actually the 7th book featuring Tony Hill, a profiler, and Carol Jordan an exceptional detective inspector in Great Britain. They are an odd couple, but a powerful team as each brings their [...]

    If you think you’ve read about the epitome of serial killers, the worst, the baddest, do find a copy of Val McDermid’s 25th crime novel, The Retribution. The latest in her pairing of Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan and clinical psychologist, Tony Hill, features a return appearance by Jacko Vance, one of the most heinous murderers in literary fiction. Once “the most popular presenter on British TV and a world class sportsman”, Vance had joyfully slain 17 teenage girls and a police [...]

    If this is the last Tony Hill and Carol Jordan book, it's an ending that could only make sense in their world. It's not to say that it's not goodbut supremely fitting. The Retributioncould be seen almost as a direct sequel toThe Wire in the Bloodthat takes place fifteen years later. Jacko Vance, the villain ofWireis back to wreck havoc in the lives of those whom he feels responsible for putting him in jail all those years ago. At center stage in this book is the unique and difficult relationship [...]

    I have previously read a few of Val McDermid's books, including at least one in the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series. McDermid is a best-selling British crime writer who often appears also on The New York Times Bestseller list. She is not as well known in North America as popular writers such as Connelly, Coben, Kellerman, Sandford, etc but deserves to be.This is the seventh in the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series, and brings back the villain from the first in this series, Jacko Vance. Jacko Vance, on [...]

    I’ve waited for Val McDermid’s 25th novel, The Retribution, for over a year, and it was fully worth the wait. The seventh installation in the Tony Hill series picks up grippingly from where the plot left off, yet also reintroduces a chilling character from the 2nd novel, Jacko Vance (who’s even more creepy now that it’s known the character was based on Jimmy Saville). And once this maniac breaks out of prison, Tony Hill’s and Carol Jordan’s worlds get completely turned upside down. A [...]

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