The Cold One

The Cold One

The Cold One The Los Angeles police are investigating two strings of gruesome deaths One killer has left several horribly mangled corpses the other murderer kills his victims seemingly without touching them The in

  • Title: The Cold One
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780812512458
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Los Angeles police are investigating two strings of gruesome deaths One killer has left several horribly mangled corpses the other murderer kills his victims seemingly without touching them The investigators have only a single set of fingerprints to link the two series of crimes Journalist Peter Jacobs is dragged into the investigation when he receives an anonymoThe Los Angeles police are investigating two strings of gruesome deaths One killer has left several horribly mangled corpses the other murderer kills his victims seemingly without touching them The investigators have only a single set of fingerprints to link the two series of crimes Journalist Peter Jacobs is dragged into the investigation when he receives an anonymous call from someone who knows than he should about the murders They agree to meet at a specific place and time, but the caller never shows up and the killings continue.When Julie Moore, a graduate student researching Near Death Experiences, falls in love with Peter, she has no way of knowing that she has placed herself in the deadly sights of the Cold One The Cold One needs Peter to complete its mysterious designs but it does not hate Julie for interfering It feels nothing no hate, no fear, no love and Its mere existence threatens all living things.Until recently, Jerry Washington belonged to a violent street gang Trying to go straight, Jerry meets Susan Darly, an upper crust high school sweetheart, and finds that life can be warm and wonderful Then Susan almost drowns and is terribly changed She has become as cold as death, and Jerry is determined to find out why.In India, Govinda Sharma s spiritual master has given him a dangerous job to pursue a seemingly invincible man, a blind man who can dominate another s will with a mere thought This man will lead Govinda to the Cold One, and to a great truth that will shatter him to the core.Govinda Sharma, Jerry Washington, and Peter Jacobs are the last defenders of mankind.The Cold One knows who they are It knows they are coming And it does not care.

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      279 Christopher Pike
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    This book was really well written with a new take on eastern religion, which I didn't know much about before this book. There are tons of interesting and well fleshed out characters populating this book. And it was actually easy to keep track of them all and really fun to see there seperate story lines come together in the end. The end was really exciting and the story was tied up nicely. I highly reccomend this one to horror fans as well as Christopher Pike fans ready to graduate to his adult n [...]

    One of Pike's few adult novels, I have to say I absolutely loved this book. By creating a character that is not human as the focal point of the novel, Pike is essentially asking questions about what it really means to be human. The enigmatic quality of the plot and the masterful way in which Pike can almost always create characters with depth only adds to this book. Few adults are aware of Pike's novels, and this one was amazing.

    Okay - This is a really good book & invovles mythology mixed with the present day. The only thing that really gets me about this book is that there was suppose to be a second book - The Cold One II - Seedling, it never came out - so be prepared for that. Other wise it you love the SciFi Thrillers like I do you should enjoy

    Another adult novel I tried to get into, spurred on by my dedication to my favorite y/a authorbut not much luck. I finished it, but I had a hard time really getting into the eastern mysticism angle.

    Wild, just wild. This adult novel by Pike blends horror with sci-fi elements, Hinduism and just plain mad craziness. Most of it read pretty slow though. Why did he stop writing? Entertaining stuff.

    Loved the plot. Difficult read at time due to POV switches every chapter. However, they gel nicely together in end. If I wasn't already a fan of this author I probably wouldn't have finished. I was not disappointed.

    Los Angeles police are baffled by two strings of murders linked only by one fingerprint. Half of the victims are ripped apart and the other half seem to have suffocated. Journalist Peter Jacobs is pulled into the investigation when he gets a call from a mysterious man who may or may not be the killer. Julie Moore, a graduate student investigating near death experiences, becomes involved when Jerry Washington contacts her about the weird behavior of his girlfriend who nearly drowned a few days pr [...]

    As the plane slowly dropped out of the sky, and came to land at Budapest airport, I could barely hear a thing over the popping of my eardrums. Soon, the warning lights went off, and we were set to vacate the jet and start our holiday - I'd been so engrossed in 'The Cold One' that the flight had flown past in the blink of an eye!I did have reservations about the title of this one - it sounded like something I'd order at a Sportsbar just before the football started. However, as they say, you can't [...]

    Written by prolific author Christopher Pike, this book (not one of his numerous young adult offerings) is a true to the genre horror book.It comes complete with those familiar situations where you just know the victims are toast (slang for they will be killed), an almost unbeatable evil that is so, for lack of a better word, "cold" you just know trouble is on the brew and all of mankind could be in peril.A fairly long and convoluted plot including mystic Eastern philosophies and prophecies too. [...]

    even from the beginning this book was captivating. amazing how it tied into the story later on and the characters were so easy to follow that even if it was easy it was still really curious. when i finished reading i was so happy to realize that it had a second one and that it could be in my school library when i went to look for it it wasn't there and i was upset for about two days before i got my hands on another bookwhat really made me curious was the near end when the cold one went to califo [...]

    Christopher Pike is a brilliant YA Thriller writer, and I was happy to see that this book was still well put together and a great read eventhough it was definately for adults. I liked that there were many different story lines at the beginning, but they gradually all came together. Some books that have many different characters and places and seperate stories are difficult to understand and sometimes fail to hold my attention. Pike skillfully weaved his characters into one story with one plot. T [...]

    One huge illustration of why Christopher Pike's work is generally very unlikely to get moving adaptions - What works in this novel would probably end up in exploitation film territory, without doubt, what with fetuses going into garbage disposals and all. Though, without doubt, I found this novel oddly great. It was more thought provoking than I thought it would be. If it wouldn't have been for 'The Midnight Club' this would have definitely been my favorite CP novel. It has a very interesting pl [...]

    I always enjoyed Christopher Pike when I was younger. A few back, I read Falling which is one of his adult novels. I really enjoyed that book a lot. I was actually looking forward to reading this book. This is one of the few books I have read that I really did not like. I actually enjoyed reading it in the beginning. But the way the story progressed felt rushed. The ending seemed incomplete. The last line promises the story will continue in another book which nearly 15 years later has yet to be [...]

    I love Christopher Pike usually, but this one derailed a bit to be honest.Also was slightly disappointed that the black main character was part of a gang, for no reason that related to the main story. Coincidentally I had just finished reading the Remember Me trilogy in which there are the first Hispanic characters I had ever encountered in a Pike novel - all of whom were also part of a gang as a pointless side-story. I hope I'm wrong but I'm seeing quite a crummy theme emerging in his portrayal [...]

    I didn't care much for this book. I thought it was going to have more "thriller" in it but it was a lot of religion and philosophy in it. I skimmed a few parts when it was about the Master so I'm pretty sure I probably missed a lot but as the book was going on I was getting confused with all the characters and the names and who is who. The "bad person" is very easily guessed since there is a lot of lead up to her.

    Two stars. Didn't finish reading this book, as it became too gruesome for me. Ick. I was tired of the bad language anyway--the author tried to keep it real with foul words from a former gang member character. I had to skip over the graphic sex, which I wasn't thrilled about seeing by this author. I had high hopes for this thriller, given that the author wrote such popular teen books in the 90's.

    Loved this book! At first it was a little confusing but I loved how all the stories kinda met near the ending, even with rak. I found it not so much horror, but the part where the husband crushes the aborted fetus with his shoe, and it kept squirming. The ending was a cliffhanger sort of, I really want to read the sequel!

    This one took me by surprise. I picked it up at a used book store. It held my attention. Grossed me out a few times. As it came to the climax, I was enthralled with the answers Pike was giving. Just when I was thinking it was brilliant, he lost me on a silly detail. Still, it was good and worth a read. A different twist on the idea of the origin of vampires.

    Back in high school I sometimes wrote to my favorite authors, and when I wrote to Christopher Pike, he sent an autographed bookplate for this book unfortunately, I got the book from the library, so I never got to put the book plate in an actual book.

    A very intresting book. I really liked the eastern philosophy included. A very unique story line. I am a little disappointed the sequel that was promoted at the end of the book was never published. However it does stand well on its own.

    Christopher Pike was one of my favorite authors when I was a teen. I was very disappointed with this book. I could not finish it. There were way too many characters in the beginning, and the story was going nowhere. Maybe I will give it another try one day.

    Known mainly as a teenage horror writer, when Pike writes adult fiction like this, he rivals every other prolific author in the horror/thriller genre.Read it back in 2002 and still have fond memories of how immensely I enjoyed it.

    This was one of the first books I read of this genre, didn't know what to expect. I found it a bit slow at the beginning, maybe a chapter a night, but when it took off, so did the chapter /night. I liked the idea, a good easy read on a long plane ride or train.

    This is what happens when I run out of books to read. I get into the crap mass market's stored in my attic. Read this 10+ years ago & had completely forgotten the story Not a great read the second time.

    This book is good combination of disturbing and suspenseful. Definitely a "scary" book if you like the horror genre

    This book will give you a chill. It is one of the spookiest books I have read. The author rivals Stephen King.

    Patron Review:This book was filed with gore and I didn't really enjoy it like I have his other works.

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