Amy Girl

Amy Girl

Amy Girl It begins with a cold yet intimate breeze like a shiver of fear a whisper of death It swirls into the innocent mind of beautiful eight year old Amy who can make people do things against their will

  • Title: Amy Girl
  • Author: Bari Wood
  • ISBN: 9780451400697
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • It begins with a cold yet intimate breeze, like a shiver of fear a whisper of death It swirls into the innocent mind of beautiful, eight year old Amy, who can make people do things against their will And Paulie Levin has no idea of the disaster he is courting when he begins to torment Amy From the bestselling author of Lightsource.

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    "Amy Girl"by Bari Wood has some similarities with "Firestarter" (Stephen King). An abused child who watches her father kill her mother, is then taken into the home of the police officer who saved her, as a foster child. With her father in jail and she in the care of the Levin's, Amy begins to develop the power that was triggered when she became the unwilling observer to her mother's death. With the sudden ability to control those around her, Amy is also struggling to fit into a new home where th [...]

    So I have literally had this book on my shelf for 20 years. I think my aunt gave it to me when I was 12ish. Finally picked it up to read for a change of pace. Its a horror story set/written in the 1970s about a little girl with a terrifying psychic potential. What I love about horror (books and movies is how relatable the story can be regardless of when it was written. The horror genre also says so much about the time in which it was written and also about how much we have changed. The character [...]

    It's the early 1970s. Amy is only 8 years old when she (mostly) sees her father kill her mother with a hammer. She was locked in a closet at the time, and she tried – with her mind – to stop him. From here on, when Amy gets upset, she feels a cold and is able to control other people with her mind. Her uncle, who is in a mental institution, sees things through other people and knows what's happened. One of the police officers who saved Amy from the closet decides to take her in as a foster ch [...]

    This is the type of book I thought I never would read. But it was recommended to me by my mother, saying it is not horror, it is about special powers. I said I will at least give it a try, intending to read 20 pages and then say I didn't like it. This was just after lunch, but the 20 pages went by and I continued reading until my mother had to take away the book and tell me to come down and eat supper. 3 o'clock in the morning I was done and I can hardly describe the feeling, but the book had a [...]

    I have liked Bari Wood since I picked up Doll's Eyes back in 1995This book was written in 1987. She has not written many novels. Pity. Her characters are believable. The story is about a young girl named Amy and the people she touches with her "gift". She can control the actions of others using mind control. This story has been told and retold many times.

    About a girl, Ami, who has the unusual power to control ppl. She makes ppl do terrible things if they threaten her almost whithout her knowing. She was abused by her mother and locked in a closet. She grows up troubled and mysterious. I cant remember what else happened since its been so long since i've read it. At the end though never mind dont want to ruin anything

    This book can be disturbing at times.I was surprised by this story. I had very little expectation that this would be a worthwhile read. Fans of the likes of Koontz would enjoy this book.Not for those sensitive to the abuse of children.

    Any easy read. It's just like the other horror fiction out there, but a bit better written. It's a nice change of pace from the stuff I usually read!

    This book had such an impact on me! This was one of my first reads when I was only 14 yrs old. I would totally recommend this book, even now

    This is an unforgettable book. I read it when I was only 12 and I still remember the details so vividly, totally worth reading more than once!

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