My Dining Hell: Twenty Ways to Have a Lousy Night Out

My Dining Hell: Twenty Ways to Have a Lousy Night Out

My Dining Hell Twenty Ways to Have a Lousy Night Out None

  • Title: My Dining Hell: Twenty Ways to Have a Lousy Night Out
  • Author: Jay Rayner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    • Unlimited [Spirituality Book] Ê My Dining Hell: Twenty Ways to Have a Lousy Night Out - by Jay Rayner ✓
      257 Jay Rayner
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      Published :2019-08-01T14:48:21+00:00

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    A couple weeks ago a hilarious restaurant review popped to the top of The Guardian's most-read stories, probably because everyone who read it spit up their coffee and immediately forwarded it to someone else. (And if you haven't read Jay Rayner's celebrated, ecstatically savage meringue of metaphors, hop to it. You can thank me in the comments.)Today this peppy Penguin appeared in my mailbox, the gift of a friend who knew how much I'd enjoyed the first round. It's a sampler of spiteful reviews, [...]

    I wish this were a physical book. It would be the ideal thing to keep in the loo and leaf through while engaging in bowel movements. Dipping in and out of e-books just isn't the same. In any case, great reading for hungry sadists everywhere - its the Darwin Awards of restaurantdom.

    I found this teeny-tiny book on my mum's bookshelves and decided to give it a quick read, and I was not disappointed! I loved his cynical approach and condescending tone mocking absolutely everything about these restaurants, and his audacity/bravery at points (himself, a Jew, going to have lunch with a Nazi at an anti-Semitic cafe was an interesting idea, to say the least). also, he has some really good one-liners that are guaranteed to make you chuckle. this was perfect for reading in the car o [...]

    It takes a very very horrible person to devour 72 pages of vitriol spewed by an infamous restaurant critic, and I can’t believe that I was that horrible person! Or maybe the flavour of Jayner’s stinging sarcastic venum is just something seasoned to my liking, as it reminds me a lot of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. If there were to be an audiobook for this book, I would highly recommend Jim Parson to narrate it (and that would be like an evil dream come true)!It is true that these [...]

    According to the author one (me, I suppose) must be a horrible person to have picked up his book. After all, it's a mere compendium of 20 of his negative restaurant reviews. And they are negative. What at first might be enticing in that sort of vicarious thrill one gets from reading a truly trashing review becomes wearing when piled one atop the other. They worked spread out over years of publication - gathered together, they don't. While now and again Rayner gets off a laugh out loud line, over [...]

    This book came at a great time as I was needing a little bit of snark. This book is a collection of Jay Rayner's bad restaurant reviews. After reading some of the first few, I decided it would be better to read only a couple at a time. I read some of these to my boys and they snorted in appreciation of the witticisms. I will pass it on to my sister who lived in the UK for a time and may have heard or even gone to one of these places.

    I am a bad, bad personAs the author ppints out, only people who are not nice buy, and enjoy, reading such books. My sides hurt from guffawing so often and so loudly! The perfect book for anyone who loves Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares' tv episodes.

    I've never read anything by Jay Rayner before, nor have I ever read any restaurant reviews except when I might be going there. Why would I? Not living in London that means that I've almost certainly never read any restaurant reviews in the national papers. Working from that standpoint, I can conclude two things from this book:1) Jay Rayner can write. His columns have the same smug, condescending but simultaneously enthusiastic style that occasionally revels in language as his radio presenting.2) [...]

    This, weighing in at all of 72 pages, can best be described as short but sweet."Sweet" is not, however, a description that could be applied to the restaurant reviews that Jay Rayner has chosen to include in this slim volume. This is a deliberate selection of some of the wonderful worst reviews he's published through his career. And for whatever reason - and Rayner discusses some of the most likely ones in his introduction - I certainly enjoyed reading them.It's probably not the sort of book I'll [...]

    Hilarious.I adored this, I love Mr Rayners acerbic wit. Not living in London, being a foodie, nor a reader of restaurant reviews I think allowed me to read this with purely objective eyes, I simply found his writing very, very amusing without having an opinion about the targets of his criticism. A delightfully short, laugh out loud compendium. Highly recommended for those waiting in a line somewhere, looking for something to read, but perhaps not a trendy London restaurant, you might read someth [...]

    I bought this for three reasons:1. It's about food.2. It was skinny - i'm traveling and I have very little room left in the suitcase.3. I've never seen it in the States.I just tore through this and frightened my hotel neighbors on both sides. It was hysterical - I snorted, chortled, and then laughed out loud. Anyone who has tried to eat well in London and occasionally encountered snooty, over-priced, terrible food will recognize these stories. You'll only wish that you could convey them as hones [...]

    Restaurant reviews can be highly entertaining especially reviews of bad restaurants. In that vein comes this small collection of Jay Rayner's work, and he clearly is a master of his craft. So much so that this book is enjoyable not only because it is funnier than hell, but that the writing is so good. It does take infinitely more creativity to do a bad review than to write praise, and Rayner's well of creativity knows no bottom, especially when facing overpriced, dreadfully bad food in a horrifi [...]

    A quick and easy read of Jay Rayner's (restaurant reviewer for the Observer in the UK)’s most negative reviews of restaurant which have funnily enough almost all closed since the reviews were published. It’s funny but also interesting as to prices and the themes that restaurants think are going to work.

    This was an interesting book, for a change of pace. The author is a restaurant critic, and he points out that few people are interested in reading good reviews - it's the other kind that gets your attention. And he is right. I learned where I should never eat, and why. This book was listed under humor as well as food.

    Sweet, hilarious Schadenfreude! Jay Rayner reigns doom on outrageous restaurant bollocks in his collection of 20 bad London restaurant reviews (each with a post-review restaurant status update). Unlike his meals, this book is cheap & fun!

    Super quick, hilarious stuff. Rayner's tongue is firmly in his cheek with little exception, but he takes his job of warning people off of bad restaurants very seriously. I will never go to any of these places or most of the good ones he reviews, either, but he's always a fun read.

    Jay Rayner is a restaurant critic and this is a selection of his most damning reviews. These reviews of bad meals are much funnier than those of good meals would be, so Jay gets indigestion and we get a laugh. They are funnier if you just read one or two at a time.

    It is what it is. If you like funny, snarky stories about food, you'll probably like this. It's a fast read, more novella length, but ultimately worth the small price to read the rantings of an indignant restaurant critic.

    Delicious. As most of the food in this book was not! And the prices! My god, eating out is expensive in London - no wonder he's snarky when the food and/or service is just so bad.

    I admit, I'm not even really done with this, but my kid keeps asking why I'm laughing, so I think that means it's a great book.

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