Dragonblade A D Tate Crewys de Lara is the son of kings The illegitimate son of Edward Longshanks Tate has the qualities of a magnificent king But fate is cruel leaving him a mere knight protecting young E

  • Title: Dragonblade
  • Author: Kathryn Le Veque
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1326 A.D Tate Crewys de Lara is the son of kings The illegitimate son of Edward Longshanks, Tate has the qualities of a magnificent king But fate is cruel, leaving him a mere knight protecting young Edward III during the uncertain days following the horrific murder of Edward II While gathering allies for the young heir in Northumberland, he meets the Lady Elizabetha T1326 A.D.Tate Crewys de Lara is the son of kings.The illegitimate son of Edward Longshanks, Tate has the qualities of a magnificent king But fate is cruel, leaving him a mere knight protecting young Edward III during the uncertain days following the horrific murder of Edward II While gathering allies for the young heir in Northumberland, he meets the Lady Elizabetha Toby Cartingdon Daughter of the Lord Mayor of Cartingdon Parrish, Toby is a gorgeous woman with a mind for business It is she who runs the parish, not her father Taken aback by the strong, bitter female, Tate is nonetheless intrigued with her He soon discovers why Toby seems so hard her father is a drunkard and her mother is an invalid, leaving Toby responsible to not only provide for the family, but also for the welfare of her small sister Feeling something than curiosity, Tate begins to break through the hard surface to discover the warm and compassionate woman beneath Yet factions who would see the young heir dead make a sudden appearance, drawing Toby into their malevolent plan Soon she finds herself linked to both Tate and the quest to take the throne from Roger Mortimer It becomes Tate s destiny to not only win a throne for young Edward, but to win Toby s heart as well.

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    Perfectly fine adventure to be had here! But warningere be death inside these here pagesAny excuse for a Bart Simpson gif! But yea, this story, lot's of death be happening. Just be prepared. NOTE: read for 2017 Conquer Historical Romance Reading Challenge, Medieval category. Setting / Time / Genre: See aboveSeries: YepSexy times: Some, but light on that. And not a whole lot of deets. Which you seriously do not need in a book like this. Plan on reading more by the author:Yep. I really don't know [...]

    Book Two of the Dragonblade Series Dragonblade Trilogy book 1This book is about Tate who is the illegitimate son of Edward Longshanks. Tate is set to guard and protect young Edward III. Edward III is pretending to be a young squire for Tate. While on their travels Tate meets Lady Elizabetha “Toby” Cartingdon. Tate is their to do business which leads him to be more involved in Toby's life. I did like this book but I did feel there was some family member that died really for not reason. I won' [...]

    Highly addictive Medieval adventures! Kathryn Le Veque is one of my favorite authors of medieval romance! I have finished reading DRAGONBLADE, of her Dragonblade Trilogy which I found filled with passion and adventure! Again, she has not disappointed me! Here is the story of Tate and Elizabetha known as Toby, two independent and gorgeous characters who learned to trust each other. Toby, the first daughter of the mayor of Cartingdon, is responsible for the welfare of her family; she never married [...]

    This is the first story of the Dragonblade series by Katheryn Le Veque. In this story Tate de Lara has returned to his lands to see what support there is for Edward III. I enjoyed the interaction between Tate and Toby. I liked how Kathryn developed Toby's personality. She has a very good reason for her personality traits. I like that Katheryn allowed Toby to explain why she is the way she is and that the other characters understood her and gave her room. It allowed Toby to change and mellow out. [...]

    This was a decent story. Not nearly or even close to being as good as The Dark One: Dark Knight.The hero was awesome, the heroine was okay. She is described as smart and very strong minded but cried to much for me, although in her defense she did have a lot to cry about. The story line was okay, it could have been better in my opinion. The relationship between the hero and heroine seemed to move way to quickly, like in just a few days time they were in love and married. There is sex in the book, [...]

    3.5 stars. Not one of Le Veques best, but entertaining. The h was feisty without being too over the top, she was also somewhat intelligent as well. She did cry alot but with good reason, so much had happened to her in such a brief time (1 week). I think the timing could have been stretched out, for 1 week is awfully short for so many tradgedies to occurr . There could have been more tension and conflict, but as is it made for a nice comfortable read. I liked it overall and may consider reading t [...]

    Pure enjoyment! Toby is a strong, refreshing heroine. Not the normal "Lady" of Manor-type but one the reader loves immediately because of her inner strength and kindness in spite of her very hard circumstances. Tate? Well, he is just magnificent from first word to last sigh! For those who love a great medieval historical that reads like a realistic fairytale complete with a sigh-worthy happily-ever-after. This is one for you!

    I have to say, this was a completely charming and wonderful story. I wasn't sure at first if I would like it, I'm usually a paranormal kind of girl but I was wonderfully surprised. The writer knows how to build up her characters and how to pull you into the story. This is a story about Toby, a daughter of a sheep rancher and the mayor of their small town. An agent of the King, Sir Tate de Lara, stops in their town trying to raise funds for King Edward. They end up staying at Toby's father's hous [...]

    Loved it!!! It will make you laugh, it will make you mad, and it will also make you cry it is an emotional rollercoaster, trust me. Read this book in one day couldn't put it down.

    da sognipensieriparoleChi scrive romance storici si trova di fronte, di solito, a una scelta di fondo: collocare la vicenda in una determinata epoca storica e poi concentrarsi sul cuore della narrazione, oppure scegliere una singola vicenda amorosa come spunto (e scusa) per approfondire i molteplici aspetti della collocazione storica. L'autrice di questa saga (credo sia una trilogia) ha decisamente optato per quest'ultima ipotesi, perchè non si può negare che vi sia uno studio approfondito del [...]

    Recensione completa qui: atavolacoilibri.wordpressNella lotta per il potere, l’amore può essere l’alleato più forte… e il più grande punto debole.Non era nei piani di Tate perdere la testa per la figlia del sindaco, soprattutto per il caratterino sfrontato e deciso che dimostra al primo incontro. Eppure quegli occhi castani ed una bellezza fuori dal comune, nascondono un animo combattivo ma debole, ferito da un destino che sembra riservare ancora molte dolorose sorprese. Quella ragazza [...]

    I cannot say this about every book by this lovely author, can I? This was wonderful! I loved the romance, the descriptions, and the people.In this story we get to meet young Edward, squire to Lord de Lara. He is a gentle, but fiercely protective young lad. Edward cares, and deeply so, for those around him.Tate is very important to Edward's life but more than just an adored uncle Tate to Edward is the safe haven the boy needs, and desires, from the treacherous Roger Mortimer.Toby, more formally k [...]

    Too much of the sameI'm going to try and finish this trilogy but the author regularly uses the same characteristics for her central women. I know these are romances and she gets her lovers involved in some intriguing plots initially. But then the naive virgin at some point is bashing someone in the face or some other violence, followed by hysterical crying ,then almost immediately pregnant to be portrayed with every stereotypical symptom you can think of . I like her knights better than her hero [...]

    This was my first book by this author and i am so pleased to find another historical romance author and one with such a large back catalog . I really loved the characters and i became invested in them from the very start.I felt for the heroine so much all she suffered and still stayed strong and Tate was such a swoon worthy hero I will defiantly read more by this author. A very well written entertaining read.

    BEWARE! IT'S AN ALL-NIGHT READ!I was going to read just the first few chapters. I fell in love with the characters, then the storyline. My heart broke when my favorite character died. I wanted a miracle, but no miracle happened. The tale evolved into a nightmare for the hero and his lady, the wicked queen saved the day, and the young king took over his kingdom. Bad guys were vanquished, good guys rewarded, and the hero lived happily ever after with the heroine.

    A perfect readThis book has everything romance, intrigue, comic relief, and tragedy. This is a well rounded tale that can be read as a stand alone novel. The problem is that you fall in love with the characters and wish to keep reading. This book was well written and well edited. That's always a good thing.

    Outro fantástico livro da fantástica Kathryn Le Veque!! Adorei a história de Tate e Toby. Amor,aventura,emoção e muito maisUm livro a não perder!!Another fantastic book of fantastic Kathryn Le Veque !! I loved the story of Tate and Toby . Love, adventure, excitement and more A book not to be missed !!

    What a terrible story. The author may have looked up her history a bit but completely got the style of dress wrong. The plot promised so much more than what we got, lackluster characters, boring interactions and quite unbelievable behaviors. It was a struggle to get to the end and needless to say I wont be reading the rest of the trilogy or anything else this author has written.

    The dragonblade trilogy is by far the best set of historical romances I have ever read, and I've read hundreds. I totally recommend it to anyone who loves that genre. I also recommend the other two books in the trilogy as well as every Kathryn Le Veque book in print. This author is unbelievable and had me laughing and crying out loud - that's only ever happened once or twice to me!!!! Amazing.

    Excellent!I have yet to read one of Le Vewues books I didn't like and this one was not an exception. The story of Tate and Toby is a love story, dashing knights and plotting strategy mixed in with a bit of heartache and the will to overcome! Great story!

    I enjoyed this book but have to make note for myself that I laughed out loud when the "person" died falling down the stairs. It was just out of no where.( I envisioned Le Veque getting angry with the actor and then killing them off.)

    Awesome!!! What a ride! A women able to entrance the men in her life, teaching all that through devastation and loss one can grow with love and through the experience of life. Well done!!!!!

    Great bookI am enjoying reading the Dragonblade series. This book was about Tate DeLara who is called Dragonblade. He meets Toby who is a lady that has her own opinion and is not afraid to voice it.

    TerrificLoved it . It is another great story and follows along to wrap you up into their world. It will keep you entertained with laughter at times. But it is a great story to read.

    Powerful. Dramatic. WonderfulPowerful. Dramatic. WonderfulI enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to reading the next book in this series. The historical storyline is compelling

    Fantastic story, lots of history and an intricate plot. I like that the damsel in distress is no such thing and the knight in shining armor is not such either.

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