Splash Splash goes the cat Splash goes the dog Who s jumping in the pond Falling in and crawling out how many animals can you count

  • Title: Splash!
  • Author: Ann Jonas
  • ISBN: 9780688152840
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Splash goes the cat Splash goes the dog Who s jumping in the pond Falling in and crawling out, how many animals can you count

    • Best Read [Ann Jonas] ✓ Splash! || [Science Fiction Book] PDF ✓
      234 Ann Jonas
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    This book is the best of the ten I chose for Alena this week. I enjoyed counting the creatures that splashed in and out of the pond. It could be used as a simple introduction to addition and subtraction.

    Splash! is such a great book. It is very engaging for children and very colorful with the illustrations. This book is a great book to teach children counting, adding, and subtracting. This book made me laugh when everyone fell into the pond. The vocabulary was simple for children to understand. I would read this to 3-5 year olds.

    Great book to teach children about counting method. The illustration went nicely with the writing. Easy for children to get involve in the story by adding or subtracting. The repetitive words will help student with their vocabulary.

    I really enjoy the work of Anne Jonas "Round Trip" being one of my all-time favorite books. Her books are so clever, appearing simplistic, based on the text, but revealing much more complex concepts upon digging in, and "Splash" is no exception. This book featured higher-level math concepts for beginning readers, and allowed listeners to get involved in the story, either by counting or opting to the follow the story word-problem, adding and subtracting the animals as they enter and exit the pond [...]

    Really good book. Short and simple. Great vibrant illustrations that goes along with the story. Great to introduce children to count and add new vocabulary words.

    This book is about a little girl who has a pond in her backyard and she is telling the reader what all is in her pond. Some fall in, some jump out, some accidentally end up in the pond. After each page, she asks how many are in the pond.I loved this book, the illustrations went nicely with the writing and really added to the story. I would use this to teach my students counting methods and addition in their heads.

    This is a fun and colorful book that helps teach children about simple addition and subtraction. Younger children will love counting the creatures in the pond and older children may enjoy the challenge of doing the simple math problems. The repetition got a little old for me, but our girls really liked it. Cute illustrations with fun fish, frogs, turtles and pets.

    Splash! is a book that encompasses basic addition and subtraction principles as varying animals enter and leave the pond. This book offers students real life applications to addition and subtraction in a fun, and engaging way; great for kindergarten or first grade. The varying illustrations of animals offer room for discussion in expansion of a math lesson as well.

    I really enjoyed this book because it is educational and has really cute illistrations. There are pictures of fish, frogs, turtles and other pets that are jumping into a pond. The book has the reader do math problems that involve adding and subtracting. The math problems are not too hard and kids would enjoy counting the number of pets in the pictures and also doing the problems.

    The book Splash! by Ann Jonas uses a variety of animals to address the concept of counting. The book can be used as a resourse for lessons on adding and subtracting. The book can also be used for lessons on characteristics of animals. The book can also be used for lessons on verbs and antonyms. This book can be used in Pre-K to 2 grade classrooms.

    This isn't a great read however, it does have redeeming value when used as a math lesson. Basically, the plot is about critters getting in and out of a pond. Bingo! A ready-made lesson on addition and subtraction.

    Very, very simple, but attractive visually. Teaches math concepts (simple subtraction and addition) while telling a story that's not boring. The colorful pictures are engaging and the text would be good for beginning readers but isn't flat.

    This book has great illustrations to go along with a story of animals going into this pond. Great for young elementary schools students. It teaches counting and asks the reader to count the number of animals in the pond at different times in the story. I would use this with my young readers.

    A great book that is perfect for a math lesson. Each page has a different math scenario with animals . It is a book that any teacher could use as a discussion to tie different subject areas together.

    Toddler--> preschool story time; counting, print motivation, vocabulary building;This book is about animals falling in or jumping in the water. The way the author describes the animals helps to build children's vocabulary and children will love counting how many animals are in the water.

    This one works well for several different age levels. Kids who are old enough to count get a kick out of helping count all the animals in the pond, and older kids get into using addition and subtraction to figure out how many animals are in the pond as creatures jump in and out on each page.

    This book has such a cute illustrations to go along with a story of animals going into this pond. It teaches counting and asks the reader to count the number of animals in the pond at different times in the story. I would use this with my young readers.

    This is a fun book you can do lots of math activities with. The pictures of the pond with various animals (and one girl!) splashing into it are beautiful. Great response from my preschool clients.

    Splash was not well written in my opinion but it had some great components to it, such as, counting, it is predictable, etc. I would probably read this to a preschool class just because it is more of an interacting book.

    This is a good beginning readers book. It has picture cues for all the words on the page which will help build young readers vocabulary and reading skills. It is a great book for a Kindergarten and below.

    Very quick read. Kindergarten or 1st grade level. Great for teaching young children to add and subtract while keeping it fun.

    Some more advanced adding and counting of animals jumping into and out of a pond. My 5 year daughter really liked this.

    I would use this book to integrate literacy and math or science. You are able to example addition and subtraction as well as the animal and setting near the pond.

    A little girl's turtle, fish, frogs, dog, and cat jump in and out of a backyard pond, constantly changing the answer to the question "How many are in my pond?"

    This book is about different animals and people falling into the pond. Great way to teach counting and subtraction skills to younger children.

    This is a fun, interactive story that uses math to keep students thinking as they read. I would recommend using this for primary to third grade students.

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