Gem Of Gravane

Gem Of Gravane

Gem Of Gravane Falling in love with her was not part of his plan Aric Claydon weary and in the foulest of moods arrives in Northumberland from Normandy to claim his Saxon bride Lady Danielle almost a year late The

  • Title: Gem Of Gravane
  • Author: Amber Dane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Falling in love with her was not part of his plan Aric Claydon, weary and in the foulest of moods, arrives in Northumberland from Normandy to claim his Saxon bride Lady Danielle almost a year late The girl is far from a ravishing beauty, nursing a small affliction and other irksome habits Yet, compelled by a knight s oath and loyalty to his king, Aric performsFalling in love with her was not part of his planAric Claydon, weary and in the foulest of moods, arrives in Northumberland from Normandy to claim his Saxon bride Lady Danielle almost a year late The girl is far from a ravishing beauty, nursing a small affliction and other irksome habits Yet, compelled by a knight s oath and loyalty to his king, Aric performs his duty The Lady Danielle is a means to an end to complete his gain and if he s lucky, bless him with an heir and nothing Soon enough Aric learns his new bride is not as timid as he first thought, but mysterious and with secrets of her own Even as he gives in to the fiery passion she wields, he vows she will never hold his heart But when danger and treachery abound he will stop at nothing to protect herThe Lady Danielle resigns herself to the fact that she must marry the Norman warrior with hope the formidable man will be the end to her silent suffering and peace will finally come to her people Yet all hopes of salvation are dashed when the handsome warrior arrives in the night and takes one look at her Danielle knows a man like Aric could never love or offer her comfort, but she is determined to make the most of it and prove to him that there is room for her love in his warrior s heart.

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      407 Amber Dane
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    Let's all bow our heads and observe a moment of silence for the language that was unceremoniously slaughtered in this book. Moving on. I won't deny that Amber Dane seems to have a decent imagination and perhaps even a knack for storytelling buried under all that writing ignorance, but I simply couldn't get past some of the huge problems in this book. First and foremost is, as mentioned, the grammar. For someone who has written and published several books, Ms. Dane doesn't even have a basic grasp [...]

    Amber Dane breathes new life into the medieval romance novel. Her characters stay true to who they are, even as they grow. The scenery is descript, but doesn't bog down the chapters. And one particular villain involved is quite "peculiar". <-- If you read this, you will understand my reference. :o)Aric is the brutish, strong, authoritive knight in this first installment of the series. And he couldn't have been better. Danielle is silent, yet strong, stubborn, yet giving and loving. The way Da [...]

    Amber Dane's Gem of Gravane is perfect. Aric is the quintessential Knight; he is tough, protective, chivalrous and has a hidden softness about him. Danielle is the ultimate heroine; strong, stubborn, spunky and sexy with her voluptuous curves. Once I started reading Gem, I couldn't put it down. It is well-written, thorough and intriguing. Dane has created a classic - as engaging and enthralling as Jude Deveraux and Johanna Lindsey.Dane adds humor in her dialogue and story-telling that makes this [...]

    Gem of Gravane is my new favorite book. There is nothing like a big, powerful, hunky, Norman knight. The story was pure magic and I was sad that it ended. The sexual tension, the plot, and the do they or don't they love each other had me glued to my Kindle. Amber Dane paints a vivid picture of life in the middle ages. Her descriptions of the buff men to the descriptions of the gowns the woman wore, gave me a feeling of being there in the castle. This novel is a sure fire winner. It is not one th [...]

    Ms. Dane provides a interesting and provocative read. The characters have depth and are easy to connect with. Our heroine, Danielle is physically flawed, but has a strength that resonates beyond her weaknesses. Aric is the perfect knight, protecting what belongs to him. You fall in love with his respect for his wife even when it's an arranged marriage. Then when he realize he loves her it makes you want him more.

    This is almost a good immitation of Julie Garwoods Medieval series (THE SECRET, THE BRIDE, THE WEDDING by Julie Garwoods rings a bell anyone?). A warrior who thinks love is a weakness and fights it hard and a heroine who is timid at first and then blooms under the hero's protection.I say almost because of some editorial problems - not much but there are enough to stop the flow of the story for me more than once. There is also the same and predicted turns on the plots that rings the same as Ms. G [...]

    This book was a pleasure to read. It's nice to have a heroine that's not a skinny drop dead gorgeous woman, or a feisty take charge person. They usually seem to be one or the other. Having an overweight, plainish, limping heroine was good. Likewise I liked that Arik never really changed his personality by the end of the book, he was the same guy he started out, more or less.What I didn't like, was that she was always in tears. Enough already with the tears! I don't think women in those days crie [...]

    Loved this story of long, long ago. When women were chattel and knights and kings ruled the world. In this story, the woman forced into marriage by the king in order to reward one of his favorite soldiers with her lands, shows her many strengths - quietly and with grace. Romance blooms for several of the charactersd the book had intrigue and danger.

    GreatLady Danielle has been saving her land and people behind her greedy cousins back , while they taunt her because she is full figured and has a limp. When her Norman betrothed come to wed her she learns few things.Lord Aric comes to wed his Saxon wife he believes she is moiusy and won't love her but to his surprise she is everything he didn't excpect.

    I read this series out of context however it is a great series, I did enjoy the Viking one the best but this is great too. Strong characters.

    I was enjoying the story and then some explicit sexual descriptions became part of the story. I did not read in the description of the book this would be included. I will not finish the book due to the sexual nature of the book.

    Very entertainingThis was a great story that kept me turning the page. Well written and interesting. Some personal things happened that had my heart breaking for Danielle. I loved Arick too.

    The story was rather cliched, thanks to a H who acted like a jerk, and an annoying h, who cried and sulked a lot. She was 23, independent and smart, she could have done better. Overall it was a good MOC story, where the H had to learn how to be a husband who stands up for his wife.

    Romance:3Steaminess:2Action/suspense:3Overall:3It was a good read although I did have some problems with it. Mainly the dialogue and grammar issues.At times I felt like certain sentences lacked proper punctuation so that really disturb my reading. Also with regards to the dialogue , it just wasn't realistic for that time period. "Yea", "I guess" and "probably" to name a few are what I'm talking about. That's just not how they spoke in that time period and that really prevented me from really get [...]

    Here's the thing - the story and characters are great. Very likeable - though I take exception to the descriptions of her in other reviews as ugly and fat. She is actually described as being exceptional in appearance with some curves, but has low self esteem. The idea seems to be that she is very naturally pretty, in contrast to the more tawdry looks of some of her rivals. Certainly an idea pretty common in romance novels. I do agree with other reviewers that she spends an awful lot of time in t [...]

    I really enjoyed this book! Dark, swarthy Aric Claydon arrives at the Gravane estate to claim his prize from William; the estates of Gravane, Egway and Gent and Danielle, the lady of the Gravane manor, as his bride. Tall, strong and curvaceous, dark haired Danielle awaits her suitor in fear but also in hope that he will rid her of the humiliation and abuse she has suffered from her cousin Thomas and his sister, enabling her and her new husband to run and manage the whole estate once more.I loved [...]

    Honestly I didn't mind this all that much. It really needs some editing done to it because I noticed a ton of grammatical errors, typos and a spelling mistake or two. But there was a real lack of commas and hyphens that's for sure. I started getting really annoyed with it. There was even quite a lot of repetition. Once I was able to get around that I still liked the story. It was really predictable but I still liked it. I'm torn between leaving it at 4 stars or changing it to 3. I'm not saying i [...]

    I stopped reading at about 40%. this isn't the worst romance I've read, but it's still pretty low on my list. Here are my complaints: The description of the main female varies greatly it's she ugly, deformed, and fat? Or is she curvy and beautiful? because those are the extremes in her descriptions. I don't like that. Does the main make lead love and cherish her? Or does he not care about her? Because his actions and moods swing to the extreme. I didn't like that either. I was unaffected by the [...]

    I loved this book the first time I read it. This time, not so much. In the beginning the h says she never cries cause it doesn't fix anything. But my goodness every chapter she has cried at least once. And don't get me wrong I do understand why, but I also think at first the author wrote her to be tough and that she has been through a lot, it really should have toughened her up. All in all it was a good book and I did still like it. Sex ***

    In desperate need of an editor!I finished this book because I have to finish movies and books once I start them. It's a quirky side of me! This book drove me crazy from beginning to end. Amber, you simply MUST invest in an editor! The book is very poorly written, and the storyline heroine is abused during the entire "novel". Help is greatly needed here, by heroine and author alike!

    This was a good story although the constant misunderstandings between Alric and Danielle pushed my buttons. I enjoy love combatants who try to understand each other and failing, but a few times that plotline felt overdone. Still, the love story held my interest and I delighted in the supporting characters.

    Some very good elements, but had some problems.I liked the characters and the plot. Some of the grammar and language had problems. Also, the author needs to study the historical period as some deter of costume and food were wrong. Good overall, but the problems detracted.

    Gem of GravaneHere is a wonderful story that kept me reading until the end. It is about love and trusting each other. I enjoyed reading this very much. I unfortunately read the third book before I read the first and second stories. I hope you will enjoy reading it too.

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