Wrong Means Right End

Wrong Means Right End

Wrong Means Right End Wrong Means Right End tells the tale of Sneha a single mother who is working hard to earn a living to support herself and her young son Her focus solely lies on making their ends meet and she has los

  • Title: Wrong Means Right End
  • Author: Varsha Dixit
  • ISBN: 9788129120465
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wrong Means Right End tells the tale of Sneha, a single mother who is working hard to earn a living to support herself and her young son Her focus solely lies on making their ends meet and she has lost interest in love or dating Sneha s best friend Nandini is now happily married to Aditya, an industrialist Nandini s concern for Sneha makes her act as a matchmaker, who wWrong Means Right End tells the tale of Sneha, a single mother who is working hard to earn a living to support herself and her young son Her focus solely lies on making their ends meet and she has lost interest in love or dating Sneha s best friend Nandini is now happily married to Aditya, an industrialist Nandini s concern for Sneha makes her act as a matchmaker, who wants to fill her life with love and happiness Sneha s regular pace of life is disturbed when Nikhil, a man with whom she shares an unpleasant past, enters in her life He is haughty and Sneha will go to any extent to keep her distance from him If these problems weren t enough, another troublemaker, Gayathri, enters the picture to create havoc Gayathri is Aditya s ex girlfriend who still likes him and is trying her best to jeopardize Nandini and Aditya s relationship The only person that could help Sneha in stopping Gayatri is Nikhil Considering their hatred for each other, will Sneha approach Nikhil for saving Nandini and Aditya s marriage

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    Nikhil Chandel i loooovvveeee uuuuuuu i wish u were real :*The story didnt seem fake and was on with the flow not to much not too less just right!!!When i read the first book i thought Sneha is just another character but no !! the way her story continued was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND OOOOHHHHH HOW CAN I FORGET ADITYA AND NANDINI'S chemistry?????????Even though it was a happily every after their characters too were not ignoredOVERALLLLLLLLL I LOVEEEEEEEEE THISSSS BOOOKKKKKK!!

    Sneha is a hard-working single mom, living in Mumbai with her little son, Advey. Her best friend forever, Nandini, newly married and deliriously happy, is busy trying to arrange blind dates for Sneha. Sneha ends up the guinea pig for Nandini’s experiments in getting her hitched, at almost party that she throws.Nandini is married to Aditya Sarin, an industrialist, and is currently working in his organisation to find out what works for her. Sneha is busy juggling her career and her son, supporte [...]

    People say that sometimes the second part of a novel is boring but trust me people IT WAS AWESOMEPeople who like love-fictions will surely love this book. And Im A 100% sure about this.The way Varsha ma'am has put up the characters of the story is commendable Once you start it, you'll not feel like leaving reading the boo even for a second.It is very engrossing story.Any one who likes chick-lit and M&B romances will enjoy this book. Its a quick and fun read that leaves you feeling all good i [...]

    Disclaimer: I received a paperback of this novel from the publisher via The Book Club in return for my honest review.This is the third book that I am reading by Varsha Dixit, the other two being OnlyWheat Not White and Right Fit, Wrong Shoe. All three books are beautifully written romances. #WMRE is the second in a series, though each book can be read as a standalone. The first one, #RFWS, is the story of Nandini and Aditya that ended in a “Happy Ever After” marriage. Sneha, who is the heroi [...]

    I received a free copy through TBC in exchange for an honest review. This doesn't affect my review in any manner.I haven't read the first book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe so I wasn't familiar with the characters when I started the book. This can be read as a standalone but I think you will have more fun if you know the background and have read the first book. I, for one, connected with the characters easily.The author had done a great job with the story and the characters. Sneha was a strong character [...]

    A wholesome entertainment at its humorous best!Every time I pick Varsha’s book I know I am signing up for a wholesome entertainment at its humorous best. . Varsha Dixit pulled me so into the book that the moment Nikhil lost his cool with Sneha I wanted to be next to Nandini to give a piece of my mind to him. I was the happiest when things were wrapping in a happily ever after end credits. The crazy intensity between Nikhil and Sneha and their telepathic conversations were the hearty best.

    Wrong means right end starts from where Right Fit Wrong Shoe had ended. Nandini and Sneha, childhood buddies, who have promised to have each other’s back, go to any extent to see her friend happy. Varsha’s first book was full Bollywood masala; so I had expected more of Bollywood songs, titles & scenes, but was disappointed (sigh!) In the first part of the trilogy, Sneha tries to fix up broken relationship of Nandini and Aditya. In this part, Nandini wants Sneha to get hitched after her d [...]

    Plot:Wrong Means Right End picks up from where the first book in the series, Right Fit Wrong Shoe ended. RFWS was the story of Aditya Sarin and Nandini which ended in their marriage. This story focuses on Nandini’s friend Sneha- the heroine of the book.Sneha is divorced and is staying in Mumbai along with her son Advey and works for the Sarins. A strong and independent woman that she is, though in her struggles, tries her best to move forward in life. And Nandini’s primary aim is to find a s [...]

    WRME sort of picks up from where RFWS ended, but focuses more on the life of the recently-divorced Sneha, Nandini's best friend and hugely instrumental in getting Nandini and Aditya together. Divorced and in a new city, with a little son as her responsibility, Sneha's character is inspiring. She is shown to not be shy of the fact that her life has fallen apart or the lack of money in the life she is building for herself. Her respect for herself and her struggles is real, believable, and certainl [...]

    Originally Published onshanayatalesNote: This is the second book of a three-book companion series. A companion series is not a continuing series, which means that each book can be read as a standalone. And while these books do work as standalone reads, a fair amount of common, interconnecting threads run through them, which might be lost on people who read only one of these books. Which is why, it might be better to complete the trio, especially if you are someone like me, who needs to know ever [...]

    The book belongs to the category of happily ever afters. There’s love, friendship, hatred, hurt, all mixed together in right proportion just the way our lives have it. The story is simple as it goes on the show the importance of friends and love in our lives. It perfectly seems to be a slice of a Bollywood movie.The characters of Sneha, Nikhil,Nandini and Aditya are very much real and depict all the emotions a human is capable of. You can see the play of human ego ruining things and then love [...]

    For full review ClickHere"Wrong means Right ends" focuses on Sneha, a single mother who lives in Mumbai with her kid. Sneha with the help of her best friend was able to move past her unhappy married life. Meanwhile, she meet Nikhil, with whom she has some past. And together they take vowed to save Nandini and Adi's marriage life.This book is a quick read and all the incidents and characters will make the page turn. This is my first book from Varsha and she met my expectation level. Varsha Dixit [...]

    Hatred is the new love for authoress Varsha Dixit. Like the protagonists in the prequel, this books also takes the readers through the love-hate relationship. The incidents in story are more happening and engaging when compared to the sequel. When the Chauvinistic Aditya irritates the readers in the prequel, angry yet soft hearted Nikhil is good to visualize. Sneha's single mother life is quite inspiring. The headstrong and determined woman she is, her life is sure to impel the female mass.Sneha [...]

    The story is fun to read and beautifully narrated. The language is simple and the flow is good. The story is fast paced and engrossing, I read it till 3 A.M. on two consecutive nights. The chapter titles are different as they were in her previous book. Some scenes have been described so well that it was easy for me to picturise them.The story takes up where the previous one left off, so the characters are the same and their feelings have been described well. The camaraderie between the character [...]

    Wrong Mean Right End is the first book that I am reading by Varsha. This can essentially be classified into a romance novel in an Indian context. The story revolves around the life of Sneha, a recently divroced young mother who moves into a new city and tries to make a life for herself. Sneha works for the Sarin family and hence cannot run away from the lavish parties she is invited to and that is where Nikhil walks into her life. They are at constant loggerheads and may never have come together [...]

    Wrong means right end, had a good story line with interesting chapter titles. The protagonist Sneha, she was strong character with high self esteem, but a bit too loud for my liking. Her childish behavior and instability were confusing at times. But the friendship and understanding shown between Nandini and Sneha was enduring. Surely a well written book, I liked the way the author has concentrated on the particulars like not swearing in front of kids rather using different word for each term whi [...]

    2.5 stars.Bought and read with lot of expectations as I really liked Xcess Baggage (And I look forward to the sequel), but I'm disappointed.Sneha, the female protagonist, is one of the most immature and irritating fictional characters I have ever come across! I liked the character of Nikhil, the male protagonist, but even he seemed to be distracted and lost the charm towards the end.Too many (unnecessary) dialogues, and a jumbled point of view scatter the plot. Repetitive feature description (ha [...]

    Wrong Means Right End is Aapratim (delightful, superb ) book to read .It is a light read book .This book explores the other side of Sehna with the help of Nandini who is happily married to Aditya and their friendshipwhen their life turns a big U-turn .Wrong Means Right End is comedy book to be read by each and every individual for leading a healthy romantic life .All the characters in this book have been penned in fantastic way . Ladies would love to read this book mainly because of Nandini who [...]

    Warning: You will have a grin plastered on your face at all times when reading this book. You will have bouts of hysterical laughter and hoots, so be sure to get ugly looks from family and people around. Dont use the adjectives used for friends in real life, they may not understand and you may loose people :p My second review of Varsha Dixit's book. This one is about the lovely, hilarious, almost real love story and friendships between Best friends. Read Book Review: Wrong Means Right End by Var [...]

    Background : Wrong Means Right End by Varsha Dixit is a bitter, sweet journey of Sneha,a twenty nine year old woman. She happens to be the protagonist and the story revolves around her and her best friend Nandani. They are inhabitants of Kanpur who have been living Mumbai from quite a long time. Since school they have been Juno Swans. Nandani is married to Aditya whereas Sneha is a divorcee with a child named, Advey. Read full review at:captivatingmode.wordpress

    Wrong Means Right Endi would say it was just a mix masala bollywood movie. Lot of twist and turns ,lot of emotions crawling up and down. so much drama, fight and climax sceans.I would not say i hated Sneha but some of her behaviour seriously irritated me .Even with Nikil but he was still amusing , i liked him ;) a arrogant, egoist, bad tempered still smart, romantic and caring :) apart from the charecter , there was not much essence in the story. ploat was weak and the end was predictable.

    I liked the way varsha took the story, with all the twists and turns and finally a happy endingough it was all predictable.

    loved it. elegantly different from the mumbo jumbo. though the end was far too complicated to be believed. otherwise amazing timepass read

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