Darcy Burdock

Darcy Burdock

Darcy Burdock Introducing Darcy Burdock a new cool all conquering girl character with a fresh and distinctive take on the world Ten year old Darcy is one of life s noticers Curious smart as a whip funny and fi

  • Title: Darcy Burdock
  • Author: Laura Dockrill
  • ISBN: 9780552566070
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • Introducing Darcy Burdock, a new, cool, all conquering girl character with a fresh and distinctive take on the world Ten year old Darcy is one of life s noticers Curious, smart as a whip, funny and fiercely loyal, she sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her Written and illustrated by Laura Dockrill author, poet performer thIntroducing Darcy Burdock, a new, cool, all conquering girl character with a fresh and distinctive take on the world Ten year old Darcy is one of life s noticers Curious, smart as a whip, funny and fiercely loyal, she sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her Written and illustrated by Laura Dockrill author, poet performer think Lady Gaga meets Mother Goose

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    Simpatična i raskuštrana Darcy izmamila mi je osmijeh. Dobar stil pisanja i lude ilustracije. A opis Freda Astairea je zakon:"Tko li je sad taj, vrag ga odnio? U najkraćim crtama, on je stari plesač iz davne prošlosti, još iz drevnog doba crno-bijele televizije! Bio je najbolji plesač na svijetu, bolji čak i od Justina ili Ushera, a obično se družio s jednom nevjerojatno lijepom tetom po imenu Ginger Rogers, koja ima velike, plave oči i nosi bunde. Obavezno ih potražite na YouTubeu." [...]

    This review first appeared on The Book Zone(For Boys) blogBritain finally has an answer to Jeff Kinney and his Wimpy Kid! Many have tried, but few have come close in my opinion, but come next March the trials and tribulations of Greg Heffley will be consigned to bargain bins in book stores across the UK. There will only be one name on everyone's lips, and that is Darcy Burdock. (OK make that two names as Darcy's creator, Laura Dockrill, is certainly not someone who will be easily overlooked and/ [...]

    Originally posted at City of BooksDarcy Burdock is an entertaining and refreshing illustrated novel from Laura Dockrill. I loved Darcy's voice and personality, as well as the fact that this book brought out my inner child. I laughed out loud several times at Darcy's antics, and it felt great to be inside a mind that's still one hundred percent childish and carefree.10-year-old Darcy has quite a few problems to deal with, and gets frustrated quite a lot. She finds release in writing stories. I lo [...]

    I wouldn't normally write a review four months in advance, so this is a rarity for me, but I feel I want to lay out a red carpet and hire an orchestra to announce the arrival of this book. I may spontaneously combust if I don't talk about it now and get it out of my system. I heard about this book back in June at the Random House Children's Books blogger party where I was lucky enough to meet the author, Laura Dockrill and hear her reading the first few pages from the book. (If you ever get the [...]

    Hmm, I have mixed feelings about Darcy Burdock. At the beginning I was enjoying it, she comes across as a great character full of imagination. But somewhere along the way I just lost the feeling a little bit. I read an excellent review on Bookbag that summed up how I felt (but more eloquently) - the voice was not always totally convincing and it lacked a bit of story.However, I think it has a lot of potential, and the author seems to be brimming over with creativity so I'm sure there is more to [...]

    loved it SO MUCH. darcy has such a refreshing and relatable voice and i really liked the inclusion of her own stories in the book.

    knihu som nasla pri nakupe dievcenskych knih pre 8 rocnu slecnu. paci sa mi, ked knihy maju vekove zaradenie, bo uz je to dlhsie co som sama bola v tom veku a s odstupom to clovek uplne nemusi uhadnut. tato je vhodna pre 10 rocne slecny ( a chlapcov, nejdeme to tu uzatvarat) ci uz obsahom ale aj strukturou knihy ( tie kapitoly su celkom poctivo dlhe)obsah je vyborne aktualny, rozprava na deti ich sposobom, riesi velmi dobre ich problemy. hlavna hrdinka Darcy nema casto trpezlivost a skor kona ak [...]

    Love the stories and the characters, the only thing is that Darcy sometimes seems too grown-up for her years, especially regarding some of her thoughts and writing. But a warm story and some excellent parts.

    Darcy Burdock ist eine ganz normales, pfiffiges 10jähriges Mädchen. In diesem Buch erzählt sie von ihrer wunderbaren Welt, ihrem Leben in ihrer Familie und zwischen ihren Freunden. Kapitelweise erfahren wir zahlreiche Episoden aus ihrem Leben, zum größten Teil sehr humorvolle Erlebnisse, aber auch ein Abdruck davon, was sich Darcy so denkt.Die Autorin Laura Dockrill hat es hier wunderbar geschafft so zu schreiben, dass man wirklich meint, die Gedanken einer 10jährigen mit zu verfolgen. Und [...]

    Review: wow! Just wow! Such a super fun, children friendly, adult friendly book! I loved this book from cover to cover, having read the majority of it out loud to a group of eleven year olds! We were all laughing at points and on many occasions I had to wait for their hilarity to dissolve before continuing with the story! Darcy Burdock is an amazing character and such a fun character because she is just like them. She is a girl so the girls can identify with her clothing and her hair issues and [...]

    A longer version of this review was originally posted on my blog, here.To start this review honestly, I have to admit that it was a long time ago that I finished this book. While it is still clear in my head, I am apologising if I get any of the important details wrong as I have read a lot of books since I finished this one. However, the one thing that I continue to remember about this book was how much I enjoyed it. This is a middle grade book that is full of light humour that will have you gig [...]

    I'm going to be upfront and admit that this isn't the kind of book I'd usually pick up as it is aimed at a slightly younger audience than my usual reads. However, after meeting Laura Dockrill last year and having the opportunity to listen to her read a sample from this book I just knew I had to read it. Laura is such a talented performer and her quirky personality shines through in Darcy Burdock.Darcy is a fabulous character with an unusual way of looking at the world. She isn't always perfect b [...]

    Oh man, did I love Darcy Burdock. Every single word of praise that’s been showered on this novel over the last few months is completely justified.Darcy is a fabulous heroine. I love that she fought with her siblings, sometimes playing dirty, and got mad at her parents like any ten-year-old would. She loves mermalades and her pet lamb, Lamb-Beth. Darcy is so, so clever and has a wonderful imagination that I’m jealous of! It came through in the hand-written stories that were interspersed throu [...]

    I have been dying to read this book ever since I met Laura back in June and heard her read the first few pages. Darcy Burdock is going to be a hit. She is a brilliant character who I think that girls are going to relate to. She's quirky and uniquely different with a real heart of gold. I love her to bits because she's very comfortable in her own skin and to be herself and I think that alone is going to make her a real role model for girls who are surrounded by vapid celebrities who aren't worth [...]

    Daisy (12) for bigbooklittlebookDarcy Burdock is one of life’s thinkers she sees the amazing in everyday life around her. She thinks about everything and has a very active imagination. She often writes inventive stories and uses lots of people from her own life in these stories. She is a friendly character and you tend to fall in love with her because she’s so friendly and I love her because she also likes Glee!She tells about her hectic life and how growing up as a tweenager (a between teen [...]

    In Darcy Burdock, Laura Dockrill has brought out her inner child. This book has been written with that childlike imagination that so few grown-ups still possess. It’s so easy to imagine Darcy herself telling us her story. In fact, if/when the audiobook version is released I would definitely recommend it. Last summer I was lucky enough to hear the delightful Miss Dockrill read an excerpt from the book. Laura practically turned into ten year old Darcy Burdock before our very eyes!If you or your [...]

    Darcy Burdock is a quirky, fun tween read that I'm sure will appeal to a wide range of readers. Laura Dockrill has a fantastic voice and a knack for children's fiction making this a must-read for that age group. Read it because, honestly, you will laugh!Darcy Burdock is our narrator, a ten-year-old aspiring writer with much more maturity and insight than I was expecting. She has a pet lamb called Lamb-Beth, a lifelong best friend called Will and a family who occasionally drive her crazy. So she' [...]

    Seriously I tried. And Tried and Tried. I've never spent so much time on a book to no avail. And now I"m abandoning it in Chapter 13 - I tried so hard because it's one of the Red Dot Longlist books but to be honest it's not going anywhere and it's not my type of book and I can't suspend my dislike of it long enough to get through it It's silly and it's pointless and I can't even imagine what type of girl will like it - let alone forcing my reading boys on it

    Milá a veselá knižka na prvý pohľad mi Darcy prišla čarovná a veľmi zaujímavá osôbka, ale páči sa asi len mne. :) No dcérke nie, lebo Darcy má bujnú fantáziu a malá nerozdýchala predstavu otcovej krvavej ruky Pekné to nebolo a ani by knihe neublížilo, keby tam tá scéna nebola. Inak, básničky a príbehy boli miestami zvláštne a knižku by som odporučila určite až od 9. rokov, možno aj pre staršie deti (Darcy v knihe dovŕšila 11 r.).

    I would have loved this book when I was 10. As for now, I think my opinion of it was heavily influenced by how ace the author, Laura Dockrill, looks. Had the photo on the jacket been of someone not quite so hip, I probably would have judged it much more harshly. Yes, I am as easily influenced as that.

    Ten-year-old Darcy notices things. In this story we learn about her family and friends - and her adventures, illuminated by her imagination. (UK)

    3.5 starsSo cute! I loved Darcy's voice and her stories. Will be picking up the rest of the series at some point.

    Its a way off being my favourite 5-8 book but its certainly good fun, and perfect for young girls, a book about being individual, and writing your own stories.

    A lovely read. I had lots of fun to follow Darcy's eventful life. It's like I'm back to the me of 20 years ago.

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