Destination: Universe!

Destination: Universe!

Destination Universe Collection of short stories First published in It contains the following stories Far centaurus The Monster Dormant The Enchanted Village A Can of Paint Defence The R

  • Title: Destination: Universe!
  • Author: A.E. van Vogt
  • ISBN: 9780425019122
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collection of short stories First published in 1952 It contains the following stories Far centaurus 1944 The Monster 1948 Dormant 1948 The Enchanted Village 1950 A Can of Paint 1944 Defence 1947 The Rulers 1944 Dear Pen Pal 1949 The Sound 1950 The Search 1943

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      322 A.E. van Vogt
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    4.0 stars. I have only read the first four stories in the collection so the rating/review below will be for the stories listed (I will update the rating/review as I read additional stories). Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed these stories as I did not think I was going to like them as much as I did (my guess going in was 2 or 3 stars). It certainly exceeded my expectations and I would recommend this collection and intend to read more short fiction by A.E. Van Vogt. Far Ce [...]

    An interesting collection of short stories by Van Vogt written with his customary simple writing but great ideas and a flair for making things stand off the page. Every story makes you think it'll go one way and it does, in it's own way.Not many authors could craft a story about an alien tin of paint and be interesting; Van Vogh manages it just fine.

    A wonderful collection of short stories by Van Vogt. Many of them clearly set the stage for themes or characters in Null-A and the War Against the Rull.

    In his brief (one page) introduction to this volume, Van Vogt states: “Science fiction, as I personally try to write it. glorifies man and his future.” He was surely one of the most ‘Campbell-ian’ authors.The edition I read (Panther Science Fiction 1972 reprint) didn’t contain any bibliographic information, so I’m going to put that in here just for my own reference.Far Centaurus - 4/5Astounding Science Fiction - January 1944.Excitement blazed inside me: and consciousness came of the [...]

    These are the only A E van Vogt stories I've read. The author wrote in 1500-word chunks and made sure something gripping happened in each one, which is likely to be a fruitful approach although I haven't tried it. He's also been described as "a midget using a giant's typewriter", in that he uses scale in terms of space and time to wow his readership but in the end it's all fluff and doesn't mean anything. It's like he's gone through a history book, changed all the names to something spacy-soundi [...]

    Destination: Universe is a collection of late 40's/early 50's hard science fiction short stories by A.E. Van Vogt. The prose is clumsy and the plotting is often second rate, but the ideas are so far out and crazy that it's worth a read. Most of the stories originally appeared in John W. Campbell's Astounding.

    A succinct introduction penned by A.E van Vogt himself, heralding Science Fiction as the platform upon which the future is built as well as the means by which we can break free from the constraints of modern society. An inspiring commentary that pushes you firmly into the first story…Far Centaurus (1944)4/5A team of astronauts set out to be the first to travel to Alpha Centauri but, upon arriving, discover that others had made it there first. The 500 year long journey, made possible due to an [...]

    Make that 3.5 stars, hovering on 4. I did really enjoy this collection of short stories, but because there were a few that I found too dated and/or a little silly, I chose to rate it at 3 stars/3.5 stars. All of the stories in this collection are from the 1940's up to 1950 and the collection was released in 1952. Most of the original tales were published in 'Astounding Science Fiction,' among others. The copy I read was a paperback release from 1964.In general, van Vogt is a huge influence on sc [...]

    I read random articles in while I'm at work, and that's how I learned about A.E. van Vogt. I'm not a big fan of science fiction, but I wanted to try other genres for a change. When I found this book in a used books store, I bought it.There are some stories in this book that I really enjoyed. My favorites are Dear Pen Pal and Far Centaurus. A Can of Paint was also interesting. Some of the stories, nah. I can't even remember what happened in some of those stories. Maybe sci-fi is just not for me. [...]

    Libro discreto.Penso che Van Vogt sia molto più a suo agio con gli scritti brevi, piuttosto che con i romanzi.Infatti, i racconti qui presenti sono tutti molto godibili, mentre quello che affossa la media sono i due romanzi brevi."L'assedio degli invisibili" è sufficiente, con un'idea di base carina ma nulla più; "Gli uomini ombra" invece è noioso, arzigogolato senza essere convincente, e alla fine si perde al momento delle spiegazioni, un pò troppo raffazzonate.In conclusione quindi, la me [...]

    This book is a collection of ten short science fiction stories by A.E. van Volt. Each story is a stand-alone story and can be read in any order. I was not very familiar with van Volt’s writing and did not know any of these stories but I enjoyed them very much. Each story was very different from each other and very creative. I found it to be a great introduction to van Volt’s fiction.

    This book is a collection of short stories from the 1940s so my three star rating is an average for the book.Fascinating to see how the future was imagined so long ago. We have the video phones which show up in several stories but I am still waiting for my flying car damnit.

    Too many duplications, and I'm not that great a fan of short stories anyway. However, the one titled Dormant was quite interesting to me having lived in the area it was concerning. Kwajalein, you made science fiction!

    Short Stories in the Dutch book "De Volmaakte Wens":The Harmonizer, The Second Solution, Film Library, The Monster, Dormant, A Can of Paint, Defence, The Search, The Ultimate Wish

    Far Centaurus - 5/5The Monster - 3/5Dormant - 2/5The Enchanted Village - 3/5A Can of Paint - 4/5Defence - 2/5The Rulers - 4/5Dear Pen Pal - 3/5The Sound - 3/5The Search - 3/5

    Great way to read one of the old masters of SciFi. Short stories are quick reads and show the man's talents.

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