My New Teacher and Me!

My New Teacher and Me!

My New Teacher and Me Weird Al Yankovic s new tale of Billy the irrepressible star of the New York Times bestselling When I Grow Up is an uproarious back to school delight Dazzling wordplay and sparkling rhyme combine in

  • Title: My New Teacher and Me!
  • Author: Al Yankovic Wes Hargis
  • ISBN: 9780062192035
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Weird Al Yankovic s new tale of Billy, the irrepressible star of the New York Times bestselling When I Grow Up, is an uproarious back to school delight Dazzling wordplay and sparkling rhyme combine in a unique appreciation of the rewards of unabashed originality and the special joy of viewing the world gently askew.

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    • Free Read [Biography Book] ☆ My New Teacher and Me! - by Al Yankovic Wes Hargis ✓
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    I was so excited to have won this book from LibraryThing through a giveaway from the publisher. "Weird Al" Yankovic is a blast from my 80's past and when I found out I won this book, I was more excited than my kids! Plus, I'm a sucker rhyming books! They are the best kind for children and can draw them in easily with the lyrical rhymes. This book is exactly that way! My girls, ages 2, 6 & 8 all loved it! The book is a fun story with beautiful illustrations that make the story come alive. The [...]

    School must be starting. I'm reading picture books again. Fun book that I think is probably something Weird Al experienced---I know I wonder what he was like in school.

    I'd expect nothing less from the amazing Weird Al Yankovic! This book has such a wonderful story with an amazing lesson. The illustrations were perfect for the story as well!

    This would be fun to share during the first days of school. With rollicking, rhyming text and hilarious illustrations, Billy's wild stories have his teacher, Mr. Booth, shaking his head in disbelief. It might be a good way to talk about the concept of tall tales. It could serve as a good mentor text to help kids create their own tall tales.

    As a person who was a gullible child with an overactive imagination, I really appreciate the author's take on childhood whopper-stories. I'm kind of glad the protagonist's stories ended up being mostly true. I had to sit through quite a few re-education lectures.

    Author (Last name first): Yankovic, Al[return]Title of the Book: My New Teacher and Me![return]Publisher: Harper and imprint of HarperCollinsDate of Publication:2013[return]ISBN# 978-0-06-219203-5[return]Price:$17.99Grade Level:Primary/LowerElNumber of Pages: 32[return]VOYA Rating: 3Q 3P for Elementary[return][return]Recommended [return][return]Mr. Booth is a new teacher and his room is full of rules. He wants to dive right into fractions on the very first day of school. Billy is excited about t [...]

    It’s the first day of school and Billy, star of When I Grow Up, arrives to meet his new teacher with dirt on his shirt. But Mr. Booth is a no-nonsense, by-the-book kind of teacher, who immediately notices Billy’s slightly unkempt appearance and demands that he explain himself. As the boy re-tells a series of outlandish stories from an uncovered dinosaur skeleton in his backyard to his grandpa’s trip to the moon, Mr. Booth grows angrier and angrier, accusing Billy of making it all up and de [...]

    Those who know me, not even very well, know I'm a pretty hardcore "Weird Al" Yankovic junkie. I own virtually every piece of music he's ever recorded, including his collaboration on "Peter and the Wolf" with Wendy Carlos and his duet with Kate Winslet on a Sandra Boynton children's album. (I can't bring myself to own "Polkamon", however.) So I own Yankovic's first children's book, When I Grow Up, and I thought it was pretty clever, adapting Yankovic's warped sense of humor to a purely children's [...]

    A wildly, ridiculous ride of rhymes describes a boy's imaginative excuses. His teacher does not buy it though, for they are just impossible. What may seem impossible is not always so, it just takes an open mind. Visionaries, the greatest leaders and thinkers of our time, can see the impossible; children are like this too, but most adults lose this ability. So the boy teaches the teacher, which makes this all the more wonderful a lesson. Only the most colourful and whimsical of art could match th [...]

    InMy New Teacher and Meby Al Yankovic we are told a story about a young boy on his first day of school. It's a new beginning and he is very optimistic. He anxiously awaited the arrival of his new teacher and was excited to see a man that he had never seen before walk up next to the white board at the front of the class. He tired to make a good impression but the stain on his shirt was less than impressive to Mr. Booth. He made up a lie about how the stain appeared and his teacher didn't believe [...]

    My husband laughs at me for this, but I secretly love Weird Al Yankovic! So, when I saw that he wrote this book for kids, I simply had to read it! Turns out, I love the book too!!! The beginning endpapers give some clues through the main character, Billy's, art that he has a BIG imagination. Based on the comments on the art by his teacher from last year, she really appreciated this big imagination. When Billy gets a new teacher, stuffy Mr. Booth, his imagination is not so appreciated. This story [...]

    On the first day of school, Billy's new teacher is a stern and grumpy man. After getting on to Billy for dirt on his shirt, Billy explained in elaborate detail why he was dirty. He tells an unbelievable story about digging a tunnel that morning to find a dinosaur skeleton! Of course the teacher doesn't believe him, so he goes on to tell other stories that he claims are true, but are crazy to hear. Throughout all this, the teacher is getting very frustrated, and sends Billy to the principal's off [...]

    My middle grades years are filled with memories of songs from Weird Al Yankovic, so now seeing that he has authored children's books is highly amusing--as I'm certain the books are as well. This picture book is about a science-loving boy named Billy who is eager to meet his new teacher. A situation starts a conversation between the two. Billy is creative and inventive and full of imagination while his teacher is stern and full of hope-bubble-popping. In the end they meet in a good place. With pl [...]

    This book is a delightful one, a genuine read-alike for the early Dr. Seuss books. Al Yankovic, known best for his bizarre musical parodies, has a very good feel for the way words should rhyme and flow in verse, which keeps this from falling into the trap of thumping, lumpy verse. Then, there is the theme of the story, which is about thinking outside the box and believing in the unbelievable. As the main character tells his teacher: "I'll bet every great thinker and leader we've gotCould see all [...]

    Basic Plot: Billy starts a new school year with a new teacher who doesn't necessarily believe all of Billy's stories.Al Yankovic was born to make the world laugh. He's been making me laugh almost my entire laugh, so I love the fact that he has written a couple of books for children that I can now read to my son and a new generation can discover the genius that is Weird Al.This rhyming tale is a lot of fun as Billy spins his unlikely tales. The art adds to everything, from the stodgy, older teach [...]

    Al Yankovic writes children's stories in a way that an adult can relate and how a child thinks. Yankovic really focuses on the idea that children are over creative and think that they see things that they cannot. The young boy talks about many different adventures, and his teacher thinks that he's making it all up. He's even drastic enough to say that the young boy dug a whole to China to the point where he finds a dinosaur.Wes Hargis is really what makes the book so appealing. The pictures in t [...]

    Many times we get new teachers and wonder how they are going to like us as students. Are we going to be able to follow all their directions? Will they be upset if we ask questions? DO they like to hear stories? Yankovic's book takes the reader through the first day of school with a new teacher. The teacher has new rules, new ways of doing things, and our hero is ready for action. He has prepared some good information about himself to share. This teacher needs a little help from our hero to not s [...]

    My New Teacher and Me! by Al YankovicUsing the knowledge of the author i used this book to be a predictor for the students. I read the book, with voices for the students, that made the hilarious text even funnier. Have to page homage to Al Yankovic's many voices. With the next printed and my voice we had the kids giggling. The books has teachable moments, with pictorial references to innovators, in social relations MAHATMA GANDHI, and Martin Luther King, scientist like Copernicus, Madam Curie, E [...]

    When Billy show up on the first day of school with dirt all over his shirt, his new teacher, Mr. Booth, wants to know what happened. Billy spins a long string of improbable tales that get him sent to the principal's office, but when proof of one of his exploits falls out of his notebook on the way out of class, Mr. Booth softens. This rhyming picture book is full of all sorts of silly things that young children will adore, and the language and rhyming are quite good. This type of writing is a na [...]

    Sometimes a picture book can grab you right away and hold on tight for the entire narrative. Al does that here - I was hooked and knew I was in for a great ride as soon as it started. The story bounces along with as much energy as the young boy telling it clearly has, taking us readers through a world full of wonder and imagination. The art only adds to the journey - pay attention to the classroom backgrounds in the first few pages. I'm certainly glad I wasn't in Mr. Booth's class before these t [...]

    I had the pleasure of purchasing this book at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, Illinois and got to have it personalized for my class by Weird Al himself! I told Mr. Yankovic how excited I am to share this with my second grade class on the first day of school and how brilliant I think the message behind it is. He was very appreciative of that. The story celebrates and promotes creativity and imaginative thought - both of which are immensely important for young children to practice. Thanks, Al, [...]

    Couplet rhyming done perfectly. What else but humor is the thread that weaves this tale from Weird Al Yankovic? There is nothing weird about this picture book, though. It's been told before, but it does so delightfully: boy meets teacher on first day of school, tells tall tales about where he goes and what he does, and the grownup refuses to believe the boy, though the kids sure do. The boy wins over the teacher with a special present that seems to prove one of his stories. A pleasant and fun re [...]

    Kudos to Al for letting his inner child out! A Very funny look at tall tales or are they??? Imagination runs rampant on the first day of school, but maybe, just maybe, a small child can teach an old teacher some new tricks. Should be read out loud and often to groups of children! Share and tell should be a priority in the elementary schools because no one is too afraid to share the good ones and who knows what confidences will come about, if a child learns early in life to stand in front of his [...]

    (Weird Al has decided to join the growing ranks of celebrities who want to write children's books!)A cute story about a little boy who seems to be spinning tall tales to his new teacher. But when he gives the teacher a gift, the teacher thinks maybe those stories aren't so tall after all. (Not bad, but certainly not a classic in the children's literature oeuvre.)Illustrations are good - celebrities can afford great artists!

    How many times we get new teachers and wonder what they will be like. This book is the story of Billy as he enters into a brand-new school year, this time with a new teacher, Mr. Booth who could be describes as being narrow minded. Mr. Booth has a hard time seeing things through the eyes of someone who perceives the world a little bit differently. The rhyming in this book makes it an absolute blast to read aloud and the humor within the text gives it an extra flare.

    I don't normally make a note of the children's books I've read, but I felt this one needed a review. This is such a wonderfully imaginative story with a great message, and rhymes. We found it one day on the shelf in the bookstore and bought it for our daughter. She loves the imagery and we love that she is exposed to the idea that have unique and creative thoughts is not a bad thing. This is now our favorite story to read to her and think it should be on every kids bookshelf!

    What happens to dreamers in school? They share their dreams and aspirations with those around them. Surely the new teacher will open his vision to the imagination of a young boy who has seen a 2-headed cow and a grandpa who's walked on the moon, and found a dinosaur skeleton near his home. Billy helps the reader to see things with an eye for possibilities rather than impossibles.

    I hate that celebrity authors have an unfair advantage over the rest of us in that they have a ready-made audience, while sometimes their writing isn't worth the paper it's written on. But (Weird) Al Yankovic's picture book is a rhyming winner. Creative and imaginative, as children are, with great illustrations to boot!

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