A Blind Goddess

A Blind Goddess

A Blind Goddess March US Army Lieutenant Billy Boyle back in England after a dangerous mission in Italy is due for a little RR and also a promotion But the now Captain Boyle doesn t get to kick back and enjo

  • Title: A Blind Goddess
  • Author: James R. Benn
  • ISBN: 9781616951924
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • March, 1944 US Army Lieutenant Billy Boyle, back in England after a dangerous mission in Italy, is due for a little RR, and also a promotion But the now Captain Boyle doesn t get to kick back and enjoy his leisure time because two upsetting cases fall into his lap at once The first is a personal request from an estranged friend Sergeant Eugene Tree Jackson, whoMarch, 1944 US Army Lieutenant Billy Boyle, back in England after a dangerous mission in Italy, is due for a little RR, and also a promotion But the now Captain Boyle doesn t get to kick back and enjoy his leisure time because two upsetting cases fall into his lap at once The first is a personal request from an estranged friend Sergeant Eugene Tree Jackson, who grew up with Billy in Boston, is part of the 617th Tank Destroyers, the all African American battalion poised to make history by being the US Army s first combatant African American company But making history isn t easy, and the 617 faces racism at every turn One of Tree s men, a gunner named Angry Smith, has been arrested for a crime he almost certainly didn t commit, and faces the gallows if the real killer isn t found Tree knows US top brass won t care about justice in this instance, and asks Billy if he ll look into it.But Billy can t use any of his vacation time to investigate, because British intelligence agent Major Cosgrove puts him on a bizarre and delicate case A British accountant has been murdered in an English village, and he may or may not have had some connection with the US Army Billy doesn t know, because Cosgrove won t tell him Billy is supposed to go into the village and investigate the murder, but everything seems fishy he s not allowed to interrogate certain key witnesses, and his friends and helpers keep being whisked away Billy is confused about whether Cosgrove even wants him to solve the murder, and why The good news is the mysterious murder gives Billy an excuse to spend time in and around the village where Tree and his unit are stationed If he s lucky, maybe he can get to the bottom of both mysteries and save than one innocent life.

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    One of my 2014 favorite reads.I have enjoyed all the books in this series but this one really stands out. To recap: Billy Boyle's mom looks around for a convenient relative with whom to stash Billy so he doesn't wind up on the front lines of WWII. The relative she settles on is Uncle Ike, as in Dwight David Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. Far from being far from the front lines, in his role as Ike's special investigator Billy finds himself, variously, infiltrating G [...]

    I am liking this series. I've read two books from the Billy Boyle WWII series. I like Billy and his Irish background. He is a great MC. I like that these aren't too graphic. It is a crime that needs to be solved, while other crimes are being committed. This book had a lot going on. It isn't a book you read and put down, read and put down, etc unless you have a great memory (which I'm getting too old for). There is much to keep track of in this one, which probably kept the pace fairly brisk in th [...]

    Billy Boyle is sent to a small community in rural England where a Black American soldier is accused to murdering an English constable. The local police are more concerned with a missing teenage girl. Boyle is soon caught up in the investigations amid racial strife and has his hands tied by British intelligence. A good World War II mystery on the vein of writers like W.E.B. Griffin.

    I don't read Billy Boyle for the mysteries. The mysteries are no better than "okay"—far too much coincidence for my taste. But I love mysteries set in authentic historical settings, and Benn's WWII settings are as authentic as they come.That said, once you get past the coincidence of Billy being asked by a friend to investigate one murder, and being sent to the same location by his bosses to investigate another, the mystery is pretty well done.The most annoying thing about the book is the cove [...]

    Thanks to a review in Publishers Weekly, I learned about this mystery and this author. Although I prefer to start at the beginning of series, reading the books in order, I do on occasion read a book out of order and then go back to read the others. That's what I did in this case: I decided to read A Blind Goddess to see if I liked the mystery and the writing.The mystery takes place in England during World War II, in the days leading up to D-Day. Lieutenant Billy Boyle, the protagonist, is an Arm [...]

    The most recent of the Billy Boyle WWII mystery series is another winner. In this episode Billy, newly promoted to captain, is sent to a small English village to investigate the murder of a local man. Outwardly this seems both simple and odd. Why would an American soldier investigate the murder of a British citizen? Actually he has been sent by MI5, with whom he has worked before, ostensibly because the body was found by an American soldier. This much you will know within the first few pages. I [...]

    Just prior to the Normandy invasion in 1944, Billy Boyle, just promoted to the rank of Captain, is handed an assignment by Britain’s MI5: work with the local police to find the murderer of a supposed civilian, without any background, but the admonition to “stay away” from a couple running a rooming house. At the same time, a boyhood friend, a Negro sergeant in a tank destroyer platoon, beseeches him to look into the arrest of his gunner after the murder of a local policeman, stressing the [...]

    It's March 1944 & Billy Boyle has been promoted to Captain in the US Army. He's in London & just about to go on leave with his sweetheart Diana Seaton. However, he's been contacted by an old friend from Boston, a Negro, with whom he had an off/on again friendship. The man is a Sgt. with a Tank Destroyer group and his gunner has been arrested for the murder of a constable in the town where the group is stationed. Diana is OK with Billy going off to check this out because she has plans to [...]

    It is always a joy to read a Billy Boyle book, mainly because of the atmosphere. The mystery side of it isn't always that believable (too many coincidences) but the history side is always interesting and the books have a nice pace. This time one of the subjects is the horrible way black American soldiers were treated by white American soldiers and the whole racial problem at the time in the US of A. (Unfortunately this has become and issue again over recent years but that's another story.)The Bi [...]

    Another excellent entry in this series. As always, Billy Boyle's investigation uncovers more than a murder - in this case, the bizarre, troubling, and disgraceful way the Army treated black soldiers during WW2. Separate but not equal, with Jim Crow attitudes and actions following them across the sea to England. Boyle must try to clear an old friend, while that friend just wants to fight to save a country that seems uninterested in saving him. Benn's books are always satisfying as mysteries, conv [...]

    This was my eigth Billy Boyle World War Two mystery novel. They keep getting better. There are several murders that Billy is called upon to help solve. There is also the disappearance of a young 14 year old girl, which raises all sorts of fears. The adventure takes place in England--we don't adventure to any European war theaters! There is also the story of the difficulties that African American soldiers had when they tried to share in the war! We've come a long way!

    Billy is asked by Tree, a friend from home, to help him prove his fellow GI is innocent of killing a policeman in the countryside town where both are stationed. In addition, Billy is asked by his uncle, General Eisenhower, to help in the solving of a crime committed in the same county. Another exciting Billy Boyle mystery.

    An excellent addition to the 'Billy Boyle' series of mysteries. Billy just wants some R&R, but he gets pulled into two mysteries. Set against the backdrop of invasion prep and American racism, the story gets complicated fast, with too many players, too many motives and too little information. It's up to Billy to dig out the truth from some very secretive and distrusting people.

    I'm so surprised none of the Billy Boyle books have been made into movies! They seem like ready made screenplays. I always enjoy how Benn examines archetypal conflicts in the context of WWII. Real people with problems that still exist today and have occurred since time immemorial.

    This is a dandy little series. I particularly like that the author uses some generally little known element of WWII as a focal point. This time, American segregation and the workings of the Twenty Committee form the basis of the mysteries.

    The subject of racism in America is unusual for a WWII novel. I appreciated the awareness of how ingrained it was in our culture.

    A great readJames Benn does it again. holding you in suspense with all the twists. can't wait until September when the next book comes out!

    Fairly engaging installment of this series. I was impressed with the effort to provide reflection of the different views of "race relations" between American forces and the English

    “A Blind Goddess” eBook was published in 2014 and was written by James R. Benn. Mr. Benn has published 10 novels all in the “Billy Boyle WWII Mystery” series, with this being the 8th in the series.I purchased this novel and read it on my Nook reader. I categorize this novel as ‘PG’ because it contains scenes of Violence. The story is set in World War II England. The primary character is Captain Billy Boyle, a former Boston Detective. Now Boyle is on General Eisenhower’s staff, hand [...]

    This is the second book in the series I have read. For some reason, my library has #1, but none of the others until #8. The story and characters in this WWII-era mystery were fine, but I thought the subplot about the treatment of black soldiers in the war was a bit hamfisted. My sense was that Benn wanted to make this a morality tale, but unless he continues the theme in the next books, this came across as preachy.What I did like about this was the way four mysteries all came together, three mur [...]

    This series of Billy Boyle WWII books is very enjoyable. The main character works as a detective for the army, and the investigations are interesting and well developed. The author researches important issues associated with this era, and adds thought provoking insights.

    A Blind Goddess by James R. Benn is a rock-solid edition to the Billy Boyle World War 11 series. In my opinion, it is the finest one to date.When this series began, Billy was an Irish American cop from a closely knit family. As World War 11 begins, the family calls upon a distant relative, Dwight D. Eisenhower to look after Billy. The series has captured the growth of Billy from a young, smart-mouthed, inexperienced Boston detective to an inquisitive, charming, and smart character while serving [...]

    This is an historical mystery set in England in 1944. The protagonist is Billy Boyle, a former Boston police officer who is now a newly-promoted Captain in the United States Army . He is assigned to Supreme Headquarters as a special investigator for General Eisenhower, who is related to Boyle. It is the most recent in a series of Billy Boyle World War II mysteries. I have not read any of the other books in the series, which I am sure provide some back story to the relationships among Boyle and h [...]

    p.22 We were both older now, old enough to understand that those years when we yearned to grow into adults and leave our youthfulness behind may have been the best years of our lives.The story is impressive in the historical reach. A theme of the novel accentuates an slighty little angle in the story of WWII: at war with ourselves. The story weaves miltiary history with a heatlhy exploration of race relations to reflect the time. Racial attitudes drive the story. The timeframe, England 1944, foc [...]

    I first met Billy Boyle and James Benn in his first book and have been hooked ever since. They keep getting better an better (although I must confess that Death's Door holds first place for me.)Billy is back in England hoping to enjoy a 30 day leave with Diana, his love, but no such luck. he's contacted by a friend from Boston days, Tree (a black man) who wants Billy's help in alsolving his friend, "the best gunner in his outfit" from a charge of murder.But suddenly Billy is called in to headqua [...]

    A Blind Goddess (Billy Boyle World War II #8)by James R. Benn is a great read! My wife picked this ARC version up for me at ALA this summer and I read it pretty much non-stop in three days. I have read all the titles in the series and this is by far the best of the lot. It seems like author James Benn has found his pacing and he moves this story along in a quick but engaging style. I particularly appreciate the attention to the small details (the choice of weapons between Kaz and Boyle; the styl [...]

    Another fun romp through less explored areas of the US Army in WW2. This one takes Billy back to England in the more quiet parts of 1944 before D-Day. Billy runs into a old African American acquaintance from his Boston days who requests his help to investigate the murder of one of his Soldiers who has been accused of killing a constable. Simultaneously, Billy's tasked to investigate a separate murder of what is seemingly an ordinary local salary man for an insurance company.All is not what it se [...]

    Billy Boyle thinks he's taking a few days off but ends up working two cases: one official and the other unofficial for a friend. The principal plot of this book is not so much some murders and some MI5 spycraft but the reality of the segregated American Army. Billy's friend, Tree, is black and one of his soldiers has been wrongfully accused of murder. Tree is from Boston and his dad worked in the Boston Police but in an entirely different capacity-as a custodian. They knew each other as teenager [...]

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