Andrea at the Center

Andrea at the Center

Andrea at the Center You re going to here at the Center for a few months It s going to be the most enlightening experience of your life When it s over you ll be returned to where you taken from a different woman Young an

  • Title: Andrea at the Center
  • Author: J.P. Kansas
  • ISBN: 9781937831950
  • Page: 135
  • Format: ebook
  • You re going to here at the Center for a few months It s going to be the most enlightening experience of your life When it s over, you ll be returned to where you taken from a different woman Young and beautiful Andrea is, without warning, whisked away to a secret location, where a mysterious group devotes itself to the pursuit of sexual enlightenment through the use o You re going to here at the Center for a few months It s going to be the most enlightening experience of your life When it s over, you ll be returned to where you taken from a different woman Young and beautiful Andrea is, without warning, whisked away to a secret location, where a mysterious group devotes itself to the pursuit of sexual enlightenment through the use of many sensual techniques Gradually, she s introduced to the ways of the Center by the people that gladly occupy it Her sense of self and her understanding of sexuality are profoundly challenged, leading her to a new understanding of herself and the deepest sexual satisfaction.Andrea at the Center, previously published by Masquerade in the 90 s, has been fully revised with titillating updates for our Pink Flamingo readers J.P Kansas will thrill you with his stunning tale of straight, lesbian and gay sex, bondage, exhibitionism and all sorts of sex toys and dolls The excitement does not stop there, however Andrea s experiences are sure to arouse every fetish from spanking and collars to threesomes and voyeurism Andrea at the Center has everything you want in an erotic novel and

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    Where to start? This is a book that defies a simple description that manages to convey it all in a single word or three. It is erotica, but far more than that as it covers nearly every permutation of the sub-genres but paranormal. There is LBGT sex, BDSM, multiple partners, fetishism it’s all here. Surrounding a bit of a ‘dubious consent’ start as Andrea is essentially kidnapped and deposited at the Center without really accepting or agreeing to it. So, there are moments of her acting out [...]

    Wow one very hot erotic book. Andrea is kidnapped and taken to the center where she is befriended by Emmy. Andrea lives out her fantasies and has every type of sex thats going lesbian, slave, electrical stimulation, prostitution, hypnotherapy, threesomes, sevens, toys, dolls the list goes on and on, definately something for everyones taste. Just a couple of things not for me (wee and period) yuk! Each to there own I suppose.Was this all a dream or did Andrea really go to the center? Read and fin [...]

    As everyone knows, I read a lot of erotica. A LOT of erotica. The one thing that I really loved about this book is it literally has something for everyone. Whether you're into GLBT sex, straight sex, threesomes and what have you, it has it all. I highly recommend this for new readers that aren't sure what they're into yet or seasoned readers that want just about everything!

    Definitely adults only and for the sexually open reader.A purely erotic piece of writing. Sexually fluid, taboos, kinks, fetishes are explored. Full review later at On Top Down Under Book Reviews -

    Which Twilight Zone episode was this one? Whichever one it was, I want in on it. This is definitely a hawt abduction sex slave training. Andrea is in a park when two men ask for some directions. Before she knows it, her mouth is covered with chloroform and she blacks out. When she wakes up, she's not in Kansas anymore.This "Center" is a special training place where Andrea takes an amazing sexual journey. Many different fetishes are showcased in extremely an arousing manner. Author J.P. Kansas do [...]

    This is another reason why I love being a blogger. I am provided with the opportunity of discovering authors and stories that I would have never found on my own. Erotica is normally not my cup of tea but I was approached by the author to give an honest review. So I decided to try something different and give this one a go. The scenes were pretty detailed, graphic and explicit. I kept asking myself how in the world did the author come up with this and how was he/she even able to put all that into [...]

    Andrea, a young woman, is taken to secret location where everything sexual is explored. The Center is all about challenging your personal beliefs and thoughts on sex. Andrea is assigned a Big Sister named Emmy that helps her acclimate to life at The Center. Andrea is angry that she's been kidnapped and doesn't want to have anything to do with The Center. Disobedience is taken very seriously at The Center because you'll face Carl~the founder. Everyone does their level best to avoid this at all co [...]

    It's crazy to think that a place like this could really exist. This is an erotic novel- be warned if you're thinking you might escape the world of sex, oh heck no. If you think that, then you probably didn't read the blurb anyways.It also has elements from all the sexy books out there. If you like GBLT books, or multi-partner, or hetero, it has something for everyone.But let's not just think about this book as an erotic novel because it isn't just that. Andrea is also on a journey of self-discov [...]

    Sizzling hot and adventurous, Andrea at the Center dares to explore the human body's capacity to receive and interpret pleasure. Akin to a modern Beauty Series (by Anne Rice), this novel revolves around Andrea, an engaged woman brought unwillingly into the mysterious place of the Center. Within the Center's expansive grounds, Andrea's sensuality was slowly being brought out. Each person she meets gives her a new perspective in pleasure. Almost all aspects of sensuality's taboo has been explored [...]

    Andrea at the Center is an intense and extremely erotic story. This has everything in it including many socially taboo acts and situations. It is very well written and within minutes of starting it, you are Andrea. You feel what she does and both emotionally and physically. I tend to read most on the bus on my way to and from work and found myself missing my stop on purpose just so I could keep reading. Definitely worth a read and I hope J.P. Kansas comes out with another book soon and maybe eve [...]

    Andrea at the Center is a great erotic journey of one woman who is kidnapped from her everyday life, to a place where she learns about every way for people to enjoy their sexuality. There are plenty of up and downs for her as she goes through this, when she finally gets to go home she has a new look on life. I would like to thank J.P Kansas for giving me this free read, I enjoyed reading this book and do recommend this to others.

    This book was amazing, There is something for everyone. If You like erotic fiction, it is a must read. No matter what type of erotica You are into reading, it is in this book. Andrea is a beautiful young woman whose life is changed at the center.This book is so HOT!!! I don't know if there will be more, but i would love to know what happens after

    ‘Andrea at the Center’ is a sizzling spiral into sexual fantasy. Andrea awakens at the Center, and finds herself plunged into an erotic world of provocative experiences. Things she would never…could never…conceive of experiencing, make her question her sexuality. With the assurance she will eventually be released, Andrea lets go of her inhibitions and immerses herself in the quick paced erotic world of the voluntary and involuntary participants behind the Center’s walls. There are hot [...]

    I loved this book, I was gutted when it had finished as I wanted to know so much more. So many twists and turns to this book

    I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone! The only reason it's not 5 stars is I am not sure about the title! Overall a great book!

    A highly erotic read, involving in depth scenes of Andrea' s sexual journey through the Center. A strong read of one woman's journey to discover herself as a sexual being.

    This review originally posted on my review site Sassy Vixen Reviews with The Vixen. sassyvixenreviewsThere I rate books with hearts (instead of stars) and also with additional kudos emoticons to show more of what I liked about the book. I can't put the little devil or champagne emoticons here, but you'll get the point. ;)~(little devil): The author takes the reader on such a wild ride of so many sexual encounters that at times it's hard to follow or understand why one minute the heroine is upset [...]

    This guest review of Andrea at the Center by J P Kansas has been kindly provided by the Cara Sutra forum member Fesure Maybe.Thank you!- Cara Sutra*** *** *** *** ***I was lucky enough to receive this absolutely fabulous book called Andrea at the centre. This is based around a girl who is engaged to a guy called Michael and kidnapped off to this centre. This centre is a centre for different levels and activities of a sexual nature, which end up with an amazing twist to the whole thing and the st [...]

    J.P. Kansas' novel, Andrea at the Center, is definitely not for the faint of heart as it is classified in the erotica genre. In the novel Andrea is kidnapped while jogging. When she awakes she finds herself in a castle like place with many other people, both male and female. She soon learns that some of the people are there voluntarily while others were taken like herself. Confused and scared, Andrea is told that she will not be harmed and will be returned to her normal life once she lets hersel [...]

    This story definitely has a WTF factor, but OMG is the writing ever vivid (and it’s causing me to write in IM). There are certain scenes that definitely draw you in, but the story becomes a bit repetitive. It’s one of those stories that you can pick up at any point and read from there without having missed much of anything. It’s a brilliant read if you are looking for n erotic story that you can breeze through without having to think.The very minimal character development in this novel mak [...]

    Book source ~ Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Andrea is kidnapped and taken to the Center for sexual training. Over the months she is there she will learn about and participate in all kinds of sexual activities and where she, it is hoped, will gain confidence in herself and her own sexuality.This book is a sexual smorgasbord. There is just about every kind of kink and fetish to explore and Andrea does them all. I lost track of the number of [...]

    J.P. Kansas pens "Andrea at the Center" in a sizzling plot filled with sexual fantasy. This book is actually more than just an erotic novel, it is also about Andrea's self discovery journey. Between the author's incredible characters with some great sexual chemistry between them, Andrea's journey and the descriptive scenes, I had a really hard time putting the book down. Be prepared to stay up all night with this book! Highly recommended for all erotica lovers.This review is based on a complimen [...]

    This was a great Erotica Book. I have read a few books in this genre and I was very impressed. This book has it all and is very well written. Definity the best book I have on on !!!!

    Where to start?.HmmOkay, first of all, I´d like to say that I received a copy of JP Kansas´s * Andrea At The Center* in exchange for an honest review. Andrea At The Center by JP Kansas was a tough read. And to be honest, I struggled through the complete book. And if I should discribe this book with a few wordsI´d say: " WAY TO MUCH SEX". Of course, I love to read about sex ( I wouldn´t be normal if that weren´t the case). But I also love to read about a character, and to know about his or h [...]

    PUB. INFO: Pink Flamingo, 4/2013ORIGINAL PUB: Masquerade, 1994GENRE: Contemporary EroticaFORMAT: Paperback and E-bookMY GRADE: DI love erotica. The filthier the better. I don’t like ‘sexy’, watered down R-rated sex scenes. I want them XXX. This book had that but that’s all it had. I love erotic storylines where the woman is taken, willingly or not, to, and becomes part of, a secret underground sexual society. The goings-on here were a mess and unbelievable. It was just a bunch of sometim [...]

    In Andrea at the Center we begin the book by Andrea being kidnapped. She is taken away a place that she knows not where she is or how long she will be held captive. She is soon informed that she will be there until she becomes who she is. This all really puzzles Andrea until she meets her big sister. She soon introduces her to many new experiences from lesbian sex to a male strip club to being video taped and watching herself. After she is forced to leave Emmy she soon becomes a slave in a women [...]

    As erotica goes, the ‘plot’ of this book is about as believable and well thought-out as a porn film. Our protagonist, Andrea, is snatched off the streets by a couple of random men, drugged and taken to the Center, which is some sort of all-encompassing sex commune. Once there she is told that she has been taken in order to ‘become what you are’, or something like that. Her family and fiancé have all received a notice from her that she was overcome by a sudden desire to spend a few month [...]

    This book is extremely explicit so if you cannot handle that do not read it. But if you want to blow your mind by erotic kink then this book is for you.So yes lots of sex and kink, but J.P. Kansas has taken the opportunity with this book to push every known sexual boundary through this story.I will be honest I spent 85% of the book thinking that this book is ultimate porn in a literary format. I wasn't sure what the story was meant to bewhat was the plot? However the more I read the more I start [...]

    I was given a free e-copy of this book by the author in exchange for a unbiased review. I am very undecided on this book. The sex was great, don't get me wrong and there was plenty of it. On the other hand there was something about the storytelling and character development in this book that was just a little bit off. I didn't like Andrea. I mean I really, really did not like her at all. This is due simply to the fact that she is merely a blank slate with large breasts. That is all I can tell yo [...]

    Never ending orgasms filled the pages of this book. Anything goes within the walls of the castle, a world separated from normal life as each person was released to be who they suppose to be according to the founder of the sex-cult. Many abducted from their lives and forced to perform to others fantasies. Personally it was just to much. The story line lost amidst the lust filled characters going from one erotic scene to the other. The characters had no depth, no personality of their own, and unbe [...]

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