The Poisoned Chalice

The Poisoned Chalice

The Poisoned Chalice One simple act and the troubles of the United Federation of Planets have grown darker overnight The mystery behind the heinous terrorist attack that has rocked the Federation to its core grows ever d

  • Title: The Poisoned Chalice
  • Author: James Swallow
  • ISBN: 9781476722276
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook
  • One simple act, and the troubles of the United Federation of Planets have grown darker overnight The mystery behind the heinous terrorist attack that has rocked the Federation to its core grows ever deeper, and William Riker finds himself beset by rumors and half truths as the U.S.S Titan is ordered back to Earth on emergency orders from the admiralty Soon, Riker findsOne simple act, and the troubles of the United Federation of Planets have grown darker overnight The mystery behind the heinous terrorist attack that has rocked the Federation to its core grows ever deeper, and William Riker finds himself beset by rumors and half truths as the U.S.S Titan is ordered back to Earth on emergency orders from the admiralty Soon, Riker finds himself drawn into a game of political intrigue, bearing witness to members of Starfleet being detained including people he considered friends pending an investigation at the highest levels And while Riker tries to navigate the corridors of power, Titan s tactical officer, Tuvok, is given a series of clandestine orders that lead him into a gray world of secrets, lies, and deniable operations Who can be trusted when the law falls silent and justice becomes a quest for revenge For the crew of the U.S.S Titan, the search for answers will become a battle for every ideal the Federation stands for.

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    This is the fourth novel in the book event of Star Trek known as The Fall where characters of the spin-offs of The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine are the pivotal players of the story. Even in this book, you can say that Voyager is represented since Tuvok appears that now he is a crewmember of the USS Titan. As I commented in previous books of this event, the story is 10 years later of the finale of DS9 TV series and 6 years later of Star Trek: Nemesis theatrical film.The event had an ambiva [...]

    Absolutely stellar. I thought that I had already figured out what the best Star Trek novel of 2013 would be. Now, I'm not so sure. James Swallow has advanced the story of The Fall in an extremely compelling way. I found myself staying awake into the wee hours saying "just one more chapter" over and over again. Well done. Dayton Ward certainly has his work cut out for him in the conclusion! I can't wait to see how this all turns out. 5 out of 5, would read again!Full review: treklit/2013/11/f

    Words can't describe how great I thought this book was. The books in the fall series keep getting better and better and thus one was no exception. The politics, actions, and in depth of the characters and storyline of this entry of The Fall series is a great addition! Looking forward to the conclusion!

    I finished this book in one evening, it is THAT good! I could NOT put it down! Always keeping you guessing as to what the heck is going on, why it's going on and what's going to happen next. I highly recommend it to my fellow Trekkies!

    You can read the full review over at my blog:sonsofcorax.wordpress/2014Star Trek: The Fall has proven to be a most enjoyable event series from all that I’ve read. My interest was piqued because of the cover to Una McCormack’s Crimson Shadow, and diving into the four-part series with David R. George III’s Revelation and Dust proved to be a good place to get back into the status quo of Star Trek tie-in novel fiction. The nature of these books, taking a look at several major characters and cr [...]

    The 4th book in the "Star Trek: The Fall" series, James Swallow's "The Poisoned Chalice" continues the stunning events in this series & this time does so via the crew of the Titan. In this installment, the Titan is recalled back to Earth where Riker is summarily promoted to admiral as he learns that all is not what it seems within the halls of Starfleet Command & with the assassination of President Bacco. In this capacity we learn a bit more about the concerns that Admiral Akaar has been [...]

    This was the fourth entry in the five-book series, The Fall. It was a damn good read, even if it didn’t quite measure up to the three novels prior. That slight shortfall, I believe, has more to do with my Star Trek preferences more than the actual quality of the book. Though this is titled as part of The Fall, it is essentially a Titan book, and I sometimes struggle with the Titan novels due to the tone and feel of them. However, Swallow did an excellent job — this truly and deeply felt like [...]

    OUTSTANDING! This book had it all,tion/adventure, political intrigue, some interesting character development & the author was spot on in the character accuracy department. Also the author did a great job of bringing the previous Fall novels together & advancing story. I really loved this book & I'm definitely going to have to check out James Swallow's previous entry's into the ST universe, & I am looking forward to more. This is one of my favorite ST novels of all & I highly [...]

    As with all the rest of the series I hadn't followed the characters through. I think I was aware that Riker had the Titan, but apart from that hadn't really met any of the crew, with the exception of Pazlar and of course Tuvok. Still, I enjoyed the progression of what has woven together to be an interesting series, and will look forward to see how it all comes together.

    Without warning or reason, the starship Titan – specialized for deep space exploration – has been recalled and ordered to patrol…Earth. Captain Riker has been promoted to admiral and shoved in an office, while several members of his command crew have disappeared on secret missions that not even the Fleet Admiral knows about. Who’s giving orders around here? It’s a troubled time in the Federation, with one head of state assassinated only weeks before, and the president pro temp acting i [...]

    The Fall continues as Riker and the crew of the Starship Titan investigate the truth behind the death of the Federation President. I can't say I'm very familiar with the Titan and it's crew, but this novel was a great introduction. Riker was well written, and in particular I enjoyed the character of Christina Vale, his first officer. Cut from the same cloth as Riker for sure. Their adventures were definitely enjoyable, but not quite as good as the second novel which is still my favorite.As the f [...]

    I liked the previous book in the series so much that this one felt like a letdown for me at first, until Bashir made his appearance. Then it got interesting reading about his imprisonment and escape.

    Was ist eigentlich auf der Erde los?Nachdem wir, in den letzten drei Romanen der Mini-Serie "The Fall", schon auf DS9, Cardassia und Andor waren, werfen wir jetzt einen Blick auf die Erde. Denn dort geht es im Augenblick zur Sache. Zumindest unter der Oberfläche. Nicht wörtlich gemeint.Captain William T Riker, uns allen aus "Star Trek: TNG" einigen sogar von "Star Trek: Titan" bekannt, wird zum Admiral befördert und soll dort dicht an der Seite seines Vorgesetzten arbeiten. Dieser macht deutl [...]

    A fun read, I was able to get my Trekker fix with this one.My complaint is the promotion of Riker ahead of both Picard and Sisko seems to make no sense at all. The way the Trek universe is right now, I feel that Jean-Luc should be a roaming admiral on the flagship a la general Douglas MacArthur during the Second World War or more recently Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq. It seems that Trek authors are still prisoners of the James T. Kirk ethos of stunning careers and not allow development unfortunat [...]

    In diesem 4. Teil des Star Trek-Zyklus "The Fall" steht die Besatzung des Raumschiffs "Titan" im Mittelpunkt, es ist die Zeit nach der Verhaftung von Julian Bashir und Ezri Dax, die für die Rettung der Rasse der Andorianer von der Förderationsregierung unter dem korrupten Übergangspräsidenten Ishan bestraft wurden. Der Kommandant der TITAN, William Riker wird von Admiral Akaar zum Admiral befördert, er soll im Auftrag der Sternenflotte die Vorgänge um die Ermordung von Präsidentin Bacco u [...]

    This is the second book in The Fall, a five book Star Trek series. I -- stupidly -- read the final book in this series first some time ago and was completely lost. I've since gone out and purchased all the other books, including this one, so I can read them in order to see if they made more sense. And, yes, it helps to read a series in order (Duh!).The book focuses on three characters, all from the U.S.S. Titan. The first is on Riker, who's been promoted to Rear Admiral after the assassination o [...]

    This was an excellent story, focusing on the hard choices that one is faced with when legally constituted authority is criminally corrupt, but one can't prove it unequivocally yet, and if one continues to follow orders, one never will have that proof. Yet to disobey is not only to run the risk of being labelled a criminal yourself but is to actually have to COMMIT criminal acts in order to get the evidence that is needed to remove criminals from power. Much more nuanced, much deeper in scope, th [...]

    This series, The Fall, has been remarkably uneven in quality, ranging from unreadably terrible to okay to outstanding. The Poisoned Chalice isn't as excellent as Uma McCormick's The Crimson Shadow, but it's really very good. The Star Trek novels have been focusing for some time on political intrigue at various levels, from grand strategy to West Wing-like maneuvering. This book deftly combines both, looking at black ops, extraordinary rendition, secret prisons, and the whole panoply of contempor [...]

    Amid increasing skulduggery from the temporary Federation administration, Admiral Akaar calls in reinforcements he can trust.Captain Will Riker is ordered to bring the Titan home from its exploration of the Gum Nebula without any real explanation. When he reports to Admiral Akaar, he finds himself promoted to rear admiral and assigned to Akaar.As Admiral Riker learns the ropes of his new position, Commander Tuvok, Lieutenant Commander Nog from DS 9, Thomas Riker and others are summoned to a clan [...]

    This novel takes the events in the epilogue of The Poisoned Chalice, book three in this series, and turns them on their head. The Poisoned Chalice ends with a bit of a Happily-Ever-After-for-Everyone-but-Bashir and this book takes that and turns it into a spy thriller.There are three storyiines running concurrently in the book: Tuvok, Nog and Tom Riker on a clandestine Mission, Will and Deanna Riker on Earth (mostly) and Christine Vale in command of her own vessel. All three are wrapped around t [...]

    Another outstanding book in The Fall series. The Federation and Starfleet are splitting apart and it's so great to see familiar faces stand against that.What I love most about this and the previous couple of books is that we're not seeing the traditional Starfleet heroes boldly giving their lives for the greater good. Instead, we see them risking even more - their careers, their friends, their families, their reputations. Bashir really did set into motion a chain of events that might be unstoppa [...]

    Good lord, the books that make up "The Fall" are giving me a "Star Trek" heart attack in the most delicious way -- they are exhilarating, poignant, and mind-bending. "The Poisoned Chalice" is no exception, as the forces of good (for lack of a better term) finally begin to line up against the darkness that is encroaching on the ideals of the Federation. I'm now especially fond of USS Titan's first officer, who deserves her own ship, crew, and book series. I'm less enamored with the copy editor, w [...]

    I am not a fan of the Titan series - I've tried two of the other books and just haven't gotten into them. Thankfully this is more than just the Titan crew being their normal boring selves.At this point it's easy to see that the new Federation president is up to something, but that's about it. Here Riker, his crew, and a few others work to unravel the mystery at the head of the government, and the story is really entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised.Minor spoiler - (view spoiler)[there's a sh [...]

    I am a big Deep Space Nine fan. After my last rewatch of the series, I decided to read the continuation novels. This included the Destiny, Typhon Pact, & The Fall series. This meant that there were a few Star Trek: Titan books for me to read. The entry into Typhon Pact was a tough book to get into. I was dreading getting to The Poisoned Chalice for that very reason.I could not have been more pleased! Twists and turns. The political intrigue. What a fantastic story! I believe I will continue [...]

    I am conflicted by this book. Much like I've been conflicted by this entire arc of books. The beginning had me questioning where the author was actually going with it, then I got into it, and found it difficult to put down. Then the action just stopped. The climax of the book just wasn't, and there was no resolution at all, just more questions. I can see that it's leading straight into the final book, but I feel it could have been handled more elegantly.

    A surprisingly entertaining read about political intrigue. It takes a page from House of Cards and does an excellent job reflecting the failures at the heart of our own government. It has all the classic cloak and dagger aspects, if somewhat predictable. It is especially poignant with the stuff going on in Ukraine.

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