Death Be Not Proud

Death Be Not Proud

Death Be Not Proud Following the vicious attack by a psychotic colleague and reeling from the suspicion that Matthew Lynes is not all that he seems Professor Emma D Eresby flees her college teaching position in Maine

  • Title: Death Be Not Proud
  • Author: C.F. Dunn
  • ISBN: 9781782640349
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following the vicious attack by a psychotic colleague, and reeling from the suspicion that Matthew Lynes is not all that he seems, Professor Emma D Eresby flees her college teaching position in Maine to her hometown in England taking the mysterious seventeenth century journal she stole from the college s archives with her.Broken physically and emotionally, Emma drifts unFollowing the vicious attack by a psychotic colleague, and reeling from the suspicion that Matthew Lynes is not all that he seems, Professor Emma D Eresby flees her college teaching position in Maine to her hometown in England taking the mysterious seventeenth century journal she stole from the college s archives with her.Broken physically and emotionally, Emma drifts until, fearing for their daughter s sanity, her parents invite a family friend to assess her In the course of their conversation, Emma discovers that he spoke to Matthew over thirty years before.This finally spurs her into action and soon, when she finds what certainly must be a reference to Matthew in the journal, she begins to understand Matthew s profound secret.But when Matthew arrives to confess his love for her, she must decide if she can trust him and he must decide if he can share his extraordinary secret with her Drawn by a deep connection that both feel but don t quite understand they find they must set aside their doubts and trust each other.Readers will be thrilled by the second installment in The Secret of the Journal from British author C F Dunn Mixing suspense, romance, and the supernatural, Death Be Not Proud explores the profound moral implications of a life seemingly invulnerable to time.

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    I had some mixed feelings about this book. First the positive: C. F. Dunn is clearly an excellent wordsmith. I was drawn right into the story from the beginning, wanting to know more about her character Emma. I loved the family dynamics between Emma and her sister and parents. The dialogue was great. The plot was well paced and intriguing. Maybe I'm just not the target audience for this tale. I think Twilight fans would probably be much more suited for it (I haven't read Twilight personally thou [...]

    Emma learns more about herself, her family and Matthew's family as the Secret of the Journal starts to unfold. Her research success will inspire you to learn more about your own ancestors. Sometimes you learn more than you bargained for, as Emma may have. Matthew is strong - maybe Emma is even stronger in other ways. A compelling read onward from "Mortal Fire".

    Be advised if you are contemplating reading Death Be Not Proud by C.F. Dunn, make sure you read Mortal Fire, the first book in the Secret of the Journal Series first, otherwise you will be quite confused at where this one picks up in the story. First and foremost, this is supposed to be a Christian title, and I would strongly caution readers that there is more behind the cover than what we are led to believe. There is some profanity throughout the story and the premise leaves one to question jus [...]

    This second book in C.F. Dunn's, "The Secret of the Journal" series, presents much of the background material on the nature and origin of characters presented in, "Mortal Fire," the first book of the series. As so many of us experience from time to time, our heroine, Doctor Emma D'Eresby, has so many doubts regarding who she is, what she is to enigmatic, Dr. Matthew Lynes, who he is, what they mean to one another and why all the secrets. The book starts out slowly with our heroine back in her ho [...]

    Very much enjoyed this second book in the Secret of the Journal series. It answers many of the questions put forth in Mortal Fire, but leaves just as many. Which is what I would expect in a continuing series.I was initially drawn to Mortal Fire because the back of the book read something like, "historian searches for 17th century journal." Well, shoot, I'm a historian and there you go. You had me at searches. In this book the search is all about relationships, past and present. One thing I like [...]

    A great fast paced read, loved the relationships between Emma and her family in England, especially her father. I also love the details of the places visited, lovely descriptions of towns and scenery. I find myself increasingly disliking Matthew, and wanting to shout at Emma about her infatuation - how many times will she paper over the cracks? Looking forward to the next instalment, and getting closer to understanding more about the mysterious Matthew.

    Okay, I will say I loved for book except for one reason. The one reason is large and overtakeswelleverything, but apart from that, I enjoyed Death Be Not Proud. Although not suspenseful like Mortal Fire, it was a good read. Now, there are spoilers below as I reveal the ONE THING. So, Mathew's not a widower. He's still married. Good gravy. While they don't consummate their relationship, it still feels just kindaoff, their being involved physically/romantically, despite the circumstances of his wi [...]

    Even better than the first book in the series. The interest and tension build further as layer after layer of mystery surrounding the male lead are peeled off…

    I'm done reading romance novels for the purposes of a review. I'm finding less and less redeeming value in them. They may provide some good escapism, but there are just too many other good books and types of literature out there.Death Be Not Proud is the second, in what will be a trilogy by C.F. Dunn. I have not read Mortal Fire. I think you can make it through book #2 without having read book #1, but it won't be easy. There are several pieces missing, which I can only assume Mortal Fire provide [...]

    Title: Death Be Not Proud (The Secret of the Journal #2)Author: C.F. DunnPages: 387Year: 2013Publisher: Lion FictionThis story picks up right where Mortal Fire left off. Emma D’Eresby has fled to London with her parents to recover being attacked. She has left the man she loves, Matthew Lynes, behind in America. Emma is in shock and mentally unstable. She won’t eat and just lies in bed all day. Her parents are very concerned and want her to seek psychiatric help. Emma slowly begins to come ou [...]

    C. F. Dunn in her new book, “Death Be Not Proud” Book Two in The Secret Of The Journal series published by Monarch Books continues the adventure of Emma D’Eresby in a contemporary thriller.From the back cover: Following the vicious attack by a psychotic colleague, and reeling from the suspicion that Matthew Lynes is not all that he seems, Professor Emma D’Eresby flees her college teaching position in Maine to her hometown in England– taking the mysterious seventeenth-century journal sh [...]

    The second book picks up where the first left off and answers some questions, but also leaves many to be answered! Emma D’Eresby has left Maine and Matthew Lynes behind after the vicious attack she suffered by a psychotic professor at the college where she was teaching. Matthew might have saved her during the attack, but she still doesn’t know what to make of him. Back home with her family, she is more distraught than ever. She knows she is falling in love with Matthew, she just isn’t sure [...]

    I read the first book in The Secret of the Journal series so that I would understand the characters and plot better by the time I started the second book Death Be Not Proud. I enjoy a Christian suspense novel just like the next woman and even some romance is okay but honestly in this book I felt as far from a Christian novel as I could get. In the first it’s established that Emma has some sort of faith, although it’s not said if that faith is in Christ alone or some other diety and she never [...]

    If you are an astute reader, you can tell a lot about a book even before you begin to read the story that’s contained within. So – when I studied the opening pages of C.F. Dunn’s latest novel, Death Be Not Proud, and observed that the introductory pages contained not only a Contents page, but also a 2-page listing of characters, 2 maps, and a section entitled “The Story So Far” – it was obvious that I wasn’t holding a light summer read in my hand.Quite the contrary.Instead, I disco [...]

    Professor Emma D’Eresby has fled her teaching position in Maine, following a life-threatening attack by a psychotic colleague, and has retreated to her parent’s home in England. There, she seeks to find the determination to embrace life, while sorting through the implications of what she experienced and her complicated feelings for Matthew Lynes. When her parents invite a doctor to the home to assess her mental health, Emma learns that the doctor spoke to Matthew 30 years prior, sparking to [...]

    DEATH BE NOT PROUD . . . it is safe to say this novel really stretched by comprehension as a reader. Some good. Some bad.This is book two in The Secrets of the Journal series. Since I didn’t read book one–MORTAL FIRE, I was at a bit of a disadvantage. If I hadn’t requested this book as part of a blog reviewer agreement I probably never would’ve finished it, but I am so glad that I did. The first half of the book is a confusion between back-story and set-up. Since I didn’t read MORTAL F [...]

    READ IN ENGLISH Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, thank you!Death Be Not Proud (of course named after the John Donne poem) is the second book in the The Secret Of The Journal-series.I didn't know it was a second book in a series until I started reading and the book began with a summary of the first book. There was some confusion for me at the beginning of the book, as I had some trou [...]

    From the publisher:Following the vicious attack by a psychotic colleague, and reeling from the suspicion that Matthew Lynes is not all that he seems, Professor Emma D’Eresby flees her college teaching position in Maine to her hometown in England— taking the mysterious seventeenth-century journal she stole from the college’s archives with her.Broken physically and emotionally, Emma drifts until, fearing for their daughter’s sanity, her parents invite a family friend to assess her. In the [...]

    It's been a couple of years since I read the first book, Mortal Fire, so I don't remember the exact nature of how it ended, but I do remember the intensity of emotions between Emma and Matthew. (Talk about a connection! Whew!)Emma, now home with her parents in England,recovering from her "accident" at the college, is trying to sort out her feelings and how she could continue to live without Matthew by her side. Meanwhile, she continues to research Matthew's past based upon what she read in the j [...]

    To be honest after I requested to review this book I was worried I might regret it. After reading the back cover copy again I wondered if this book would interest me.I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and this book exceeded my expectations. From the first page I was drawn into Emma's world.This is the second book in a series. I didn't read the first but wish I had. I didn't feel lost, but I did feel I was missing important pieces of the puzzle. I definitely want to go back and read the fi [...]

    It's finally here! I've been waiting on pins and needles for Professor Emma D'Eresby to return with her journal. Just last September, I reviewed Mortal Fire, the first in the series. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for?!? Hurry up, go read it. Okay, now that you're ready for book two, here goes. Emma is in London healing from her attack and struggling with knowing what is really going on with Matthew. She's recovering from what I would call PTSD like symptoms and just plain hear [...]

    Death Be Not Proud is the second book in The Secret of the Journal series written by C.F. Dunn.One thing I absolutely love about this author is that she knows how to write. Writing abilities aside, this second installment of this series is much less suspenseful than the first and a bit more tame in the storyline. The storyline seems to take us away from the secrets of a generational family research attempt to a new research project involving her new love, Matthew. This left me with questions sti [...]

    I’m not entirely sure how to review this one. It held my interest. If I didn’t have a million other things going on last week, it would’ve been read in a day or two. But, it was overly dramatic for me. The stuff between Emma and Matthew He’s awesome and an ass all rolled into one. How she can trust him the way she does is beyond me. It’s funny, because I usually get annoyed by the lady bloggers out there who get all pissy when there’s a guy like this in a book – and the girl’s li [...]

    Like a child waiting for Christmas, the arrival of the second book in this installment could not come soon enough. Again, I found myself unable to put the book down as I was anxious to see what would develop with Emma and Matthew upon her return from the United States to England. This book was not what I anticipated and I found myself liking Matthew much less than I did in the first book. This may be the intention of C.F. to cause a twist for the final installment, however, I found him to be con [...]

    My thoughts: When I read book one in The Secret of the Journal series, Mortal Fire, I found it a very unusual read the conclusion of which simply left the reader hanging for resolution but anxious to read on. Here in Death Be Not Proud we begin to see a light in the tunnel.The author, C.F. Dunn, does a very good job of crafting her story and creating characters. The visuals created with words help the reader to grasp where they are, what is happening, and all the people involved. I find the prem [...]

    The challenge for a mystery writer is that they have got to maintain the suspense as long as possible, but they also need to provide satisfactory solutions - and to do so in a realistic way. It can be hard to do that in a single novel, let alone stretching it over five books as the writer is doing in 'The Secret of the Journal'. But in this, the second book, she is certainly showing herself up to the challenge. The main character, Emma D'Eresby, uncovers some secrets (by delving into the past - [...]

    Brilliant continuation of the 'Secret of the Journal' seriesI absolutely loved 'Mortal Fire', the first in the 'Secret of the Journal' series, and groaned out loud at the cliff hanger it left me with. Thus began year long wait for the next book. C F Dunn does not disappoint in 'Death be not proud', the second in the series. I quickly got back into the story and found it totally compelling from the start. I loved it. I was up until 1.40a.m last night reading it, having reached a scene that made i [...]

    Death Be Not ProudThe Secret of the Journal Book 2By C.F. DunnEmma D'Eresby has returned to England with her parents where she seems to be almost in a stupor as she tries to make sense of both Matthew and what occurred in Maine. As Emma searches for answers she comes across evidence that points to Matthew being even more unique than she first thought.When Emma sends Matthew a cryptic message she fears that she has driven him away. But to her surprise Matthew shows up in England and wants her to [...]

    Every once in awhile a reader takes a chance on an author she's never heard of before and low and behold she's hooked! This is the case with me. I read Mortal Fire (the first book in this series) by C. F. Dunn and loved it! I'm always a little taken aback when I read a book by a new author and love it! Sillyn't? It's kind of like always eating the same foods and then loving something new?!?!?Anyway, I love the book cover of Death Be Not Proud. It reminds me of how perfect we think our mirrored l [...]

    I liked the first book and was looking forward to the second, but found it a disappointment. First, it doesn't make sense to me to write a book that is "christian fiction" and then completely deviate from historical christianty. If you want to write fantasy, and remain in the christian genre, I think spiritual warfare or false prophets would work better. Immortals? not so much. I just thought it was a stretch.Secondly, the main character is hardly christian (unless she has in mind a redemption t [...]

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