Aftershock America s premier author of provocative fiction delivers the dramatic finale to a series set within the inner circle of glamour sex and privilege When it came to playing games my lover Jax was a mas

  • Title: Aftershock
  • Author: Sylvia Day
  • ISBN: 9781459245990
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook
  • America s premier author of provocative fiction delivers the dramatic finale to a series set within the inner circle of glamour, sex and privilege.When it came to playing games, my lover Jax was a master strategist He pulled strings behind the closed doors of D.C s most powerful political players, and somehow still found time to nearly sideline my career What he didn tAmerica s premier author of provocative fiction delivers the dramatic finale to a series set within the inner circle of glamour, sex and privilege.When it came to playing games, my lover Jax was a master strategist He pulled strings behind the closed doors of D.C s most powerful political players, and somehow still found time to nearly sideline my career What he didn t know was that when I didn t like the rules, I threw them out and made my own I wasn t going to let Jax get away with it I wasn t going to let him get away at all.I loved Jax enough that it was impossible to give up Jax loved me enough that giving up was the only end he d consider He didn t think I could swim with the sharks It was entirely my pleasure to show him that I d already dived in

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    Does anyone know if the publishing date has been changed to March 11 for sure? I'm pretty much going to be done with Slyvia Day and her books if so. Don't get me wrong, she is an excellent author but the wait between books in her series is just ridiculous and the way release dates are consistently pushed back has turned her into the most irritating author on my list.

    ★★★★ 1/2! Aftershock, part 2 of 2! Ex-lovers on opposing sides in a high-stakes business battle must overcome their past & deal with their present!“He carried himself like a man who liked to fuck and knew he did it well. That subtle sexual arrogance.”Books in duet should be read in order and together:Part 1: AfterburnPart 2: AftershockIn Afterburn (part 1) recent college graduate Gianna Rossi, Gia found herself on opposing sides, in a high stakes business battle, with her ex-love [...]

    "I have to keep telling myself it's real"Jax has convinced Gia that they need to be together again – not that Gia has many objections. Surely, she does not trust him. She knows that possibly he will betray her again. She knows that surely he will break her heart again. There is tension between them. Gia’s job and future are in danger. Her family does not approve. But Jax talks to her about his feelings, his torment, asks her to be strong because it won’t be easy for her to be by his side a [...]

    3.5 StarsI wish this would have been released when it was originally planned. Just to much details from the story were lost, and with absolutely no recapping I was struggling to remember some of the important details. I did like both Jax and Gia, just felt a little short. I guess we have yet another book pushed back, this was originally to be released on 11/14/13 now it is being pushed to, get this, March 11, 2014! When this novella series was first being released I remember a big deal being mad [...]

    3.5 RUSHED Stars”You’re swimming with sharks…” I read the first book last August and I didn’t remember much about the inner workings of the business side of this story or Jackson’s family and sadly the author doesn’t recap at all for her readers.This story was just as short as the first book and even though Gia and Jackson are really likable characters, as well as the whole Rossi family, the author gives a fast forward version of tackling problems, declaring love and a quick hea.Th [...]

    Do I have a few favorite book heroine?That's a GREAT BIG YES. I didn't know how to deal with all the emotions he’d been stirring up in me since he had walked back into my life. I kept shifting from wanting to heal whatever was wounding him to wanting to hurt him myself. I have a total Lady Boner for any book heroine who is strong and secure enough to tell the hot guy she's lusting after to "Fuck Off" when the relationship becomes toxic.In a perfect world of literary crossovers, Gianna would be [...]

    4.5 Stars “And I was going to make him pay. Being in love with him wouldn’t change that. I wasn’t sure it changed anything.”- Gia* * * “Loving each other isn’t our problem.”- Jax* * *“He certainly spends a lot of time warning me away from them. I thought he was hiding me like a bad habit, but now I feel like he’sotecting me from them.”- Gia* * * “You gotta figure the Rutledges are like tiger sharks—they swim in the same womb but cannibalize each other until only the stron [...]

    ***4 Fight for What You Want Stars***"I knew what it felt like to lose it. Now I had to learn what it would take to keep it."The conclusion to Jax and Gia's story was all about them proving to each other that they weren't willing to let go of what they had. Whether they were fighting each other or outside forces, it was a battle they were willing to take on. "Don't forget that," he said hoarsely. Shaky fingertips brushed my hair away from my forehead. "When things get rough, don't forget I need [...]

    ETA: You know what, this book really was a joke. Not even Sylvia's writing talent could save it. I figured that if I'm honest in my review, I might as well be honest with my actual rating. And so I'm downgrading it from 3 to 1 star because I did not like it at allALLY??! It's that easy??! That's it??! In true Sylvia Day fashion, book 1 was written as a slow burn - slowly unfolding, with the perfect amount of heat, romance, charm, and loads of secrets to-be-revealed.Unfortunately, this equated to [...]

    I'm so annoyed that this is now not available until March 2014. Lesson learned - I wouldn't have started the series if I had to wait so long.

    I had to dig deep to remember just what this story was about and where it left off, luckily I was able to find my footing and dive right in.Jax left Gia for two years. No explanations given and when he reappears the first thing he does, well okay the second thing he does (after he takes her to bed) is mess up her business deal. Unable to trust him but unable to deny him; they tumble back into each other's arms.But this time Gia isn't settling for just random hook-ups; she wants more than that - [...]

    When you are reading a book and a sentence like this comes up: "We tore at each other's clothing, yanking off buttons and ripping through delicate threads" You know it's going to be a sexy read. And let me tell you, it was. The chemistry between these two is HOT. In the second installment we learn more about Jax's past and also about Gia's strong personality and her abilities to fight battles by holding her ground. There was a bit of drama which they handled it pretty well, in my opinion. Overal [...]

    "Because I want you to. Because I need to spend time with you. You make me feel.n. Being with you makes me feel like I’m not a complete piece of shit.”I'm going to make this review short and sweet just like the book. Aftershock picks right up where we first left the hot sexy Jax and our heroine Gia. Jax has sabotaged Gia's work ,but he still wants her back. While Gia is still really mad at Jax for betraying her, she still can't help stop loving him. So to finally get Gia to forgive him Jax d [...]

    this was fast paced drama with a dominant, demanding alpha Jax and equally vibrant, bold and bad ass heroine, Giad after they overcome the challenges of their opposite/rivalry in business sphere, they also reach deep and fight against each other's insecurities of giving their hearts away to one another, it was hawt, steamy, passionate and a perfect conclusion!Now I just have to see it in a movie version! *wink*

    I had this book since the release but I was passing other in front on my reading list and I forgot completely.Now I decided to read because I read several comments about the story and we'd have a movie about the book.I was extremely disappointed with the story and thought it too without depth or character development.Shallow history and that there was no need for the second book.The author could have deepened in the mysteries of the family of the hero and his reasons to submit to the whims of hi [...]

    11 march??? Geizz first crossfire with not scheduled release,now??? Good writing but very inconsistent :( maybe someday i will wait until all book in your series published before i read it, because this waiting just too much T___T

    Are you f***k kidding me that this book was pushed to March 11, 2014?!What's up with Sylvia's books and dates?! ¬¬

    Разочарована съм.Наложи се да чета първата отново,защото не си спомнях абсолютно нищо от историята,което не ми се е случвало с нито една книга до сега.

    Missing somethingI really liked Afterburn, it was sizzling, and it had intrigue. But this seems incomplete and rushed, needing a little more detail about the sizzling couple. We know that Sylvia Day has it in her to give us great chemistry, and the H/h had plenty, but the story isn't over. This is a miracle cure ending that robbed us if a proper story. This had novel-length potential, being written as novella with so much detail that begged to be expanded is a rip-off.

    Поредното разочарование от Силвия Дей. Този цитат от книгата описва почти цялото съдържание: "Мъж среща жена, зарязва я, появява се 2 години по-късно, изчуква я и почти прецаква голямата й бизнес сделка. После иска да я прекара отново-навярно и в двата смисъла"По-ясно няма как [...]

    It's been a while since I read Afterburn so I did have to quickly skim thru that and read the ending to refresh my memory.I may have blinders on when it comes to Sylvia so bottom line, anything she writes, I fully buyGia frustrated me at times but she's a decent h for the most part, just like Sylvia's other h's. Jax now Jax, I don't care how closed-off he was at times, <3 him!!! I'll say it before, I'll say it again. Sylvia's H's are like sex on sticksBlinders, you say? Umm, maybe but do I ca [...]

    Attention Publishing people & author!! We want so much moreeeee of Jax & Gia!!!There was much potential here,even if it was rushed for quick publishing,there should still have been more of them, like wedding and having kids stuff etc.There should be another epilogue published online, showing them as in couple of years later!!Couldn't get enough of Jax!

    That's it???That's it???Loved the book! But that's how it endsriously!!!!! I feel like there should be way more than that!! I don't wanna give any spoilers but if that's how it ends with Jax and Gia I'm a lot worried about Captivated by you!!!

    done with Ms. Day as of now. this is just insane. every book I wait for with her is always pushed back at least 4-6 MONTHS! The second book to all revved up (stripped bare) there is STILL no release date and it was expected 12/31/2012! almost a year later and now this??? D-O-N-E.

    Tek kitap olarak çıkması iyi olmuş.Zira çok kısa iki kitap olurdu.Sylvia Day favori yazarlarımdandır.Kadının kitaplarını seviyorum.Şu Gideon'un son kitabı da çıksın artık ya

    A quick and easy read. I liked this book and I enjoyed all of the books by Sylvia Day but, I kind of wished there was more to this series. Still a great read though!!

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