The Drayton Chronicles

The Drayton Chronicles

The Drayton Chronicles The evolution of a vampire Drayton doesn t know what he is Or why he has lived for thousands of years He takes not his victim s blood but the silky essence of their soul during their last breath Often

  • Title: The Drayton Chronicles
  • Author: Tony Bertauski
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The evolution of a vampire Drayton doesn t know what he is Or why he has lived for thousands of years He takes not his victim s blood but the silky essence of their soul during their last breath Often mistaken for the Angel of Death, his victims sometimes ask for forgiveness Sometimes he delivers After all, he is not without sin.

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    Many a grand meanings we associate with life and our purpose in this world. Delusions of grandeur, power, ownership, beauty and youth fill out the spiritual void inside us. And there in we forget that we are naught but mud and the only destiny that awaits us is the return to that self-same mud.Reading Drayton Chronicles, I was reminded of a tale that was often recited to me during my childhood:"Once there was a great wise saint who could take the form of a falcon whenever he desired. One day he [...]

    Overall, The Drayton Chronicles was really good. It was refreshing for me to read something out of my normal reading, and i was never sure about short stories, but these didn't disappoint. The chapters were short, and somehow that made the book flow more easily for me and it kept me going. It was a nice, easy read, and I liked Drayton. He's a wonderful character, although some of the others weren't. One or two of the stories weren't as easy to read as the other ones because of the violence descr [...]

    I delayed reviewing this because I knew whatever I wrote in my review could not come close to the level to which I was impressed, moved, and intrigued by this collection. Every once in a while you read something that is deceptively simple, yet profound to the point of utter complexity. The razor's edge between life and death, between significance and loss, between depravity and redemption. It's all there, in these seemingly basic, softly-told tales.What is a life worth? What is honor? what is vi [...]

    These stories are fantastic. Not your typical "vampire" fare - frankly, as I read them I didn't even really think of Drayton as a vampire. Great storytelling, and emotional. I hope there are more stories to follow.

    I really struggled to decide how to rate this book. I couldn't decide whether to go with how well written I found it and how much it affected me, or to rate according to how much I enjoyed it. If the latter then I'd have marked lower. I didn't enjoy it much at all. But I decided that was a personal thing and that truth be told if I was in a different place in my life I would have enjoyed it a lot more.The stories are very well written and with each one I felt like I was a more enlightened person [...]

    The Drayton Chronicles took me longer than normal to read because it wasn't my usual feel good chick lit. Instead, it at times made you stop and think or cringe in disgust at human behavior that really does take place. It took me a bit to get into the book, only reading about 15% the first two days that I had it. But I pushed through until I found myself reaching for it the moment I woke up in the middle of my sleep schedule. I couldn't stop until I finished it and I'm happy that I didn't give u [...]

    I would say this was a different kind of book for me but lately I've been branching out a little regarding what I read, one of the advantages of the kindle and free books, this said I still like a romantic vein to run through them even if it's not the whole purpose of the book. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book and it did take me a little while to get fully in sync with it but once I did I became totally absorbed and just couldn't put it down and I mean that literally I fell asleep whi [...]

    This is the most original vampire fiction I've ever read. Drayton is portrayed as an immortal creature that begins as little more than an animal, with no knowledge of his origins. He is apparently alone, as there is no mention of him ever encountering another like himself. Over thousands of years, he learns and evolves, leaving savagery behind, and developing some respect for the humans that sustain him. While he will never be human, he develops some very human traits. These stories are all abou [...]

    This was an interesting read. I have read other books by Tony and really enjoyed them, so when the first book in this set was free on I jumped on it. I read it, loved it and then bought the set. I do have to say that the first and the last stories in this set were the best for me. The stories in between had some very dark content and to me were not really about Drayton as much as about the other characters. I probably would have enjoyed them more if they had focused more on Drayton. He was by a [...]

    I read the first Drayton story (The Taker) and loved the premise, so when I saw that "The Drayton Chronicles" were out, I picked them up. So glad I did! I love the character of Drayton, and each story was rather different in substance but still managed to revolve quite well around Drayton. The compilation had a few minor editing flaws, but otherwise was a highly engaging and entertaining read, and, if the premise intrigues you, I highly recommend you give it a try! I personally can't wait to hea [...]

    I really liked the chronicles yes it's a change from the normal vampire novels out there but change is good ! It was extremely well written, but I found myself bonding more with the other characters through out his travels rather than him. Definitely worth reading and keeping an eye out for any more work from this author.

    Enjoyed the stories. Refreshing for me for a character that was a "possible" vampire to go beyond the blood lust and evolve into something that no longer requires blood and has become something much more humane. Written in short stories that could easily be adapted into a television series.

    These stories are different from anything I've read before. It is not something i would have gotten on my own, but i won a copy of the book in a contest. I read it and am glad i did, but really don't know what to say about the book except it is well written and interesting.

    New take on an old ideaAs usual, Tony Bertauski has taken a familiar concept and reworked it into a totally fascinating new twist on the old tales from which it springs. He never fails to delight and surprise me with his interesting views and his different aspect that he gives to a familiar character type. Drayton, the main character, is the most positive version I have yet found of this character type, and Bertauski makes it almost completely believable that such a being might actually exist in [...]

    Wow! Must Read! Soul consuming!Speechless. Just Wow! This is the first book I've read from this author. His style of writing kept me wondering, guessing and questioning what was going to happen next. I love the twist on the classic Vampire stories and how he combined it with a deeper meaning of life and death.This review really does not give this story the justice it deserves, mainly due to the fact that my Kindle (for whatever frustrating reason) decided to kick me out and this is the third tim [...]

    Interesting ConceptA few grammar errors, but the concept was intriguing, it kept my interest. I wish he would have wrote a few more chapters, he could have developed the character, Drayton, and the story line. So much untapped potential. Maybe he will write a sequel.

    I did not finish the first book. I just couldn’t get into the main character. The premise sounds really good and maybe it is if I could give it a second chance. The writing didn’t pull me in like I hoped

    The Drayton Chronicles, The Taker by Tony Bertauski is a unique twist on the vampire legend. He creates something darker than Ann Rice, and as unusual as Stephenie Meyers; however, like Meyers, his story line, setting and characters could have been flushed out more. The best vampire story I’ve ever read is one that didn’t try and become something different, but remained within the confines of basic human nature gripping the original vampire folk tale. In John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Let the Rig [...]

    It was hard to put this book down every night it was that engaging. I wish there were more that 5 stories. The one story about the brother, sister, and grandmother was hard to take because of the sex and violence. But in terms of the range of human behavior that Drayton deals with, I guess that story had to be in there. On the down side, there were a lot of spelling mistakes - things that would pass a spell check, but were in the wrong tense, or wrong number - things that needed an "ed" or an "s [...]

    This book is classified as vampire fiction but I don't read vampire fiction so it cannot ben it? Whatever it is (Drayton doesn't know himself) it is a very good read. I enjoyed all of the stories but the last one would probably be my least favorite, I don't know why but it just didn't grab me like the rest of them. This is a very unique take on an age old story and I really hope there will be future looks into the existence of Drayton. I am not looking for any explanations as to why he is the wa [...]

    This was a awesome collection of stories. I enjoyed every single one of them. I for one don’t think Drayton is a vampire. He might be the origin story, but no vampire.Drayton is a centuries old man? Kid? Person? Thing? That’s not clear, because he himself does not know what he really is. He’s so old he just remembers snippets of his life in the beginning. The rest he just pieces together. And although Drayton (or his story) makes you wonder what he is and he’s totally honest with his “ [...]

    Words don't come easy for me, so forgive me if I sound like an idiot. This was such an incredibly moving piece of writing. The emotions, as I closed upon the final page of this story were indescribable. As I sit here typing these stupid, clumsy words, I feel this longing for something that I will probably never know. A kind of wish fulfillment if you will, of knowing that at the end of life there is peace and maybe someone to help you on your way. Yes, I know that it's just a vampire story and e [...]

    The Drayton chronicles is a series of stories featuring Drayton, who is not your typical vampire type. He's kind of like a blood-sucking version of Karma. While these stories aren't nail-biting, edge of your seat suspense, they still suck you in. (pun intended) Bertauski is a talented writer and his characters (in this series at least) are so vivid they creep into your subconscious. I found myself thinking about them and about Drayton when I had to go back to real life and couldn't wait to curl [...]

    *I received a copy of this book from the author through the Read It & Reap program in exchange for an honest review.* This was a very intriguing book concept. The main character is a type of vampire, but he doesn't feed off of blood. He absorbs human essence. (If that's not a unique plot twist, I don't know what is!) Drayton is very moral for a vampire-like creature; as the book progresses, I actually grew quite fond of him as a character. Overall, a very impressive book with fascinating cha [...]

    I like the idea of this book. However, I found it difficult to care about the main character. Once I got into a the story, I started to like the cast, then the story would end. Since I didn't really like the main character, I found it difficult to continue to the next story. Also, there were times in which I found the writing confusing. I had to go back several times and read a few paragraphs more than once, only to put the pieces together later. Overall, I loved the creativity, and some of the [...]

    I may give up reading for a while. I long for the good old days when there were standards and not just any book could be published. This book wasn't awful, but it certainly wasn't good. It was an attempt to build on the myth of vampires. It takes a special author to be able to pull that off. Stephen King did it in Salem's Lot. Anne Rice did it with Interview With a Vampire. Twilight tried and failed with its sparkly vampires. And this book failed in trying to make us believe in a vampire as some [...]

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review (Read IT & Reap).This book has a pretty cool premise, and for that, the Drayton Chronicles definitely earned five stars! This is unlike any paranormal book I ever read. I enjoyed how the reader isn't told what Drayton is; only provided details about him. And these details imply he isn't a mainstream paranormal creature. Though there are several short stories, I enjoyed how the resolution theme bonded them together.

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