Amor de Verão

Amor de Verão

Amor de Ver o Uma viagem muito especial com muitos percal os e muitos encontros t rridos Um ver o a viajar por toda a Am rica com o c nico c ustico e impaciente fot grafo Shade Colby n o era precisamente um sonho

  • Title: Amor de Verão
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9788468729015
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Livro Papel
  • Uma viagem muito especial, com muitos percal os e muitos encontros t rridos Um ver o a viajar por toda a Am rica com o c nico, c ustico e impaciente fot grafo Shade Colby n o era precisamente um sonho para Bryan Mitchell, fot grafa da revista Celebrity, antes pelo contr rio Confinados ao limitado espa o do carro, a viajar de um lado para o outro sem parar de fazer fotogrUma viagem muito especial, com muitos percal os e muitos encontros t rridos Um ver o a viajar por toda a Am rica com o c nico, c ustico e impaciente fot grafo Shade Colby n o era precisamente um sonho para Bryan Mitchell, fot grafa da revista Celebrity, antes pelo contr rio Confinados ao limitado espa o do carro, a viajar de um lado para o outro sem parar de fazer fotografias, a situa o estava a ponto de rebentar Tinham um trabalho para fazer, mas n o conseguiam chegar a acordo em nada exceto na atra o selvagem que sentiam um pelo outro.

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      497 Nora Roberts
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    An older Nora book and still showing her genius! Its a lovely story about two photographers that are sent on a road trip to document summer across the country.They both see the world differently. She is an optimist, he a pessimist.I really enjoyed taking the trip with them, especially with Nora's ability to form word pictures.

    Cute and fluffy. Like most romances, this one pretty much goes where you expect. Two people who seem to be at odds, fall for each other dealing with some bumps on the way.Unlike some of her more epic books, this Nora Roberts tale is pretty intimate. Most of the book is just Shade and Bryan (odd names) and scenery. It's a road trip story and I enjoyed learning little bits about different parts of the US. Roberts' descriptions were interesting enough that I wanted to go to parts the States I've ne [...]

    The most boring book I've ever read. Waste of time. Its true Don't judge a book by its cover! How can a book with such a lovely cover be so boring!!

    Dit boek is het vervolg op Kloof tussen twee werelden. Nouja, het is gewoon deel 2. Het verhaal gaat niet over de hoofdpersonages van het eerste boek. Zoals Nora Roberts heel vaak doet in haar boeken series is een bijpersonage als hoofdpersonage dopen in haar volgende boek. Ook bij dit boek deed ze het. De vriendin van de protagonist wordt nu protagonist. De antagonist is een nieuw karakter. Heel even is er sprake van de hoofdrolspelers uit het eerste boek, ze komen ook even in beeld en spelen u [...]

    One Summer is the second installment of the Celebrity Magazine series. This one follows the prickly romance that develops between Celebrity photographer Bryan Mitchell and photojournalist Shade Wilder. The two are sent off on a cross country mission to capture summer. It doesn't take long for sparks to fly as they try to get along in close quarters, each believing the other to be a royal pain in the ass.Of course the inevitable happens,even though both had decided that it shouldn't and wouldn't. [...]

    Thats it. Am done. Either Am too old or i have read too many of her books but am finding Nora Roberts monotonous which i never thought was possible. My last few books i read were less than liked them. They are boring, tedious and utterly repetitive. They are romance. But i read so many varieties of romance that am finding the old Nora Roberts boring. Its getting difficult to like her books and am so sorry that this happened. I could always depend upon her and now i feel as if someone died.

    Primeiramente, este foi o meu primeiro contato com uma obra da Nora Roberts e devo dizer que comecei com o pé direito.Na primeira história, Segunda Natureza, temos os protagonistas Lee Radcliffe e Hunter Brown. A primeira jornalista de uma revista de celebridades, aspirante a escritora, e o segundo um escritor famoso de livros de terror. Lee tem a tarefa de escrever um artigo sobre o misterioso escritor e para isso terá que acampar com ele. Nesses dias sozinha com ele, uma paixão começa a s [...]

    s. 13 Proč musí Vánoce skončit. Ale oni skončís. 20 Nebylo snadné ignorovat její úsměv, ale bylo téměř nemožné, ignorovat ty nohys. 42 rodiče bylys. 53 ovce začaly mečet, ovce mečelaVždycky jsem si myslela, že ovce bečí.podařilo přehodit ovci za plotChudák ovce.s. 54 Shade začalaTedy začals. 57 Slyšely[on a ona]s. 61 udělaly () vyměnily[on a ona]s. 64 obě pracovaliBydleli jsem s. 76trik. “s. 95 její city k Shadeovys. 98 na malém zaprášeném ranči v Bar T. d [...]

    3.5/5*---Opinião completa em breve---O livro em geral não é mau mas a autora podia ter escrito um livro maior, afinal, para um livro que se passa no decorrer de três meses e onde temos personagens tão complexas, 222 páginas sabe a pouco e faz parecer um pouco precipitado. Em geral, é um romance esperado mas bem escrito e perfeito para quando queremos ler algo leve e rápido.

    Amor en veranoSencilla y fácil de leers personas que tienen que trabajar juntas un tiempon opuestas en muchas cosas pero tienen en común el amor por la fotografia.poco a poco sus razones para no amar a nadie o dejar que nadie se acerque van perdiendo significado al enamorarse historia no está mal.

    This is Nora, in the era of 1986t my fav, too dated. I feel that most of what this feeling ties to is the narrator, just no life, no lines/definition between the characters.wishy-washy. She is just reading a book. I love so much the newer books, it is wonderful to see how she has grown as a writer.

    I've read her most recent books first, so this one was a bit disappointing. I found the approach to sexual encounters from 1986 to be a bit borderline assault in some instances. Made me cringe sometimes. Thankfully, times have changed and so has her female characters. Still entertaining.

    2.5This was much more entertaining and realistic than the first one, but it was still pretty bland. Cute and simple, with memorable quotes like 'he stirred her feminine needs' and 'she stroked the sheep's back in a way that was oddly sexual'.

    Easy fast readEasy fast read in complete roberts fashion. Love abounds and you will enjoy the characters of this story. Good read

    Loved itI gave the book 5 stars. I enjoyed this book and the two characters, it is another winner for Roberts.

    Shade and BryanShade and Bryan are both photographers who had failed marraiges. They fall for each other during a project where they photograph summer scenes across the country.

    5 starsYet another fantastic read. Nora Roberts books never bore me. I could read them forever. I've read this one twice now.

    I usually enjoy Nora Roberts but I found One Summer to very bland and cliched. Brooding, sulky man vs kind, loving, beautiful woman. Kind of an eye roller for me.

    MagicalAs always one of the best reads, a good plot by one of my favourite authors She will always keep you interested till the last page.

    I loved this story. I couldn't put it down! Bryan is a photographer she looks at life in the most innocent way. She was married once an it didn't work out she loved her work more and there just wasn't room for both in her life an she choose her work. Shade is a cynic man who looks at the world as dark place an those are the type of pictures he creates. When he did a stint over seas getting pictures the lady from that country that he met and fell in love with played him for a fool she was only ge [...]

    I think I've read enough Nora Roberts books at this point that I can read them and pinpoint the year she wrote them This one has the hallmarks of the early 90's - she finally started male POV, the hero isn't a complete asshole (he has his asshole moments, but he has his reasons) and the love scenes are flowery, non-graphic and of the fade-to-black before it gets really good variety. This story was average. Basically, two opposite photographers have to road trip the U.S. taking pictures for a pho [...]

    "One Summer" started out as a promising story. The back cover copy -- two photographers, one summer-long road-trip -- totally hooked me. It seemed like the kind of story that was tailor-made for me. I'm into photography, and I'm a sucker for road-trip stories, especially road-trip stories that involve a romance. I had to read this.Nora Roberts is a good writer. This was my first time reading her stuff, and I was impressed by her skills. She's as famous as she is for a reason. However, this book [...]

    This was sweet and lovely and very summer-y. It was also very visual and aesthetically pleasing. I'd love to drive across the country in a van. And Bryan and Shade were great.

    Second in the Celebrity Magazine romance series with the focus on Bryan Mitchell and Shade Colby.In 1986, One Summer won the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award.My TakeAn interesting look at America through a summer road trip with a fascinating look into the minds of two photographers. I very much enjoyed reading their point of view in how they chose the photographs they would take and how they approached their subjects.The StoryBryan Mitchell probes for the underlying character of the celebr [...]

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