Denial: My 25 Years Without a Soul

Denial: My 25 Years Without a Soul

Denial My Years Without a Soul For years I lived in an upside down world where love was hate attraction was envy and childhood never ended A memoir

  • Title: Denial: My 25 Years Without a Soul
  • Author: JonathanRauch
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  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For 25 years, I lived in an upside down world where love was hate, attraction was envy, and childhood never ended A memoir

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    My bias I am a straight male that views homosexuality as a choice, and a bad one at that with clear undeniably poor outcomes for people who choose it.That said, I have an open mind, and I read this to try to put myself in the shoes of people on the other side of the ideological divide. This book provided an excellent counterpoint to my understanding, and exposed heterosexual readers such as myself to the uniquely different perspective that gay members of our society experience. A lot of the chal [...]

    "I recall childhood as a series of moments in a continual present thrust right up in my face, with no past or future. Though I learned, I do not remember acquiring knowledge. My discovery on that afternoon came as an announcement which presented itself with a bow and sat down to take its appointed place in my conscious mind. It must have been, however, part of a long unfolding. A few things had gone before, and later would come much more. Only in retrospect, long after the fact, was I able to fi [...]

    "l I wanted was to be normal, which is really what any child or teenager wants.""But how I do ache, sometimes, over the theft of my youth."This was really powerful for me. I often felt "monstrous" and different-- like I never fit in. Though I am a heterosexual female, I can greatly relate to feeling ostracized when it came to my appearance and my weight compared to my peers. As we grow older and more mature, we come to live with our differences and notice that differences are what make each pers [...]

    I liked the idea of this book however it's to educate a heterosexual reader. He doesn't talk about the deep gritty experiences of being a confused homosexual.Also, his writing isn't strong for a memoir. It read more like a news article.

    A love letter indeedRauch writes with deep understanding and lyrical beauty about his own coming of age. I ended the book with tears in my eyes.

    A friend recommended this book as a look inside the journey a man began in his boyhood to discover his sexual identity. Difficult to read in places, though not graphic, but not for everyone. With all the writing/reading I've been doing on "identity," it was helpful to read his perspective.

    3.5 starsWithin Jonathan Rauch's short volume, I discovered much to reflect upon. This is the only book of this type I've ever read, so I have nothing to compare it to. I absolutely admire his courage. That may seem trite or predictable to say, but I think writing about one's life is always vulnerable and risky, and he's sharing a highly personal journey in a very public way. I think it's always appropriate to acknowledge the strength that takes. I was reading it through the filter of my straigh [...]

    Interesting, quick read. There are some beautiful, telling passages. My favorite is when the writer rear ends another car because he was staring at a man, but still can't consider that he might be gay. The writer uses a unique internal monologue style to try to make us feel what it feels like inside to discover you are gay.The writing style can feel antiquated; if this writer is truly so accepting of his own homosexuality, why doesn't he use the word gay? After reading many chapters about his te [...]

    Jonathan says: 'I began to realize, by the time I was about 15 or 16, that there were three classes of young man There were the masculine gods, so unselfconsciously and enviably magnificent; there were the regular boys, so unselfconsciously and blessedly ordinary. And there was also a third class, a category for boys who would be grateful even to be unself-consiously ordinary, so that they could be released from their prison of sullen envy. The third class consisted of me. I occupied it alone.'H [...]

    4.5 starsThis short biography is not exactly a traditional coming-out story in that it focuses primarily on the psychological inversion that the author experiences for twenty-five years, beginning in early adolescence. The writing is at times philosophical and could be, perhaps, a bit more streamlined in places. But on the whole it's a very honest and revealing account of a heart and mind battling confusion, getting lost along the way, and constructing a worldview to make sense of it all. The ha [...]

    This is a quirky little book, a fun but quick read. While I believe the title of the book is a bit melodramatic, I do like Rauch's writing style. He shares a lot of very private information, and at times, I felt like I was wandering around in the basement of Rauch's subconscious, picking up a memory from this table, or looking at a childhood object from that. I think his story, though, is a bit more normal than he might like to believe. Also, I would very much like to know what Paul, the person [...]

    Could kindle quotes:Once a month, making sure to be vague about where I was going, I would walk 20 minutes to the No. 40 bus stop and ride half an hour downtown, hungrily seize the latest issue of Muscle Builder (what a title!), and spirit it home in a brown bag, to be stashed in that cabinet next to my bed. Pornography is as pornography does. I would have hidden away a postcard of the Mona Lisa if it had had the effect upon me of those muscle magazines. - location 270One cannot have lived diffe [...]

    I thought this was wonderful. I devoured it. What courage to tell such a harrowing coming out story. There is no denying the complexity and myriad variances of human experience. And at the end of the day, that's what we all are: human.

    This is a short but informative book on one person's journey. It's easy for straight people to hear some "facts" about homosexuality and try to apply them to every situation.Well-written. I would like to hear more about his story.

    enjoyed immensely, eye-opening and engaging for the most part, struck me as a little in love with his own prose now and then.No regrets, I'd buy (and will read) it again. :-)

    Denial by Jonathan RauchGood first try at a biographical novel. It is difficult to lay one's life bare on the pages of a manuscript. I applaud Mr Rauch's courage.

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