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  • Author: Isaac Babel Froukje Slofstra
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    This volume of translated stories consists of the cycle Red Cavalry and at least some of his Odessa Stories. Isaac Babel, by origin a bookish Odessa Jew, a literary man, rode with the largely illiterate and entirely anti-Semitic Cossack Red Cavalry into Poland. One hundred years ago give or take as the Russian revolution expanded and came into full bloom, the first world war came in Eastern Europe, not quite to an end but more sputtered into confusion, at this point an army of red cavalry gallop [...]

    What I learned and what I continue to learn from Isaac Babel is nothing less than how to write. When I first found "Guy De Maupassant" languishing in an anthology held over from my college years, I was, in the first place, captivated. In the second, infuriated. How could I have attended one of the top twenty English programs in the country and never once been introduced to Isaac Babel? It was enough to make me want to demand a tuition refund. Babel was executed in 1940 by Stalin's regime and his [...]

    রাশিয়ানদের আসলে হিংসা করতে হয়। না করে উপায় নেই। কি পুণ্যি করলে একটা জাতির বরাতে এরকম সাহিত্য, এরকম সাহিত্যিক জোটে? একটা তো না, একের পর এক, যেন এসেম্বলি লাইন। আইজাক বাবেল সম্পর্কে প্রথম জেনেছি [...]

    Rus edebiyatında önemli bir yeri olduğunu bildiğim ama şimdiye kadar hiç okumamış olduğum İzak Babel'in (1884-1940) toplu hikayeleri, insanın vahşi doğasını, savaşın acımasızlığını ortaya koymasıyla sarsıcı bir eser. Belki ara vererek okusam değerini daha iyi anlayabilirdim. Kitap aslında dört bölümden, dört ayrı kitaptan oluşuyor; erken dönem hikayeleri, Odesa hikayeleri, Kızıl Süvari hikayeleri ve son dönem hikayeleri. Kimi hikayeler ilk kez basılmış, [...]

    This particular edition was translated by Walter Morison, with an introduction by Lionel Trilling. Babel was an early 20th century Ukrainian author, purged by Stalin in the late 1930’s. He was a master storyteller, and his short stories are incomparable. In this volume they are grouped under three overarching titles, “Red Cavalry,” “Tales of Odessa,” and “Stories.” Each group is distinctive in its focus, although all share a similar general style.Trilling’s long introduction is w [...]

    Punchy, taut, brisk, abrupt, grotesque, surprisingly subtle and rather laconic. To have ridden in the Red Calvary alone, as an Odessan Jew, was definitely an act of tremendous guts- to write about it effectively afterward is even more impressive, of course.His short story "Guy De Maupassant" is perfect.He was snuffed out far too early and was tragically intended to be forgotten by the Stalinist state but his prose sears and burns off the page as if even his sentences themselves are fighting to s [...]

    There's a lot to be said for the work of Isaac Babel. Not only did he write at a time when great political forces were at work, and not only did he get a chance to participate directly in one of the greatest of these forces, the Red Army, but Babel's prose style, which combines coolly analytical description with just a touch of the surreal - especially when it comes to the violence of the Russian Revolution - fit his times exceptionally well. Or so you could say of the later work in this book. T [...]

    Critical Response: My First Goose by Isaac Babel translated by Walter Morison My First Goose appears as part of Red Cavalry, which is essentially a novel told with short stories. Red Cavalry was first published in 1929 and is generally considered Babel’s finest work in short form. The larger plot is based on Babel’s own experience as a youth fighting among the ranks of Budenny’s notorious Cossack band. The plot of My First Goose details in first person perspective the appointment of a youn [...]

    "I had dreams and saw women in my dreams, and only my heart, stained crimson with murder, squeaked and overflowed."First things first: the cover of this edition is hilariously bad. It's a bland, black-and-white photograph of the author ('disappeared' Jewish Russian writer, Isaac Babel) that makes him look like an insane Chinese shopkeeper.Second things second: as with most story collections, things tend to be hit or miss, but for this one the hits are really all in the central section, 'Red Cava [...]

    An astounding collection. The short stories of Isaac Babel are unlike those of any other author I've read. At first I wasn't sure if I liked them: I found them disarming in an odd way, concise but directionless, too compressed for my taste; but even though they are very precise the prose they are rendered in still manages to be extremely lyrical and mysterious. Babel's poetic but muscular style makes it all the more devastating when an enigmatic or hallowed scene suddenly explodes into direct or [...]

    Between this translation by Constantine and an older one by Walter Morison, I prefer Constantine's. He is more direct, perhaps even snappy or punchy, without sacrificing any of Babel's famously strange and lyrical imagery. Not that Morison is weak, by any means. I first encountered Babel through Morison and was bowled over by these violent yet compassionate stories. Constantine just deepened exhiliration.My favorite stories are "Dolgushov's Death," "My First Goose," and "Guy de Maupassant," whic [...]

    تو آدم خوش اقبالي هستي،آلكساندر كنستانتينووويچ.چند قرن پيش نياكانت پوشيده در پوست حيوانات اين طرف و آن طرف مي دويدند،در حالي كه من اغلب اوقات سنگيني قرن ها فرهنگ باستاني مردمم را احساس مي كنم،و نفسم زير بار آن تنگ مي شود

    Кратки, невероятни и абсолютно необясними - какви разкази само!!!

    The stories are divided into four groups: "Early Stories," "'Autobiographical' Stories," "Red Cavalry", and "Odessa Stories." The stories, sometimes more like sketches, in "Red Cavalry" describe his experiences when he joined the Red Cossacks in the short 1920 war against Poland. The emphasis is on the horrors of war and their effect on the men who fight—some rising to heroic action, some unable to cope; some unexpectedly rising to leadership, some escaping to brutalism. In some respects they [...]

    ايساك بابل در سال 1894 در منطقه اي فقير نشين در اودسا متولد شد. فراگيري زبانهاي انگليسي، فرانسه و آلماني و هم چنين رفاه و فقري كه او در دوران زندگي خود شاهد آن بود باعث شد تا از او نويسنده اي توانا بسازد. نثر ايساك بابل تقليد ناپذير است و به همين دليل نويسنده اي نمي تواند ادعا كند ك [...]

    Isaac Babel was a famous Russian short story writer who published a handful of collections before being executed in one of Stalin's purges in 1940. This collection is, I think, all of the short stories he ever published (along with some that he didn't and were discovered posthumously). It's an impressive collection, nearly 100 stories in all.I read this in parallel with Winesburg, Ohio - because why read one ancient collection of short stories when you can read two? I suppose my biggest problem [...]

    For the first two-thirds of this book I was convinced somehow that Babel's brutal world of thuggish amorality would be preferable to my own, I think because it involved horses, was set in central Europe and described by Babel. Then he gets into his childhood and the pogroms in the last third of the book and it was so grotesquely horrifying that I wouldn't trade places with his characters for the world, no way, I've had enough of childhood thank you, although mine wasn't so bad I guess since no o [...]

    In this collection, three sections gather the best from his three major groups. The Dovecote stories and the Odessa stories featuring the gangster Benya Krik are about Jewish life in that port at the beginning of the 20th century. Babel was in the Russian Army in 1918-19 and a war correspondent in the Cossack Calvary Army in 1920. The Red Cavalry tales tell about the appalling brutality of the Russian Revolution and Russo-Polish war of 1920 and the indifference to suffering of the Cossack troops [...]

    The Walter Morrison translation is the one you want. The new Norton editions are handsome and worth owning for hardcore fans but the translations are a bit clunky. Newcomers should start here to discover why Babel is such a great short story writer in modes ranging from bawdy stories about Odessa, caustic fables, laugh out loud sketches about the foibles of politics and love, poetic evocations of youth, and harrowingly bleak stories of wartime.

    I see something new, each time I read these stories, and Trilling's intro to the 1955 edition put me in the perfect frame of mind. It's as if Babel knew he would not live long, and so he crammed everything he knew into the smallest space possible. So much to learn from him!

    These were brutal stories. They came off like a scratched eyeball. I have not an iota of background with which to relate. I did however ride along entranced and shivery my senses alight the cold at my back and hungry. Where who, how so, could, should would be? Oi vey!

    Beauty in Confusion, Humor in TragedyMany years ago, as an undergraduate, I read these stories for a class on Soviet Literature. We had to do a lot of reading and I'm afraid I read these more as an assignment. Also, I was young, I hadn't really absorbed the process of thinking about literature, so I judged them according to the plots, nothing more. They were OK, I thought, but I hadn't grokked them in their fullness, to steal a phrase from Robert Heinlein. Now, over half a century later, I've ju [...]

    Many moments of scintillating short story prose, especially in the sharp changes between brutal violence and touching intimacy. My favourite line in the entire collection was by far“Unlike his divine prototype, he was rather slow on the uptake; but his voice, spreading out limitless and fatal, filled the soul with the sweetness of self-destruction and gypsy oblivion” Babel shows himself to be a very succinct wordsmith, able to get across huge amounts of moral ambiguity in a few short pages. [...]

    Alguns contos dentro dos Contos de Cavalaria são bastante bons, assim como um ou outro dos dispersos, mas outros, como os de Odessa, são demasiado medianos

    Ler Babel é aumentar a minha vontade de aprender russo. Como eu gostava de ser capaz de apanhar na plenitude a sua forma única de equacionar as palavras. Saliento dois contos: "Os Primeiros Honorários" e "História do Meu Pombal". O primeiro deixou-me um sorriso malandro nos lábios; o segundo ofereceu-me um abalo de alma com direito a lágrima. Percebe-se que alguns digam ser este foi o maior escritos russo de todos os tempos, mas parece-me que Babel se sentia sobretudo judeu e só depois ru [...]

    ISAAC BABEL: COLLECTED STORIES. (this trans. 1994). ****. Isaac Babel (1894-1941?) was born in Odessa, the son of a Jewish tradesman. When he was twenty-one, he went to St. Petersburg, where he met Maxim Gorky. Gorky was the first to encourage him to write, and subsequently published his first stories in his magazine. Babel fought with the Tsarists during the First World War, but, in 1917 went over to the Bolsheviks. Later, he began writing short stories and became an instant success. The tales [...]

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