Super Mario Bros. 3: Brick by Brick

Super Mario Bros. 3: Brick by Brick

Super Mario Bros Brick by Brick More than a strategy guide bigger than a retrospective a whole new look at one of the greatest video games of all time Film critic and game journalist Bob Chipman creator of Escape to The Movies Th

  • Title: Super Mario Bros. 3: Brick by Brick
  • Author: Bob Chipman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • More than a strategy guide, bigger than a retrospective, a whole new look at one of the greatest video games of all time Film critic and game journalist Bob Chipman creator of Escape to The Movies, The Big Picture and The Game OverThinker attempts the most in depth analysis ever of his all time favorite game, Super Mario Bros 3 The book chronicles his own most recenMore than a strategy guide, bigger than a retrospective, a whole new look at one of the greatest video games of all time Film critic and game journalist Bob Chipman creator of Escape to The Movies, The Big Picture and The Game OverThinker attempts the most in depth analysis ever of his all time favorite game, Super Mario Bros 3 The book chronicles his own most recent journey through every step of the game missteps and all while analyzing every element of this enduring NES classic from level design to visuals to music to its unforgettable characters for their artistic, cultural, and even historical significance He also details the history of the Super Mario franchise itself, his own experiences growing up gaming, and many of the life changing events that surrounded and shaped this most recent quest to save The Mushroom KingdomOK INCLUDES An in depth, step by step record of the author s play through of every level, boss battle, minigame, Toad House, and Airship of Super Mario Bros 3 No cheats, no shortcuts, no stone left unturned.Critical analysis and historical pop culture perspective on every character, enemy, sprite, background, item, and power up in the game along with its level design, gameplay, music, and aesthetic sensibilities.A history of the Super Mario franchise, and of the author s own history growing up alongside the legendary series.

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    I'm not really familiar with the author's other work. As far as I know this is his only book. A friend recommended this book to me and I can honestly say, it is the worst book I've ever read. It was poorly written, badly edited, and abysmally short on actual criticism. It smacks of a person who wanted to write a book but couldn't be bothered with actually reading any beforehand. I would recommend it for anyone who wants a good example of what you're not supposed to do.

    I recall reading about the author who was hired to write the novelization of the first Halo game saying that his book was a series of passages about Master Chief running and shooting because he was hired to write the book version of Halo and that running and shooting was all he saw in the game. The author of this book similarly wrote about only running and jumping, but sells itself as finally being THE book to treat games with a trained critical eye. This is not a book of game criticism. I say t [...]

    I tried reading this book, but it is in desperate need of an editor, or at least a copyeditor. Misplaced punctuation, inconsistent capitalization, misspelled words, and a parenthetical in almost every sentence constantly disrupted the flow. Shame, as the idea for the book is sound.

    I found it hard to get past page one, so many errors.The guy who recommended it to me is getting removed from my facebook friend list.

    Bob goes into way too much detail, repeats himself, bounces back and forth between topics and writes about off topic things nobody cares about. In one part he seems to think we care about the time he was doing a public access show and his boss threatened to fire him over his passion of the Christ review. Jesus Christ. That has something to do with Mario because?Also he compares seeing Mario 3 for the first time as a historical event that compares to JFK being assassinated and 9/11. Dude is on pl [...]

    A heads-up: this is not the deep analysis of the classic video game suggested by the title (and back-of-the-book blurb, and introduction). It's not as good a book as that would have been, either, but it works pretty well for what it is.To his credit, Bob points out a gap in video game criticism: there aren't many CliffsNotes-like deconstructions of what does and doesn't work in a given game, much less the video game equivalent of a shot-by-shot film analysis. Filling this hole is his first state [...]

    Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. The first couple of pages could quite possibly be the worst waste of ink put to paper in the history of humanity. However, Bob Chipman makes up for it by revealing how mentally unstable he is, doing so in a hilarious manner. It really makes me wonder if he's ever had a friend in his life, or if this sad attempt at a book was the only way he had to talk to another human being. It wouldn't be surprising at all. Throughout the book he mentions and event [...]

    A high school teacher once told me that the worst thing anyone can do when writing an essay is to merely summarize the contents of the piece rather than commenting on and exploring it. For 120 pages, Chipman violates this rule.This is completely baffling, as digging deep into pop culture is exactly what he does as his day job. Chipman is a sometimes-bombastic, always-insightful critic. His online shows - most notably The Game Overthinker and The Big Picture - consistently provide new ways of dis [...]

    This book was hard to finish, and it might of had something to do with my ADD or that the book kept switching gears with personal notes thrown in that would have been better left in a prologue or dedication. Also that this book inspires me to write a similar title is not saying something good especially since I'm a horrible writer. Was a good effort by a first time author though.3 stars out of 5

    Super Mario Brothers 3 is one of my favorite games. I still remember the day that my grandmother gave it to me back when I was seven, and how I danced around the room because I was so happy before I put it in the NES and played it for hours. It's not the best Mario game--that's Super Mario World, much like how Super Metroid is the best Metroid game and A Link to the Past is the best Legend of Zelda game--but it's definitely the game I've been the most excited I've ever been to get, back when I w [...]

    I first encountered Super Mario Bros. 3 (SMB3) when my father got a Nintendo for Christmas. Before that, my gaming experience had been strictly ColecoVision. In retrospect, the NES was for Dad so that my brother and I wouldn't fight over it. We got three games with it - Double Dragon 2, Metroid, and SMB3 + Duck Hunt. We played the hell outta those games.As kids, we never did beat SMB3 (or the other two) - at least not without a game genie or help. World 6 and 7 were difficult and 8 was near impo [...]

    La lógica del autor es “Si existen libros que analizan un film escena por escena, su guión, actuaciones, estética porque no puede haber un libro que haga lo mismo con un videojuego?” y tiene sentido, no? Pero a pesar de que me encanta la propuesta, la verdad es que este si resulta ser un libro bastante “raro”.La parte principal de esta obra está dedicada, efectivamente, a analizar Super Mario Bros 3 escena por escena, y para aquellos que tenemos fresco el juego en la memoria (vamos! [...]

    Well, I don't regret reading it. I admire anyone who can write with passion about something they love and make it engaging. And I could empathize with the section where the author talked about the death of his gradnmother.But Jesus tapdancin' Christ this book needed a copy editor. So many grammar and spelling errors. I'm not even a copy editor by trade and I could spot pretty much every single problem. I can't even chalk that up to my Mom being a copy editor from time to time, the problems were [...]

    I enjoyed this combination Mario history and play by play. It reminded me of a Let's Play, but in book form. It's obvious a lot of time and effort when into translating the Super Mario 3 experience into text, and is the only example of it's kind that I know of. I am an early riser and this was one of the books I enjoyed reading while waiting for the sun to rise. I would then be excited to go play a Mario game myself. Thanks to this book I have revisited many of the Mario games of my past as well [...]

    Enjoyable analysis of a classic game--reading the playthrough drew attention to the invisible game design techniques that made the game so exceptional. I would have liked more of that and less of the author's personal life, though. His history with Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. 3 itself were enjoyable, but being hit with the mortality of family members was a jarring experience that I really wasn't looking for in a video game analysis.

    Liked the book more than I should. I agree with most reviews, the personal parts are a bit embarrassing, however I liked reading about a game being played.Initially I was playing the game as I read the book (never had a NES, never had played further than World 2), but stopped after the middle of World 4. Resorted to some online maps of the levels and just reading the book.

    Chipped away then knocked it out in Otaki over holidays break. Pretty meh, two or three hooray retro moments but after he gets to world 3 I've forgotten most of the levels and am reading gobbledygook and I've played SMB3 a shittonne. I'll stick to his movie reviews on YouTube

    bro dis storee is de best ting i ever have red it is beter dan hungry games and fifteen shades of greythe writing wuz flawless the storyy waz exciting and u wer an amazing caractertank u for dis good read i canot wate to see moar from u

    An interesting look at a classic game and a brief look into the life of the author. Otherwise, if you're not a fan of Bob Chipman or the history of Mario, this book holds nothing for you.

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