Not Quite Perfect

Not Quite Perfect

Not Quite Perfect Sometimes having it all isn t enough Emma has everything she s ever wanted Her boyfriend s just proposed and her career has finally taken off And so what if her latest client just happens to be downri

  • Title: Not Quite Perfect
  • Author: Annie Lyons
  • ISBN: 9781472017123
  • Page: 324
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes having it all isn t enough Emma has everything she s ever wanted Her boyfriend s just proposed and her career has finally taken off And so what if her latest client just happens to be downright gorgeous She s getting married Isn t she Rachel s married with 2.4 children well, actually, 3 and life is all about trying to leave the house in a non stained toSometimes having it all isn t enough Emma has everything she s ever wanted Her boyfriend s just proposed and her career has finally taken off And so what if her latest client just happens to be downright gorgeous She s getting married Isn t she Rachel s married with 2.4 children well, actually, 3 and life is all about trying to leave the house in a non stained top Once it was about skinny cappuccinos, cocktails and dynamic ad agency meetings She wants her old life back, but can it ever be the same A sparkling, funny tale of two sisters and how often you don t know what you ve got until it s gone.

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    Rachel et Emma sont sœurs et mènent des existences plutôt ordinaires (famille, amour, boulot), pimentées par les aléas de la vie. L'une ne supporte plus sa vie au foyer, l'autre jongle entre carrière et épanouissement personnel.On a là des personnages ordinaires, qui vivent des choses tout aussi basiques, sans tomber dans une routine assommante. Au contraire, on se sent en territoire familier et confortable. J'ai beaucoup apprécié, alors que j'avais tendance à juger le début lisse et [...]

    A great holiday read!, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel about two sisters,Rachel, a stay-at-home to three, and soon-to-be married Emma who has a thriving career in publishing. The story charts the challenges and temptations both sisters face and how their choices impact not only on their own lives, but on each other's too.There is a fabulous cast or characters and some really funny moments that will have you laughing out loud.It's funny, heartwarming and poignant. A must-read this summer.

    Couldn't put this down. Need to come back and add a proper review, but a very good read. Should have saved it for upcoming holiday.

    Mlle Alice, pouvez-vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec Presque Parfait d'Annie Lyons? "Ce livre m'a été proposé en service presse et j'avoue, j'ai été faible lorsqu'on me l'a vanté comme s'inspirant de l'univers de Jane Austen. Oui, je sais, je me laisse encore avoir"Dites-nous en un peu plus sur son histoire "Emma Darcy doit bientôt se marier à son adorable fiancé quand un nouvel auteur de sa maison d'édition vient chambouler ses certitudes. Sa soeur aînée, quant à elle, marié [...]

    A fabulous read. My copy came in a goody bag full of delish books, buy this one is my favourite by far. More importantly, I'm so pleased to have discovered Annie Lyons. I love the humour in this book, which was a fast read for me, simply because I couldn't put it down. The family settings were great – I found it was easy to identify with the characters, and their situations and struggles were very true to life. Not Quite Perfect has a delightfully light touch, coupled with more poignant, thoug [...]

    I really enjoyed this thoughtful and thought-provoking novel. It's written in the present tense, which jarred with me at first but the story was so interesting it soon swept me up with it and I stopped noticing. Sisters Emma and Rachel are very realistically drawn, with flaws and imperfections like most people, and the family dynamic was beautifully portrayed. I really recommend this easy, interesting read.

    This is a warm and funny romance about two sisters who don't quite have it all. With Austen-esque family dynamics and likeable central characters, this is a definite 'to-read' for what remains of our (not quite perfect) summer. Well done to my fellow UK Carina author!

    Great read you'll laugh out loud and cry buckets. A truly great writer in real life terms. The emotional roller coaster of these sisters makes for a great read. But what ever you do don't mess with this family the payback comes from a sassy 3yr old I wouldn't mess with

    lighthearted romance about how the grass isn't always greener. Bit more realistic than your usual chic lit. enjoyable read.

    It was an ok story the siblings interactions were funny but neither sisters were all that great character wise. The story is told through the siblings point of view which shows the different perspectives that each sister sees. But things do tend to feel a bit rushed from time to time. The story had some funny moments but the whole book seemed lacking to me in some way and I can't put my finger on why I feel that way.

    Entertaining This is an easy but engaging read about modern women juggling careers, families and relationships. The outcomes might be predictable, but it is still a worthwhile, if unchallenging way to spend a few hours.

    Firstly thank you to Harlequin for sending me a copy of this book, the first Carina UK print book!The story is all about two sisters Rachel and Emma and their day to day lives which are hectic and full of challenges to juggle including work, men and kids (same thing sometimes).The story starts off well and I actually found that I was reading through quite fast and I think that’s partly to do with both characters being easy to relate to. However, I found myself quickly coming to be unsure wheth [...]

    Originally posted on beccasbooooks/I suppose it would be fitting if I were to say, "This novel was #NotQuitePerfect" but if I were to say that then I would lying, because this novel was perfect in every sense of the word. Annie has created the most gorgeous 384 pages, full of family drama, two sister's with very different lives and a countless number of problems that crop up along the way, rocking Emma and Rachel's boats very firmly from side to side. It was chaotic, charming and incredibly movi [...]

    The story gives one a real sense of the chaos, bustle and the unpredictability of life, especially when small children are thrown in the mix. The miniature humans in this tale could give the kids from the TV series Outnumbered a run for their money.Speaking from experience I can say that the scenarios with children in this story, aren’t unusual at all. One of mine used to be a bit of a Lily, and I also believed in letting her explore her own sense of fashion, much to her grandmothers chagrin a [...]

    3.5* *Received in exchange for an honest review**Thank you Carina*This was such a fun little read. I seem to be on a bit of a contemporary/ chick-lit kick at the moment because I'm devouring them! Not Quite Perfect is one of those easy reads that you can devour in just a few hours. Not only is it a really sweet little read, it's also Harlequin's Carina's very first physical book! So a massive congratulations to them :). Going back to the book though, I was completely drawn in by the lifestyles o [...]

    Not quite perfect but a really great read.I have really enjoyed reading this book. The resume about the book, customer reviews and the cover of the book all tempted me. I wasn't too sure then once I had started the book as it is about two sisters and the writer keeps changing the writing from one sister to the other, and, at first, it seemed to alter too quickly in my opinion. I was just starting to get to know a character then she changed onto the other sister before I was ready. It was a littl [...]

    *3.5/5*Voilà un livre dont je veux vous parler depuis un petit moment. Je l’ai lu vers la fin de l’été mais entre déménagement et rentrée scolaire, je n’avais pas encore trouvé le moment de taper ma chronique. C’est maintenant chose faite. Je pense que vous vous en doutez déjà mais j’adore les romans de la collection &H de chez Harlequin. D’abord leurs couvertures sont vraiment parfaites, pleines de vie, de modernité, d’humour, de vitalité, elles sont pétillantes et [...]

    Presque Parfait est un roman dans la pure veine Chick-Litt, avec deux héroines pour le prix d'une, dans lequel on suit en parallèle les parcours de deux sœurs : Emma et Rachel Darcy.Emma est une jeune éditrice qui vient de décrocher le gros lot en faisant signer un romancier, auteur d'un best-seller qui pourrait bien assurer son succès. Fiancée à Martin, elle semble vivre une vie pleine de succès, heureuse en amour comme dans son travail. Seulement, les apparences peuvent être trompeus [...]

    *Book received by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*Thank you so much Sara from Carina UK for sending me a copy of the book.Not Quite Perfect is a story about two sisters, Emma and Rachel. Emma seems to have it all, she is engaged to her gorgeous Martin and she is a successful editor. Rachel is married to Steve and they have three sweet children. However, they are both not very happy. Rachel wants to get out, work again and have fun and Emma?! Well, her fiancé isn’t as perfect as [...]

    Originally posted on: addictivechicklitRating: 3,5 StarsEmma and Rachel are two sisters who seem to live opposite lives, Emma is the career focused and she is starting to think that getting married and having children might not be her destiny. Rachel is a stay at home mother with three kids and she is not sure if quitting her job to take care of her children was the best decision ever. But both share the same doubts, are they living the life they always wanted or did they get lost along the way? [...]

    Not Quite Perfect is a story about two sisters, Emma and Rachel. Emma has a great life, she's engaged, has some good friends and at work things are going very well. Rachel has a kind husband and a wonderful best friend. She also has three children. She's staying at home to take care of them while her husband is working on his career. Both Emma and Rachel aren't happy with their current situation. Emma's fiancé makes a few very wrong decisions when planning their wedding. Meanwhile there's someo [...]

    You know that saying the grass is always greener on the other side? Well, Not Quite Perfect is definitely all about that saying. Sisters Emma and Rachel have somehow found themselves stuck in situations they think are right. However, they don't actually understand the consequences that they will face if they aren't. I really liked this book. It's evenly paced and has you easily gliding over the words and taking it in with giggles, smirks and all round loveliness. There are few heart felt moments [...]

    Rachel and Emma Darcy are sisters. Like all sisters, they have their ups and downs. But when the minuses begin to outweigh the pluses in their lives, Rach and Em grow restless and unhappy. When they each decide to do something about it, it's every sister for herselfRachel is (mostly) happily married. But with a demanding job that has her husband working long hours, they see each other only in passing. Rachel begins to look forward to her chats with her handsome neighbour, Tom. He's nice, and fun [...]

    Not quite perfect is the first print book by Carina, who up until now has been e-book only. I was thrilled by this news because upon reading it first via kindle, it was one of those books I know I will be re-reading and wanted it pride of place on my book shelf. Now I can have both.“Not quite perfect” is a heart warming read that will make you cry and laugh out loud; often at the same time. Rachael and Emma are brilliant characters who are so easy to identify with because we have probably al [...]

    This is a humorous, lighthearted read about 2 sisters, Emma and Rachel. Emma is a recently engaged career woman, who knows exactly where her life is going. Or does she? Rachel is married with children, your typical housewife. She's happy with her life, or is she?The author uses dual POV's and this gives us a better insight into the sisters' lives, their dreams, and how they really feel about things.Both of them become very confused during the story, wondering where their lives are going, and dre [...]

    I rated this 3.5 stars.This book had a slow start for me. I didn't feel like there was enough of a plot and that Emma was a less interesting, less quirky Bridget Jones. But then the story started to pick up, there were more twists, and I became much more interested in the lives of Emma and Rachel. There were even times where I was tearing up and I felt so much sympathy for the characters. The language in the book is very British and I struggled figuring out what the characters were saying at tim [...]

    I quite enjoyed this book about two sisters Rachel & Emma. Rachel is married with 3 children and Emma is engaged. I enjoyed the setting within a publishing house. The down sides were some "unsolved" questions. Why did Steve lie about working late? Why was Ella in the office with Joel? One sentence has Emma in a quiet flat, next sentence she is going upstairs and leaving the house. There were also a few too many Stellas too. All in all though an enjoyable read and the writing of Rosie was ins [...]

    A story of family, life, loyalty and friendship. The characters are so life like you have to take time out to join reality.The story shows the strengths some people find when they need to, but also the friendship when your not as strong all the time. \although the characters have their problems, its a family most would be proud to be in and even though we are sat on the side lines, the emotion gets us deeply. These two sisters are so like so many sisters who bicker and argue and don't see what t [...]

    This book kept me company over the Christmas period and what a treat it was. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of sisters, Rachel and Emma. Rachel's married-mum-of-three exploits had me laughing out loud at points as I related to almost every episode.A brilliant, funny read!

    I really enjoyed this book and read most of it in one day. I must admit that I was in tears as I found parts of it really moving. I loved all the characters and found everyone's outcomes really satisfying. I will look out for Annie Lyons' other books.

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