Transformers: Monstrosity

Transformers: Monstrosity

Transformers Monstrosity undefined

  • Title: Transformers: Monstrosity
  • Author: Chris Metzen Flint Dille Livio Ramondelli
  • ISBN: 9781613777503
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Best Read [Chris Metzen Flint Dille Livio Ramondelli] è Transformers: Monstrosity || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF Õ
      196 Chris Metzen Flint Dille Livio Ramondelli
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Chris Metzen Flint Dille Livio Ramondelli] è Transformers: Monstrosity || [Humor and Comedy Book] PDF Õ
      Posted by:Chris Metzen Flint Dille Livio Ramondelli
      Published :2019-01-22T23:01:22+00:00

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    The sequel to Autocracy, the story picked from where it ended, with an Autobot victory and with Optimus Prime in charge of a population wary of the abuses of past Primes. The former soldier is finding it harder to keep the peace than fighting a war. Meanwhile, Megatron had a number done on him by the Matrix-powered Optimus. Though he's heavily damaged, he reminds Starscream and would be usurpers that he still functions, not that it mattered to Scorponok, he still gets tossed off Astrotrain.I'm l [...]

    Optimus has only recently become Prime, but unfortunately it is the rulership of a dying Cybertron. Having fought off the last vestiges of the old leadership he is left with a fractured and decaying council who have decided that the only chance they have for survival is to flee this broken planet. On the other side of the divide the Decepticons are in no better state. Megatron was left broken by Prime and Scorponok has decided that death is too good for him; throwing him out of Astrotrain into e [...]

    Optimus has found himself the new Prime of a dying planet. With energy shortages, and factions out to stop progress, he's got a fight on his hand. Add to this the Dynobots, the Decepticons, the Terrorbots and a threat named Scorponok and it all adds up to a very epic story. It does have a few flaws though.There are a lot of characters and a lot of locations. While it's easy enough to keep track of the characters, the story shifts locations every page or so. This kind of shuffling felt a little j [...]

    A great sequel to "Autocracy" and Ramondelli's art is awesome, but the story of the fall and rise of Megatron is just not as epic as Optimus'previous ones.Liked a lot again all the references and homages to "Transformers: the movie" (1986): damaged Megatron thrown off Astrotrain again was a blast!And his battered scavenger look is the same of Bay's "Transformers: Dark of the moon" movie :D

    Really good sequel to 'Autocracy'. As Orion Pax transitions into Optimus Prime, he struggles with the burden of instilling confidence in the remaining bots after his former allegiance led to the imminent scarcity of Cybertron energy resources. Doubting himself throughout this arc has added a lot of heart to this saga. The divisiveness among the Autobots AND the Decepticons is riveting and it's really hard not to root for Megatron to return for the sake of the planet. Love the mystery of origin s [...]

    This would have been four stars if not for how ineffectual it makes Optimus Prime seem. There's struggling with being the new Prime, and then there's consistently being the dumbest person in the room. Otherwise, the other story elements hold up pretty well until a rather anti-climactic ending.

    It's good until the last issue where the ending is a bit underwhelming. That's made up for in the sequel, Primacy, which has the battles royale you'd be hoping for in this.

    Picking up where Transformers: Autocracy left off, this continues its darker take on the Transformers' history. Lots of good stuff in here, including Megatron's exile to another planet; Scorponok as Decepticon leader; the events that led many Transformers to abandon Cybertron; and the introduction of the Dynobots. Plus a climax straight out of a Godzilla movie. Mind, the story doesn't quite jibe with some of IDW's previous TF canon (though it can be rationalized). Also, like Autocracy, the autho [...]

    If I were the sort to entitle my reviews, this one would be "Dark and Darker." When I first saw the promotions for this volume, I wondered how they were going to work in those bestial Transformers into this earlier time in the continuity. The creative has done so skillfully, if not entirely flawlessly.The scenes of Megatron's exile are equal parts amazing and head-scratching. The depiction of the politics of Optimus assuming leadership after the events in Autocracy are surprisingly are so well d [...]

    FantasticThis is a really great Transformers story. I especially like the callbacks here and there to the animated movie. But it is totally separate from that, a story of Autobots, Decepticons, and Dynobots early in the timeline of Transformers history, long before they came to Earth. It does a good job of making Cybertron show the believable effects of being war-torn and drained of energy. Grimlock, Optimus Prime, and Megatron are awesome in this. The story of Megatron stranded on Junkion with [...]

    Find my full review on my blog, The Itinerant Librarian. Click or copy/paste the link on your browser to read. Link to review: itinerantlibrarian

    Half-decent, but the structure and flow of the whole piece are sub-par. Perhaps a case of something to be read gradually, in its component parts, instead of collected as a whole?

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