The Rotgut County Blues

The Rotgut County Blues

The Rotgut County Blues Post punk White Trash Neo Beat Fiction

  • Title: The Rotgut County Blues
  • Author: Jason Wayne Allen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: None
  • Post punk White Trash Neo Beat Fiction.

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      454 Jason Wayne Allen
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    The book felt like a drunken confession delivered at five in the morning after yesterday blended into this morning. The book reminded me of a white-trash Bukowski nightmare; I kept thinking the book was a poetic prison sentence. This is one of those few works where the title actually meant something to the composition, as if it were a line that represents the contents of a poem, though nothing in the poem seems to explicitly connect to the title. "County Blues" made me think of "Count Prison" an [...]

    A look through the life of main character, Jack, his girlfriend and friends, and what they do to pass time on a small town and not go crazy.This neo beat short book is beautiful. Jason Wayne Allen's language is well crafted and perfect. You feel close to this characters and feel sad when the book ends. I really liked Jack and Ruby, and I wanted to know what happened next.Maybe in the future. I hope.

    (NOTE: I received this limited edition book [#20 of 25] as a gift from Dynatox Ministries, it was not received with the stipulation that I review it. I am reviewing this book because I enjoyed the hell out of it.)I recently rode the bus for several hours around the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Up the coast to the North Shore, down the center of the island into Honolulu, over the Pali mountain highway and back over to the east side town of Kaneohe and its volcanically produced ocean bay, where I cur [...]

    I bought this book this morning and finished this slender volume in the same day, which is unusual for me -- I usually read books on and off over a course of a few days. But this one clung to my brain with greasy, nimble fingers. It concerns the wild white-trash adventures of a lusty Romeo and his menstrual Juliet -- very early in their story, we're launched into their steamy restroom encounter. There's also a scene in a pet store that will have you snickering your brains out. Some people, it se [...]

    Here are some bullet pointsyou need to know about the man, the author, the risingstar that is Jason Wayne Allen:1) He works as an Editor, both for StrangehouseBooks (run by Kevin Strange) and Dynatox Ministries(run by Jordan Krall) respectively.2) He has written two zombie novels, Zombie!Zombie! Brain Bang! And Zombies of East Jesus.3) Jason has had a very rough go of things, and isdoing a solid job of writing himself out of what lifehas thrown at him.Needless to say, Jason has written for genre [...]

    Jason Wayne Allen's neo beat was surely beating my brains out and left me wanting more!In The Rotgut County Blues, Allen invites the reader to a very special place, and guides you through Garr while feeding your head with the dark voices of Jack & Ruby, lovers bound by Beast beer and pot, who lives for the day driving around in Ruby's green bug, experiencing messy sex, weird acquaintances and even an animal store.Allen writes neo beat and he does this with a certain sharpness, eye for detail [...]

    A love story if only they wrote them like this. A Punk styled tale of love, some men have a fetish to these sexual relations. Very imaginative plot. Told through some powerful lines. A must Read! "I'm waiting for the moon to fall. The sun is aroused and death -red over Southern skies vacuuming. endless, beautiful; autumn. Umbilical snakes tease from trees of knowledge, Ruby doesn't take anything and we share my rib like conjoined twins."Ruby is the love of his life or is she?@ chapter break "fo [...]

    Growing Up And Making MistakesFew things are more impactful than seeing a character make a mistake and realizing that they know very well they are making a mistake, but they go ahead and make it anyway, and if it is written well enough, you totally understand why they are making that mistake. This book is about growing up and making mistakes and just living. It's not pretty at all, but it's a hell of a read, even with all the period blood.

    A white trash love story interspersed with beautiful passages, I could not help but be impressed by this book. There is an honesty and attention to detail in the writing that is superb, with just the right amount of humor. I did not want it to end. I hope that this is not all we will read of Jack and Ruby.

    As with a lot of shorter stories I enjoy reading, they end too damn quickly. I could have happily kept reading more of this.

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