Elantris La ciudad de Elantris poderosa y bella capital de Arelon hab a sido llamada la ciudad de los dioses Anta o famosa sede de inmortales un lugar repleto de poder y magia Elantris ha ca do en desgraci

  • Title: Elantris
  • Author: Brandon Sanderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • La ciudad de Elantris, poderosa y bella capital de Arelon, hab a sido llamada la ciudad de los dioses Anta o famosa sede de inmortales, un lugar repleto de poder y magia, Elantris ha ca do en desgracia Ahora s lo acoge a los nuevos muertos en vida postrados en una insufrible no vida tras una misteriosa y terrible transformaci n En un nico volumen, una maravillosLa ciudad de Elantris, poderosa y bella capital de Arelon, hab a sido llamada la ciudad de los dioses Anta o famosa sede de inmortales, un lugar repleto de poder y magia, Elantris ha ca do en desgracia Ahora s lo acoge a los nuevos muertos en vida postrados en una insufrible no vida tras una misteriosa y terrible transformaci n En un nico volumen, una maravillosa historia de la moderna fantas a en que la pol tica, el amor y, tambi n, la religi n desempe an un papel extraordinario.

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    Oh my God this is so contrary to my usual love of shorter novels.Okay so I knew that I had missed something in my review pot, I just realized now that I had missed this book.But there is a Persian saying that says "the fish is fresh whenever you catch it from the water", so let's go with that. This book is very different, but then again it is Brandon Sanderson, so anything less would be shocking. Elantris is simply said a rather ecstatically unique book, that creates a world beyond the usual bou [...]

    3.5/5 StarsExactly 3 months ago, I finished binge reading the two available books in the Stormlight Archive series, Brandon Sanderson’s magnum opus and my favorite series of all time. By that time, I already caught up to all Sanderson’s Cosmere works (excluding novellas) except his debut work, Elantris. Today, I finished it and in my opinion, it’s a great debut novel but at the same time it’s also Sanderson’s weakest Cosmere’s book. Once you read all his other books, it’s really cl [...]

    I'll have to think about how to review this but for now wow!Sanderson does it again!

    Oh, Elantris, why must you torture me so? Why must you force me into conflict with the library, my favorite dealer? They claim I owe them, and they aren't going to leave me alone. I'm afraid to go to the corner dropbox at night in case a librarian is lurking. I've stubbornly held onto their copy of Elantris hoping that I would become inspired to re-read and provide a more thorough review. Alas, no. You will have to read my generalized dislike instead of many specific examples. For no clear reaso [...]

    I really enjoyed this! Didn't quite sweep me away as much as Mistborn did, but it was still a solid and satisfying read. It was rather slow in the beginning and had a good deal of build-up as the world and three main characters were introduced, but once all three story lines were thoroughly intertwined things started to get really really good! The mystery about what happened to Elantris was super compelling, and even though I preferred some characters to others, I was invested in all of their st [...]

    Holy shite balls! I loved this book!Okay, I took a picture of the back of the book because I liked how they had the part about Raoden, Hrathen, and Sarene printed on there but I did cut off a little bit of Sarene. So it's supposed to say she's a princess from Teod, not Teo. Lol Anyway, I wanted to add it because I thought it looked cool! I loved the hell out of this book! ❤ AND NO, I'm not comparing it to his other books. All of his books that I read are reviewed as their own book. I loved THI [...]

    3.75⭐️I got my Cosmere fix. *giddy. Giddy. So giddy*Should be able to last me for a few weeks. RTCI need my Cosmere fixNo matter where I go, all roads lead back to the Cosmere.Such is the way of the world🤷‍♀️Kicked off January with Rothfuss now February with Sanderson. Yay for 2018!👌😍

    Warning: the review that follows is terribly unprofessional (you know, in the way that no one ever bitches about for some reason) and full of love and lots and lots and lots ofbecause REASONS.I think I've wished for half-stars maybe three times, at the outside, in the years I've been on . Generally, though I may waffle between stars for a little while, I can settle on a rating which I feel accurately represents my feelings about the book in a mostly unemotional manner. (All my ratings are to som [...]

    Review number 2Having just finished re-reading the first ever stand alone Brandon Sanderson novel I ever read it struck me how my view of the book has changed. Of course I always knew it was likely to happen. The flaws and pacing of the text were far more noticeable. That does not mean I did not enjoy the book all over again, I simply analysed it to a far greater extent.The flaws of Elantris are to put it simply a slow and uneven pacing, the occasion lapse of characterisation, the fact that some [...]

    'Elantris' is the first novel by Brandon Sanderson.There will be sequel books of 'Elantris'.There are three main characters:Raoden, prince of Arelon, was loved by all, including the princess he'd never met.Hrathen, high priest of Fjordell, will convert the people of Arelon or kill them.Sarene, the princess of Teod, was a widow before she was ever married.This is usual genre cliches, offers something for everyone: mystery, magic, romance, political, wrangling, religious conflict, fights for equal [...]

    I DID IT! Took me only about 4 months but i did it! Now i can read Warbreaker in peace.

    3.5 stars and I'm so conflicted whether to round up or down. I'd round down if I'm comparing this to Mistborn or Warbreaker, but then it's still SO much better than a lot of my other 4 star reads. Ughhhhh Anyways, Brandon Sanderson's worldbuilding was as phenomenal as ever! I just love how much depth and thought he puts into his religions. The political science major in me geeks out over everything, too. This story did drag a bit at times for me, though, and it's not my favorite book of his. I j [...]

    What happens after the Fall?Sanderson sets up a complex and unique fantasy world, with a magical system built on glyphs of power drawn in the air. The Elantrians were nearly godlike beings with glowing, silver skin and powerful magical abilities. Ordinary humans would sometimes randomly transform into Elantrians. But ten years before, the transformation process was twisted into something horrible: the Elantrians turned into diseased-looking horrors, their glowing, lovely city of Elantris became [...]

    On sale today for 2.99 here this is Sandersons first published work and it sparks of originality.Sandersonitis Support group a.k.a. Epic Buddy Read starting July 4 With members Athena, Alexa, Armina, Gavin and Desinka4 Stars Only Because I Know the Extra Epicness Brandon Sanderson Delivers in Later WorksReasons Brandon Sanderson (BS) is one of/if not my favorite author1. Strong Female Characters2. Complex Heroes and Villians3. Complicated yet Understandable Magic Systems4. Intertwining of Religi [...]

    Elantris was a promising debut from little known fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.But really though it was definitely a good debut and a pretty strong read in it's own right. The world-building, especially the set up of 2 religions warring for the hearts and minds of a people with the ruins of a fallen utopia in the background, was awesome and the characters were overall pretty likeable and occasionally intriguing. This is my first Sanderson book so I'm definitely psyched to see how he develops [...]

    Not as good as Mistborn, but still wonderful. One of the most religious books I've read outside of the Christian genre. Sanderson creates the coolest magic systems!

    I think it's only fitting, considering whose book this is, that I tweaked review of it dozen of times.Hopefully, this is the last version. It can’t be helped. No matter despised one of his books or loved it - by the end of reading - I’ll get annoyed at Brandon.Is it ego, delusion of grandeur or just a case of plainful laziness that drove him to mercilessly squeeze so many ideas from this book and simply repeat them in all of his other series I have read?If I’ve never read Elantris I would [...]

    This was my first foray into Sanderson's novels, and I must say I was not disappointed. This book was full of interesting characters and a healthy plot, lots of world building, and lots of information without being "info-dumpy".Ten years after the fall of Elantris, rumored to be a city of gods among men, the country of Arelon is plagued with a crippling disease called the Shaod. The curse comes swiftly and without warning, and those taken by it are banished to live the rest of their lives within [...]

    I confess myself disappointed with Mr Sanderson. For the first time ever. And I feel bad about it. Well, how can I not when I've enjoyed every book I've read by him and when I've always heard very positive things about Elantris? I'm just so glad that this wasn't the first BS book I read. Because I seriously doubt I'd be picking up his other books anytime soon after finishing Elantris.My biggest issue with this book is its main characters. I'm willing to turn a blind eye on Deus ex machinas lurki [...]

    I really loved this book. The story was intriguing even if it was a bit slow at times, and the characters were incredible. Overall a pretty fantastic read!

    Recommended by Lau and holding hands with Mitticus, Nanu, Lizet, Xime, Cati, Violante, Ro, Majo, Yolanda, Andrea, CalypK, Bianjie, Betza, Antonio, Alejandra, Christina, Jessica,Denisse & Marivl in a massive Buddy Read!------------------------Elantris was beautiful, once. It was called the city of the gods: a place of power, radiance, and magic.Elantris has an amazing formula: amazing world-building, an incredible magic system and likable characters. If that were enough I'd give it five whole [...]

    La historia nos narra cómo hace diez años la vida de Kae giraba en torno a una gran ciudad de dioses, Elantris, donde residían gente con grandes poderes, los cuales eran adquiridos de repente cuando te despertabas una mañana. Sin embargo, algo ocurrió en la ciudad, y el don torno en maldición, sus habitantes pasaron a ser muertos en vida sin poderes, una especie de zombies con conciencia. Todo comienza cuando el hijo del rey de Arelon, Raoden, se despierta transformado en elantrino y es de [...]

    Just over 10 years ago, a pretty much unknown author published his fantasy debut, sold 400 copies in the first week and panicked thinking it was a failure. Fast forward to early 2016; Brandon Sanderson has published another 17 of his own books and 7 novellas/short stories (garnering an average rating of 4.36 in ), completed The Wheel of Time, and been repeatedly touted to be one of the most prolific authors of this generation, with worldbuilding ideas that almost defies comprehension at times.El [...]

    This was so much better than I had been led to believe! Seasoned Sanderson fans recommended it as a way of comparing his first work to his more accomplished recent work. But it was great in its own right! Maybe Baby Brandon emerged from his crib already writing perfect sentences!

    Incredible! This book is just great! I’m a major Brandon fan since I read the Mistborn trilogy, I’ve always wanted to read his debut novel but this book was so scarce that I almost gave up. After reading it I’m really glad I didn’t give up on my search, this book is way better than I expected. As expected the magic system is so amazing and original.“Books!” Raoden said with excitement.“Should never have brought you here,” Galladon muttered. “Now I’ll never get rid of you.” [...]

    Nice change of pace for a while, but get ready to transfer to the bore train. The book's setting was slightly removed from that of the usual spells and sword hackfest genre, but it still fell back on some lazy devices. The political system was unimaginative and the main characters' plots to manipulate it were infantile, and the reliance of chauvinism and a more or less feudal society as plot devices wore thin fast. On the other hand, the glyph system and the lexicon introuduced with it were rath [...]

    I never would have picked up this book, normally, because I usually base my fantasy reading on referrals rather than random browsing, but this was an exception. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me tell the story from the beginning:My last semester at BYU I took a How To Write Sci-Fi/Fantasy class as a relaxing, fun, end-of-college class to balance out all the yucky quantum physics. The professor was none other than Brandon Sanderson, who had just had his book, Elantris, accepted for publicat [...]

    Read for the 2015 Reading Challenge: #1 A book with more than 500 pages.Buddy Read 02/Feb/2015 but I'll start it in 07/Feb with: Mitticus, Nanu, Lizet, Liz*, Xime, Cati, Violante, Ro, Majo, Yolanda, Andrea, CalypK, Bianjie, Betza, Antonio, Alejandra, Christina, Jessica & MarivlFirst, admire the beautiful cover. Elantris has it all I want in an adult fantasy. Absolutely eveything I search. I didn't even care the slow pace, or the 640 pages with really small letters. Everything about this book [...]

    Yıldızlar kurban olsun sana be!DİKKATSANDERSON ROMANIBAĞIMLILIK YAPABİLİRİLK SEFERDE BİLEBağımlılıklar hep bir defa deneme hevesiyle başlamaz mı zaten?AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhBen nerelere gideyim? Ne okuyayım?!Bakınız, içimdeki fangirlü çıkarmak her babayiğidin harcı değildir ve ben okuduğum ilk romanıyla bir Sanderson fanı olup çıktım.Bu normal değilKitapta normal değildi zaten.Muhteşemdi!İstisnasız okuduğum en iyi epik temalı kitaptı. Evreni, ina [...]

    Elantris was a place of glory.The capital of Arelon, the home to people transformed into magic-using demigods by the Shaod.But then the magic failed, Elantris started to rot, and its inhabitants turned into powerless wrecksBut there are secrets in Elantris, the dead and the ruined may yet have a role to play in this new world. Magic lives. When I first picked up Elantris I was immediately drawn into the story, but after about four chapters it started to drag a little. I thought for a while there [...]

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