This Is for You

This Is for You

This Is for You Rob Ryan s magical paper cuts and screenprints have been used by designer Paul Smith appeared on a Vogue model and graced book covers The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly The World to Come by Da

  • Title: This Is for You
  • Author: Rob Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780340933671
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rob Ryan s magical paper cuts and screenprints have been used by designer Paul Smith, appeared on a Vogue model and graced book covers The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly, The World to Come by Dara Horn This Is For You is a magical, romantic and touching story of thoughts and dreams, loneliness and longing, the personal and the universal Each page has been cut outRob Ryan s magical paper cuts and screenprints have been used by designer Paul Smith, appeared on a Vogue model and graced book covers The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly, The World to Come by Dara Horn This Is For You is a magical, romantic and touching story of thoughts and dreams, loneliness and longing, the personal and the universal Each page has been cut out of paper using a scalpel, sprayed and photographed.

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    Five stars for the amazingly intricate paper-cut artwork, but I wasn't fond of the message that you're not whole until you meet that "special someone."

    It's a cute little book. The thing that really makes it lovely is the illustrations, the paper cut work is amazing. I think if it was a more in depth book or a full out narrative but told through those illustrations, it would be amazing.

    The artwork is beautiful very intricate paper cut-outs. Lovely lovely lovely. However, the book reads as a treatise on the value of co-dependency. Our narrator is lonely and feels existentially empty, but is rescued by his mother when he is told that somewhere, there is someone else that will fill the void he feels within himself. I guess there's something vaguely romantic about this, in a sense, but there is something more blatantly creepy and depressing by romanticizing the co-dependent ethos. [...]

    I saw 2 of Rob Ryan's pieces at the Slash: Paper Under the Knife show at the Museum of Art & Design, and I was really impressed by how successful he was in integrating text to the overall pieces, as well as the incredible precision in his work. So I was so excited to get this book, which is lovely and sweet and overwhelming when you think about the amount of work that went into making each page.

    kochajcie się i bądźcie dla siebie mili, bo tak mówi ładna książeczka z ładnymi obrazkami i trudnymi do odczytania napisami.

    One of the more mainstream paper cut artists but I will say he does deserve it. He usually chooses wonderful lines, scenes, vignettes, ideas, etcetera

    If you are a 20-something millennial who doesn’t have a lot of time to sit down and read, and you’re feeling alone/you can’t seem to “live life right” according to the way everyone else is acting around you, this short book is for you♥️ my friend sent this to me in a care package and it was a fast read and I felt it understood me even though it doesn’t give a “message of hope” or an exact clear understanding of how to keep living life at the end may not have that “conclusio [...]

    Sans any expectations or really any idea of what this book entailed, I plucked this copy from a shelf in the art section and decided to give it a go on a whim-- and boy, I did not know that this lovely collection of paper art would also succinctly encapsulate the complex human experience. Ryan not only creates charming and intricate paper art with lovely nature inspired motifs, but weaves a poignant and fiercely honest meditations on loneliness, love, existentialism, and hope. My favorite page r [...]

    Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.As soon as I saw this book on the shelf, I knew I had to have it. Without knowing what it was about. Had to have it. Last year at work, we had a beautiful window display for Rob Ryan's picture book, The Invisible Kingdom. It was so, so beautiful! And I knew, when I saw This Is For You, I had to have this book for my own, knowing it will be just as beautiful. What I didn't expect was for This Is For You to be so deeply moving!Everything in this book is pa [...]

    Rob Ryan is such an amazing artist. This book is a wonderful introduction to anyone to the extent of his talents and creativity. It is basically a picture book for adults with the dialogue woven directly into the paper cuts. The story that is revealed through the art is sweet and heart felt, somewhat depressing yet uplifting. Written from the man's perspective it focuses of his loneliness until his mothers tells him that one day he will find the person who will fill the void in his heart. He is [...]

    As with Rob's other creations, the illustrations/paper cut outs are absolutely stunning. You find yourself looking at the amazing pages and taking in the beautiful designs for hours.The words in this particular book 'THIS IS FOR YOU' pulls at your heart strings and is very powerful. It can mean a lot of things to a certain someone. The journey is about being alone and finding someone and dreams in your life.I gave 'THIS IS FOR YOU' 4 out of five stars because I think this book isn't for everyone [...]

    Oh the art, my god the art. I am not an artistic person, in fact, science is where I belong. However, reading this little piece of magic opened my eyes to a whole new world of beauty, skill and justrfection.The story itself is a jumble of thoughts that connect the human spirit and make you realise you are not alone. The text itself is enough for me to give it a four star rating, but the real star of this text is the paper designs that blew me away.Get it. Read it. Love it.

    Beautiful how each page is a paper cut-out of illustrated text. The text is very sentimental: a lonely boy (writing as a man) decides to write, draw, and send out messages until he finds a beloved, to ease both of their loneliness. Recently, I've liked the idea of sending a little love into the air when you feel lonely or heartbroken, aiming it toward someone who could use it. Maybe not to an imaginary heart mate, though.

    I thought this was going to be a collection of his images, but instead it is a story --- one of the most beautiful picture books ever. I've been reading Rob Ryan's blog and admiring his work for over a year, and this was just one more way to experience it. A beautiful book by a beautiful artist.

    The artwork was gorgeous and very inspiring, but the book was a little meh. WHAT i did like though was finding a note in there that someone had put in at the bookstore =) It was such a pleasant surprise that brightened my day exponentially

    This book helps with my depression so much. I've probably read it almost fifty times. It's not even about depression - that's how good it is. I carry it around with me everywhere!! This book is amazing.

    Really pretty paper cut art. Some I'd like to have on my wall. The story was more like 3 stars (mostly about feeling lonely and having to find someone to fill your heart) but some of the language used was really beautiful in its simplicity.

    This is like a picture book for adults. It's entirely artful paper cutouts, about love and all the big questions in life. I gave it to Franz for our 12th (!) anniversary (we're more about celebrating the day we met still than the wedding annv. for some reason).

    Not exactly a wordy book. I have been a fan of Rob Ryan's work and this book was just the perfect example. A combination between intricately delicate paper cut and beautiful phrases that somehow resonated with me.

    A lovely book. I liked that you almost couldn't tell the drawnings and the words apart. Maybe I expected just a little bit more, but I'm not disappointed, because frankly this should deserve 4 stars for the drawnings alone.

    A very touching poetic book. I finished reading it in 15 minutes only. Inspiring quick read, and the artwork is amazing. The more you look at it, the more you details you see, and the more you realize how much talent it requires to get done.

    The papercut work alone would be five stars, intricate and beautiful. The story, though, was I think meant to be the beautiful kind of romantic, but it missed the mark for me and hit idealizing/solipsistic/wishful thinking/harmful to a real relationship with the actual love of your life instead.

    Adult (nonfiction). A tale of loneliness and waiting, as told by one man through his exquisitely crafted papercutting. Pretty depressing, really, but meant (I think) to be uplifting. Lovely artwork nonetheless.

    looked through this again during this past weekend of a strange October snow and subsequent power outage. was pretty perfect for the occasion. i love the hand-made "graphics"ke a visual "box of chocolates". some of which i shared with hubby.

    This is such a quiet little, unassuming book that is just, utterly beautiful. A surprisingly impressive collection of thoughts, time, love, and talent.

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