The Illusionists

The Illusionists

The Illusionists From the bestselling author of the phenomenally successful The Kashmir ShawlLondon As a turbulent and change filled century draws to a close there has never been a better time to alter your fortu

  • Title: The Illusionists
  • Author: Rosie Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the bestselling author of the phenomenally successful The Kashmir ShawlLondon 1885As a turbulent and change filled century draws to a close, there has never been a better time to alter your fortune But for a beautiful young woman of limited means, Eliza s choices appear to lie between the stifling domesticity of marriage or a downwards spiral to the streets no mattFrom the bestselling author of the phenomenally successful The Kashmir ShawlLondon 1885As a turbulent and change filled century draws to a close, there has never been a better time to alter your fortune But for a beautiful young woman of limited means, Eliza s choices appear to lie between the stifling domesticity of marriage or a downwards spiral to the streets no matter how determined she is to forge her own path.One night at a run down theatre, she meets the charismatic Devil Wix showman, master of illusion, fickle friend Drawn into his circle, Eliza becomes the catalyst of change for his colleagues a dwarf, an eccentric engineer, and an artist as well as Devil himself And as Eliza embarks on a dangerous adventure, she must decide which path to choose, and how far she should go when she holds all their lives in her hands.

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    Apart from the danger of choosing a book based on its cover, we should all be aware of the dangers of basing one's choice on a book's synopsis. We read one thing, buy the book because that thing sounded great, but then the actual story is a bit different.This was what happened to me with 'The Illusionists'. I saw it was about a young woman called Eliza who was a bit too far ahead for her time, and who decides to join a theatre company after meeting one of its charismatic performers, a man who we [...]

    3.5 ⭐️ Stared off really stong and pulled me into its world instantly but it started to lag. I really enjoyed the characters and the world but something was just missing.

    I liked this book. It was way on the darker side than I expected. Which is a nice present. Sometimes the magical world can come off as just that "magical", The author did a good job of portraying the other side of this profession. Not the one as an audience member sees as all fun and illusions but the daily grind of this work and the people who live it. Kind of like carnie people at a carnival. Don't let the name Devil confuse you as he turned out to be a complex character but also a likable cha [...]

    ***DNF***This is one of the books that I DNF'ed this year (which is very rare!! and it might be 2nd or 3rd one this year). The story revolves around a set of people with different backgrounds who join together to run a theatre which gives shows with illusions and very intelligent props.Good Points:1. Lovely Victorian Setting.2. Good strong characters.3. Above average narration.Bad Points:1. No strong Plot.2. Blurb doesn't match with the content.3. Part 2 is a collection of words that makes sente [...]

    Full review here: lilmissvixreadsMy book of the year so far! Every once in a while you find a book that hooks you from the very first page, and doesn't let go until long after you've finished it. The Illusionists is one of those books.From the minute that I read the blurb for this novel I knew I was going to love it, and I was not disappointed. From the very first page you find yourself completely immersed in Victorian London; the sights, sounds and smells so well described you feel as if you ar [...]

    A big old no. Hey, guess what? Saying I could have you anyways and her resistance excited him is, uh, about rape. Not sexy. not good. Pretty goddamned bad. Also, there were several other instances that were just a big old pile of shit, and on top of that, not that interesting. Booooooo. Do not want or like or anything like it.

    Did not finish. Probably should have been edited to 50% of it's actual length. Got tired of waiting for something to happen, though part of me wishes I'd had the fortitude to stick with it.

    It’s quite fitting that The Illusionists, just like an actual illusion, is entirely not what it seems.Unfortunately, while illusions and magic acts are generally enjoyable in their unpredictability and twisting of reality, Rosie Thomas’s novel is not.I picked up The Illusionists expecting to read a thrilling and eccentric novel surrounding a modern woman’s intrigue with the London’s theatrical world in the late 1800s. “A dangerous adventure” of a young woman’s journey towards emanc [...]

    “Love, seduction, magic and illusion collide as Rosie Thomas takes us on a spellbinding journey through an extremely shadowy world.” �Daily ExpressAn enchanting, Dickensian tale of desire, magic, and the Victorian theatre, perfect for fans of Sarah Waters, The Night Circus, and Water for Elephants�from the beloved and bestselling author of The Kashmir ShawlLondon, 1885�a challenging place for a young, beautiful woman of limited means. But Eliza is modern before her time. Not for her th [...]

    The Illusionists invites comparisons to the two magician films that came out ten years ago, The Prestige and The Illusionist. Like those films, this book delves into the behind-the-scenes lives and competitions between magicians and maintains an air of mysterious romance. From the beginning, the author finds magic and wonder in the sooty, hungry streets of Victorian London.The descriptions for this book tend to focus on Eliza. However, Eliza is not the first character we meet. It takes quite a f [...]

    “The Illusionists” has a premise that should be great: set in 1885 London, a group of people-stage magicians, a scientist who makes life sized mechanical dolls, an independent woman who leaves her middle class home to become an artist’s model, an artist who makes amazing wax models and props. Add in a highly competitive theater owner and a lot of sexual tension between, well, nearly everyone and it should be a story that one couldn’t put down. Sadly, while the book is okay- I enjoyed it- [...]

    This engaging and evocative novel presents a different side of Victorian England than we're used to seeing - one where charlatans and hucksters vie to make a living by peddling magic tricks to a gullible and impoverished public. Though THE ILLUSIONISTS can feel a bit crowded at moments plot-wise, its characters are riveting, especially the unreliable and conniving protagonist, Devil, whose ambition to open his own theater sweeps up a variety of characters into a maelstrom, including pick-pocketi [...]

    I like him well enough, as it happens. I only can't stand the bloody sight of him, with his grin and his yard-long legs and the damned ooze of his pleasure in being himself.There was a moment when I thought, "What exactly is this book about?" It seemed a little confused as to whether it was a thriller, a mystery, or a romance. It went one way, then it switched directions and went a different way, and the blurb was misleading, to say the least. In the end, I decided it was the story of a relation [...]

    I very much enjoy the magician/illusionist genre. But this book is really, at heart, a romance. There seems to be a lot of books published in the last year or so set in London in the late 1800s, but that might be simply because I choose and read books in this fascinating era. All of the main characters are involved in a theatre dedicated to illusion, but the story is basically about a rather liberated (for the time) woman, Eliza, who is attracted to Devil, a man who wants his very own performanc [...]

    I gave this 3.5 stars or 7/10. Whilst I did enjoy this bittersweet story, I felt it wasn't one of the best that I've read by her. You really do need to check out this authors back catalogue as she has written some amazing stories that have stayed with me.This is a gothic tale, that I found to be a slow burner about Eliza and how she becomes the linchpin to how this story evolves ~ she is drawn in by the enigmatic Illusionist Devil Wix and his performing friends. She appears to have them all eati [...]

    Booktrail of the IlusionistsTake a magical mystery tour around Victorian London and to the characters who perform each night at the Palmyra theatre. Everything and everyone has a dark side – even magic.Story in a tophatLondon 1885Along the Strand in the centre of London stands a small theatre called the Palmyra. It’s run down, has little success and should really probably close but then that’s before the illusionists take the stage.Devil Wix is a master of illusion and drama, running as he [...]

    Based on my enjoyment of The Night Circus and similar books, I grabbed up The Illusionists. My reading was broken up quite a bit by outside distractions, but I discovered that I enjoy reading Romantic Historical Fiction. The narrative concerns several oddly matched partners who bring a great deal of baggage into their theatrical production fellowship. Each has their own particular agenda to plan, and the overlapping schemes create some memorable situations. I was taken by how each character seem [...]

    There is something rather bold about naming your Victorian protagonist Devil, and that sets the tone for the premise of Rosie Thomas’s novel, The Illusionists. Add to the mix a bad-tempered dwarf called Carlo Bonomi, a Swiss inventor named Heinrich who becomes obsessed with his creations of automata — mechanical women with rubber skin — and you’ve got yourself the beginnings of quite a tale. But The Illusionists falls short of the magic it promises and readers may struggle to sit through [...]

    I won this on Bookreporter. I was dismayed that they want a review within 30 days because it was such a thick book (472 pages – hardback). I travel a lot and this is not a book I would ever travel with because if its heft. No worries there! I devoured it in 1.5 days! I was so pleased that it was an easy read. From the beginning, it just flowed. There was nothing earth-shattering that happened in the book, but the pages just melted away. I will miss all of the characters now that I have finishe [...]

    It took me forever to finish it, but not because it was boring; I just received many books from my Public Library. So, at first it took me a while to get into it because if I wasn't careful I would get confused easily (language and me, jumping lines when I was reading), however I became quickly enthralled by the story; some parts made me sad, other where I wanted to punch Devil Wix. I am looking forward to read the sequel!

    I enjoyed the setting of this book and the subject matter of theatre and all that is involved with running one in 1870's London. I thought I would love this but I did not feel connected to the characters and I did not lose myself in the story.

    Lots of potential and I did enjoy it, so much going on however I did think it was a little long. I listened to the unabridged audio version and even with this I was tempted to skim through the last few chapters

    Another disappointing historical fiction with a beautiful cover, an interesting blurb, and writing that didn't live up to my high expectations.

    Have read lots of her books before and loved them. I could not get into this one at all. So disappointing.

    Om te beginnen: het boek zag er in werkelijkheid een stuk minder fris uit. De afbeelding op de kaft was veel grijziger. Het aantal bladzijden in mijn editie was 472, dus ook dat klopt niet met mijn gekozen editie hier. Die kon ik, ondanks de vele verschillende edities niet vinden. Dit kwam er het dichtste bij.Die kaft maakt wel, dat ik met enige schroom begon te lezen: zou het echt wel de moeite waard zijn. Gelukkig bleek dat het geval. Londen, eind negentiende eeuw. Devil Wix - niet zijn eigen, [...]

    I really enjoyed this story for it's emphasis on the journey of the strong-willed female lead character of Eliza in a Victorian era without the backing of wealth, professional skills or education as is normally seen in most books about women in the pre-world war era. The other characters are all quirky and thought-provoking in their own right, especially the dwarf, Carlo Boldoni. The concept of the illusionists only works because the author has spent effort in making each character bring a diffe [...]

    What a slog this was. I tried to read this book in 2015 and gave up because it was truly tedious. I tried again now because I feel obligated to read all fiction about stage magicians, and succeeded, but at what cost? This is a singularly boring book. Even when things that should be exciting happen, they're written about boringly. Time also passes very strangely in this book. It either takes 100 pages for something to happen, drawn out to the point where you do not care if it happens or not, or s [...]

    *possible spoilers* I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was cleverly written. There isn't a majorly dramatic plot, a lot of the story is the day to day running of the theatre, and the story comes from the interplay between the characters. I really loved Devil, probably more than I should because he is cast as the bad guy. I actually thought he was a sweetie and acted worse than he was. That said, I could understand how he grated on the other characters and I loved how Carlo hated him and th [...]

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