Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle

Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle

Dark Winter The Wicca Circle Romilly Winter is no ordinary heroine just a reluctant one She has a gift She can see the future But can she see far enough The world in which she lives is under attack the dead are rising and evil

  • Title: Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle
  • Author: JohnHennessy
  • ISBN: 9781493622368
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • Romilly Winter is no ordinary heroine, just a reluctant one.She has a gift She can see the future But can she see far enough The world in which she lives is under attack the dead are rising, and evil follows her at every turn.Will she be able to save herself and the world From the Diary of Romilly Winter, October 14th I ve had two years to prepare for this.Romilly Winter is no ordinary heroine, just a reluctant one.She has a gift She can see the future But can she see far enough The world in which she lives is under attack the dead are rising, and evil follows her at every turn.Will she be able to save herself and the world From the Diary of Romilly Winter, October 14th I ve had two years to prepare for this In that time, I have never told a soul Of course, my Nan knew She d bequeathed me the mirror, after all Now, maybe tonight, tomorrow, in a few days, the event that I don t want to happen with all my heart, will come to pass I m not ready I know I m not ready, and yet, it will happen nonetheless.Nan had this thing in her possession for nearly seventy years She had told me I simply had to be at Rosewinter, prior to my sixteenth birthday no matter what objections my parents raised She said I was special , and was the only one equipped to deal with what was coming The problem is, I don t feel special, I just feel different, and in all probability, that isn t going to be good enough.In just two days time, I will be sixteen years old, and if anything my Nan said is remotely true, I will be lucky to survive that long.

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    MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List3.5 StarsThis book really does have a creep factor that I love. Creepy books are the best. They only reason this didn't get a higher star rating is because of the story being all over the place and that is hard for little brains like mine. I need it to be written out in order. So this review probably won't make much sense. Romilly Winter is given a Mirror of Souls by her Nan on her fourteenth birthday to help her fight evil when she turns sixteen. This mirro [...]

    Before anything else, I would like to thank my very good friend JOHN HENNESSY for once again, giving me the opportunity to read his first fiction book he had published.I'm just so sorry that it took me two weeks before I finally had the time to read and finish this book. But during my hectic days, I found myself peering at every page for as long as I have little time to do so. And once I'd finally got hold of this amazing book this afternoon without anymore destructions, I was totally engrossed [...]

    Family heirlooms are cherished by most. They remind us of those who aren’t there with us, but what if that’s not the case. What if your legacy becomes your biggest curse and what’s been bequeathed to you becomes your nemesis? Romilly Winter receives a strange gift from her Nan on her fourteenth birthday: a Mirror, only, it’s no ordinary piece of glass. Far from it, the mirror holds a secret that Romilly must work hard to decipher. It’s a treacherous journey and she can little trust any [...]

    Arthur William "Art" Bell, an American broadcaster and author, who was one of the founders and the original host of the paranormal-themed radio program, Coast to Coast AM, has once said,"I do believe in the paranormal, and that there are things our brains just can't understand."Till date I've read quite a few paranormal genre books, but I never got scared this much. And surprisingly, even though it was fiction, just like Art Bell, I believed the story, that my dear friend and a very talented aut [...]

    Come to the Dark Side We have Cookies First of all a huge thanks to the author for giving me an opportunity to read his books and Dark Winter is the very first of his works that I have read and must say that it has left a pretty good impression. Dark Winter is spooky and adorned with chills and thrills. The book has got a very wicked and spine chilling plot.I am going to start with what bothered me in the book. Dark Winter suffers from what i call a "Zig-Zag" narration. This is where the author [...]

    Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle was the first fiction book I wrote that made its way into the outside world. It is told in a non-linear style which will appeal to certain readers but not others. For the second story in the trilogy, I wrote Dark Winter: Crescent Moon as a 'straight-through' story to see what readers preferred. Needless to say, I have enjoyed writing this paranormal horror, and enjoy the interaction I get from many of you. Thanks for being a part of this journey.

    Horrid. Absolutely horrid! I had such high hopes based on the other reviews, now I wonder if we were reading the same book!Issue 1: Errors. Spelling errors ("I'll start cutting and gauging" Er, you mean GOUGING?), point of view errors (the whole thing is supposedly from Romily's point of view, but several times the author uses "me" when referring to another character), and grammatical errors abound.Issue 2: Rambling. Basically, it feels like someone came up with a bunch of creepy scenes, wrote t [...]

    John Hennessy had me hooked with his short vampire stories. So I thought Dark Winter would be a great read too, especially as it is a first début novel. I was truly amazed by the versatility in his writing. Hennessy can spin a yarn about vampires, but he can also do it brilliantly with paranormal stories.Dark Winter - The Wicca Circle has all the right ingredients to make this a super paranormal horror read. I would gladly have a witch, a Christian girl, and an atheist as a friend, but you can [...]

    I don't usually read books of this genre, but Dark Winter is a gripping tale of good versus evil that will fascinate and hold your interest until the very last page. The cast of characters are tridimensional, exciting, lending to the unexpected evolvement of the chilling storyline. The visual style of the talented author enhances the scope and feelings of dread that permeates effectively in the narrative. Twilight comes to mind as a fair comparison to this exceptional YA horror fantasy.The heroi [...]

    I have to start this review saying I don't like horror stories, I really don't like the genre that involves death, aliens or the devil. Don't try to persuade me to see Chuck, Alien (whatever number it is) or even Gremlin. I don't like scary books or movies. I haven't even read Stephen King, because Don't laugh at me: I'm afraid of these things Wraiths, bad spirits and the devil. It's not that I believe in them but because there is something, I'm sure, and I don't like to mess with it, whatever i [...]

    I read it this in a seating. It's a YA horror novel, about good versus evil, where the evil ones are forces and zombies (but a special kind, I've not seen before, so nice touch).Demons are within and around the heroine Romilly. In spite of being a teenager, she's strong, independent, but also a bit unsure of herself, and that makes her more real. As the book progresses, she discovers her strength and weaknesses. She clashes with so many other characters that you wonder how the end can be but wit [...]

    Opened a Pandora box of buried nightmaresY/A HorrorThis is John Hennessy’s first novel. He has since published numerous others in fiction & nonfiction.I don’t normally read Y/A, action-dialogue novels but I wanted to see what young people are interested in reading.In typical form, I had expected the novel to be centered on a small group of teenagers with little or no intervention by adults. What I did not expect was the book would give me nightmares. Now I have read just about every form [...]

    i found this book through . i love to read about paranormal stuff and i find that a lot of these types of books aren't really that scary or they are borderline "unbelievable". This storyline really has a lot of weight to it which makes this whole tale much more like-able. It is written so well and distinctly that it was easy trying to picture the scene in my head. I think that the author has created an authentic and workable world with characters that you will like and a main character that you [...]

    I don’t think I’ve ever come across a male author who has written largely from a female viewpoint, and very much to his credit, I’m pleased to say. I liked Milly and the rest of the characters and the author writes succinct, clever narrative in a way that very pleasingly carried me through the book; leaving me wanting to know how the story unfolds after the first “battle” is won. It is an absorbing read; rather frightening in parts. Although, I can only wonder how much more atmospheric [...]

    Okay, so let me start off by saying that horror is NOT my genre. Although I do enjoy a good scary movie or two, I have always found that I am ten times more terrified reading scary tales, than watching them play out on the big screen. I guess when you’re at the movies, little is left to the imagination, but when you’re sitting at home all alone your mind can go to very frightening places. And that is one of the things I loved about Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle. The story is so vividly descr [...]

    This is the first paranormal horror type scary book I have read in a while. John does a really great job with the creepy factor and I really enjoyed the little superstitions quirks he brings into the story like the cracked window and 13 steps at Rosewinter. Characters: 4/5John definitely creates interesting and lovable characters as well as scary creepy ones! Romilly - I connected with Romilly and liked her quite quickly. She is the reluctant heroine and has her 'flaws' but this only makes her m [...]

    Terrific paranormal horror.I thoroughly enjoyed this. I read it in one sitting, and it's about.ny things. The main character is Romilly, and she 'inherits' a normal looking Mirror which is a actually (duh duh dahhhh) a weapon of power. Through flashbacks and premonitions, we learn that young Romilly really ain't prepared for the bad things coming her way. There are ghosts, very very very bad humans, zombies that are some suped-up grosser and much nastier version (with a twist, yessss!) but it's [...]

    First off, I want to mention that I am NOT a horror story kind of reader. I'm a naturally visual type of person, so when I read books I really paint a picture in my head. One thing that the author did really well was that he was very specific with his gory descriptions. If you have a weak stomach, it might not be the book for you. There were scenes in the book that were eerie and definitely gave me the chills. The author did a really good job of setting the atmosphere and tone throughout the sto [...]

    This is not just an ordinary paranormal horror for young adults. The author’s way of describing things going on both inside the main character’s head and around her is exceptional. Romilly is an ordinary teenage girl with a special gift from her Nan, a magical mirror. It’s a powerful weapon against evil things such as Zerythra, a special kind of zombies that are described in vivid details. First Romilly seems to be alone in her mission to protect herself and her close ones -- her special g [...]

    I don’t typically read horror stories, but once in a while if you don’t take a chance and step out of your comfort zone a little bit you could be missing out on a really great read. Dark Winter, by John Hennessy is one of those books for me. The story follows Romilly Winter, who on her fourteenth birthday receives a mirror from her Nan. But it’s not just any mirror, this mirror was stolen from the Diabhal Takh, or Devil’s House, by Romilly’s Nan and her best friend Dana. In doing so Da [...]

    This young adult fantasy/horror novel is an excellent debut book. It's the story of teenager Romilly Winter who is bequeathed a very special mirror by her Nan. Romilly is a reluctant heroine who appears a typical teen with typical teen angst. She also has a special gift but she worries that when the time comes she won't be strong enough to cope. Yet only when the terrifying truth is revealed and her family, her friends and her life are threatened does she find out what she's truly capable of.Dar [...]

    I was totally entertained by this paranormal horror tale. So okay, review. It's about good versus evil, and has zombies but a special kind, not seen before, so nice touch. A girl, a mirror, a demon. And then the really crazy stuff starts.Demons within and around Romilly, the main character and I like her, she's strong, independent, but also a bit unsure of herself and that to me makes her more real. What I mean by strong is, I think she gets more stronger as the book gets to the end but she clas [...]

    I recently read Dark Winter: The Wicca Circle by John Hennessey. Anyone who knows me for any length of time knows I love character building. To me that is the most important aspect of any book. John Hennessey sort of threw me for a loop in this book because I really felt it was his world building which dominated the narrative. He is a master at it. The woods are used as a frequent location for much of the action and in my head I can see the woods, feel the cold of winter, see the cliff at the en [...]

    "Evil can be found in the most innocent of things"It's been a few days since I've finished this novel and this sentence has not left my mind, keeps making me question things everyday, making me go back and think of this book at random times, and i believe that's just proof of how intriguing John's writing can be.I started this novel thinking it would be another one of those "teenager girl finds herself facing new world upon discovering hidden powers", let me tell you how wrong i was. I mean yes, [...]

    This novel by British author John Hennessy has to go down as not only one of the best Pagan-themes books I've read, but also one of the scariest. I picked it up expecting something similar to Twilight (with a touch of darkness, but ultimately light and fluffy); instead I discovered a genuinely creepy and suspenseful story, which had me on the edge of my seat all the way through.If I could compare it to any other author's work it would be Stephen King's, with its slow and intense build up of trul [...]

    I won book 2 of this series on the giveaways on here, and the author sent me a message stating that the first in the series (this one) was free on amazon e-book. So I downloaded it, as I hoped it would make book 2 make sense.Firstly the bad points - the book seems to flit back and forth and this came across in places as confusing. There were a few spelling mistakes that should have been picked up before final publishing. Lastly there was quite a lot of repetiition when describing the characters [...]

    Crazy! That's what this book is! There's so much happening that each chapter leaves you with that feeling like WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!? People are dying left and right and some are coming back to life. There are zombie like things and witches and just so much evil that you can't imagine how these characters are going to come through it - until they do. Romilly Winter is just like your normal teenage girl - awkward, self-conscious, and in love with a boy she doesn't think will ever feel the same way [...]

    Thud-Thud-Thud-Thud-Thud!Lock your doors, check your window and draw your drapes and make sure your lights are on when you read this tale!The story is about sixteen year old Romilly(Milly) Winter who is handed down a mirror by her Nan, that possesses the power to hold souls. Milly is your normal every day teenager, smart mouthed, awkward and at times she tends to be a little withdrawn. Milly, has a few incidents with shadows, ghosts and blows it off to her imagination, until one of the ghosts ap [...]

    After reading “Stormling” and “Murderous Little Darlings” I got hooked on John Hennessy’s writings. I bought his new release “Dark Winter: Last rites” and then realized that I needed to read the first two books in the Dark Winter series before reading that one, so I bought the other two.This review is for Dark Winter :The Wicca Circle. I was not at all disappointed. Once again he has produced a great story centered on a Mirror. A young girl named Romily was bequeathed a Mirror by h [...]

    I just finished Wicca Circle, the first book in John Hennessy's Dark Winter series, and my mind is still reeling. Zombies and demons and serial killers, oh my!The story centers, for the most part, around Romilly "Milly" Winter, a teenage girl who was given a mirror with the power to trap evil spirits by her grandmother. Over the course of several months, and heavily involving her friends Beth, Toril and Jacinta, all hell (literally) breaks loose. There is a lot to keep track of in this story, es [...]

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