Elizabeth: Apprenticeship

Elizabeth: Apprenticeship

Elizabeth Apprenticeship An abused child yet confident of her destiny to reign a woman in a man s world passionately sexual yet she said a virgin famed as England s most successful ruler yet actually doing very little

  • Title: Elizabeth: Apprenticeship
  • Author: David Starkey
  • ISBN: 9780701169398
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An abused child, yet confident of her destiny to reign, a woman in a man s world, passionately sexual yet, she said, a virgin, famed as England s most successful ruler yet actually doing very little, Elizabeth I is a bundle of contradictions In this new, lavishly illustrated biography, published to accompany a Channel 4 series presented by the author, David Starkey turnsAn abused child, yet confident of her destiny to reign, a woman in a man s world, passionately sexual yet, she said, a virgin, famed as England s most successful ruler yet actually doing very little, Elizabeth I is a bundle of contradictions In this new, lavishly illustrated biography, published to accompany a Channel 4 series presented by the author, David Starkey turns the paradox into a person Starting with Elizabeth s own speeches and writings, Starkey lays novel emphasis on two things her faith made her see religion as a purely personal relationship between the individual conscience and God, yet her sophisticated education led her to a smoke and mirrors view of politics, in which clever image making and speech writing could solve or postpone real problems The result was a surprisingly contemporary approach to some very modern questions, like civil strife in Scotland and Ireland and the risk of England s absorption into a European super state This new approach to the enigma of the Queen s character is presented within a lively and readable retelling of her reign her love for Robert Dudley, the tragi comedy of her favourites and suitors, and her epic struggles with Mary queen of Scots and Philip II of Spain.

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    Learned, opinionated and witty--this is an excellent biography of Elizabeth I's early years. While some knowledge of British and European history in the sixteenth century is presumed, this book should not be beyond the reach of a high school student. Indeed, unlike many other historians of the period, Starkey is usually careful to provide definitions--either directly or by context--of some of the more archaic terms which vividly color his portrayal of the behaviors of aristocrats and high church [...]

    Queen Elizabeth I is one of my favorite historical characters so I had to read this book. David Starkey writes a very detailed biography on Elizabeth with short chapters that were easy to read. I was expecting the book to be more about Elizabeth but discovered the author went on tangents about the people in her life. I understood why Starke may have taken that route, to show she was influenced by them, especially her father, but felt he lingered too long on them with unnecessary details. I enjoy [...]

    David Starkey is the man! He really brings Elizabeth to life with a respectful depiction of her reign yet he is not afraid to point out her faults (although I don't think the beheading of her cousin Mary Queen of Scots was really a fault - that slut would not quit trying to undermine Elizabeths crown!) This book makes history fun - who would have thought it?

    David Starkey writes with the assumption that he is always right. He never argues his point, just states it while dismissing other historian's research. I love the subject matter, but cannot bear his tone.

    Just arrived from Finland through BM.This book gives an excellent biography of Elizabeth and how the transition between Catholicism to Protestantism was made in England during the 16th century.

    There's something to be said of the feministic slant common among Elizabeth's female biographers which make this sometimes-princess, sometimes-not a sympathetic young character. Just being Anne Boleyn's daughter would have been problematic for any individual regardless of character and circumstances. We recognise that these female biographers have done their job when we're compelled to empathise with the young Elizabeth. Such personal connection allows us special access into her psyche.I was uns [...]

    I find Tudor history to be fascinating. I have always been a big fan of the Tudors. Elizabeth I is a particularly fascinating historical figure. This historical biography mainly concerns Elizabeth as a young woman. In fact it is around page 238 before Elizabeth becomes queen. Therefore we find out a huge amount about Elizabeth in the years of Edward VI’s, and Mary’s reigns. The political and religious upheaval of the time, was complex, and David Starkey shows just how attune to it all Elizab [...]

    Wow for a nonfiction highly scholarly biography, this is a surprisingly excellent read. Extensively and intimately researched. I am completely enraptured by this time period and the behind-the-scenes politics and personalities that steered the English ship of state this way and that. This is a fascinating portrait of Elizabeth - focusing almost entirely on her years from birth to ascending the throne (thereafter ruling for 45 years). While I have read many books on the subject, this one is the m [...]

    I haven't yet read a comprehensive biography of Elizabeth I, but figured this one (which actually cuts off right after she ascended the throne) was a good place to start. I'm familiar with the major events in her early and teen years, but this book presents them in-depth. A bit of background on Elizabeth's parentage is given before Starkey plunges into her pre-accession years (a perspective, he notes, that has not attracted nearly as much scholarly attention as her later, glorious years of rulin [...]

    Starkey's biography of the early life of Britain's greatest Queen, Elizabeth I, reads in several places almost like a historical thriller. He concentrates especially on the motivations of the central characters, why they did things as well as what they actually did. The intricacies of the religious bickering was quite difficult for me to follow, but I am now much clearer on the main arguments and how seriously the different factions felt about what in some cases seems to be trivial word differen [...]

    Well, I read about as much as I want to read. Does it count if I don't finish reading a book?If you read one biography/history of Elizabeth I, don't make it this one. Maybe this could be the fifth or sixth. The author is arguing against other historical opinions, so this book doesn't tell you a lot if you are not already very familiar with Elizabeth's life and the various interpretations of it. For example, he spends several pages explaining the conclusions we should really draw from a letter fr [...]

    One of the better,and more accessible biographies about Elizabeth I, focusing more on her life as a child and adolescent, during the reigns of her father, Henry VIII, her younger brother Edward VI, and elder sister, Mary I. Quite a bit is devoted to the scandal about Thomas Seymour, and later, Thomas Wyatt's rebellion. Recommended. Five stars overall. For the longer review, please go here:epinions/review/Book_E

    The author has feelings for his subject and it makes this a more interesting read, it flavors the history. There was a lot to of interesting politics that make such an impact on the children of Henry the VIII.

    Wonderfully written and easy to understand, unlike most historians who over complicate and overly exaggerate or express themselves with "big words" to sound clever and full of knowledge. I love this type of biography as it's style of writing puts you in the shoes of the person in question. They write about the person like an actual human being rather than a simple case-study objectElizabeth is one of my main historical fangirly figures and her endeavors and strengths throughout her life have ins [...]

    A very interesting book on Queen Elizabeth of the Tudors. I felt that I learned a lot of facts that I was not familiar with. The only problem with the book was the large amount of minutia that Starkey included in his narrative. That made it a hard read for me. Several times I stopped and said "do I want to continue with this?" But I plodded on and am glad that I finished the book.

    Definitely more of an academic-type read. But Starkey is one of the top Elizabethan historians, if that's your thing.

    Maybe actually 2.5 starsI had never picked up a David Starkey book before, though I had watched him on BBC shows. I figured I'd enjoy this, and for a little while I did. But every once in a while I'd come across a sentence where it was so obviously a man writing about a woman, that I'd just be put off. Something just so minutely… and I don't want to say sexist, but yeah, it kind of was. Starkey also proceeded to knock down everything other historians said that he didn't agree with, sometimes c [...]

    A very thorough examination of Elizabeth's formative years before gaining the throne that manages, for the most part, to avoid getting tangled up in all the titles and and descendants of various nobles. (No small task or easy feat. This has tripped up some other very good writers.) An intriguing read that only goes dry near the end, once Elizabeth is Queen and Starkey is wrapping up his narrative; it seems he lost interest as soon as the crown was on her head. Fair enough, as he states point-bla [...]

    I've read a lot of books about Elizabeth, but I think this is the best one. It has a really strong voice, really brings out Elizabeth when faced with some conflicting depictions, and has a very strong evidential basis for the work. My favorite thing about it is how Starkey will present all the sides of an issue (whether it's about how Elizabeth reacted to a situation, if an event actually happened, if it happened like it's popularly told, etc) and then show why one view is more plausible than th [...]

    Don't play pseudo-psychologist with ME, David Starkey. Your uneducated ignorant psychobabble shines through to anyone with even a 101 class in psychology.Stick to history. And while you're at it, stick to HISTORY, and not your crazy opinion of history, with your biased ideas of who's good and who's bad, and you're conveniently leaving out details that contradict your own opinion.And BTW, despite what you and the BBC think, you are NOT Henry VIII. Get over yourself, for the love of all that is go [...]

    the author thinks very highly of himself and it comes across in his writing. slips into first person far too often - "i think" this, and "i see" that. he criticizes other biographers far too often. beyond his arrogance, it is a difficult read and his telling of courtly intrigue is dizzying at best. it is interesting to learn about elizabeth's formative years and her road to the throne, but i would have preferred to read more about her life and less about starkey's opinions on tudor life.

    David Starkey has become a favorite historian /writer of mine. I find his style is approachable and he makes the characters come alive. His books are well-researched and he cites sources within the text when describing controversial actions or decisions of the character. With so many books & films on Tudors, I was surprised to learn that there are many holes in documentation of that time.

    This was such a good biography of Elizabeth. Most people concentrate on her reign but Starkey concentrated on her ascension and her childhood. It was so interesting to see how she interacted with her father and her multiple mothers and even her brother. She handled a lot of persecution in her life and you realize how intelligent and bold she had to be to accomplish all that she did.

    I have been working on the times of Henry the 8th. I finally have his wives down. 1. Catherine of Aragon, 2. Anne Bolyn 3. Jane Seymore 4. Anne of Cleaves 5. Catherine Howardd 6. Catherine Par. Over several years, I have read Wolf Hall, Anne Bolyn, Kenilworth ( I also have the seen the castle) and seen the Last Wife.In these times of craziness. It is good to be reminded of an even more crazy time: reformation. This book is really about the three children of Henry the 8th , more specifically Eliz [...]

    I hate having to give this review, as there really was an impressive amount of clearly well researched, concise fact here, and it was well presented in the vast majority of the book. I truly enjoyed most of it. However, while an engaging and informative read, this book is disturbing in it's masculine slant. The author states, repeatedly, an opinion that Elizabeth is merely a copycat of her Henry VIII, something that even the most basic of historical evidence proves legitimately untrue. While an [...]

    Excellent. Learned a lot about Elizabeth's clever intellect. Being Queen is a lot more than jewels & power, it is rather having eyes in the back of your head for everyone that wants to take you down. Constantly. David Starkey is a master of history, although I prefer him on the page, rather than on the TV screen. Could he please get his eyebrows tended?

    There is only one critisim I have for this book. There are some parts that go out of chronological order. But other than that, this book was a wonderful perspective of Elizabeth Tudor's early life.

    One wonders if there were other reasons for Starkey to go equivocal about the persona that saved England and set the strong base for what it rose to become later, out of the chaos she had received. Was it the apologetic stance of the various branches of church currently that would rather be seen as not divided at all but essentially together with the Roman orthodox one thay all fought to break away from, or is it merely the guiding hands behind the now monarchy that seeks to disassociate the app [...]

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