Autumn Bones

Autumn Bones

Autumn Bones Fathered by an incubus raised by a mortal mother and liaison to the Pemkowet Police Department Daisy Johanssen pulled the community together after a summer tragedy befell the resort town she calls

  • Title: Autumn Bones
  • Author: Jacqueline Carey
  • ISBN: 9780451465214
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fathered by an incubus, raised by a mortal mother, and liaison to the Pemkowet Police Department, Daisy Johanssen pulled the community together after a summer tragedy befell the resort town she calls home Things are back to normal as normal as it gets for a town famous for its supernatural tourism and presided over by the reclusive Norse goddess Hel Not only has DaisFathered by an incubus, raised by a mortal mother, and liaison to the Pemkowet Police Department, Daisy Johanssen pulled the community together after a summer tragedy befell the resort town she calls home Things are back to normal as normal as it gets for a town famous for its supernatural tourism and presided over by the reclusive Norse goddess Hel Not only has Daisy now gained respect as Hel s enforcer she s dating Sinclair Palmer, a nice, seemingly normal human guy Not too shabby for the daughter of a demon Unfortunately, Sinclair has a secret And it s a big one He s descended from obeah sorcerers, and they want him back If he doesn t return to Jamaica to take up his rightful role in the family, they ll unleash spirit magic that could have dire consequences for the town It s Daisy s job to stop it, and she s going to need a lot of help But time is running out, the dead are growing restless, and one mistake could cost Daisy everything

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    My name is Sarah and I just gave 4 stars to a book with a Love Quadrangle of Death, Doom, Destruction, and Immediate Extinction of All Life on Earth (LQDDDIEALE™). Scary, I now.I wanted to trick you into thinking that it wasn't really me writing this review right now. That my account had been hacked by my evil twin. The plan was to tell you that if my evil twin hadn't taken over, I would have stamped on this book, shot it and then killed it with fire for good measure, instead of giving it 4 fr [...]

    Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsFor years now, it's seemed that nine out of ten UF series must have at least one gratuitous “Voodoo” installment. I say “Voodoo” b/c it might not actually be Voodoo. It may be Hoodoo or Santeria or any number of other folk magic traditions that are necromantic in nature, for instance–Obeah. Anyway, as frequent an occurrence as this is (roughly nine out of ten), lots of people out there in the book-reading universe are obviously down with the zombies and the Vood [...]

    We read this book for my book club last month, Vaginal Fantasy. It's the sequel to "Dark Currents" the first in the series. I really loved this followup, somehow even more than the first. Daisy was a lot more compelling a character, I felt like she was proactive, competent, vulnerable when she needed to be, and really connected to the fabric of this really interesting town, where fairies and supernatural creatures are "out and about". There were some interesting explorations with the various lov [...]

    *** 3.66 ***A tiny buddy read with my MacHalo Freaks!The second book in this Urban Fantasy Trilogy turned out to be almost as much fun as the first! The demon spawn Daisy, the Wolf next door, the new vampire, the cursing pixie, the IT genius, the rutting Satir, the sexy Lamia, and the local goddess of death are only the core of characters trying to keep the law and sanity in the little town on the lake Michigan. As we well learned in the previous book, this town is a smorgasbord of human and aes [...]

    I devoured this one and the one before, and will probably be doing the same with the next one too. What can I say? They're fun, they're well written can I have more like these please?!Daisy is still an awesome character, I have to say I'm pretty much in love with her by now. I love that she's exploring the romance angles at a nice pace and that's there no drama in that front. The plot was a bit weaker (it was pretty obvious who the bad guy was) but still really entertaining. And now, to the next [...]

    4 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/201I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "Jacqueline Carey and Urban Fantasy? Yes, please!" Being a big fan of Ms. Carey's epic Kushiel Universe, it didn't take much convincing for me to dive into the first Agent of Hel novel when I found out she was working on this new UF series. And I was not disappointed; the first book called Dark Currents can stand on its own next to all of the great urban fantasy and paranormal titles I've ever read, and in [...]

    3.5Autumn Bones left me in exactly the same predicament Dark Currents did. This is a fun, light(ish) UF that hints at possible gritty dangers, while always keeping to the light (but at least not fluffy) side.Again I'm hooked by the world or the idea behind the book, but the novel in itself doesn't scream "love this series". Daisy is still a character I can't root for. Young, inexperienced, unskilled. Even the "root of Armageddon" angle sounds false to me. I never really see her struggling with t [...]

    Update:February 2015I finally managed to get through this book, partly because the third one looks interesting. Carey finally got through the slut shaming to have her vampire character become an actual person after being changed, so that is something; but I can't find it in my heart to feel like it was enough. The inter-racial romance was shut down by family members, but at least the female lead is being allowed to explore multiple relationships and take pleasure from unlikely sources without ce [...]

    2.5 starsHow did this series go so wrong so fast? Dark Currents was awesome, but the things I liked about it weren’t in this. The romance played a big role, and lots of drama ensued. None of which was remotely interesting. I hate love triangles, but I would have been soooo much happier if this had been a love triangle. But no, this was a love quadrangle. Yeah that’s right; there were three love interests. I only really like one of them. I might have been okay with the relationship drama if i [...]

    Trilogy Review: “Agent of Hel” is a trilogy about a half-human, half-demon woman named Daisy, whose heritage earned her the job of liaison between the human world and the supernatural kingdom. It’s a job that gets particularly complicated when citizens start showing up dead by supernatural causes…Jacqueline Carey is one of my top authors, specifically for her “Kushiel’s” and “Imriel’s” Trilogies (which contain some of the best writing I’ve ever read, although I’d recommen [...]

    Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI had a good time with the first volume and it’s true that I was curious to see how the history of our beloved Daisy would continue. Oh yes because Once upon a time was a heroine who had three lovely pretenders, or is it finally two? And she does not know exactly the one she wants. What a dilemma would you say? Oh yes very difficult thing! So of course, the « lived happily ever after » is not close to being there. How could this be the case between a gho [...]

    Pemwoket es un pequeño centro de actividad eldritch sustentado por la magia provista por el inframundo nórdico de la diosa Hel, y su agente Daisy, y que es punto turistico paranormal.Bueno, Daisy sigue con esa noción de no poner todos los huevos en un solo canasto, o algo asi.De modo que nos la encontramos citándose con (1) Sinclairporque no puede tener a Cody. Quien tampoco es exactamente un humano comun y corriente y termina trayendo problemas mayores a la ciudad. Luego esta (2) Cody, el h [...]

    I really loved the first book and have been super excited to start the second, so when I finally got my hands on the audiobook for this I was totally ready to delve back into Daisy's world. But I was let down by this installment big time. There was too much of everything going on all at once - romance, plot (there were like three different plot-lines going on and they were all so vague!), supernatural elements. It just felt like a jumble of a bunch of random shit the author put together and call [...]

    3rd Read: 6/2/162nd Read: 4/18/15Original Read: 5/6/14Original Review:3.5 StarsThese books leave me so confused! This book was like a cross of an early Sookie Stackhouse and an early (But Lighter) Anita Blake. And whereas I enjoyed both of those, it's NOT what I've come to expect from Jacqueline Carey.I LOVED the Kushiel Series', these were deep and multilayered, and vibrant, and the characters were intimately painted. (Not to mention 3 times as long).I feel almost as if the author thought "why [...]

    This is a light, easy, and fun read. And that's really all I can say about it. It's not epic fantasy like Jacqueline Carey's other works. Its really a typical urban fantasy sort of book. A love triangle, a special type of character, ghouls, vampires, and all that. For people who are fans of the genre thats probably what they want. I do like some of the books in urban fantasy. I am actually disappointed in this book. I just felt it tried to cover to many things in a short amount of time. And I gu [...]

    I enjoyed this one a lot, and found it quick and easy to get through. I think this was partly because I read it straight after the first one, so I was already 'in the world' of this book. Could do without the cliche love triangle but otherwise, I really liked it.

    This is one of those "if you liked the first book, you'll probably like this" books. And one of those four stars for me where the book is pretty good and I wasn't tempted to stop reading, but neither did it keep me up past my bedtime.The romance story (view spoiler)[is down to two guys, so that's better, but still . . . it's too much back and forth and I still have my preference (Stefan!), but it all feels a little wishy-washy, not like either choice is this big epic romance. (hide spoiler)]Anyw [...]

    Daisy Johanssen is back in "Autumn Bones" the second supernatural urban fantasy adventure in Jacqueline Carey's Agent of Hel series. It is a read to you drop off to sleep, wake up and read again until done type of book. Especially if you like action, romance and things that go bump in the night.Daisy lives in Pemkowet, a town in the Midwest that has become monster central - werewolves, vampires, sprites, demons, ghosts and gods all make their home there, including Daisy's liege, the Norse Goddes [...]

    Another YA book from Ms. Carey. Will it be similar to Santa Olivia ones? Those were fabulous. The grittiness of it. This one, I'm mixed about. Full disclosure, I didn't read the first book. I have it but I'm reading out of order by accident. Daisy is slightly ditzy. I don't mean as dumb. I mean as clueless and just not with the program. She's landed a job which is pretty important yet she constantly goofs up. She's also torn between three different men - all of them unsuitable. Not sure I like t [...]

    Pretty typical urban fantasy. i lile that it is fairly light not a lot of hugely deep moments but deeper than fluff (if that makes sense). in all its a fun reas that doesn't take a lot of yime or make me yhink about it fir hours after. it felt like it should have ended and then it didn't. in the end it was good but now looks like there might be a love triangle I hate those but at least it's an adult one and not stupid teen angst.

    Unfortunately I didn't really feel the connection between the characters this time round. Conversations fell flat and eye rolling behavior was everywhere.

    2.5There's nothing especially wrong with this series. There's just that I'm grabbing onto. I don't care as much as I should for the characters, I'm not particularly pulling for them and so I'm just on the edge of entertained. It's fun, and I can see maybe others liking it more, but personally, it's just this side of cliche, especially the heroine and her love problems.UNPOPULAR OPINION: (view spoiler)[Sinclair was the best romantic interest. Actual dates, actually getting along on an interperson [...]

    Last year I read and enjoyed Jacqueline Carey’s foray into Urban Fantasy with Dark Currents and Autumn Bones is the second book in the Agent of Hel series. The series /characters have a vaguely Sookie Stackhouse type of vibe, including the small town setting of Pemkowetand various monsters ranging from Daisy’s crush, werewolf Police Officer Cody Fairfax to the ghoul that shares a bond with her, Stefan Ludovic. It has more of a light hearted feel to it than a lot of the current UF that’s on [...]

    I could read this series nonstop, and that's exactly what I did yesterday, from about page 50 until I finished it. I just love Daisy. Who isn't trying to find their balance between hell-spawn and human? She's completely relate-able but different enough to be interesting. She knows that being true to herself isn't a one-step process, but something that's difficult, has to be worked on daily, and is subject to change. I'm also impressed that she doesn't let romance, or the possibility of romance, [...]

    I really enjoyed Dark Currents, the first book in the trilogy, and had this second book on order very soon after having completed it. There are three men in Daisy's life: Cody the werewolf who can only have a relationship with another of his kind; Stefan the ghoul who doesn't age but is offering as much as she wants to take; and Sinclair the seemingly normal, human, Jamaican manwho is offering some much needed stability.At the end of the previous book, Daisy chose Sinclair, and the start of this [...]

    I couldn't help myself, I sped through this. Even after having been less than thoroughly impressed with the first, I suddenly found myself wanting to read the next. Once I started, I could hardly stop. This would make excellent television. Ms. Carey has truly mastered the art of making a reader want to continue for just one more chapter, again and again. Still, I can't bring myself to give it more than 3 stars. It feels as if this is a dumbed-down version of Carey's usual writing. Sometimes I li [...]

    “Vampire in real life aren't like the ones in the movies. They weren't going to be playing baseball in a thunderstorm.” I loved the first book - fell head over heels - and while this second wasn't QUITE as good as the first, it was still a worthy continuation.Daisy is likable - she has the potential in her to be an apocalyptic timebomb (literally), but she stays loyal and fights the dark side to do what's right. As a main character, she works since she's different enough to stay intriguing a [...]

    UTC TOP PICK!AUTUMN BONES is another unexpected ride, full of ups and downs and a lot more twists than I thought I could handle. I was unprepared by how much I enjoyed this sequel. I am quickly becoming addicted to anything and everything Daisy related. She’s one of my favorite heroines this past year!This book is the perfect combination between Daisy’s personal life and romantic messes while dealing with supernatural chaos in Pemkowet. Voodoo, a bit of magic and…a satyr! AUTUMN BONES does [...]

    This is the second book in Carey's 'Agent of Hel' series. I really enjoyed the first one so I was really excited to get to this. I loved getting to see more about the various potential romantic interests in Daisy Johanssen's life - all of whom have a lot of complications! Particularly this book focuses on Sinclair, who is her sort-of boyfriend for most of the book. I've heard a very little bit about obeah magic, and it was really interesting to learn more. I haven't read many books with supernat [...]

    Daisy is a fun protagonist. She finds herself in the weirdest situations and I have to say the giant hormone induced orgy in the club climbed to the top of the weird list. The rest of the characters in the series continue to help Daisy and keep the story on track. Daisy's Mom is a breath of fresh air and Lurine always manages to stand out in a super fun way. Let's talk relationship/romances. I was a bit shocked with the relationship between Sinclair and Daisy. He just doesn't seem her type. His [...]

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