The D'Evil Diaries

The D'Evil Diaries

The D Evil Diaries A hilarious crackling original debut about an unlucky demon perfect for fans of Derek Landy and Eoin Colfer Twelve year old Jinx is hopeless at being evil Which is a bit of a problem when you re Lu

  • Title: The D'Evil Diaries
  • Author: Tatum Flynn Dave Shephard
  • ISBN: 9781408335765
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hilarious, crackling, original debut about an unlucky demon, perfect for fans of Derek Landy and Eoin Colfer.Twelve year old Jinx is hopeless at being evil Which is a bit of a problem when you re Lucifer s youngest son But when Jinx runs away from Pandemonium, the walled city he s lived in all his life, he bumps into dead girl Tommy who s been sent to Hell for accideA hilarious, crackling, original debut about an unlucky demon, perfect for fans of Derek Landy and Eoin Colfer.Twelve year old Jinx is hopeless at being evil Which is a bit of a problem when you re Lucifer s youngest son But when Jinx runs away from Pandemonium, the walled city he s lived in all his life, he bumps into dead girl Tommy who s been sent to Hell for accidentally feeding her nasty uncle to a circus lion and unearths a conspiracy that could up end the entire underworld Cue shenanigans involving carnivorous carousel horses, death trap riddled libraries and hungry quicksand Now the fate of the realm rests in the hands of its most unlikely demon and a girl who shouldn t be in Hell at all

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      116 Tatum Flynn Dave Shephard
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    Страхотно свежа история за необичайните приятелства, изпълнението на семейния дълг и търсенето на това кой си и къде е твоето място в този голям див Ад. :)

    Това беше една много чакана книга.И когато най-после се озова в ръцете ми и току-що затворих последната страница, мога да кажа със сигурност, че чакането си заслужаваше. Адски готина и свежа история, изключително забавна, с точното количество напрегнати моменти и неочаквани [...]

    Loved it – start to finish. Wouldn’t change a thing. Actually not quite true, I wanted the next book immediately upon completing the final page and was somewhat perturbed about the fact that this was not an option.So what’s to love about The D’Evil Diaries? Well let’s start with the fact that it’s brilliantly written shall we. There is a great balance between the humour (will get to that in a moment), story, characters and have I mentioned the wonderful world of Hell yet? Though to b [...]

    writingisfunbooks.wordpress.cВсеки читател знае, какво се случва като влезнеш в книжарница – отиваш за една книга, а излизаш поне с тройно толкова. Ето така, при една поредна разходка, тази книжка се озова в купчинката ми.

    Twelve year old Jinx D’Evil suffers many of the problems of your average 12 year old – doing poorly at his studies, living in the shadow of his brothers and failing to live up to the expectations of a powerful and demanding father. The difference with Jinx is that he is a demon, his home is Pandemonium, the capital city of Hell and his father is none other than the Enemy of Righteousness, Prince of Darkness and Lord of the Flies, namely the Devil himself.The D’Evil Diaries begins with Jinx [...]

    Ето една книга, която току що се появи у нас! Топла-топла, направо пари! Ама така пари, че от нея просто се сипе огън и жупел! „Жупел за закуска. Дневниците на един Д`Явол” е дебютната книга на Тейтъм Флин. И е адски готина с акцент върху АДСКОТО! Прочетете ревюто на "Книжни Крил [...]

    The minute I discovered The D’Evil Diaries was about a boy who wishes he could be more evil, I knew I'd like Tatum's book. I am a compulsively nice person (I blame my mum) who'd love to be a criminal mastermind. So I sympathise with Lucifer’s youngest son, Jinx, as he fails miserably in his devillish demon duties and wishes he could be more villainous to please his father.The D'Evil Diaries is great read. Mainly because Tatum Flynn is funny. Really funny. The book is full of quietly hilariou [...]

    Children always want to rebel against their parents. So, if you happen to be Lucifer's youngest son, the only way to go is good.Jinx is, in fact, so fantastically good that his dad has threatened to pack him off to demon military academy to learn wrong from right. Jinx runs away and fantastic adventures ensue. But I don't want this to sound like your run-of-the-mill MG. For a start it's set in Hell. Jinx and sidekick human Tommy (who has been sent down below for accidentally killing her evil unc [...]

    I had the immense privilege of reading this before publication, and wow, if you are looking for something original and funny and clever, add this to your read list immediately! Just thinking about certain scenes still makes me chuckle, and its charming cast of characters, headed by Jinx, the demon who just can't be evil, are some I can't wait to adventure with again in the sequel.As I read this, I kept thinking how NEW everything felt. Flynn brings to life an incredibly imaginative world full of [...]

    What a fantastic, hilarious adventure this book is! Poor Jinx has his work cut out for him trying to convince Dear Old Dad that he can be as bad as his siblings, and the shenanigans he gets up to with his pal Tommy along the way are just a joy to read. Tommy makes a fabulous sidekick, as does Loiter (I will forevermore describe my utmost degree of fatigue as being 'sloth-tired') and Bruce the bat. This is the kind of book that is destined to become a children's classic, and I absolutely loved it [...]

    I do not approve of this book.It is far too much fun and far too funny. Books like this shouldn't be allowed.If you have a child and you don't want them to enjoy themselves, you should not buy this book.

    This review first appeared on The Book Zone (For Boys)The concept of Satan having a hapless son is not a particularly new one, but never has it been as funny as it is in Tatum Flynn's The D'Evil Diaries. In fact, Adam Sandler would have been much better off handing over the co-writing duties on the truly dire Little Nicky to Tatum Flynn - it would have been a hell of a lot funnier if he had (pun intended)!Jinx D'Evil, the main character of this book, is the son of Lucifer, but he is a pretty poo [...]

    A snortingly funny debut novel from Tatum Flynn.The D’evil Diaries tells the story of Lucifer’s youngest son, Jinx D’Evil - a twelve year old demon from Hell. But unlike his awesomely evil older siblings, Jinx is just hopeless at being horrible. After an embarrassing incident on a school outing, where a deadly Nemesis tree is rendered harmless by Jinx, and with the Evil-level exams looming, Lucifer decides enough is enough - Jinx must learn to be evil. He sends Jinx to attend private evil- [...]

    Дяволски забавна приключенска история(Цялото ревю е тук: knijenpetar.wordpress/201)Да определя тийнейджърска книжка за задължителна в очакващия ме списък с набелязани книги, е повече от странно за мен, но получената предварителна информация направо си ме извади от унеса и хукнах да с [...]

    Once in a while a children’s book comes along that is so inventive, and witty, and different, that you want to hug it whilst reading. Twelve year old protagonist Jinx D’evil is just like any other school boy apart from the fact that he is a demon with bright red skin and wings, lives in Hell and is the son of the ruler there, Lucifer. His problem is that he is too angelic – he is no good at being devilish, and runs away from his father after disappointing him one too many times. Whilst on [...]

    What do you get when you start with the youngest son of the Devil (you know, the “good” son), add a human girl who mistakenly ends up in hell (hey, anyone could accidentally feed their uncle to a lion, right?), and ask them to outwit, outsmart, and outrun a horde of diabolical demons? Gales of laughter, that’s what you get. Especially when it’s Tatum Flynn telling the story.There’s a fine line in humorous fiction: too much humour and the reader suffocates; too little and, well, it’s [...]

    I received a copy of this book via First Reads Giveaways - This book is AWESOME! Funny and entertaining, I loved being talken on a tour of Hell with Jinx and Tommy for my guides, and the illustrations were perfectly places and brought the book to life! Loved the 'Meanwhile' sections which tied different parts of the story together, like Lucifer having hot chocolate and fondue with God in Paris! A great read, perfect for all ages! I didn't think Hell would be an ideal place to escape to via a bo [...]

    I've been to Hell and back AND I LIKED IT.Not content to be wickedly witty and affable on Twitter, Tatum Flynn has poured such qualities into this D'Lightful tale of 12yo Jinx D'Evil, charting his friendship with a Bonehead, Tomasina Covelli (Tommy) and their quest to save the underworld.I'm not one to spill out spoilers, suffice it to say, read this book, you won't be sorry. For the detail, the quips, the laughs, and the chance to GO TO HELL I loved it.

    This book starts with Jinx - Satan's youngest son - hanging from a tree. You can't go wrong with that type of beginning! I liked Jinx. I enjoyed his accidental 'good' disasters and the friendship that develops between him and Tommy - a girl who really shouldn't be in Hell. There's a mix of underworld/hell/Hades mythology that I really enjoyed, too. And who doesn't love a son trying to save his home and father! It's such a quick, fun, funny, interesting read!

    An absolutely amazing UK middle grade fantasy, with a modern sense of humour that appeals to the adult reader as much as the younger fan. Very reminiscent of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's "Good Omens".

    The D'Evil Diaries is a brilliantly written book by this debut author and a real page turner even for the adult reader. Tatum Flynn builds an imaginative, magical world that happens to be the underworld, giving the reader a frisson from discovering the unknown and the dangerous. The humour that permeates the narrative and the lively description give the story an extra, compelling edge.Interwoven in the exciting plot and underneath the humorous voice, the author cleverly sneaks in elements of Gre [...]

    I won this book in a giveaway and was insanely excited about it—and for good reason. THE D’EVIL DIARIES is a rollicking good time to the ends of hell and back, with a snarky, ne’er-do-evil demon named Jinx and an irrepressible human girl named Tommy. The unlikely duo tries to uncover a plot against Jinx’s father—who happens to be Lucifer himself—while also getting to the bottom of another mystery: why Tommy ended up in Hell in the first place. (She sort-of-accidentally killed her un [...]

    This story takes you right into the depths of Hell literally. Jinx D'evil is a teenage demon who can't seem to demon right which probably wouldn't be SUCH a problem if he wasn't also the son of Lucifer himself. Jinx's struggle between pleasing his father and just being himself lands him in the middle of a mysterious plot that threatens the future of Hell. He teams up with the demon of Sloth--a sloth!--and a wrongfully dead girl named Tommy to get to the bottom of it. The D'evil Diaries is a humo [...]

    This was such a fun and imaginative read! I loved the character of Jinx, Lucifer's haplessly awkward teen who comes into his own. I laughed out loud throughout the book and enjoyed it thoroughly! An excellent and unique middle-grade read.

    Fun book, really enjoyed it. Will be passing it on to my daughter now! The idea was great, twist at end was fun, wonderful characters

    Not as mischievous as you might imagine, but oh so funny and poignant. This is the first in a series, and this makes me happy.

    What a fun adventure. Kind of makes me want to go toHell. LOL. I loved all the characters and can't wait to read more about them in new books. This is a fun read for all ages.

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