Hell's Belles

Hell's Belles

Hell s Belles The further rip roaring adventures of Lucifer s youngest son Jinx and dead circus girl Tommy in Hell Also two friendly gargoyles and one very lazy sloth

  • Title: Hell's Belles
  • Author: Tatum Flynn
  • ISBN: 9781408335789
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • The further rip roaring adventures of Lucifer s youngest son, Jinx, and dead circus girl, Tommy, in Hell Also, two friendly gargoyles and one very lazy sloth.

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    [I was fortunate to read an early, prepublication copy of this book]Tatum Flynn has done it again! In a wonderful sequel to her debut novel, The D'Evil Diaries, she returns us to Hell—but in a completely good way! Back are Jinx, the youngest son of the Devil, and Tommy, the circus girl who ended up in Hell by accident (and you thought you were having a bad day). They're off on another adventure that will pit them against the worst eternal damnation has to offer (which, you know, even relativel [...]

    This book is even better than the first one in it's series, capitalizing on an amazing setting that feels so alive and rich it is practically a character itself; and with alternating narrators who are each distinct and humorous in their own ways, this book is one "hell" of a read. It had me cackling, gasping, and grinning like an idiot. Sometimes all at once. I don't recommended chewing anything you can choke on while reading this book -- you will be laughing too much, and trust me, you will wan [...]

    I *love* this series. Always hilarious and imaginative, this sequel doesn't disappoint with its plethora of new fantastical places, its strong, unique characters, and a healthy dose of humor and adventure. The illustrations throughout are also brilliant and really show off Flynn's incredible world. Hell's Belles gives us a lot more insight into Tommy and her mysterious past, and introduces a wonderfully chilling new villain who is as dangerous as she is fashionable. Flynn finishes the book off w [...]

    I LOVE this book. I read the first in the series last year, so I knew that I was in for a lot of fun, but this was even better. The plot was great (who doesn't like a competition?), the world-building was superb, Potteresque even, the weaving in of mythology was done brilliantly, but the best part was the humour. In Flynn's superb deadpan style, this book made me laugh way too much for someone a very long way from the age of the target audience.I was really sorry to get to the end and Leave Jinx [...]

    Adored this. Such a fun new story, with some really solid additions to the mythology that add a lot of depth to the series and to Tommy as a character. Definitely a sequel done right.

    Hell's Belles is the sequel to The D'Evil Diaries, which I reviewed last year and thoroughly enjoyed. Fans of the original will be glad to know that Hell's Belles is more of the same, with an extra twist - this time, the main character is Tommy, the only human child in the underworld, and Jinx's best friend.She was one of the best parts of the original, so it's great to see her spread her wings in the sequel - but fans of Jinx won't miss out, either, as he gets a few chapters to himself. (As the [...]

    I should have read the first book before this one! A very interesting idea to send a child to hell and have friendly Demons. A little bit scary and a fair bit of fun. I imagine children would like this very much. I have to say I really did not like the concept of having each chapter headed by a particular character. I couldn't really see the need for this. I was constantly having to look up and check again to see who this particular person was. It Became annoying fast. I don't think a good write [...]

    That was a great sequel. I couldn't put it down, I was so engrossed in Jinx and Tommy's new adventures. And a contest! I've always had a soft spot for contests, even if that's not the central theme here.I loved the alternating points of view, they added depth and variety to the experience, and made Tommy's character much more authentic. I also liked the glimpses into Lucifer's character: he turned out to be so much more than the feared-by-all, golf-playing Master of Hell. And Jinx, he's his usua [...]

    I was hooked from the first page of Hell’s Belles that opens with a letter from the main character Jinx to his mum Persephone, with all the awkwardness of a pre-teenage boy missing his mother but trying not to show it.Not that Jinx is a soppy character, mind you. After all, he has some hellish tasks to perform that involves stealing eggs from zombie eagles, escaping giant horned galloping hell beasts, fighting off flame monsters and killer kittens – while on a hell-raising expedition with hi [...]

    I have procrastinated over this book for the last 2 months, which is the exact amount of time that I have had it checked out from the library. I couldn't get it started and I kept finding something better to read when really this book is pretty interesting.We find out more about Hell and Tommy plus there is also Sparky a shocktopus which sounds like the cutest creature on the planet.Once I had gotten into it, I found that I finished the book quite quickly so the book is very interesting. There a [...]

    Absolutely phenomenal follow-up to THE D'EVIL DIARIES - I adored this second outing with Jinx and Tommy, which was just as devilishly funny and full of adventure as the first in the series. Brilliant, witty middle grade fun!

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