The Living

The Living

The Living Shy takes the summer job to make some money A few months on a luxury cruise liner how bad can it be Bikinis free food maybe even a girl or two every cruise has a fresh crop of passengers after all

  • Title: The Living
  • Author: Matt de la Pena
  • ISBN: 9780385741217
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shy takes the summer job to make some money A few months on a luxury cruise liner how bad can it be Bikinis, free food, maybe even a girl or two every cruise has a fresh crop of passengers, after all He ll rake in the tips and be able to help his mom and sister out with the bills But then, an earthquake massive than any ever recorded hits California and ShyShy takes the summer job to make some money A few months on a luxury cruise liner how bad can it be Bikinis, free food, maybe even a girl or two every cruise has a fresh crop of passengers, after all He ll rake in the tips and be able to help his mom and sister out with the bills But then, an earthquake massive than any ever recorded hits California and Shy s life is changed forever.The earthquake is only the beginning Twenty four hours and a catastrophic chain of events later, Shy is lost at sea, fighting to survive and stuck with her.She s blond and she s rich, and never in her life would she have dreamed she d be adrift in the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by death and completely dependent on a guy like Shy.And Shy hasn t even faced the worst yet.

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      196 Matt de la Pena
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    Una novela ágil, con personajes sin apenas profundidad y predecible, pero que al menos consigue mantenerte en vilo durante gran parte de sus páginas. Hay varias cosas que quiero comentar de Los vivientes. Comenzó como una historia diferente y original, pues tan solo con la localización de gran parte de la historia se tenía ganado ese punto de innovación. Se me viene a la mente un solo ejemplo de novela juvenil en un barco, Aguas oscuras, y eso es un punto a favor. Sin embargo, aproximadame [...]

    Check out Scott Reads It!The Living is a strange novel because each part is extremely different in tone and atmosphere. The first part of this novel had a very contemporary feel and it had a nice mix of romance and interesting introspective writing. Part two of The Living was strictly apocalyptic and it abandoned all of the thought-provoking messages that I loved in part one. Part three is a whole different story and I felt like the point of this part was to help kick-start a unwarranted series. [...]

    UNA NOVELA FASCINANTE. CON UN RITMO INCREÍBLE.Los vivientes es la primera parte de una serie, no sé si de dos, tres o más libros. Sea como sea es una novela de ciencia ficción que se ambienta en alta mar y que cuenta una historia escalofriante y que atrapa desde la primera página. De la Peña es un autor con una pluma muy propia y que marca un ritmo en la novela frenético.Soy una adicta a la ciencia ficción, me encanta. Y por eso mismo he leído tantos libros que ya me cuesta encontrar un [...]

    Los vivientes es una novela que me ha impactado bastante por la crudeza y dureza de muchas de sus escenas. Una historia de supervivencia completamente adictiva que me tuvo con el corazón en un puño en muchas ocasiones tanto por su intensidad como por la forma tan directa que tiene el autor de narrar. Pega un pequeño bajón -en cuanto a previsibilidad de la trama- en la parte final pero igualmente deja con muchas ganas de saber cómo continúa todovidasecretadeloslibross

    This book was a roller coaster ride from beginning to end. I can totally picture it as a movie. The tsunami scenes were terrifying! And don't get me started on the sharks. *shiver* Loved it!

    This book was pitched to me as a YA LOST Big shoes to fill, right? Well, The Living lives up to it and more (and only a little bit because I expect that The Living is going to have an actual ENDING Lost, I'll never forgive you for that). Anyway, this was tense, heartbreaking, exciting, and just generally in-put-downable. The only thing that sucks is how long I'll have to wait for the next one Arg.

    4 of 5 stars at The Bibliosanctum: bibliosanctum/201This book first caught my attention because I noticed a blurb likening it to a Young Adult version of LOST - which was actually a show I really enjoyed before it turned all WTFery bizarre. The result however, was not quite what I expected. I wouldn't say I'm disappointed, though; The Living wasn't a bad book, just different.I'm also not surprised to see that opinions are all over the place for this one. It is a book made up of several different [...]

    Looking through the other reviews, I'm surprised this book rated as many stars as it did. Maybe I'm just the oddball out on this one, but this book was "Meh" for me. I was expecting an exciting tale of survivalist fiction - and there is some of that, don't get me wrong, but there's also a medical mystery dotted with murder. Which is fine. Great. Dandy. But here's where I fell off The Living train. The narrator. I just maybe as a woman in my early thirties I just can't relate to teenage boys anym [...]

    In a reading conference this week, a student told me the last book he read didn't have enough action. Well, with The Living, he will not be disappointed. I read it in two sittings, eagerly absorbed in Shy's story. Working on a cruise ship, making friends, having new experiences, Shy is a good kid who loves his family and dreams of loving Carmen. A big storm, a spying stranger, a mysterious and horrifying disease, intrigue and murder. This books is like an action-adventure movie all in one.

    2.5Ich war sehr gespannt auf das Buch, da ich mich der Klappentext unheimlich angesprochen hat und ich mir eine spannende und actionreiche Geschichte erwartet habe.Es hat fast bis zur Hälfte des Buch gedauert bis überhaupt passiert ist was im Klappentext beschrieben wurde. Ich verstehen ja, dass es erst ein wenig Einleitung geben und man auch erst die Charaktere kennenlernen muss, aber fast die Hälfte des Buches fand ich dann doch etwas viel.Auch als die Action los ging, kam bei mir nie wirkl [...]

    I fairly enjoyed this and it took me back to when I was reading the maze runner, trying to figure out what exactly was happening. I was interested, I was able to connect to the main character and I enjoyed the whole story! Now, I just have to see if I can find the second book!

    4.5 en realidad :) Si solo pudiera elegir una palabra para definir a este libro sería ADICTIVO. Me ha encantado. Espero con muchas ganas la siguiente parte.

    Ganz anders als erwartet und im Klappentext beschrieben, aber überraschend gut. Gute 3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Welcome to Book CityDate: November 26, 2014Spoilers AheadHeadlineThe LivingMatt de La PeñaShy took the summer job to make some money. In a few months on a luxury cruise liner, he'll rake in the tips and be able to help his mom and sister out with the bills. And how bad can it be? Bikinis, free food, maybe even a girl or two—every cruise has different passengers, after all.But everything changes when the Big One hits. Shy's only weeks out at sea when an earthquake more massive than ever before [...]

    Shy Espinoza is just your regular teen from Otay Mesa spending his summer working on a cruise ship to make extra money. Between handing out water bottles and towels, catching some sun, hanging out with his friends, and being surrounded by beautiful girls, what more could a guy want? But underneath Shy’s tough-guy exterior lies a boy with a very big heart who’s trying to earn enough money to send back home to his nephew who has been stricken with the deadly Romero disease that killed Shy’s [...]

    ~*Review Might Contain Spoilers*~In a world where YA novels are dominated by plain saltine female leads, Shy is a fresh breath of air. Amazingly this novel is set over a time period of about 8 days. Starting out, I thought this book would just be a nice survival story, sort of like The Raft. BOY, was I wrong. It starts off with Shy reliving a traumatic event that occurred on the last voyage off the cruise ship he worked on. Other than the prologue, it had a nice light start, average big softie f [...]

    This book is a wild ride. I ended it completely won over by the well-paced action scenes and terrifying cliffhangers. It's incredibly exhilarating. That alone deserves four stars. The issue is that this isn't a good mystery / dystopia novel. Matt De La Pena's style shines when he writes action scenes, but slow, creepy, atmospheric scenes come off flat in his style. This book seriously suffers in terms of atmosphere. There's another issue here, and it's glaring: the characters. Shy is one of the [...]

    I love Matt de la Pena. I loved reading Mexican White Boy and We Were Here. So . . . I was excited to get his new book on Tuesday, and I started reading it yesterday. It is a departure from his other books even though he still writes about people and cultures he knows. That's good. But as I started to read I kept thinking, really a love interest so early? A mystery illness? A natural disaster? Wait. What is going on? Way too much. AND IT IS THE FIRST IN A SERIES! Noooooo! With all of that said, [...]

    NOTA: 3.5/5librosdelcielo/20Bueno bueno bueno Me he zampado más de 1/3 de libro hoy.Al iniciar esta historia bajé mis expectativas pues me encontré con algo bastante normalito casi de 5/10 sin embargo al llegar a poco antes de la mitad la historia empieza a engancharme cada vez más, creciendo mi interés de forma continua acabando en una historia que puedo decir que me ha sorprendido gratamente. No se lleva más nota porque el principio no me hizo sentir nada, pero ayudo a bajar expectativas [...]

    Oh my god! What the hell did Matt de la Pena ever do to you, Brilliance Audio? The reader on this audiobook not only can't remotely pull off de la Pena's contemporary language (we knew we were in trouble when he made "score some new kicks" sound like a distasteful drug reference), but the accent he shifts into for the Australian underwear model Kevin is so ludicrous that my sons have adopted it for all of their doomed characters when they play Forbidden Desert. I want Kevin to die soon, and not [...]

    2.5 starsI was interested enough to finish this, but I didn't love it. The characters needed more depth, and the dialogue felt off. There was a nice amount of suspense, and it was hard to put down in parts, but I think I can go without reading the sequel.

    The Living is a far cry from Matt de la Peña's 2016 Newbery Medal-winning picture book, Last Stop on Market Street. Bringing a fresh, cinematic perspective on the awesome scope of disaster stories to teen literature, Matt de la Peña crafts an extraordinarily immediate adventure novel from page one, portraying the romance of an ocean cruise with palpably atmospheric delight. He gets all the little details right to build the ambience of the scene: the carefree demeanor of super-rich passengers o [...]

    Every now and then I venture out of my comfort zone into something new and foreign--this time it was teenage action, gore and suspense. Shy (the main character's nickname) gets a job on an exclusive cruise ship thinking it's a great summer job. On his first cruise, a distraught man jumps overboard. On his second cruise, the ship is obliterated by a number of tsunamis created by an earthquake that has devastated the entire Western coastline of North America. (Yes, it was a big one.) He finds hims [...]

    This is a rounded up 3. I can’t quite say I honestly liked this but it was much closer than a 2.5. Geez, book ratings can be funny like that. Anyway!I wrote a fair amount of thoughts on this before I realized that most of what I have to say all comes down to one problem:I thought this was purely survivalist fiction. It’s not.That’s what I was looking forward to and expecting. In reality, this is a mystery/conspiracy/medical thriller with an incidental disaster thrown in. That might sound a [...]

    The best thing about The Living, to me, was the illusion I created for myself that it was going to be a standalone book. There was a juggling act of plot threads, mysterious characters and natural disasters, and I was excited to see how author Matt de la Pena would resolve all of it in the span of 300 pages. The answer, of course, was that he wasn’t going to, but the anticipation propelled me through the book. And even with some loose ends untied, it was still a satisfying read. I’ll check o [...]

    The Living by Matt de la Pena was AMAZING! (SPOILER ALERT)When Shy first met Addison, or Addie, I felt bad for Shy and then he got stuck on the raft with her after the tsunami I was NOT wanting to be Shy. I also was kind of nervous when he could not find Carmen and found Kevin with blood coming out of his forehead "like a fountain". This book reminds me of the Legend series where the main character has a horrible past. The end of this book confused me slightly when Shy was trying to get medicine [...]

    After his grandmother’s death from a mysterious illness, Shy and his mother need money. Shy’s takes a job on a cruise ship to help pay her medical bills. One night Shy sees a man climbing over the ship’s railing. Shy tries to stop him from jumping, but after after a short conversation the man apologizes for betraying Shy and throws himself overboard. Then things get weird: someone on board is determined to find out what the man revealed in the last moments of his life and the old shoeshine [...]

    un libro nuevo entre tantas novelas juveniles que poco tiene para destacar. Nada novedoso ni en trama ni en personajes. Me hubiera parecido mejor que todo se hubiera terminado con el hundimiento o todos infectados con la pandemia, que es lo único distinto a otras novelas. Aunque era como ver una película de catástrofes todas metidas en una coctelera y esparcidas por las páginas de un libro.Más sobre mi opinión de este libro en la reseña del blogalmalectora/20

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