Killer Curves

Killer Curves

Killer Curves He s fast She s furious They re in for the ride of their lives Rising star Roxanne St Claire puts the pedal to the metal in a story of intrigue and passion that will get your heart racing When sexy NA

  • Title: Killer Curves
  • Author: Roxanne St. Claire
  • ISBN: 9780743462778
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • He s fast She s furious They re in for the ride of their lives Rising star Roxanne St Claire puts the pedal to the metal in a story of intrigue and passion that will get your heart racing When sexy NASCAR racer Beau Lansing tracks down high society debutante Celeste Bennett, it s a matter of life or death Stunned at the secret Beau reveals, Celeste is forced to make He s fast She s furious They re in for the ride of their lives Rising star Roxanne St Claire puts the pedal to the metal in a story of intrigue and passion that will get your heart racing When sexy NASCAR racer Beau Lansing tracks down high society debutante Celeste Bennett, it s a matter of life or death Stunned at the secret Beau reveals, Celeste is forced to make a life altering decision But with her love life on the skids and her family life in a tailspin, escaping incognito into Beau s world is just what she needs especially if she can get answers about her past.Beau needs Celeste to save a man s life he never expected a high octane attraction that could wreck his well protected heart And when Celeste s life is threatened by someone who clearly knows her real identity, Beau has to risk everything including his own life to save her With menacing forces in the driver s seat and time ticking too fast, the two must win the biggest race of alle race for their lives and their love.

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    Celeste Bennett knows something is up when NASCAR driver Beau Lansing specifically requests her as a guide at the Guggenheim. It doesn't take long for Beau to drop a bombshell. His boss and mentor, Travis Chastaine, needs a kidney. Knowing that Celeste is Travis' biological daughter, Beau is hoping she can save his life. Celeste isn't ready to jump on the bandwagon of the guy who abandoned his pregnant girlfriend and baby. She tells Beau that she will meet with Travis, but she doesn't want him t [...]

    First thought: It wasn’t bad, but it could’ve been better.Well-written and well-paced with a plethora of interesting and different characters, smokin’ hot, exciting in its race-track imageryBut there was something off. First of all, the initial premise was ruined by the heroine and her rather self-centered offer of possible help for a dying man. Second, and biggest problem of all, the suspense somehow didn’t work. Okay, it did work, until the real motive was revealed. It just caused a gr [...]

    I didn't like Killer Curves, the problem was the story and the characters, I didn't like them or their actions.Celeste Bennet just got engaged for the third time for the lamest reason, she couldn't say no when her dad was watching. What phooey and I thought what a push-over, okay but that is just the start, then she sees NASCAR driver Beau Lancing while she is meeting with her friend and she knows. You see Celeste has a secret, since the age of 14 she has know that she is not her father's daught [...]

    I went into this one not expecting much as the thought of NASCAR is about as fun as watching the grass grow, but I was quickly sucked in and found that the car racing background made for great fun. Celeste was such a stick in the mud at the beginning and it took having her world brought to question to make her question things, even things she knew, Beau was just luckily that he arrived when he did. Beau comes with surprising news for Celeste an is surprised when it seems like he has talked her i [...]

    The romance part was actually pretty good, it was everything else that bugged me. One of my pet peeves in romantic-suspense plots is when the characters do something way too stupid for me to believe. (view spoiler)[ the fact that someone DIES and they still keep the heroines' identity secret for no legit reason I can fathom just irritates the heck out of me. Yeah I don't think you should be withholding critical information from the police DETECTIVE just because you don't wanna tell your dad you' [...]

    Terrific Writing, 4+ stars, but a caution on languageThis novel has so much going on it is difficult to put it aside. Living in the Southeast, I have friends and relatives who love NASCAR but never took an interest in it myself. Yet I couldn't help bring intrigued by the challenges, competition, and the toll it takes on the lives of those in the sport. Ms St. Claire did her homework for the sport, all the while weaving those facts and emotions throughout to provide the reader a truly enjoyable r [...]

    The book that started it all!Found this gem years ago when my son was getting interested in NASCAR and found out that Roxanne St Clare was a great writer!! I've read all her books and now I've got this one on Kindle! A great adventure and unique story line and all the excitement of stock car racing!!

    Loved it!!!A sweet love story with some murder intrigue involved. I basically read it in one sitting. I don't do that very often at all!!

    Good plot. I like a book with interesting characters and a exciting plot. This book had both. I also liked the NASCAR feature.

    Killer Curves by Roxanne St. ClaireCeleste Bennett knows a secret and when someone else finds out about it she has to make a choice. While the one choice will save a life that same choice will destroy a family. She must enter a world unknown to her to help her make the right decision. Going from the her high class and structured world in New York to the world of stock car driving. What first seems like culture shock quickly begins to feel like home.Beau Lansing had lost his father to a drunk dri [...]

    This is an earlier work of Roxanne St. Claire. I started my reading relationship with the author much later. But I must say had I started earlier with this bookI would still be right where I am. of her most devoted fans.Once I started this book I was all in. There were several interesting layers to this story that involved the two main characters Celeste and Beau. You watch Celeste navigate her way through secretly getting to know her long estrange father while deciding if she will give him one [...]

    Although this sport romance did not have much originality in the characters and overall plot, it was enjoyable to read. Overall the author could have been a little more subtle :- the heroine's mother seems totally brainwashed and stupid to me ;- the heroine's inability previously to the story to stand for herself pricked on me (her engagements, her non-choice of career) - however it goes with the poor little rich girl who never had enough attention while growing syndrom- the hero was extremely n [...]

    3.5 stars: surprisingly good romantic suspenseI really like Roxanne St Clair's Bullet Catcher series and thought I would try one of her earlier books. I didn't expect as much out of this one because when I read it was about a race car driver I was expecting your typical contemporary romance. It ended up being a pretty good romantic suspense bookry originally done with the hero being a NASCAR driver, rather than the typical cop, FBI agent or spy. I'm not a racing fan but the behind the scenes loo [...]

    3.5* A fun fast read without many of the pitfalls so common in romances today. There wasn't tons of "internal monologuing" going on, the two main characters were likable people who treated each other respectfully even when the motives weren't 100% clear, the physical attraction was there but it didn't overpower the rest of the plot, and the plot was decent if not original. A recommended read if you like your romances mixed with a little suspense/action.

    Enjoyed the scene of NASCAR, the author gave enough exciting details while not overpowering the story, Beau understood the realities of trying to have a relationship. Loved Beau's caring, fun-loving personality and his dedication to his friend/boss who needed a kidney. Liked how Celeste grew to be a real caring person. Although I rightly suspected the cause of the threats, it did not hinder enjoying the book. More exciting ending than anticipated.

    Not the best plot but loved the characters. Beau Lansing contacts Celeste and asks her to meet and help save his good friends life. His good friend happens to be Celeste's father who she has never met. Why in this book Celeste and her Mother never talk until the end is odd. That is the part of the plot that is weak.

    This has a slightly different tone than the Bullet Catcher and its spin-off series. For starters, neither the hero nor the heroine has any military background. And the suspense took a backseat for most of the part. I think this is more contemporary romance than romantic suspense, at least for RST's standard.

    This isn't your ordinary NASCAR romance. Not by a long shot! When I began this book, I thought it was a racing romance with a twist. But, it's so much more. It's romantic suspense at it's very best. This book is a keeper.

    awesome book! teared up a bit, i seriously loved the plot! loved the characters <3 <3 super love this book!:)

    Just ridiculously delicious. A crazy stalker-type person and racing? Plus a NYC deb on the lam? What more could a girl possibly ask for?

    I read this a couple of years ago. It's a Nascar-themed romance novel. This one was a bit cheesy but it was still enjoyable.

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