Risky Business

Risky Business

Risky Business From bestselling author Amy Andrews comes a new single title romance about putting pleasure before business and the risks we all need to take when we find someone worth risking everything for Samanth

  • Title: Risky Business
  • Author: Amy Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780857991669
  • Page: 166
  • Format: ebook
  • From bestselling author Amy Andrews comes a new single title romance about putting pleasure before business, and the risks we all need to take when we find someone worth risking everything for Samantha Evans s life is going to hell Not only has she rage quit her beloved, high powered job, but she is suddenly afflicted by hormones, free time, and an unavoidable, unignorabFrom bestselling author Amy Andrews comes a new single title romance about putting pleasure before business, and the risks we all need to take when we find someone worth risking everything for Samantha Evans s life is going to hell Not only has she rage quit her beloved, high powered job, but she is suddenly afflicted by hormones, free time, and an unavoidable, unignorable, undeniably gorgeous irritant in the form of Nick Hawke, her extreme sports star neighbour, who has come home to take over the reins of his grandmother s second hand bookshop Sam needs something to keep her from begging for her old job back until she s good and sure her boss understands how wrong he was, and taking a low risk, low stress job helping Nick at the bookstore might be just the thing After all, it s not like Nick is the right guy to help her with her hormones He ll just be fun to look at while she searches for the one Nick has six months to get over an injury before Everest and a big, fat contract beckon That means no sports, no danger and, above all else, no risks It means playing it safe And Nick Hawke doesn t do safe So he s going to need something to stave off the boredom while selling books he doesn t read to people who wouldn t know a carabineer from a crochet hook What could be safer than hiring a cranky, unemployed accountant to help run the bookstore Sam is efficient and methodical and messing up her neat, post it note world could be a fun way to pass the time.Risky Business mixes the classic romance of Philadelphia Story, the humour and wit of When Harry Met Sally, and a strong, contemporary Australian setting to create a delightful, irresistible, utterly satisfying treat of a novel.

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      166 Amy Andrews
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    Amy Andrews is one of the authors on my ‘must try’ list – so many people within my social media spectrum reckon her writing is awesome – but I’d never got around to it. After kicking myself thoroughly for waiting so long, I’d suggest that you jump into reading Risky Business quick-sticks if you enjoy witty romantic comedies with great characters, loads of sexual tension and of course, a happily ever after. There are many nods to popular rom-coms like Sleepless in Seattle and When Har [...]

    What a fun romance! Sam is a high-powered career woman, Nick travels around the world doing daring extreme sports. Two things happen to allow them to meet. Nick's grandma dies and he returns to manage it while he sorts out a permanent manager - and Sam's biological clock ticks and her eggs start screaming to be allowed to develop into babies!From this start the story develops into a really funny rom com of a book. Nick and Sam both lust after each other but she is determined to find her perfect [...]

    Reviewed by Amy WBook provided by NetGalleyOriginally posted at Romancing the BookWhen you put a career woman determined to fulfill the needs of her biological clock in the same orbit with a man renowned for taking risks and committed to an adventurous lifestyle, there’s bound to be an explosion.All Samantha Evans can focus on is finding the perfect man to father her child. She hasn’t worked out all the details about how she will handle the challenges of motherhood, but as a career woman, sh [...]

    Poor Nick sometimes I wonder why the boy tries to understand the female mind, "no it's not." Nick shook his head. "Jesus, why can't women just take a damn compliment?" I mean he gets all offended over certain things, "Nick blanched. "Nice is an insult to sex. Flowers are nice. Puppies are nice. Sex should not be nice." Sometimes the boy just goes too far and it makes for one hell of a funny scene, "SamJesus! If I'd have known you were going to have to wipe yourself out with vodka to use the damn [...]

    This is a great story it will have you smiling and laughing out loud throughout as Samantha realizes that her eggs are talking to her and she needs to have a baby at the age of 30 her eggs are dying and after the death of her friend Birdie who runs the local second hand romance bookstore she starts to get desperate then in walks Nick who could double for Hugh Jackman Birdie's grandson and her sometime neighbour when he is not out doing extreme sports Nick needs to take some time off after an inj [...]

    this was definitely a fun read but there were some points in it, that did not work for me. nevertheless, I think it is a keeper a more detailed review comes nearer the publishing date

    4.5 starsI loved this book! It was such a breath of fresh air after reading some crappy or mediocre books the last couple of weeks. This is pure chicklit romance and it reminded me why I love this genre so much. With any book that has romance in it you know how it's going to end. I mean nobody wants to read a romance novel that will leave them sad or malcontent with the ending. It's the setting and the story in between the beginning and the end that determines how good of a book this is.This is [...]

    A humor filled romance that will appeal to many readers. The hero and heroine are miles apart on what they want in a relationship but it is fun to see how they bridge the gap to find love.Samantha Evans has a high paying high demanding job and loves it, that is until her boss employs his nephew who does not have the knowledge or experience she has, but promotes him anyway, so she quits soon after. She believes that her boss will eventually want her back to clean up the mess but in the meantime s [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic comedy or chick lit style story from Amy Andrews. Like her previous stand-alone title, Holding Out For A Hero, this book features some very funny dialogue and a heroine with some 'balls' (if I can say that about a female character!). This was a laugh out loud story, when reading on the train. This is a big thumbs-up from me. Samantha, the heroine, leaves her high-flying law career when the ignorant nephew of the boss snags her prized job and corner office. Bidi [...]

    OMG, what a great book. I’ve come to realise that Amy Andrews does not write a bad book. I laughed all the way through this one.Samantha is a 30 year old career woman who realises that her eggs are talking to her and she has decided that she needs to have a baby. The problem with this though is that she is a failure at relationships and she has body issues. Sam does like to spend time in the second hand bookshop run by her friend Birdie reading romance novels.Enter her sometimes neighbour, the [...]

    Samantha Evans is an accountant in a high powered job but lately her 'chirping eggs' having been sending her into a spin. Her boss suggests that she 'takes a holiday' but she resigns in a huff.Meanwhile her good friend Birdie who runs the 2nd hand book shop (which is Sam's 2nd home) dies unexpectedly and Birdie's grandson Nick, takes over the shop. Nick is actually Sam's neighbour but not around much as he is often gallivanting around the world as an extreme sports star. This is an opportune bre [...]

    Fun, fun, fun Risky Business is a winning combination of sizzle, sex and hilarity and Amy Andrews totally rocks the natural, laugh-out-loud dialogue. I loved the contemporary setting, Brisbane (where I live) and even more perfect a book store, Birdie's secondhand romance bookstore *sighworthy* - the almost tangible smell of aged ink on weathered paper. And pepermint. Two aromas synonymous with the shop.Sensible, career focused, romance reading Samantha, of the body image issues and talking, ta [...]

    I received an eARC of Risky Business from the publisher, Escape Publishing, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.My rating: 5 out of 5I love Amy Andrews! It’s no secret. I always enjoy picking up my Kindle or one of the paperbacks when I know it is one of her stories, because I can pretty much guarantee that I will love it.That was the case yet again with Risky Business. I had so much fun while I was reading this book, I wanted to let everyone know. So I began live tweeting as I rea [...]

    Received an ARC copy from Netgalley for a honest review. Loved it. First book for me by this author but I can say I definitely liked the writing style. Storyline was a well written romantic comedy that easily had me entertained, laughing out loud and swept in from the beginning. As I was reading the book, page after page I kept think Good Lord what is going to happen next. I would recommend as a must read book.

    This has all the elements of a great book. Lots of laughs, a few tears, real people emotions, and the kind of book shop I would love to have in my neighborhood.

    I didn't love the main characters. I have serious body image issues myself, but Sam's made me crazy. There doesn't seem to be any real growth with how she feels about herself, either; it's more like she loves Nick so much that she ignores her feelings and finally has lots of sex with him, rather than starting to feel better about herself or more confident. Aside from that, her actions don't seem to support the idea that she's this super-smart businesswoman.Also, Nick has a back injury so serious [...]

    I read this in the Boardroom to Bedroom anthology, but I couldn't get into the other stories. This one was good though. I love that this author thoroughly embraces the Aussie-ness of her characters. I really loved the Brisbane setting - it was fun to recognise places and events. I really liked both these characters. They were mature and new what they wanted (even if maybe it wasn't what they needed). The tension before they got to get her was great. The heroine's body issues did get kind of old, [...]

    Really slow to start and get going. Sam was a little too insecure and neurotic for me but I really enjoyed Nick. It has some truly funny moments and a lot of tender moments. Overall it was entertaining, if not a bit boring in the beginning.

    This book needed editing, badly. The story was good, the characters were, too. There were some places where I found it a bit repetitive, though.

    This is a cute, but weird story. It got to be a bit much with the "eggs", but overall an enjoyable book.

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