The Snow Queen's Captive

The Snow Queen's Captive

The Snow Queen s Captive Charlotte gets than she bargained for when her fairy godmother Muffin sends her into a fairy tale for a second chance at life But instead of being the heroineCharlotte s accidentally become the evil

  • Title: The Snow Queen's Captive
  • Author: Jill Myles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
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  • Charlotte gets than she bargained for when her fairy godmother, Muffin, sends her into a fairy tale for a second chance at life But instead of being the heroineCharlotte s accidentally become the evil queen To make matters worse, there s a man captive in her basement A very sexy, very angry man who also thinks Charlotte s the bad guy Now she has to figure out hCharlotte gets than she bargained for when her fairy godmother, Muffin, sends her into a fairy tale for a second chance at life But instead of being the heroineCharlotte s accidentally become the evil queen To make matters worse, there s a man captive in her basement A very sexy, very angry man who also thinks Charlotte s the bad guy Now she has to figure out how to save the day and get the guy But will Kai be able to see the real Charlotte underneath it all Can she thaw his anger and win his love before the real heroine ices her Will the Snow Queen get a happy ever after for once This novel features a captive alpha hero, a reluctant evil queen, a storyline nothing like that movie you re all thinking of, and some creative use of ice in the bedroom.

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    I think this was my favorite story of this series. She becomes the evil Snow Queen. How awesome is that? Not that I actually remembered that particular fairytale until I read this book but stillt a powerless female in medieval times. And, while she wasn't evil exactly, she wasn't all selflessness and sacrifice either. Or at least she took a while longer to get there like a normal person. I liked it. The level of plausibility is very low (fairytale y'all!) but Charlotte's reactions and actions we [...]

    This was wonderful!The story was intriguing, I loved all the characters, it wasn't pitiful and short like the sugar plum fairy book. This is def. A second fav. After Mermaid Knight.

    This was okay but not that great, the characters were find if a little predictable but their situation was just dire, there didn't seem to be a happy option so everyone spent most the book miserable and conflicted.

    Jill Myles (along with her aliases Jessica Clare/Sims) is one of my favourite brain candy authors. She writes great little stories of lust, sex and silliness that require absolutely nothing from me when I read them. This is a Good Thing, because we all have days when we need something to pick us up and make us smile. I’ve read most of the Once Upon a Time-Travel series, and I’ll admit it’s not my favourite of Jill’s work (Games series, hands down), and if Muffin the Fairy Godmother ever [...]

    Die junge Charlotte stirbt durch einen Versehen und trifft dadurch ihre gute Fee Muffin. Sie bieten ihr ein zweites Leben an und alles was sie dafür tun muss ist das Märchen der Schneekönigin zu durchleben. Leider kommt es zu einem kleinen Missgeschick und anstatt die Heldin des Märchen zu werden, wird sie die böse Schneekönigin. Nun muss sie die Heldin schlagen und nebenbei noch auf ihren sehr attraktiven Gefangenen acht geben. Wird sie es trotzdem schaffen ihr Happy Ending zu bekommen?Ic [...]

    That was one interesting story, when u think snow queen Elsa comes to mind and the Queen from Narnia, but in this case the snow queen is started more like the Narnia one then became Elsa XD At first I was hesitating because I didn't want the heroine to be a bad guy from point one it's kinda felt that it was mean to her like she finally got a second chance in life and she is forced to play the bad guy- I liked how she didn't want to play the bad guy and tried to find way to save herself and avoid [...]

    Barely OK for meI knew as soon as I started reading this that I would love it. I started laughing immediately. Loved Muffin, and Fifi was as crazy as a loon. She didn’t waste any time screwing things up. I guess she didn’t take enough notes. LOLThe beginning was rather funny but then it became a little boring. I did not like this book as much as The Mermaid’s Knight or The Beast’s Bride. I really didn’t like the end. Kai and Charlotte got their HEA but I just didn’t like that rest of [...]

    ASDGHJKL!!!Five stars. I can't believe I let a whole month pass before I read this. I was actually just randomly thinking yesterday, "hmm, I wonder if Jill Myles wrote anything new." And when I saw this, I'm just like 'WTF?!'I seriously thought that this author wouldn't write another book in this series. I love the author and everything she writes. The humor and romance in this book weren't missing and as usual, I sympathized with the heroine as she struggled with her new environment. I fell in [...]

    The Snow Queen's Captive is a fantasy novella by Jill Myles. In The Snow Queen's Captive, modern day gal Charlotte has a bad dental experience and is whisked away to fairytale land by her fairy godmother. To get another chance at life, she has to live out The Snow Queen fairytale for 30 days. Charlotte wasn't familiar with the fairytale but I was so the book had me with just the cover (awesome cover). Anyway, in a funny twist Charlotte is stuck as the villain and the majority of the book focuses [...]

    This only gets 3 stars because I know this author's potential! Nevertheless, this was a nice read (but then I am quite partial to well known story made all twisted!). This falls very nicely in the same category as some of the books written by P.C. Cast and Kristen Ashley, who also wrote about "normal" modern-day women being transported back into legends and mystical lands reminiscent of Disney and the like. The plot was quite predictable, with no real edge. And that was even with me (quite embar [...]

    A REVIEW not a SUMMARY:I absolutely adored this story! another great piece of work from one of my new favorite authors. Writing as Jill Myles or Jessica Clare, Jessica Sims, either or is never a waste of time and always a pleasure. I enjoyed this story of the evil Snow Queen, turned loving Snow Queen with the help of a little spitfire fairy godmother! I enjoyed the humor and witty banter between the fairies and their apt pupil Charlotte . Moments of laughter moments of worry and always warm mome [...]

    Charlotte just died at her dentist due to an unknown allergy to nitrous. In pops Muffin, her fairy godmother and Muffins intern Fifi. Apparently Charlotte has a second chance at life if she can help move along the fairy tale, The Snow Queen, and Charlotte gets to be the heroine in the story. Unfortunately, things go wrong when Fifi accidentally makes her the Snow Queen instead and now Charlotte is the bad guy, has a month to complete her task, and also a gorgeous guy as her captive and don't for [...]

    (Actually 3.75 stars)As if going to the dentist isn't a horrifying enough experience, Charlotte dies when she is in the chair for a root canal. Fairy godmother, Muffin, brings not only her fashions, but her intern, Fifi to help Charlotte's life get set to rights again. But Fifi botches her part and Charlotte ends up as the evil Snow Queen instead of the true love of her captive. For the majority of the read, Charlotte is trying desperately not to lust after her captive Kai. I liked this installm [...]

    Love this series so much!This is definitely one of my favorite series and I loved this book so much! It was super cute and funny and I'm so glad that Kai and Charolette got their happy ending. I especially was glad for the "gift" muffin gave them at the end because I was seriously hoping for something like that to happen for them. Anyways I cannot wait for more in this series!! :D

    This was a pretty good read. It is book 3 in a series that I have quickly grown addicted to. This one is based on the fairy tale about the snow queen. I enjoyed the fight of the main character to use her powers for good. I loved he love story and that we actually got a peak into the happily ever after of the characters. I want more!!

    The Snow Queen was my favourite fairy tale when I was growing up so imagine my delight in this post-Frozen world in which we live: the queen is back in vogue! Yeeeees. This story was ever so cute and I enjoyed it very much. I would have liked it to be a little longer maybe but still I had fun reading it. Now, I wonder if has a list of Snow Queen retellings

    Another great one! A must read!Jessica Clare/ Jill Myles is one of my favorite authors and her Once Upon a Time-Travel series is just awesome! This book was another great one and I hope she writes more of them. I've read all of her books, and this series is one of my favorites from her!!!

    Based on the tale of the Snow Queen.This is a very amusing story to read, I have to admit. However, the length was not what I would expect, giving the story an image of a quick read before sleep instead of an interesting novel with a surprising plot. For me, it had potential since it was an original story, but alas, the short plot and not well-developped characters kinda ruined it for me.

    I really, really, really liked this book.I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. This story was so cute and funny. There was something so sweet about it. It was a feel good book. NOW I want to read the rest in the series. :)

    This book was amazing. It's funny and sweet. The cover's stunning and it reminds me so much Disney's Frozen. What with the misunderstood snow queen and all. I absolutely loved this one. Can we have more Once Upon A Time Travel book please? Thank you! ❤❤❤

    Cute read. Everybody got their happy ending. Fifi was hilarious and Muffin needs to be locked up for just kidnapping people. LOL Hell if Frozen can do it and give the Snow Queen a happy ending, why not Jill Myles. Touching ending there with Kai.

    I love this series and the concept behind each book. This one was special because the heroin is stuck with the villian role. As always the romance is awsome and the characters well developed. This book is a great read for when you need a romance.

    Charo was the only thing stopping me from really liking this book (it could've been so fun), and that whole bush subplot seemed pointless. But I loved the epilogue.

    Had a great time reading it!! Among the series this is the one that I like most. The characters are both great! There was also an epilogue!!!

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