The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream

The Silent Scream High on a hillside overlooking Salem University sits Nightingale Hall Nightmare Hall the students call it Because that s where the terror beginsJess can t wait to start college Until she arrives at

  • Title: The Silent Scream
  • Author: Diane Hoh
  • ISBN: 9780590554619
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • High on a hillside overlooking Salem University, sits Nightingale Hall Nightmare Hall, the students call it Because that s where the terror beginsJess can t wait to start college Until she arrives at her dorm She can see why they call it Nightmare Hall Especially when she learns the dark secret hidden within its walls.A girl called Giselle hanged herself there IHigh on a hillside overlooking Salem University, sits Nightingale Hall Nightmare Hall, the students call it Because that s where the terror beginsJess can t wait to start college Until she arrives at her dorm She can see why they call it Nightmare Hall Especially when she learns the dark secret hidden within its walls.A girl called Giselle hanged herself there In Jess s room.But was it really suicide Or was Giselle murdered Because echoing through the dorm, Jess can still hear the sound of Giselle s last scream

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    Chilling and easy-to-read horror story, creative and original and easy for kids to relate to, but filled with all the suspense and fear of a classic ghost story. This book is also great for nostalgic value, I loved this book when I was a kid and I still have my copy, Diane Hoh is a great writer of horror for young adults.

    I owned a book from this series as a kid and enjoyed it. From what I faintly remember of that books is very different from this one. It was good but not much different from the other horror books of the 90's.

    The first book in Diane Hoh's mid-nineties paranormal young adult series featuring the haunts of hijinks of Salem University focuses on Jessica Vogt, a college freshman with a roommate from hellterally. When strange things start happening at her off-campus dorm--Nightingale Hall, a secluded brick house that shares the series' ominous monicker--Jessica learns her room is the one in which former student Giselle McKendrick hanged herself. But was Giselle's death really a suicide, as the campus offi [...]

    I read this series as a teenager and loved it.As an adult, they aren't quite as endearing but I still find them entertaining.I am rereading all of my old favorites from my teen years for a YA horror blog I have just began:yahorrorrevisited/I'll be posting reviews of this series as well as other YA horror books from the 90's!

    An easy but enjoyable read. A classic ghost story with a resolved ending. How will nightmare hall continue is the big question.

    Not to shabby. It is a quick read, and I do believe it is written more for a younger audience. Someone who has simpler taste when it comes to such a genre. Just something you'd enjoy more at a lower reading level? Don't get me wrong, these books are a fun quick read. I read this in two hours, and I will be reading the next ten in the series here shortly. If you find these at a used bookstore they are worth a buy. :)Overall this particular story I found interesting, it was a bit obvious here and [...]

    5 out of 5 Point Horror Book Stars! (I rate these books compared to other Point Horror Books Only)I read this as part of the #pointhorrorbookclub that I run monthly!Want to know more about #pointhorrorbookclub - check this out talesofyesterday/tales-pFor more reviews and book chat please visit talesofyesterdayPlease be aware that the discussion will contain spoilers!Nightmare Hall: The Silent Scream is book one in the Nightmare Hall series written by Diane Hoh. This series was unique amongst the [...]

    A great quick read!I wanted something a bit lighter than my last book Out of Control and this was perfect. I know it's YA Fiction but I thought it fun.

    My first book for my October Horror Month Fest in celebration of Halloween.I have been meaning to read these books for some time, but was waiting for the right time, and the right time came!You can clearly tell the age of the book, a lot of things are old-fashioned, there is no mention of cellphones/smart phones. Having a computer is not happening and you can only find them in libraries or in schools. And a few other things. I really like that, and it is also a big reason why I read these books. [...]

    I went crazy and raided the clearance section at Half Price. Having bought over half the series, I was praying that this series wouldn't be completely horrible. Yeah, it was only like 50 cents a book, but it would still suck if I wasted money I could have spent on other books. Nothing will ever beat how much I love Fear Street books, but I feel like this series wouldn't be too bad of a substitute. I can't give much opinion on the series as a whole because I haven't read any of the others yet, bu [...]

    Me and the whole horror genre don't always get along so well. Yeah, I've read some Dean Koontz and Stephen Kingbut deep down they terrify me. They are books that I read when it is sunny outside and the family is running around the house for support of my fragile horror mentality. The Blair Witch Project had me up at night for months. I'm a wuss. A real, true wuss. And that is why I enjoy YA horror so much. True it may be cheesy and is it really horror? Not really but it is perfect for me. It is [...]

    What i think about the book is that I won’t say that I loved the book to bits and pieces. i think that the book definitely can be scary to other that are going to college and that has not stayed in a dorm before. Because if they read the book the book seems so realistic that when they go into the dorm they will think that the same thing that happened to Giselle and Jess is going to happen to them. The book is highly recommended for those who: love horror and thriller stories.The most thing i l [...]

    Oh my god, I loved these fucking books so much in Catholic school, and for YEARS now, it has driven me nuts that I couldn't remember the name of the series. Thank you GoodReads, via googling, for helping me remember the name.And now I must get my hands on every single available one. GOD, these were so great. Why didn't they just shut down the damn dorm/house (wasn't it a house on campus?)? Seems like everyone who lived there was in constant danger because PEOPLE KEPT TRYING TO KILL THEM. Aaaagh, [...]

    3 1/2 stars. This is the first in the Nightmare Hall series. It was originally published in the 1990's but it still holds up. There were a few references that could have been updated to make it a bit more current but that did not bother me. It is not super scary but I did get a few goosebumps while reading it. And the mystery is pretty good. There is talk of suicide and some violence and suspense. If you are concerned about language or sexual content, there really is none in this book. I will pr [...]

    I love the Nightmare hall series more than anybody should; been reading it since 13 when it came out. This is not a favorite. It's quite scary and ghostly, but not as fun as many of the others. I tend not to like the off-campus ones as much, besides Captives and The Coffin, and maybe another or two.

    I started to re-read this series awhile ago, but unfortunately I was only able to read books 2 through 5. I had to get them through Interlibrary Loan, which is no longer an option, so I figured that was the end of that. Luckily I just found a few of these books at Half Price Books, so I can start back up! This book held up surprisingly well, and I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

    ok old school stuff like this needs a different rating system i read this when it was first published but my copy is long gone i got another copy second hand was easy to eliminate some suspects (coz they appear in the rest of the series so it cant be them duh) but id forgotten who had done it. build up much better than solution.

    This is trash but such amazing trash. It's not quite so bad it's good, but it sure is entertaining. If you are willing to turn off your brain and laugh at some of the absurdity of it, it's an entertaining book.

    Solid ghost story with a good paranormal atmosphere with some suspense scenes regarding with the main character finding the villain.I enjoyed the main character who seems sensible, nice, and not thick headed.A good start for a series that tries to follow Fear Street trail.

    I'm pretty sure this is the one I read. I've only read a couple of books by Hoh, but it was years ago and I never recorded what I read. It's a guess on when I read it and really how much I liked it, too.

    Like just about everyone who was a teenager in the 90s, I read a LOT of Point Horror books. However, I think the Nightmare Hall series was my favourite - it's what always springs to mind when I think of Point Horror in general.

    Another one with multiple suspects that kept you guessing. Not a typical ghost story either. Really good.

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