Purity in Death

Purity in Death

Purity in Death Louie Cogburn had spent three days holed up in his apartment staring at his computer screen His pounding headache was unbearable it felt like spikes drilling into his brain And it was getting worse F

  • Title: Purity in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: 9780749934415
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Louie Cogburn had spent three days holed up in his apartment, staring at his computer screen His pounding headache was unbearable it felt like spikes drilling into his brain And it was getting worse Finally, when someone knocked at his door, Louie picked up a baseball bat, opened up the door, and started swinging.The first cop on the scene fired his stunner twice.Louie Cogburn had spent three days holed up in his apartment, staring at his computer screen His pounding headache was unbearable it felt like spikes drilling into his brain And it was getting worse Finally, when someone knocked at his door, Louie picked up a baseball bat, opened up the door, and started swinging.The first cop on the scene fired his stunner twice Louie died instantly Detective Eve Dallas has taken over the investigation, but there s nothing to explain the man s sudden rage or death The only clue is a bizarre message left on his computer screen ABSOLUTE PURITY ACHIEVEDAnd when a second man dies under near identical circumstances, Eve starts racking her brain for answers and the courage to face the impossibleat this might be a computer virus able to spread from machine to man.

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    I really had forgotten just how good these older books in the series were! This one has some of the most quotable quotes and the best repartee especially between Peabody and Eve. My family became irritated by how many bits I insisted on reading out loud.As with all of the books there was much to enjoy as all of our favourite characters came out to play, some with only minor roles, but there nevertheless. Mavis popped up only briefly but had significant news. Jamie came back to visit and provided [...]

    Suspense 4.5 stars / Romance 4.5 starsIt was one hell of a ride; extremely interesting and wicked suspense. A computer virus, which affected human brain and killed a person in a very cruel and painful way. Justice sidesteps the law. I was conflicted. They killed pedophile and other scam, who raped kids, who sold drugs to kids, who sold kids. All these inhumans deserved to be killed. The only and fatal mistake of the ‘jury’ was not to disable those, who was voted to be killed. If the virus ma [...]

    Another excellent instalment in this series! I really enjoy the interesting new plot ideas that Robb keeps thinking up. In this episode strange deaths are occurring. People are experiencing huge headaches and violent rage gradually building up to a giant meltdown and death, sometimes taking others with them who get in the way. It looks as if people are being specifically targetted and Eve and her team must figure out how and why before too many more deaths occur. All the main characters are back [...]

    Ooh, a computer virus that actually infects the user and make them die a horribly painful death, and in this case it is sent to a bunch of child predators? Can we get a copy of that? Cuz, we could totally use something like that.wow, this newspaper must come from the future! Also, just in case you were wondering, we find out Bigfoot is real in the future and has an alien baby.But, darn! This virus is also causing some of these dying assholes to take some innocent people out with them before they [...]

    Another one over and done with. Getting old? Not a bit. If anything, I am getting more interested in their relationship Love them. I probably love Eve more than I love Roarke!!Another grisly case. Plenty of bodies turning up. Plenty of blood and gore."Who does all the work out here, anyway?""Elves of course." he laughed and drew her into an arbored tunnel where hundreds of roses climbed and dripped onto green, shady ground."Imported from Ireland?""Naturally."Some of the stuff was a bit technica [...]

    Even for a seasoned homicide cop, the sight of that pulpy mass of grey matter on a sterile scale was a little off-putting.“Definitely expanded her mind,” Morris said, “But it doesn’t appear she managed it by reading the great works of literature or exploring other cultures.”right, no?This is shining example why I love these books!!!There’s always a very interesting crime/mystery, interspaced with hilarious, clever, fanny dialogue!!!Here the mystery is really mysterious! We have a vig [...]

    When I started this series I told myself to take it in little doses because the number of books is overwhelming and daunting. After reading 15 books straight I found myself wanting more. In other words, I am hooked. I am addicted. I love the characters so much. Eve can be a bitch sometimes but she's one hell of a cop. She wears her weapon the way another woman might a string of good pearls. My kind of woman. And Roarke, man, did I say he's perfect? Just perfect. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I [...]

    Purity in Death4 StarsLieutenant Eve Dallas and her team are called in to investigate a seemingly routine case of heat induced rage, but soon discover that the perpetrator might have been the intended victim. When another man dies under similar circumstances, Eve begins to suspect that, although impossible, the men were infected by a computer virus. Can Eve find the culprit and stop their nefarious agenda before the contagion spreads?With so many books in the series (#45 will be published in 201 [...]

    PLOT: Mysterious, violent deaths. Are the victims' computers somehow responsible, or is the killer all-too-human? More importantly, how many times (and in what circumstances) will hard-hitting Lt. Eve Dallas snog her perfect husband Roarke? Read and see, Nora Roberts J.D. Robb fansORY (excluding romance): 3.1 stars. The tech jargon was a little silly, but the concept/killer was unusual and fairly interesting. A little twist or two, later onMANTIC SUSPENSE LEVEL: (non-expert opinion here) 2 stars [...]

    This was beyond ult. The idea of a computer virus killing people is amongst the most original things I've seen to date. I feel like a broken record saying this but this series just keeps getting better and better.

    Eve, Peabody, Roarke and the gang all come together once again to nab some terrorist that bring a whole new meaning to "Computer Virus." It was great and very well done. A super nice twist at the end and I hope to hear more about Mavis in the next book. Awesome - 4 stars.

    When Louie Cogburn experiences headaches so painful they feel like an ice pike going through his head, he reaches his final precipice. After being holed up in his apartment, he can’t escape it no matter how loud the keeps his music up. The pain remains and becomes more intense as time goes on.Distressed neighbours complain and once someone knocks on his door, Louie snaps, swinging a baseball bat at the person until a cop arrives and must stun him twice in order to stop his rampage. In the end, [...]

    Fantastic read, great premise, gripping emotional storyThis is the 15th novel in the Nora Roberts (writing as J.D. Robb) suspense/mystery/crime thriller series about NYC Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas. Supporting our leading lady is a cast of characters we have come to enjoy, including her billionaire husband Roarke; her aide (Ms.) Peabody; a young policeman named Trueheart (honest!); and electronic/computer cop specialists McNab and Feeney. A contemporary premise, that a PC virus could cause a [...]

    3.75/4 ✭The crime plot was good in this installment. I didn't guess the true bad guy until the end, and I loved how Eve "got her man". So that portion of the book really worked for me. Eve wasn't too bad in this one either. Yes, she can be a bit self-righteous at times, and even down right rude to people under circumstances I don't always get the "why" of, but she also had her moments where you see her true heart for those she loves and even an instance or two of actual compassion for someone [...]

    This installment was an interesting twist for me. I recognized that this was the start of Where It All Went Downhill for me the first time I read the series. That being said, I didn't feel that the events of this book warranted that kind of reaction as much. This one was a bit of a repeat of book 5, Ceremony in Death, and even book 11 Judgement in Death, which is what sparked the initial reaction in the first place. It even went so far as to bring one of the characters met in book 5's story into [...]

    I like this book even though it is kind of a "spin off" of Rapture, a bit more detail on the inner workings, but still.Seems like even today there is always a faction out there that believes everything they do is for the greater good regardless of their methods!Lots of twists and turns, and don't you just love to hate "Chang"! Would love to see him recur somewhere down the road or at least find out what exactly happened to him. Maybe he's issuing press releases from Saturn 5 or some such place : [...]

    This one will be short and sweet. I’m am running out of things to say about the books in this series. I continue to enjoy each one as much as the previous one.With each book we get character development, reintroduction of characters from prior books with the promise of consistency and the plots continue to be interesting and engaging. The writing is fabulous. J.D. Robb has struck gold with this series.I hope more of my friends will give this series a try. Don’t let the number of books deter [...]

    AUDIO:The narrator speaks the writer’s words with total conviction. The delivery is genuine and she emotionally connects to the author's intent.The pace/tempo is spot on.The various characters' voices are perfectly matched. Each one with their own unique sound. Her accents perfectly define the characters.Very well done. Ms Ericksen has spoiled me for other narrators.

    Lieutenant Eve Dallas is dreading an evening out with some of her husband's business associates and is almost relieved to get an emergency call from one of her team, off-duty Officer Troy Trueheart. He's a nervous wreck and tells her he has killed a man named Louis K. Cogburn. Cogburn is a low level drug dealer who mostly sells to kids in his neighborhood but has never been a serious problem for the police. After taking a baseball bat to his neighbor and attacking Trueheart, he screams about spi [...]

    Finished another reread of Purity In Death. As always, I love the character & relationship development. There's a bit of a strain put on some relationships in this one - some rising from different core beliefs and others instigated by outside actions. It's always fascinating as well as heart-touching to watch these scenarios play out. The case & police procedural is, as always, excellent. Roarke joins the investigative team as the delivery of the crime is in his area of expertise, and he [...]

    15th book in the series and it just keeps getting better. The In Death books have not missed the mark yet. The story keeps evolving, not just for Eve and Roarke, but for Mavis, Peabody, McNab, Trueheart and Baxter too. Even Jamie, the teenage tech wiz and Roarke’s disciple, adds another dimension to the story. It's funny to see Eve dealing with a teenager and her new "family" as they work to solve another crime. It’s not just the mystery that draws you in…it’s the interest in people and [...]

    No presente contexto que se vive na Europa, com ataques a liberdades pessoais e o ressurgir de movimentos extremistas, não deixa de ser curiosa a coincidência relativamente ao caso desenvolvido neste livro e das reflexões, bastante atuais que suscita. A nossa detetive preferida vê-se perante a existência de um grupo chamado Purity (Pureza) que ataca indivíduos escolhidos a dedo pelo seu passado criminoso. Estas pessoas são infetadas por um vírus transmitido por via tecnológica – eleme [...]

    Another great read. Action, suspense, emotions, some sorrow, lines crossed and bent, good characters, more depth in some previous characters, anger, disgust, and a really tough ending with a twist that I didn't see coming. Loved the whole book and can't wait to read the next. Completely Enjoy!Still great!

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