Vanilla It s an acquired taste he just has to acquire it Elise knows what she wants in the bedroom and she makes sure she gets it Her thirst for domination has long been quenched by a stable of men only too

  • Title: Vanilla
  • Author: Megan Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s an acquired taste he just has to acquire it Elise knows what she wants in the bedroom, and she makes sure she gets it Her thirst for domination has long been quenched by a stable of men only too happy to bow down before her But sexual satisfaction isn t the same as love, and she s been burned in the past by giving her heart too freely Niall is handsome, smart, succIt s an acquired taste he just has to acquire it Elise knows what she wants in the bedroom, and she makes sure she gets it Her thirst for domination has long been quenched by a stable of men only too happy to bow down before her But sexual satisfaction isn t the same as love, and she s been burned in the past by giving her heart too freely Niall is handsome, smart, successful and sweet sweet as vanilla When they meet, their romantic connection is electric, even though he s way on the opposite end of the kink spectrum Despite how she fights it, Elise falls for him but how can a relationship work when both lovers want to be on top Hart wields her pen like a scalpel in this soul searching, emotionally sensitive story Strong characterization and smooth, yet forceful, writing captures your attention and holds you hostage RT Book Reviews on The Space Between Us

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    *** 3.5 On-His-Knees Stars ***(Arc kindly provided by publisher via Netgalley)If you've ever read a Megan Hart novel, you know her stories are always complex and alluring and Vanilla was no exception. Elise is a woman that knows what she wants and she likes to dominate her men in the bedroom. She's not into causing pain or humiliation but she enjoys being in control and feeling worshiped by the man at her feet. She's beautiful and smart, her career as a partner to a financial planner keeps her b [...]

    Vanilla is a word which conjures up many different emotions for someone in the lifestyle. For Vanilla is what we use for those who are not interested in kink. It's not a bad word, it's word which implies a lot and for those who are happy to let their freak flag fly, it's a not a flavour we thrive on. We can take a bit of a taste here and there, but to live on Vanilla alone may be the death of us. Elise is a women who enjoys sexual power over men. Her past relationship burned her so badly she now [...]

    Elise is used to a certain type of man, a certain type of relationship. Although the domination over a man isn’t about whips & chains, it is about the control and the desire found when a man is willing to worship at her feet. Closed off from love after being hurt by someone four years ago, she takes on lovers; men that share the similar desires. But when she meets Niall, who works with her brother, she starts to want things with a man that has no desire that mimics her own.But there is som [...]

    3.5 - 4 STARSGenre: RomanceCover: 7/10 Writing: 9/10Heroine: 8/10Hero: 7/10Humour: 3/10Hotness: 4/10Romance: 6/10Extra book Details: Heroine POV; 1st person. Stand-alone. Approx 310 kindle pages.Vanilla is a realistic tale of a woman's struggles with her love life. The grief of her past love, the troubles with her current lover, and the possibilities of her future partner.While I wasn't enthralled or in love with the book, it was a very good read. There were no stereotypes, plenty of depth, some [...]

    Unfortunately I did not enjoy this one at all. I made it 68% into the story before I finally decided that this one is just not for me. I found it difficult to become engaged in the story and found Elise to be somewhat tiresome. I understand that she had a major heartbreak as well as having her trust broken, but I still didn't feel a connection or sense of empathy for her that I would have liked. I had trouble with Elise's portrayal as a Domme. Elise consistently gets upset with Niall because he [...]

    Dominare o essere dominata? Questo è il dilemma!Ogni volta che mi approccio alla lettura di un romanzo di Megan Hart ho il terrore. Sì, perché le sue protagoniste hanno sempre qualcosa di me, e quindi ho come l'impressione che la storia che vado a leggere abbia qualcosa da dirmi.Da dire solo a me. La pelle conserva la memoria di quella sensazione, come se volesse rammentare cosa si provi a farsi marchiare per non dimenticare.È bastato il prologo per stendermi. Io ho sei tatuaggi, di cui cin [...]

    "Don't flirt with me unless you're ready to deal with the consequences."Elise had her heart broken in the past and never really got over it. That heartache sort of drove her need to be the dominant one in the bedroom. She convinced herself it would be easy and safe to be in control. So she seeks out anonymous sexual relationships with submissive men. For her it's not about being a bitch or inflicting pain. It's about having the control to pleasure her partner in any way he desires."There's somet [...]

    I thought Vanilla was made just for me when I read the blurb. I love dominant women, especially with dominant men who will submit. Even better when there’s some power play. This was different though, and wasn't what I was expecting. I mean, I liked it, but wasn't blown away by awesomeness or anything.Vanilla is very much about Elsie and her journey. She is secure in who she is and what she does, and doesn’t hide it. What I love about Elise is she doesn’t fall into one specific role or ster [...]

    Received an ARC for honest reviewOh, why could I not get off this train wreck of a book? I've read several of Ms. Hart's serials and didn't like them. I thought a whole book might be better, so I gave her another chance. NEVER AGAIN. Elise was so annoying, and wishy-washy, and weird, and maybe a domme, and annoying. The only reason I stayed on this train (speed reading over half of it) cause I needed to see which door (aka man) she chooseDoor #1 or Door #2 or Door #3. I personally didn't like an [...]

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Vanilla is a realistically raw look into a damaged and flawed mind. This is not your typical happy love story. I loved Megan Hart’s stellar writing style, I just couldn’t get into this relationship.Opening Sentence: The hum and the sting.The Review:Vanilla is not your typical love story and it definitely was not what I was expecting. If you go into this novel thinking that you will be surprised. Vanilla is a realistically raw look into a [...]

    Thank you to MIRA and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.One thing I know for sure when I pick up a book by Megan Hart is that I am in for a surprise; this is an author who never writes the same book twice. What I can count on is characters in realistic situations with emotions that are so genuine they leap off the page. These books may be classified as romance or erotica, but they’re so much more than that.Vanilla was Elise’s journey to find not onl [...]

    A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at The Romance Evangelist.When I pick up a Megan Hart erotic romance, I know I’m going to get my heart broken, and all that’s left to discover is how, and whether or not she’ll put it back together again by the end of the book. What I got with VANILLA was heaping helpings of everything I love about her books, with a heroine not quite like any other she’s written and a hero who more than lived up to that definition by [...]

    It is a testament to Megan Hart's riveting and smooth writing style that I could not put down her book,Vanilla , even though it is a first person narrative from one of the stupidest, most insecure,juvenile and pathetic heroines I have come across in this genre. Elise is a 33 year old woman who thinks and acts like a teenager. At one point, she even mentions how the man she is involved with takes her back to when she was 15 years old. That is not a good thing. Between relentlessly pursuing the ex [...]

    Sometimes love takes you by the hand and leads you to run through fields of flowers while butterflies weave you a dress out of rainbows. Other times, love takes you by the throat and chokes you until all you see is the bright, sharp trail of shooting stars right before everything turns to black. The problem is, you can never tell in advance which way the story ends, not until you're too far into it, and you have no choice but to keep turning the pages.4 starsI love Megan Hart. I love the way she [...]

    Elise kind of rocked my world. She’s damaged and half-crazy and filled with domination tendencies and a texting fiend who doesn’t let a single message go unanswered (the callback can occasionally be an issue for some) and sexy and an outfit whore and there’s probably just a bit more that I’m missing. But she’s good at falling for the wrong men. Which begs the question: Why settle for a bastard? Tis one of life’s great mysteries. Curiosity has gotten the better of me before, and it pr [...]

    Sempre innovativa, provocante e sensuale nella narrazione dei suoi erotic romance, Megan Hart è una conferma per chi vuole sognare un viaggio appassionante alla scoperta del piacere dei sensi.Anche questa volta, la scelta è tra dominare o essere dominati e la protagonista Elise è pronta a percorrere il suo viaggio nell'erotismo. Megan Hart sa come raccontarci una storia piena di suspense e colpi di scena, ma anche di appassionato romanticismo.Elise non è una sprovveduta: sa esattamente cosa [...]

    This one is not up to Hart's typical work. I loved Flying and how realistic it felt. Vanilla is almost a nod to that book, but Flying is so much better. I'm not quite sure what the point was with this one. The heroine is a strong one, at first, but is reduced to tears for about the final 40% of the book because she doesn't get her way. She holds onto a relationship for the potential of maybe. She denies the possibility of another relationship because of the unknown and lack of wanting to put her [...]

    3.5 StarsI'm a huge fan of Megan Hart. I have come to expect a sexy, steamy book with a solid plot to back it up. Broken and Dirty are my favorites of this author's books. I found Vanilla to be a lot slower paced than most of Megan Hart's books. It took me a while to even figure out who the male lead was going to be. The first 60% of the book was very slow moving. I kept reading, waiting for things to pick up. The last portion of the book did pick up the pace, but only slightly. My favorite part [...]

    Elise is a confident woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. In her experience as a Domme, she has had many a man more than willing to bow down at her feet. Having been burned in the past by a relationship that continues to haunt her, Elise is careful not to cross the lines between sex and love; careful to remain in control.When Elise meets Niall, their connection is instant and soon she finds herself falling for him despite their differences in sexual preference. Together, the [...]

    ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review“Why do you do that?”“It’s not something I do….It’s who I am.” This book was so amazing. Megan Hart is just one of the best writers out there today. I have to say that this book did not make me cry as much as the others. Instead she took me on one of the most perfect journeys into the life of someone who has different sexual preferences. I have to say that until this book I never even considered how weird it is [...]

    I am going to start my review by quoting something in the blurb… For some this book may be “acquired taste…” but others not so much… I am with the later. I have loved many of Megan’s books in the past for some reason here lately (the last 4 books…. This will be the 5th one…) I really wasn’t into them and was starting to dislike them. This one was an almost DFN and I was battling with myself to follow thru to finish it. I am discovering Megan Hart’s writing style has REALLY ch [...]

    I really enjoyed Lovely Wild and was looking forward to diving into another Megan Hart book but this is just moving way, way too slow. The opening chapter was a turn off for me because I don't find the submissive male appealing or attractive. This was the first book I've read where the man was the submissive and well, now I know it's just not for me. The leading lady just didn't make for a very appealing Dom either. I was already doing some major skimming by chapter three so yeah that's about as [...]

    Not the usual femdom story if there is such a thing. My review at Dear Author: dearauthor/book-reviews/ov

    1.5 StarsSadly, this one didn’t work for me. The heroine spent a good portion of the book in a D/s relationship with a secondary character, who I actually quite liked. In fact, most of the sex scenes were between them, too. The actual hero wasn't even introduce into the story until around 30%. And even then, he had very little page time and was sorely underdeveloped. This book was definitely only about the heroine and her journey to find, I don’t know, acceptance in a romantic relationship c [...]

    This erotic romance tells the story of Elise and the three men she is involved with. The first is a man she refers to as George, her ex boyfriend whom she no longer has any contact with but with whom she is still emotionally attached. The second is Esteban, her lover who gives her what she desires but in a strictly sexual relationship with no strings. And the third is Niall, ostensibly the hero of the story, whom Elise meets at a photo gallery exhibition where pictures of her in various femdom p [...]

    Kitty's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsVanilla is anything but it’s more of a swirl of vanilla and chocolate with sprinkles on top. Megan Hart grabbed my attention with “Flying” and her eclectic way of writing. With “Vanilla”, she took me to the next level and had me holding my breath to see where she was taking all of the characters.Even though the book is written in Elise’s point of view and I knew what she was thinking and feeling, I was intrigued to see how Megan H [...]

    I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I think any book that has Alex Kennedy in is my favorite of Megan's. This book is about Elise who works as Alex's assistant. Elise is juggling her need to dominate as well as her need to date or perhaps have a relationship in the future. She's been burned and as we all know when burned we try our damnest to let that burned bridge go but it's tough to overcome. When the story opens Elise is single but seeing a man who loves to be s [...]

    Holy crap Alex Kennedy has just been mentioned! I love that guy, and how Hart drops previous characters in her books while still making them 'standalones'. Anyone not privy to her other stories would be none the wiser. I'm only 10% in but this is the writing style I came to expect from Hart and missed recently. OMG I think am I gushing, lol. 50% into the story and totally wooed.Great story, loved the femdom angle, although this story was very light on sexual content in comparison to many of Hart [...]

    I don't have much to say about this book. It was good, don't get me wrong, and it didn't drag on or anything, but it just wasn't a five-star for me. It was still a good read though. I really liked the female dominant scenario as I've read many of the male being the dominant one so this was a nice change! I also liked how the story explored that topic more and shot down the stereotypes often associated with female doms. This book also enlightened me on different scenarios on love and relationship [...]

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