Heart of an Outlaw

Heart of an Outlaw

Heart of an Outlaw As the story of Bowie and Shay continues find out what happened after the beauty claimed the Heart of an Outlaw

  • Title: Heart of an Outlaw
  • Author: Emily Minton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: None
  • As the story of Bowie and Shay continues find out what happened after the beauty claimed the Heart of an Outlaw

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    Disappointing Having just finished 'Beautiful Outlaw' I was pleasantly surprised to find this book available after all the second epilogue had me intrigued and left me with some unanswered questions so I couldn't wait to start reading.My first disappointment came when I realised the timeline, this takes place after the first epilogue but before the second, still it was a chance to fill in some gaps so I went ahead but I have to say that despite all the fabulous reviews I felt ultimately very let [...]

    As Bowie and Shay adjust to their life it is not a smooth transition for the couple. Shay pregnant is hormonal and just wants Bowie with her. Bowie is trying to get his club back in a place that they can feel safe after the betrayal they continue to feel the aftermath of his father. Bowie knows Shay needs him but as his old lady she needs to trust him and the club comes first.Great followup story to Beautiful Outlaw. You feel for Bowie because he wants to put Shay first but the club is in troubl [...]

    Outlaws have hearts tooBowie & Shay are one of my very favorite book couples, and this is one of my favorite MC romances. The author has a way of writing that puts me right in the room with the characters. I can hear the attitude in their voices, see the raised eyebrows, and feel the heat of their anger. She puts me right there in the bedroom too. *fanning self* There is just something so sweet about how Bowie talks to Shay in his badass biker caveman style. He's so bossy and possessive, but [...]

    I enjoyed reading this novella!! Bowie and shay are so sweet together . I enjoyed the characters can't wait for the next book

    If you are a fan of Bowie and Shay from Beautiful Outlaw you will enjoy this novella. It brings us up to date on the happenings within the Outlaw MC as well as the now married Bowie and Shay. There is some action as well as tons of sex since we know Bowie and Shay can't keep their hands off each other. We also find out more of the stuff that Cash - Bowies father was up to behind the clubs back. Definitely recommend if you read Beautiful Outlaw. If you have not give it a read it's a great MC roma [...]

    I received a ARC in exchange for an honest review. I have to say I really love how Emily Minton continued the story of Shay and Bowie. What a great job I have to say. I can't wait to read more of Shay and Bowie's story. Love how Emily touched on how Bowie had to clean up his father's mess he left behind. Great job Emily

    LOVED IT !! This book fills in the missing parts from the end of Beautiful Outlaw, and was an excellent Novella xx

    Heart of an Outlaw (Savage Outlaws MC #1.5)By: Emily Minton5/5 starsSo what happens after the dust settles (after book 1, before the epilogue) in the aftermath of Bowie ousting his father, Cash, and takes over as the club President? Well, the club learns just how devious Cash has been. While selling out their club, making back room deals, working with friends and enemies alike, and skimming profit off the top (for MANY years)…Cash has been able to continue to screw his club over from the grave [...]

    I just finished Heart of an Outlaw and I just loved it! This the novella of Bowie and Shay so you must read Beautiful Outlaw first to get an understanding of the characters. Bowie is still cleaning up the ramifications of what his father, Cash had done to the club all the while Bowie is still trying to protect his brothers, his club and his Old Lady, Shay. Shay is now 7 months pregnant and understands what Bowie has to do but is upset that he is gone so much. Will Bowie be able to still show tha [...]

    I'll be honest and admit that I only skimmed through this. And I wasn't impressed. I don't see any real reason for publishing this, much less reading this novella, but here I still am, writing a review for it. Heart of an Outlaw continues the story of Shay and Bowie, and once again the title has little to do with the contents of the story. It's a short recap of Shay's pregnancy with lots of wince-worthy sex scenes. Nothing hot here, sadly. The characters didn't show any development in depth, alt [...]

    This quick glimpse into Bowie and Shay’s life when she is 7 months pregnant gives us a little bit of everything. Plenty of sexy moments, Bowie still trying to clean up the mess his father left while not going to war with any of the other clubs his father screwed over and Shay trying to come to terms with the fact her husband has to be gone a lot taking care of club business. I did a quick reread of Beautiful Outlaw before reading this and even though this series is on the rougher side of the M [...]

    On my novella rating scale, this one gets 3 stars.A look into married with children life for the hero and heroine. I kind of thought it sucked that she's basically going to be stuck at home with kids in the future while he lives this rough biker lifestyle. He's faithful, that's always a plus, even when on the road for long periods of time.He has a lot to deal with as the prez of an MC that's a mess, but he finally clears all problems and debts (and immediate enemies) by the end of the story.It s [...]

    Heart of an Outlaw begins with Shay sharing some life-altering news to Bowie. Bowie and Shay move forward with their new lives together. Bowie still has a lot to deal with from Cash's death and the unknown deals he made with other clubs. Bowie is under a lot of pressure to keep his club afloat and not start a war right now with another club. All Shay knows is that Bowie is gone a lot and she feels alone at a time in her life when she wants her husband. It was a short read and flowed well. Shay a [...]

    Review and rating added:Heart of an Outlaw is a follow up novella for Emily Minton's Savage Outlaw series. It's a quick and easy read. Minton takes us through the next phase for Bowie and Shay as their relationship and marriage continues. Additionally, Minton continues with the Savage Outlaw conflicts that were started within the first book, Beautiful Outlaw.There are so many great possibilities for more with this series through the supporting cast of characters: Tin-Man, Rollo, Lila, and Tag to [...]

    More Bowie and Shay?? Hell yes!! I love these two, so I was thrilled to see this novella be released. Not to mention getting a little Outlaw baby?? How awesome. Emily did an amazing job with continuing the story of these two, while also adding in that gritty MC life that we've all come to love. I was almost a little sad to see how short this one was, but I know I'll be getting more Bowie and Shay soon, as Tin Man's story is up next. And I just know that it's going to blow me away. This is an ama [...]

    Well this novella burst my happy bubble about this series after finishing the first book. The only thing interesting in this one was the club business. I really hope that this doesn't turn into yet another BC (baby club) instead of a MC series. That is pretty much the only thing going on in this one other than the club businessegnancies, hormones, daycare, babies, and toddlers nothing interesting in the relationship department at allwell other than the bitch Tin brought with him but that was act [...]

    This is the 2nd book in the Savage Outlaws MC series & it's a novella. It's a few months after the first book ended & Shay & Bowie have been married for a couple months. Shay has just taken a pregnancy test & it came out positive, they are both thrilled. Bowie is now the President of the Savage Outlaws & is spending most of his time cleaning up the messes Cash( his father) made. Shay is having a hard time dealing with Bowie having to go out of town so much especially now that [...]

    3.5 Stars! Great book, great characters but a little too short IMO. I really never understood the reasoning behind 1.5/2.5 books if you know what I mean? I wish they would take the .5 and just add it to the previous book. This book has Bowie who is your bad a**, alpha biker with a dirty mouth and his Old Lady Shay who can give as good as she gets. Looking forward to the next book in the series; I'm officially hooked. Go Outlaws!

    A look into married with children life for the hero and heroine. READ THE REVIEW AT ALPHA FANGIRLphafangirl/contempor

    I love this Sequel to Bowie and Shay. I love them as a couple. I like how we get to see the way they progress after all the shit in Beautiful Outlaw. Specially with all the crap left over from Cash. I remember Shay telling Bowie about how her crazy ass husband and how he made her get a tummy tuck and him replying that she shouldn't worry since once she got pregnant with his baby that it would be no problem. And now they have a baby and they are happy. I can't wait for more Tin's story!!!

    I loved Beautiful Outlaw so I was super excited to hear there was a new novella with even more Shay and Bowie! For a quick read this book really packs a punch with suspense, danger and steamy hot sex! I can't wait for more in this series and look forward to Tin's story!

    Review for Heart of an Outlaw (Savage Outlaw MC 1.5) by Emily MintonHeart of an Outlaw picks up after Beautiful Outlaw and gives us a sexy peek into what happened next for Bowie and Shay. The club is still cleaning up the mess that Cash left in his wake can Bowie mend fences with the other clubs or will he be burning bridges?I really enjoyed this novella. A great balance between club business and sexy romance. Another win from Emily Minton!Five Stars for sure!

    Shay and Bowie journey Shay was still getting use to the club life and Bowie was still trying to get the club out of debtfrom his father running debts high with other clubsShay was always home alone all the time while Bowie was on the road she was having a baby and all she wanted to know and be Bowie's first and only But in the MC world The club comes first even when you are the President of the club Can Shay understand and accept it ??

    Great ending to Shay and BowieThis book ties up the ending of beautiful outlaw (Savage Outlaw Mc). It's A quick read that ties up the romance of Shay and Bowie. You get to hear the addition of some possible new storylines, as well as hearing about the happy ever after with Shay as Bowie deals with being away from his wife and dealing with the fallout of his father's misdeeds

    When you first start reading this book you get quite confused by the timeline, the 1st book ends with a 2nd epilogue that is 5 years later but this book starts way before that after the 1st epilogue from the 1st book. Confusing right?! This book was a chance to fill in some gaps but also leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions that will hopefully be answered soon!

    Loved it!!! Continuation of Bowie and Shay's story. You find Bowie trying cleaning up the mess left by Cash, working to keep the MC in good standing with other MCs and making a family with Shay. Wanting to protect and be there with her. Shay's pregnant, hormonal and missing her man. Storyline continues to be entertaining and steamy. Quick, sexy read.

    I love Shay and Bowie, and reading more about them was awesome. I hate wrighting reviews cause I don't want to give too much of the story away or too little. All I can say is I love Emily Mintons wrighting and I love reading about the Outlaw Mc and hope there are many more books in this series. I'd highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone x

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