Sing Me Your Scars

Sing Me Your Scars

Sing Me Your Scars WINNER Short Story Collection of the Year THIS IS HORRORContains the BRAM STOKER AWARD nominated story Sing Me Your Scars Sometimes a thread pulled through the flesh is all that holds you together S

  • Title: Sing Me Your Scars
  • Author: Damien Angelica Walters
  • ISBN: 9781937009281
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • WINNER, Short Story Collection of the Year, THIS IS HORRORContains the BRAM STOKER AWARD nominated story Sing Me Your Scars Sometimes a thread pulled through the flesh is all that holds you together Sometimes the blade of a knife or the point of a nail is the only way you know you re real When pain becomes art and a quarter is buried deep within in you, all you want isWINNER, Short Story Collection of the Year, THIS IS HORRORContains the BRAM STOKER AWARD nominated story Sing Me Your Scars Sometimes a thread pulled through the flesh is all that holds you together Sometimes the blade of a knife or the point of a nail is the only way you know you re real When pain becomes art and a quarter is buried deep within in you, all you want is to be seen, to have value, to be loved But love can be fragile, folded into an origami elephant while you disappear, carried on the musical notes that build a bridge, or woven into an illusion so real, so perfect that you can fool yourself for a little while Paper crumples, bridges fall, and illusions come to an end Then you must pick up the pieces, stitch yourself back together, and shed your fear, because that is when you find out what you are truly made of and lift your voice, that is when you Sing Me Your Scars In her first collection of short fiction, Damien Angelica Walters weaves her lyrical voice through suffering and sorrow, teasing out the truth and discovering hope.

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    Like the title story, Sing Me Your Scars is a book of many parts. Each part has it's own voice, and each voice has it's own way of expressing what it is made of. These stories are built from pain and damage, healing and magic. Desolation gives way to the promise of light, while dark abilities are used for positive reconstruction. The characters in this book are striving to be whole. But before they can reach their goal, they must search within themselves so that they can say - to borrow a quote [...]

    I read the title story only, which is available for free online: apex-magazine/sing-me-A disturbing but ultimately empowering tale of a mad doctor and his amalgamate creation. I've read a lot of stories inspired by 'Frankenstein,' but this one brings a fresh twist to the genre - although it abandons the ethics-of-scientific-research concern for more of a serial killer/victim theme. Walters is a new author to me, but after reading this, I'll have my eye out for more by her.

    This is a remarkable book of short stories. Most of these stories share the common thread of loss. There a stories that are so disturbing that they hit a nerve. There is one story, in particular,that I wished had been a full length book,it was both sorrowful and enchanting.The writing is engaging, moving,and pleasurable. I will continue to follow this author,I Highly recommend their work.

    Review copyThe Apex Voices series continues with book #03, Sing Me Your Scars, a winning collection of speculative shorts from Damien Angelica Walters. If you've not heard of Damien Angelica Walters, well that's sort of the point of this series, which aims to introduce the reader to writers who are making waves, but are still relatively unknown.This collection fittingly begins with the title story which is one of the best shorts I've ever read. The way it was told was a bit like piecing together [...]

    Sing Me Your Scars is aptly titled. It hits hard, leaves a mark or a scar, and many of the stories feel as if they’re being sung in a mythic sense. There’s a fairytale like feel to many of the stories, not in the “happily ever after” meaning of fairytale, but more in the brutal unvarnished original versions of the tales. Characters are often referred to as “the woman” or “the girl” , “the man” or “the boy,” and while the characters feel real in the story they also take on [...]

    Memories are the real magic, perhaps the only pure magic left in the world. Hold them tight as long as you can.It's weird fiction, Jim, but not as we know it. Whilst Sing Me Your Scars doesn't completely defy the form, it does deviate from the average. For one thing, it has a generous helping of what I'd call magical realism, albeit that term is notoriously ill-defined. And while there's certainly some horror here, the collection focuses heavily on the intimate and the personal whilst eschewing [...]

    These are emotionally wrenching tales sculpted from the body, digging to the bone, the brain, the essence of what it means to be alive and human and, primarily, female, though any reader with a wee bit of empathy can fully relate to the splendor, dread, and often grim circumstances overcome in many cases. Rich, enthralling, felt as much as read. Walters’ tales wipe me out, exhaust me; it’s as if I live in them, an astonishing experience. She’s one of our best and a writer well worth the at [...]

    Part I: Here“Sing Me Your Scars”A bunch of girls cut up and sewn together try to find freedom from their creator and doctor. The concept, characters, and style captivated me with its originality and dark elegance. 5/5“All the Pieces We Leave Behind”A woman who works at a bookstore and lives in the city struggles to find her authentic self—this explored human selfishness and altruism manifesting in external forms of color enveloping us. 4/5“Girl, With Coin”A girl born without the ab [...]

    The day I stumbled upon the gorgeous prose of Damien Angelica Walters was a happy accident – one that has had a profound impact on me as both a reader and a writer. The first story I read by this warm-hearted woman was “Grey in the Gauge of His Storm,” originally published by Apex Magazine and included in the third part of Walters' short story collection debut "Sing Me Your Scars." With the first paragraph, this lyrical story hit me hard.“Pattern:Every lining has a cloud, be it a worn sp [...]

    It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Damien Angelica Walters' work, and so I was overjoyed that Apex was releasing her first collection of short stories this year. The collection does not disappoint and lives up to the description on the back cover. Walters' stories range from retellings of classic myths (Medusa in "Always, They Whisper") and variations on classic horror themes (Frankenstein-ian monsters / golems in "Sing Me Your Scars;" the zombie apocalypse in "And All The World Says Hush") [...]

    I was given an electronic copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. This is a solid, rich collection, with quite a bit of horror—some of it in the “sensitive readers be advised” range—but also stories in the magical, surrealistic end of things.Walters has a deliberately clear style, and if this would be music, I’d say these are pieces written for the violin; they’d make in the reader’s mind a distinctive, high-pitched sound, lovely but at times screechy, [...]

    The Frankenstein myth turns the concept of Monster on it's head. Is it the entity who's pieced together from the previously dead parts of multiple people? Or is it the scientist who'd even venture into said types of experiments? This unique variation filters through the mind of Kimberly, the predominant personality of a pieced-together person that died naturally in an Influenza Pandemic. However, she can hear the voices and personalities of her body's component parts. The doctor, meanwhile, isn' [...]

    Haunting, colourful, filled with anguish and tears and sometimes even hope, Sing Me Your Scars is a wonderful collection of short stories by the deeply talented Damien Angelica Walters. Each story took my breath away. They all were filled with such emotion that it was hard to separate myself from each character and what they were going through.If I had to choose a favourite story, it would be Girl, With Coin, about a young woman who can cut herself open but the wounds heal quickly, so that she d [...]

    I know zee author, but that doesn't take away from the delight in this book. What's swell is, if you've been following Damien's fiction online, there are EIGHT NEW STORIES in here. Stories you can't find ANYWHERE ELSE, so gracious sakes, pick it up!

    A very fine collection, beautifully written, harrowing and painful. Damien Angelica Walters is one of my favorite writers.

    Damien Angelica Walters can often be found gracing the pages of every fiction magazine other writers dream of appearing in; Black Static, Apex, Interzone, Shimmer, Nightmare Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction and Beneath Ceaseless Skies.Sing Me Your Scars is Damien Angelica Walter's debut short story collection. Composed of three parts it contains 20 stories of suffering and sorrow, of misfits and damaged people. These are the stories of a dark underworld that [...]

    What a darkly beautiful collection of stories! Tearing, stitching, reweavingese stories of transformation, defiance, loss and sorrow are told with skill and openness. Transcending narrow genre labels, graceful even at their most disturbing, the tales in this collection will linger long in my memory and, I am certain, reward frequent revisiting in the future. I was not familiar with Damien Angelica Walters' work prior to reading Sing Me Your Scars, but I will now eagerly seek out her past and fut [...]

    I don’t often review short story collections, despite the fact that the SS is what I read the most of. Rarely do I read a collection straight through, preferring to read several collections at once as I nibble at one volume only to switch to a different volume for heavier/lighter fare as the case may be; however, I mostly read themed collections consisting of multiple authors. I picked this collection up based upon a review I read earlier in the year at Cemetery Dance (a magazine of horror, on [...]

    Dark, emotional short stories that wrench your heart. Damien Angelica Walters is a master of her craft. If all you read is King, take a chance with Walters, and you will be rewarded. If your heart can handle it. Highly recommended.

    2.5 starsSing Me Your Scars 2All the Pieces We Leave Behind 1Girl, With Coin 1Paskutinis Iliuzija (The Last Illusion) 4Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods 1Sugar, Sin and Nonsuch Henry 4Running Empty in a Land of Decay 3Scarred 5The Taste of Tears in a Raindrop 3Always, They Whisper 3Disphonia in D Minor 3Shall I Whisper to You of Moonlight 4Immolation: A Love Story 3Melancholia in Bloom 2.5Iron and Wood, Nail and Bone 3And All the World Says Hush 1They Make of You A Monster 2Paper Thin Roses of Mayb [...]

    It's rare that I absolutely LOVE every single story in a single-author collection, but that has happened with 'Sing Me Your Scars.' Paskutinis Iliuzija (The Last Illusion) is perhaps one of my favorite short stories of all time. It was just so beautiful, I went back and read it a second time, which for a self-professed book addict who is always looking for her next fix, is an unheard of way to spend valuable reading time. I also felt that the last three stories, 'Paper Thin Roses of Maybe,' 'Gre [...]

    Note: I received this collection free from librarything early reviewers club in exchange for an honest review.Damien Angelica Walters is a new author to me, and to be honest, a bit of a mixed success. When it works, it really works: some of the stories are absolutely beautiful, if heart-breaking. Others are lovely and horrific. But when it doesn't work, it's just bland. The last section of the book is the best. The title story, Sing Me Your Scars, did not impress me very much honestly. I read it [...]

    Damien is one of a recent rash of writers who are reclaiming the term Speculative Fiction, reminding us that, in these imaginary worlds, literally anything is possible. It reminds me of some the the old weird fiction of the early 20th century, without the rampant racism, classism and sexism. This is a woman who can give us the point of view of a cloth doll torn to pieces by violence and love (in “Grey in the Gauge of His Storm”), rose petals and an old wooden box that hold pieces of the past [...]

    I wasn't sure what to think when I picked up this anthology. I quickly got sucked into the stories, though, and there were some really great narratives in this collection. There were a fair few I didn't care for, but the majority were engaging and compelling, and I hated it when they ended. Maybe a handful of them were so interesting to me that I wanted them to be novels in their own rights.Overall, I was intrigued with the variations on the theme of pain Walters explored. From physical to emoti [...]

    Because I loved Paper Tigers so much I had to search out more work from Walters. Sing Me Your Scars is filled with anger, pain, frustration, terror and despair that is presented to the reader in a way that is both delicate and powerful. There are stories in this collection that require immediate re-reading. "Grey in the Gauge of His Storm" is the most thoughtful and realistic story of abuse and women's inability to escape that I have ever encountered. The fabric metaphor is stunning. "Girl With [...]

    I won this book through librarything giveaway. When I started to read, I had no clue what kind of stories those will be, so that first story really came as a surprise. I couldn't and couldn't grasp what is going on there till I got in the middle of it. I was suprised and shocked but wasn't disgusted at all. I think it's a great and original style of talking about problems we encounter every day, and it's a fine way to give to the feelings and emotions the body and soul.All stories were really in [...]

    I intended, some time ago, to write a massive yet eloquent review on one of my favorite short story collections from one of my favorite authors, but in the interest of actually completing my mission, I will keep it short and sweet.Sing Me Your Scars, by Damien Angelica Walters is a beautifully woven tapestry of new and previously published stories centered around the theme of physical and/or emotional scars. While keeping with the theme, each story is an independent tale of fantasy, horror or sc [...]

    Thanking Apex Publications for this opportunity to review Sing Me Your Scars.I was a virgin. Unfamiliar with Damien Angelica Walters and taking my first steps along the corridors of speculative literature.Was this an example of using metaphors? I guess so! I think it shows how often we actually use them. And frankly, sometimes it is not such a bad idea… Are we capable of dealing with pain, loss, death? To accept the truth?No matter how different the stories in this collection sometimes were, t [...]

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