Love on the Record

Love on the Record

Love on the Record For NYPD detective Griffin Sark it s lust at first sight when fashion reporter Tessa Ramirez crashes into his life But she s also featuring him in a puff piece that he hates from the moment he first

  • Title: Love on the Record
  • Author: Zoe York
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For NYPD detective Griffin Sark, it s lust at first sight when fashion reporter Tessa Ramirez crashes into his life But she s also featuring him in a puff piece that he hates from the moment he first hears about it, and criticizing a woman s job is never a great way to land a date Opposites attract, wills clash and hearts eventually melt in this standalone romance.

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    This is a little 100 pages novella that is sexy and fun. Our hero Griffin Sark is a NYPD detective that was thrown out to the wolves by his superior to be interview for a puff piece aka 'show your abs and looks sexy'. The heroine, Tessa is the reporter who was responsible to interview him for her piece. Griffin might not be happy about having to 'whore' himself to the tabloids, but he is more than happy to spend time with the sexy reporter.For a short novella, it is usually difficult to form a s [...]

    I was fortunate to receive a copy of this novella from the author for an honest review ." Love on the Record" is a novella that fits into a series The Remington's written by Melissa Foster, with that said Zoe York's novella can stand alone, the cross over is small and early on in the story.What Zoe York does and does well is give us two engaging characters that you can instantly relate two and she does this well in every book or novella that I have read of hers .We first meet NYPD Detective Grif [...]

    ARC kindly provided by the author for an honest review.Before I review this story, I wanna say something about short stories/novellas in general. They are really really hard to pull off. And as an avid reader, I've read my fair share and I've come to the conclusion that most authors really have no clue how hard they are to pull off. Subject matter is extremely important in pulling off a novella. If you make a storyline heavy or dark, your chances of pulling it off are close to zero. OK, so enoug [...]

    I can't say it enough Zoe York has a way with words! Her books ALWAYS flow perfectly! She has the tact to reel you in, it's so hard not finish her books in one sitting! Tassa Martinez is a cute little "Ninja", as Griffin calls her. She is a reporter trying her best to keep her job. she's lucky to finally get a break, and is allowed to write a front page story, but only because the original journalist has to have gallbladder surgery. This is Tessa's time to shine. & God, her boss is such a wi [...]

    Zoe York does it again. Love on the Record was an awesome book. It had chemistry galore. This book was sexy and fun and enjoyable as all get out. I for one love to read cop stories. They are alphas to their core. Ans so was Griffin, without being obsessively so. Tessa was a fashion reporter who has to write a piece on 'New York's Finest' and our hero is one of the unwilling subjects. What ensues is a lot of fun, flirtation and sexy times. A fast, good, enjoyable read that makes you laugh and smi [...]

    Loved this story. It's a fun quick read that was captivating from the first page. Griffin and Tessa luckily get through their first awkward meeting and their relationship develops quickly. With Zoe York's great writing style, you feel like your right there with them. With explosive chemistry between them, you just know they will find a way together. I definitely recommend this one for everyone.

    Griffin and Tessa's story is amazing. Watching there relationship change is truly remarkable. You won't be able to stop reading this book. I had the honor to review this for the author.

    ***** "Love on the Record" by Zoe York"Love on the Record" is one of several novellas which are a part of the Remington series by Melissa Foster. After her initial five books in the series, there are an additional nine novellas written by nine different authors. This is one of the nine novellas.Zoe York has written a wonderful and fun steamy read about a NY City detective and the reporter who writes the "fluff article" about the first responders of NY, including those from the police department, [...]

    Griffin perfectly fit the image I would have of a New York detective. He is honorable with a bit of an edge. I love how the hero and heroine meet - typical 21st century dating where the Griffin sends over a drink and his business card - and she texts him a thank you. It was fun to see a relationship start that way, before either of them realizes how intertwined their lives are about to become. Griffin is confident in his attraction to Tessa from the beginning, and I like how he doesn't jump to c [...]

    *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*Griffin Sark can hardly believe when his boss tells his he was chosen to represent the NYPD on an article about the city's finest with regards to first responders (cops, firefighters and paramedics). Especially when he realizes the article implies a photo shoot. But when he discovers the pretty little ninja he just met at a bar is the reporter in charge of the article, all of a sudden it doesn't look like such a big sacrifice [...]

    First off, I am a great fan of Zoe York, so finding out she was participating in this Kindle Worlds event was exciting. I like the way her characters come over as real and there is enough depth in them, even in a short outing like this one, to explore the dynamics of the relationship and personalities. Also enough to have some conflict and forgiveness before the resolution.Griffin is an interesting guy. From the outset you would expect him to be hard-bitten and sarcastic, but he really isn't. It [...]

    I was given the opportunity to review this as an ARC from the author. Welcome to New York! Author Zoe York tells the tale of Griffin, a hot NYPD Detective who is being interviewed by Tessa for a fluff piece that he is none to happy to have been volunteered for. Griffin's luck changes when he finds out he is being interviewed by the tiny little dark haired "Ninja" that he had met at the bar a few nights earlier. Tessa is struggling to find her footing in the fashion editor world and hoping to get [...]

    Griffin and Tessaeven the names are sexy! I love everything Zoe York writes, so I wasn't surprised that this novella was another winner! This is the second novella from The Remingtons kindle world series I read this weekend, both with the "at-first-sight trope, but this one feels more believable to me. It's lust at first sight, not loveybe that's the difference. And even though it's a short read, I felt the characters were fully developed and interesting.Zoe's books are sexy this one isbut I lov [...]

    Received a copy from Zoe York in exchange for an honest review.This was such a fun read! The whole Kindle World thing is fabulous in my opinion, and I love when other authors' characters can make appearances in other "worlds". Zoe York brings Griff and Tessa to the world of the Remington's. Tessa is a journalist who unfortunately has to write articles that get the clicks -- and not always the stories she WANTS to write. Her editor has her writing a piece on the city's finest -- and some of the b [...]

    Whether it takes place in a small town or in a big city, Zoe York knows how to write an engaging romance. Love on the Record by Zoe York is part of the kindle world of the original Remington Series by Melissa Foster. I haven’t read any of this author’s books but if they are as good as Ms. York’s they are worth taking a look at reading.Griffin is one of NY’s finest as a police detective. Handsome, honest and hardworking, he is the epitome of what a police officer should be. The problem li [...]

    Tessa and Griffin's relationship may have started out on lust but that didn't mean they were jumping onto each other's skin right away. Griffin was just too much of a gentleman and I really admire that. Griffin had scored some points during their first encounter especially after that sweet ninja drink. So when Tessa found that Griffin was one of the participants on a New York's Finest interview she had been assigned to , she couldn't help but felt excited to get to know Griffin more.The intervie [...]

    First and foremost. Woohoo Zoe! Thank you for letting me review this!Now to the good stuff!Mans man cop ✔️Reporter Lady who seriously needs this story to help her break into the big time ✔️Let me say that this novella was fun, fast, funny, sexy and easily enchanting. In typical Zoe fashion, she's sucked me into yet another of her stories. While not overtly sexual it had enough to make me pant and really just maybe steal Griffin for myself. Now this isn't all peaches and cream, there is t [...]

    I loved Griffin and Tessa’s story! Griffin is blindsided by his Lt. when she tells him that he was picked for a “special project” by the Commissioner’s office. They tell him that is a piece something like “Our City’s Finest” a puff piece on first responders. Griffin is not happy about it and tries to get out of doing it.Tessa is a fashion reporter who is going to be doing said puff piece on Griffin. While is trying to keep herself from getting the boot at her job.Tessa full steam a [...]

    Man I love Zoe York! I really enjoyed this read. Her characters are always pretty ingenious and savvy, but Tessa, she is a person who makes us believe she is not as gutsy as she really is, but then turns around and blows us out of the water. I found that pretty awesome. Now Griffen, he is the typical smart aleck tough guy cop, but he really is a big ole marshmallow when it comes to Tessa. She has him on a short leash without really putting him on one. The other thing I liked was although he star [...]

    Griffin and Tessa meet in a bar and the attraction is instant. Then, things get complicated when they discover that she is the reporter assigned to interview him for an article that ihe very reluctantly agreed to be a part of on NYC first responders. Lines are blurred when the interview becomes a first date of sorts. Their chemistry is palpable through their verbal sparring and eventual love scenes. Griffin's character is endearing in his rough and sexy way. Tessa's character really made the sto [...]

    Leave it to Zoe York to give us a really steamy intense romance leaving us wanting more. Tessa is an under appreciated blogger/reporter assigned to a story about the brave first responders in NYC. Griffin is her first interview and doesn't make her job very easy. There's a heat between the two of them along with sassy banter and cop talk. This was a relatively short book having read it in an afternoon but I really wanted more. There was a gift Griffin gave Tessa that left her giddy and I thought [...]

    Griffin is a detective with NYPD. He's been engaged, but his hectic work schedule hasn't been conducive to marriage. Or, he hasn't met the right woman. Now, he's been assigned to do a fluff piece on NY first responders, with a reporter! Just what he didn't need!!Tessa is a fashion reporter for The NY Dispatch. She's not afraid to speak her mind, except to her boss. The two meet and realize they'd been flirting at a bar recently! A sexy romantic novella with NYC's excitement mixed in! Enjoyed the [...]

    I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Sometimes I discount those reviews becuase there is an assumption that the review will be more positive than is really deserved but please don't do that here. Zoe York really is a master at writing novellas and once again she manages to create a rich enviornment with a comprehensive storyline and characters that you can't help but care about. She has the ability to immediately draw you into the main characters lives so that you really feel [...]

    I absolutely loved the story between Griffin and Tessa. They were instantly attracted, but sparks flew when it turned out that Tessa was a reporter looking to interview some fine police and firemen (first responders) for a story on New York's Finest.Even though they got off to a semi-rocky start, their chemistry was hot and explosive, and I was happy to see how easily they grew to trust each other so that what looked like a betrayal was reconciled.The story was both sweet and steamy. I love how [...]

    If you're looking for a new story from Zoe, then look no further. I loved the story about Tessa and Griffin. She's a fashion reporter for the New York Dispatch and he's a detective with NYPD's 19th Precinct. When she's given the assignment to write the article Finest Under Forty, Griffin isn't too keen to be interviewed. It helps some that they have previously meet and have an instant attraction for one another. What's going to happen? Will Tessa and Griffin become a couple? Does Griffin approve [...]

    Tessa Ramirez has a story to write. It's a fluff piece on first responders under 40. Who knew that the guy that bought her a drink a couple days ago would be one of the article's subjects. Detective Griffin Sark does not want to do this interview. He doesn't want to be known as the pretty detective. What lengths will he go to for a date with the beautiful reporter?Short, sweet romance in the city. This story is a Kindle World novella set in Melissa Foster's NYC, the world of the Remington's and [...]

    You can't go wrong with a romance that has a hunky alpha male with a badge. Tessa has been assigned to write a piece for the newspaper she works for on first responders and in doing so she meets homicide detective Griffin Sark. From the very beginning sparks are flying.The last thing Griffin wants to do is be part of a fluff piece for a local newspaper, but being close to Tessa makes up for the headache inducing spotlight that Griffin has to endure.I'm loving the books in this series and looking [...]

    Griffin Sark's Monday isn't starting well when he is told that he will be featured in a puff news article written by Tessa Ramirez, a fashion reporter. Tessa's job is on the line with this article. Griffin is having a beer with his partner when he bumps into Tessa, he is instantly smitten and she is interested. When they officially met the next day Griffin is still trying to get out of the article, insults Tessa about her job and wants to take her out. Tessa is sassy, funny and Griffin is fallin [...]

    Griffin and Tessa are what I would consider opposites, but people always say that opposites do attract. Griffin is a police detective and Tessa is a reporter and they meet when she has to do a piece on Griffin. Of course there are some snags along the way in their whirlwind romance. She knows that the article has to be written one way but she can't seem to keep her heart out of it. Will they bend enough for her article or will it break them completely?I love all of Zoe's books and this one is no [...]

    A very funny, sweet story between a reporter and a detectiveTessa Ramirez needed to write a article about the firefighters, first responders, and police officers of the cityter meeting the big hunky Detective Griffin Stark one night at the bar not knowing he was going to be her first interviews don't go as planned once Dt. Stark finds out more about the piece. He tries to get out of itBut he decides to do it for TessaA little attraction heats between themYou want to see where it goes,A must read [...]

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