Don't Say a Word

Don't Say a Word

Don t Say a Word Death has always stalked single mother Allie Callahan For the first time in her life she has found a fragile sort of happiness living a quiet peaceful existence in East Texas with her young son Sam

  • Title: Don't Say a Word
  • Author: Jennifer Jaynes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Death has always stalked single mother Allie Callahan For the first time in her life, she has found a fragile sort of happiness living a quiet, peaceful existence in East Texas with her young son, Sammy, and her adoptive mother.Still, Allie fears she may be susceptible to the same mental illness that destroyed her serial killer mother and brother She s haunted by the ideDeath has always stalked single mother Allie Callahan For the first time in her life, she has found a fragile sort of happiness living a quiet, peaceful existence in East Texas with her young son, Sammy, and her adoptive mother.Still, Allie fears she may be susceptible to the same mental illness that destroyed her serial killer mother and brother She s haunted by the idea that she could become incapable of caring for Sammy.When twelve year old twins Zoe and Carrie arrive on her doorstep late one night, their parents slain in a vicious double homicide, Allie s strength and sanity are put to the test What did the twins see on the night of their parents horrific murder They are too frightened to say.Soon faced with a series of menacing phone calls, a rising body count, and the pressure of keeping the girls and her own son safe, Allie fears she ll lose her mind and her one shot at happiness once and for all.

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    3 stars for Don't Say a Word, # 3 in The Strangers Series by Jennifer Jaynes.I have read all the books in the series and enjoyed the first two more than this one. I think I was hopping for a little more depth and insight as the series progresses, but it is not happening. What we have is a fairly superficial overview of Allie Callahan's life. She is stalked by death and insanity, scared that she may be afflicted by the same mental illness suffered by her serial killer mother and brother.Living wi [...]

    Jennifer Jaynes you have excelled yourself! This is by far, in my opinion her best book yet. Whether you read this as a stand alone or as part of the series it's a fantastic read.I love a book that is just easy to absorb, doesn't require too much mental acrobatics and quite simply has you enjoying the reading experience. This was one of those reads for me. I enjoyed the entire story, the plot has some clever twists and turns and I'm pretty sure not many will predict the white surprising ending t [...]

    4★Starts off with a bang – a couple of them, obviously, as we find twin 12-year-old girls cowering in their bedroom, avoiding the scene where their parents lie, shot dead.Zoe ventures to the kitchen from time to time to scrounge whatever food is left, while Carrie is nearly catatonic. The family had won over a million dollars in a lottery and just moved to a nice part of town. To top it off, mother has a druggie boyfriend, and rumour says she gave him most of it. The twins hate mother but ad [...]

    Talented crime writer, Jennifer Jaynes returns followingNever Smile at Strangers,andUgly Young Thing with her “best yet”- DON’T SAY A WORD,an enthralling psychological crime mystery suspense thriller, guaranteed to keep you glued to the pages from the first page, to the explosive ending- leaving you breathless!Allie Callahanhas not had an easy life. An orphan, with a horrific past and childhood—her mom and brother suffered from mental illness. In her younger years, she even attempted to [...]

    This is the third book in the series, I think its quite safe to say you can read them as a standalone, but, I would start from book 1, simply because, Jennifer Jaynes is a remarkable talented author. In my humble opinion, and I can only say this as someone who reads a lot of books, her talent is bar far the most natural talent as an author. It just breathes life into each character she creates.The bit about what the book is about and the reviews you will read will take you to a place where you w [...]

    Allie Callahan knew a tentative happiness living with Bitty who was first her foster mother, and then, her mother. Bitty adopted Allie and after the horror of living with her own mother; her death, then her brother’s suicide; and living on the streets, Allie felt an intense gratitude and love toward Bitty. Sammy, Allie’s young son was her life – she knew she was over protective of him, and tried not to smother him, but she wanted him safe; to have the life she didn’t have growing up. Whe [...]

    Having read and loved the first two books in this series (Never Smile at Strangers and Ugly Young Thing) I was VERY excited to get my hands on Don't Say a Word and I'm happy to say that this book totally lived up to my expectations. Jennifer Jaynes really knows how to create a tension filled suspense thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seat!If you haven't read the first two books WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? No, seriously, you are better to read the first books as then you get so much more fro [...]

    DON’T SAY A WORD, by Jennifer Jaynes is the third book in the Strangers Series, a psychological crime mystery suspense novel that just won’t let you go. Having read the first two novels; Never Smile at Strangers & Ugly Young Thing, and loving them, I jumped at the bit, when a free download of this book became available from the author and Booklover Catlady Publicity in return for a fair and honest review. Even though this is book 3 in the "Strangers Series", it can be read as a stand-alo [...]

    This is a very good psychological thriller. Ally is a damaged young woman who suffers from anxiety and fears she will follow the path of her mother and brother, who were killers. She is very careful to do the things each day that keep her balanced and sane. She has a loving relationship with lots of good support from her adoptive mother; a user boyfriend, and a precious 4- year old son. You are rooting early on for her to dump the user boyfriend. Everything changes when her adoptive mother takes [...]

    I received an ARC ebook from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.A-mazing — 5 shining stars."Don't Say a Word" is one of those rare, difficult-to-put-down novels that makes you forget everything around you.It IS that good.The book is the perfect combination of deep POV, intriguing plot, and a surprise ending that does not feel "out of the blue." The characters are complex without feeling forced or fake, even the four-year-old boy's POV feels very real."Don't Say a Word" is one of the bes [...]

    I read this 3rd book in the series - "Strangers" but I didn't feel lost. I enjoyed it so much that I already downloaded the first two in this series. I'm thinking the lead character, Allie, was in one of the previous books if not both of them. Allie, her son, Sammy and Allie's adopted mother are the leading and lovable characters from this book. Enter twelve-year old twin girls , who arrive at the house late one night since their parents were slain in a vicious homicide. Allie's adopted mom happ [...]

    Duh, of course this book was incredible! This is technically the third book in the Strangers series, but Jennifer does a fab job of filling you in so you're never confused! It's been a long time since I've read the first two, and it all came rushing back pretty quick. This twisted tale of twin sisters is different than the first two, but just as incredible. You develop feeling towards the characters pretty quick, both good and bad.Throughout the story you get snippets of multiple characters POV, [...]

    This is the first times reading a book by this Author but not the last.I was impressed with this novel I enjoyed the whole book I liked the characters and the style of the writing.Zoe and Carrie are 12 year old twins one night something terrible happens and they are put into foster care with Bitty who also lives with Allie and her small son.Allie has in the past had her own problems worried about mental health that runs in her family.Carrie never spoke a word after that night not even to her twi [...]

    WOW!!!!Ohhhh this book is fantastic Jennifer Jaynes has done it again!!The emotion and suspense kept me gripped til the end, I read it in one go.I felt I could relate to Allie in some ways, her character is complex yet so likeable A woman with a haunted past, struggling with depression, but so courageous!A great book and well written!!!

    Allie Callahan is finally feeling some happiness in her life. Adopted by Bitty Callahan, and loved by her very young son, Sammy, Allie is stronger than she's ever been. Her mother and brother were both mentally ill and were serial killers. She's determined that she will never be like them.Bitty still takes in foster children and this night she is charged with 12-year-old twins Zoe and Carrie. They were found in their home their mother and father murdered in their bedroom.What did the twins see [...]

    Don't Say a Word, Strangers Series, Book 3 by Jennifer Jaynes Don't Say a Word, Strangers Series, Book 3 by Jennifer Jaynes is an intense, suspense-filled mystery.  It has more ups & downs than a high speed roller coaster.  It kept me entertained & guessing.  I gave it five stars. It is the third book of the Strangers Series.  The first two are:  Never Smile at Strangers & Ugly Young Thing. I had not read the first but the second was five-stars & intriguing.  This is a st [...]

    Excellent series. Set 6 years from the ending if the previous book (I think or around that) you see a grown up Allie living with Bittie with a range of new characters introduced. The author successfully created the image of Allie having grown up in this time and growing up even more throughout the story. I have to admit I didn't really like her as a character in the previous stories (and that severely effected my star rating), however she really becomes someone I like in this one.Having had litt [...]

    Excellent readVery good at keeping you guessing, even if you think about the real identity of the killer, you negate it, & dismiss it as an option.Keeps you wondering until near the end & you then get the loose ends tied up. A book with a beginning, middle & end.

    FantasticAnother brilliant book .Once again plot was very clever.Read the book in two days .Couldn't wait to pick it up and see what was going to happen .So glad Allie has her happy ever after too .

    Interesting.An interesting read, but, not ihi best story I have read. But, I was kept in the dark until the last few pages.

    The next book in The Strangers series, sees Allie living with Bitty, her adoptive mother, and her son, Sammy. Johnny, Sammy's father, is gone a lot and Allie is having serious doubts about her relationship with Johnny. Despite everything she went through, Allie has each a difficulty won peace living with Bitty and Sammy. Bitty is still fostering and when she takes in a set of twelve year old twin girls Zoe and Carrie Parrish, her respite from the fear and danger all her life returns with a venge [...]

    I received an ARC ebook from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.I really liked this book! It definitely had a lot of twists and turns and kept me guessing. I liked the alternating viewpoints - even thought it was in third person, I still got a good sense of what each character was going through and feeling. Those twins definitely creeped me out, especially Zoe. I could not figure her out! There were a few characters I don't feel like I got to know well enough:1. Johnny. Aside from Allie h [...]

    Don't Say a Word is my first time reading a work by Jennifer Jaynes and I think I've discovered a new author to enjoy. It's a quick, pretty easy read. I like when books don't drag things out simply for the sake of making things longer. It's a good story with some surprising twists and very likeable characters. (Mostly.)Allie is a twenty two year old woman with a troubled past. Her life has been filled with too much tragedy for her young age. She has her own little family now though, her four yea [...]

    Jennifer Jaynes third book in the Strangers series offers double the thrills in the form of traumatised 12 year old twins, Zoe and Carrie, as each of them struggle in different ways to come to terms with the slaying of their parents. Miss Bitty's home is the obvious choice for the girls to go into foster care, as she is no stranger to helping such children in the past. Allie, now 22 with a young son herself, still lives with Miss Bitty after being adopted by her, after suffering an horrendous ch [...]

    OMG!! What a stunning book! A young woman with a troubled past lives with her adoptive mother (who originally fostered her) and her young son trying to dispel her demons from the past.Two little girls arrive for emergency foster care and she has to put her past behind her in order to help out. Their parents have been murdered and their mothers’ lover is on the loose and dangerous so it seems. Is Allie suffering the same mental problems that haunted her mother and brother and ended their lives? [...]

    "Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is." Zoe and her twin sister, Carrie were alone. After experiencing an incredible tragedy, they were sent to live in a foster home. Allie, Bitty's adopted daughter, could not imagine a better foster parent for the two 12 year old girls than Bitty. Together they would try to help ease the pain. However, the monsters that haunt them have other ideas.~ A jaw-dropping fast-paced thriller that will give you chills. Jaynes is fantastic! She can twist stories in a wa [...]

    I really enjoyed this book, it was easy to read, fast paced with plenty of twists at the end. The characters are complex, with traumatic events in their life. Allie, the main character has suffered her own unhappy childhood, yet emerges as stronger than she had ever hoped to be. You feel real empathy for all the characters, even when you realise the truth. Really worth a read, I couldn't put it down, definitely one of the authors best!

    Great readAbsolutely loved this book, couldn't wait to pick it up again every time I put it down! Very sad circumstances but a gripping read. Would of liked to have know the fate of the twins though but can't spoil it for other readers by saying too much more ! . I will be reading more of Jennifer Haynes tales.

    Lovedddd BUTWtf. Why didn’t Bitty tell Allie about Louis?! This bothered me the entire book. Otherwise, loved it. Great twists and turns as per usual!

    Five plus stars. Each of these books have played out like a really fucked up SVU episode and I mean, how the hell can you go wrong with that? Just when you think the author might run out of disturbing serial killer options to introduce in book 3 curveball. This book kind of gave me the heeby jeebs. You’ll see.

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